Act 3, Scene 2: Rock 'n' Rolldown

Setting: The chapel. Like 2-1. But this time, there are more candles, and a full band setup. Drum kit on the second level near [6, 2nd]. Audrey is sitting on the altar, waiting for insects.
Stage setup
Backlight for BackdropNex, LunoLeft and right
short ladderReesanext to beam of light, H = 75 cm
Left: Chapel
Middle: ChapelLiamAdd 2 candles on the backdrop
Right: Chapel
organLeeTaiger, Runo
On 2nd rail
altarJohan, LeeTaiger
drum kitSilverHorse
On playrail
seats front leftNone
seats front rightNone
cutout panel left in front of playrailSilverHorse
cutout panel right in front of playrailLeeTaiger
Hand props & personal props
drum sticksKayjay
single drumSilverHorse, KayjayIs part of the drum kit
carafeKobato, ShyWolf
deco candlesNone
backdrop candlesLiam2 candles on the center backdrop
6x electric tea lightLiam, Shishi, DinoEx, Kida, Ren, Fuaran
goblet_12ndVoice, LiamAlso help Isaiah with the goblet
goblet_2Sehkeba, Shishi
piece of paperKayjay
Special effects
fogLeeTaiger, Reesaactually 1x haze, 1x fog
beam of lightReesa
FoxVoice: FoxAmoore
RoseVoice: Reesa
HazeTanio'wolf, KayjayHazeNone
Intro**00:00 **
Dialogue**00:00 **
**Scene Total****00:00 **


%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 3200 - STANDBY for GO: DBO with dim blue reading light (link to LX 0002)

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Runo: ON
%MIX% Lynard: ON
%MIX% Jyanon: ON

%MIX% Pan: OFF
%MIX% Eisfuchs: OFF
%MIX% Tani: OFF


%AMB% distant city, some cars maybe

%SND% DTMF tones, ringtone, ringtone

Thomas (over the phone, the whole time): "True Church, Nebrahoma, good morning! This is Bishop Thomas Reed, how can I help you?"

Isaiah: "Morning Thomas, Isaiah here. How are you doing?"

Thomas: "Isaiah! We missed you at the morning service! Is everything alright?"

Isaiah: "Yes ... and no. That's why I am calling, actually. I'd like to stay home for a while if that's okay."

Thomas: "Oh? Did you come down with something? I hear the flu is going around again this summer."

Isaiah: "No, I'm fine. But to be honest ... I need some time off, a bit of room to breathe, if you know what I mean."

Thomas: "Is something bothering you? If you want to talk in person I can cancel my appointments, you know I'm here for you!"

Isaiah (sighs): "Oh ... I really appreciate that, but ... no thanks. I just have to be alone for a while and get my thoughts together."

Thomas: "Is this about... us? Are you still having doubts?"

Isaiah: "Thomas, you know that I love you with all my heart .. But you know as well as me that it's wrong! I mean, the whole thing between you and me. How can we teach the word of God, and at the same time commit one of the worst sins against the Lord himself?"

Thomas: "I absolutely understand you, Isaiah. I have my doubts, too. But at the same time, don't we both devote our whole lives and souls to our heavenly Father? Did you not lead hundreds of lost sheep into his gentle care? I am sure this will weigh tenfold against our worldly flaws. And nobody needs to know, except for Him!"

Isaiah: "I've always tried to be faithful to the Lord. And I believe we both have a great future ahead of us, and lead even more people to salvation. But ... I can't live with this burden of guilt on my shoulders. How can I teach one thing, and do the other? How can I be a role model, when in reality I am even more of a sinner than they are?"

Thomas: "We are all sinners, Brother. It's part of our plight as God's creation. If we try hard enough and show how much we worship Him, he will forgive us our sins, and welcome us to paradise!"

Isaiah: "I know the teachings of Jesus Christ, Thomas ... And I am sure you will be sent to Heaven when our final judgement comes. You run the state's biggest Mega-Church! You are leading a community of thousands, spreading the good word all across Nebrahoma. You make up for your sins every day. But what about me? I am neither a priest nor a missionary. The best I managed to do is get a PhD in Theology and write a book about the rapture that nobody wants to read! It makes my heart bleed to say this, but this will be my last call. Our relationship has to end. It's against the will of God!"

Thomas: "Don't give up Isaiah! God moves in mysterious ways, and I will personally make sure nobody will ever ...."

Isaiah: "Please ... I can't take it anymore! I need to come to terms with what's wrong with me and find forgiveness before the Lord! I hope I can come back one day. Farewell, Thomas ..."

Thomas: "No, wait, don't hang up! Before you go, please give me one more chance! I can help you find your way back to God!"

Isaiah: "I don't know ..."

Thomas: "Listen ... I know you are going through a rough time, and if you need some time away from the church - or from me - we can arrange that. And at the same time, you can prove yourself worthy of the Father's forgiveness."

Isaiah: "Aha."

Thomas: "I just had an idea, but hear me out. I heard that a while back, the old sanatorium in Madison had to close because of financial troubles. Why don't you move to Clay county and help rebuilding it? We could start a business that allows you to help save many poor souls every day, without becoming a priest or a missionary! Like, some sort of rehabilitation center. This is a wealthy church, I can fund it for you! You can lead drug victims to the right path, teach the Lord's word and bring them back under His protection! And my Church will be happy to welcome them as new members of the congregation and provide all the aftercare they could ever wish for. What do you think?"

Isaiah: "Clay county is at the other end of the country ..."

Thomas: "Didn't you just say, you needed some alone time? I'd rather know you're far away but doing well than lose you forever. And if this is what it takes to help you find your way, so be it. Get to heal others and yourself at the same time. It's your opportunity to show your devotion and willingness to give anything for the love of God."

Isaiah: "Phew ... that's a lot to take in at once."

Thomas: "Take your time, Isaiah. Take the rest of the week off, and I will arrange the rest. It's your decision if you want to go, and when."

Isaiah (suddenly strangely elated): "Thank you Thomas ... you don't know how much this means to me! I will make sure to live up to True Church's great name! I will do good!"

Thomas: "The Lord shall reward you for your good deeds."

Isaiah: "Yes. Would you mind if I come in tomorrow morning so we can talk about the details?"

Thomas: "Sure, why not."

Isaiah: "Thank you, Thomas. See you tomorrow then. Bye!"

Thomas: "Bye!"

%SND% phone hang up

Isaiah: "And even if this may be the last time we see each other ... I'll make sure we will meet again in heaven, when all our sins are forgiven! I swear by God!"


%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Lights on

%AMB% AMB-3201 - Church Ambience

%ACT% Audrey sits on the Altar in [4, 2nd]

%ACT% Cooper fiddles with his drum kit near [6, 2nd]

%ACT% Poison stands on second level near [4, 2nd], tuning his bass

%ACT% Fox cleans up the organ on the backdrop near [2, 2nd]

%SND% SND-3201 - Church Door Opens

%ACT% Isaiah comes in from [1] with a huge carafe of wine

%MUS% MUS-3201 - Music Cue 01 (OH)

Isaiah: "Oh! Who are you fine gentlemen?"

Poison: "We're the new band!"

Isaiah: "The who?"

Cooper: "No, the Demön HünterZ. We're here for an audition!"

Isaiah: "An ... audition?"

Poison: "You've got an ad in the newspaper. Remember?"

Isaiah: "Oh yes, of course. You're hired!"

Cooper: "Umh ... don't you want to hear us play first?"

Isaiah: "I suppose you know the standards?"

Poison: "Uhmm ..."

Cooper: "Eh, uh, yes, of course!"

Isaiah: "Great! I am going to conduct a very important service today, and it will be so much more ... uplifting with proper music!"

%PRE% PRE-3201 - Fox: "Cool! What about our fee?"

Isaiah: "Today will be your trial run. If that goes well, we can talk rates!"

Cooper: "Deal!"

%ACT% Fox stares at Cooper

%ACT% Isaiah puts the carafe on the altar

Isaiah: "Perfect! If you have any technical questions, Greg will be more than happy to help! See you later my friends."

%ACT% Isaiah leaves towards [1]

%SND% SND-3202 - Church Door closes
%MUS% MUS-3202 - Music Cue 02

%MIX% Runo: OFF

Poison: "What the hell did you just agree to?"

%PRE% PRE-3202 - Fox: "An unpaid gig! Great negotiation skills Coop, I just *love* working for free!"

Cooper: "It's not unpaid, think of all the exposure!"

%PRE% PRE-3203 - Fox: "You can expose yourself to my arse!"

Cooper: "No seriously, I just wanted him to leave us alone. And in case it didn't come across the first time, I really appreciate you coming with us. They wouldn't have let us in without an organ player."

%PRE% PRE-3204 - Fox: "Remember, I'm doing this for Alice, and not for you. Gosh, look at this ... thing. This organ looks like it hasn't been played in years. Time to blow out the cobwebs."

%ACT% Fox turns around to face the organ and plays a short silly thing on the organ

%MUS% MUS-3203 - Music Cue 03

%HND% Blow fog through the organ pipes (mit Nebel befüllen. Nebler aus. Beim Sound-Effekt den Lüfter anschalten)

%ACT% Cooper, Poison and Fox start coughing

%PRE% PRE-3205 - Fox coughs

%MIX% Eisfuchs: ON

%SND% SND-3203 - Church Door Opens

%ACT% Greg comes in from [1] , sees the band, and runs towards them happily

Greg: "Holy crap! Cooper! Poison! What the hell are you doing here?"

Cooper (mock happy): "Greg! You rotten piece of shit!"

%MUS% MUS-3204 - Music Cue 04 (greg)

%ACT% Cooper punches Greg in the face, who flies backward into the drum kit in [6, 2nd]

%HND% The drum kit falls over. Take the single drum off the kit and prepare it for Cooper



Greg (in pain): "Ouch! What the fuck is wrong with you!"

%ACT% Cooper picks up Greg, lifts him up, and holds him by his collar, strangling him

Cooper: "Where ... is ... Alice!"

Greg (through his teeth): "In her room! She's doing fine!"

%ACT% Cooper punches Greg again

%SND% SND-3205 - Punch
%MUS% MUS-3205 - Music Cue 05

Greg: "ARRGH!"

%ACT% Greg flies towards Poison, who catches him, and immediately takes him in a strangle hold

Cooper: "So you thought there were no witnesses, eh? You forgot that Haze can see everything that Alice can see! And she told us exactly what you did!"

Greg: "She didn't see what really happened! I couldn't tell her"

Poison: "Why should we believe you this time?"

Greg: "Because in a few minutes Dr. Isaiah is about to go fully Jim Jones on this place! And if we want to get out of here alive, we will have to work together!"

Poison: "Cool story, bro!"

Greg: "Someone called the police! They surrounded the building and because of that, shit is going to seriously hit the fan! It wasn't you, was it? Because this really did all of us a huge disservice!"

Poison: "We're goddamn punks! Do we look like people who'd call the cops?"

Cooper: "Except when someone's blocking our parking space."

Poison: "That doesn't count. Traffic cops aren't REAL cops."

%PRE% PRE-3206 - Fox: "GUYS!"

Greg: "Well, it doesn't matter anyway. They're here, and Isaiah immediately went bonkers. He thinks the end time has come, and he's poisoned the mass wine! He wants them all go to heaven before the SWAT team comes in and destroys his life's work! He put the entire building on lock-down. You were incredibly lucky to still get in here before that."

Cooper: "It keeps getting better and better."

Greg: "I can prove it!"

%ACT% Poison lets him go

%ACT% Greg walks to the altar

%ACT% Greg takes the carafe

%ACT% Greg walks to Audrey

%ACT% Audrey snaps at Greg

%SND% SND-3206 - Audrey Bites

Greg: "Audrey! Lookie here what Uncle Greg has got for you!"

%MUS% MUS-3206 - Music Cue 06 (Audrey)

%ACT% Greg feeds the wine to Audrey from the carafe

%ACT% Audrey dies in the most comical fashion a plant ever died in and topples off the altar


%FOG% some fog where Audrey used to be

%ACT% Greg puts the wine back

Cooper: "Oops."

Greg: "I left the room to check out a noise in the hallway, and ran right into Isaiah, and from his reaction it was crystal clear he knew what had happened earlier! So I played along and pretended I'm still on his side. What else was I supposed to do? I swear, by my life, I want to help Alice as much as you do! I owe it to her!"

Cooper: "Then I suggest you walk it like you talk it. Take us to her. Now."

Greg: "Believe me, if I'd had the chance to get back to her, I would have. They're dressing everyone up for the big show right now."

Cooper: "They're doing WHAT?"

%MUS% MUS-3207 - Music Cue 07

Greg: "Isaiah wants Alice and Rose to be the first to go. It's his twisted way of taking revenge. Though I'm sure he's going to sell it as a huge act of kindness. After all, the world's going to end today!"

Poison: "Shit."

%PRE% PRE-3207 - Fox: "Double shit."

Cooper: "Shit times infinity."

Poison: "I guess that means we'll have to wing it."

Greg: "Nobody here knows you. We can use that to our advantage and take them by surprise."

Poison: "But what kind of surprise?"

Cooper: "Isaiah doesn't look very strong. I'm pretty sure I could knock him out before he realizes what's hit him."

Greg: "That would totally work! If it wasn't for his 150 God-fearing disciples in the room who believe more in him than in Jesus Christ!"

Cooper: "You're a real party-pooper Greg, do you know that?"

Greg: "The only chance I see is to delay the ritual as much as we can until the SWAT team comes in."

Cooper: "While somehow preventing anyone from drinking the Cool Aid."

Poison: "Well, we do have one critical advantage against Isaiah."

Greg: "Which is?"

%MUS% MUS-3208 - Music Cue 08

Poison: "We are much, much louder."

Cooper: "Of course! Demön HünterZ - are you ready for some mayhem?"

%PRE% PRE-3208 - "Oh for fox sake. Not again."

%MIX% Tani: ON

Poison: "Don't worry, It's a lot more fun if it's intentional!"

Cooper: "Haze! Can you keep an eye on the wine please?"

Haze (off): "Sure thing!"

Greg: "Haze? Where the hell are you hiding?"

Haze (off in [7]): "Over here."

Greg (looks towards [7]): "The confessional box. How fitting. Oh shit, they're coming, everyone into position!"

%ACT% Fox turns towards the organ and begins to play the organ

%SND% SND-3207B - Church Door Opens
%MUS% MUS-3209 - Music Cue 09

%MIX% Tani: OFF
%MIX% Jyanon: Off
%MIX% Runo: ON

%ACT% Isaiah comes in from [1], carrying a large candle, being followed by his sheeple in a long procession

%ACT% Rando4, Rando3, Tobias, Rose, Alice, White_Coat, Rando2, Rando1 walk in from [1] after Isaiah, taking their positions, everyone carrying an electric tea light, White_Coat carries goblet_1 and Tobias carries goblet_2

%HND% cutout panel left and cutout panel right with anthros drawn on them are being pushed inwards in front of the puppet stage from [1] and [7] to simulate more people. The pappkameraden are also "carrying" candles.

%ACT% Isaiah steps up behind the altar, everyone else just keeps walking until Rando4 is at the end of the stage

%ATT% If everything worked out, we now have from left to right ([7] to[1]):
%ATT% Level 2: Cooper, Greg, Isaiah, Poison, Fox
%ATT% Level 1: Rando4, Rando3, Tobias, Rose, Alice, White_Coat, Rando2, Rando1
%ATT% This only requires 20 puppeteers. Easy as pie

Isaiah: "And now in the name of our loving liberating and life giving God, father, son, and holy spirit, amen."

%PRE% PRE-3209 - Everyone: "Amen!"

Isaiah: "I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, and bound him for a thousand years. He threw him into the abyss, and locked and sealed it over him. I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years."

%MUS% MUS-3210 - Music Cue 10

Isaiah: "Together we've walked the stony path towards a life of righteousness and purity, for we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad. Even though for some of us, the end of that path might not be near, this is as far as we will get.

%MUS% MUS-3211 - Music Cue 11

Isaiah: "So let us celebrate the Lord's supper for the last time. Two special members of our community will have the honor of being the first to receive the Blood of Christ tonight, with my special blessing, in regards to the hardships they had to endure. Mrs. Alice Hollyberry and Mrs. Rosalinda Moretti."

%ACT% White_Coat and Tobias hold up goblet_1 and goblet_2

%ACT% Isaiah fills goblet_1 and goblet_2 from the carafe

%ACT% White_Coat gives the goblet_1 to Alice

%ACT% Tobias gives the goblet_2 to Rose

%ACT% Alice and Rose turn to face each other

Isaiah: "And now, drink!"

Cooper: "Hey, just a second!"

%MUS% MUS-3211B - Music Cue 11b

%ACT% Fox stops playing the organ and turns back around to face the audience

%ACT% Fox changes over to the keytar

%MIX% Pan: ON
%MIX% Jyanon: ON

%SND% SND-3208 - The audience is confused

%ACT% Alice realizes who the musicians are and turns back around

Alice (whispering to Rose): "How ... on earth ..."

Isaiah: "What?"

%ACT% Cooper holds up a piece of paper

Cooper: "There's supposed to be a song before the ritual."

%ACT% Cooper carries the single drum around his neck

Greg: "Oh yeah, he's right, it's right here in the script. I didn't expect we'd have a band tonight, so I totally forgot about it."

Isaiah: "I think we can skip the song."

Poison: "No way! We're about to go to heaven, this is the most important gig of our lives!"

Cooper: "Yeah, what will Jesus think when we step up to the pearly gates without getting to play the final song for him!"

Isaiah (rolls eyes): "All right, all right, do what you must."

%MUS% MUS-3212 - Music Cue 12

Poison: "Alice? Would you like to sing this last song with us?"

%ACT% Alice turns around

Alice: "This last ... OH! Yes, of course. It would be a great honor!"

%PRE% PRE-3210 - Rose: "What's happening?"

Alice: "Are you ready to go?"

%PRE% PRE-3211 - Rose: "Yes, I am ready now."

Alice: "Then close your eyes and trust me!"

%MUS% MUS-3213 - Music Cue 13

%ACT% Alice and Rose throw away goblet_1 and goblet_2, and start making out furiously in front of the shocked audience

%ACT% Audience is shocked!

%SND% SND-3209 - The Audience is Shocked, SHOCKED!

%ACT% Isaiah makes the sign of the cross

%ACT% Greg produces a guitar out of nowhere

%HND% Give Guitar to Alice

Greg: "Here, Alice, catch!"

%ACT% Alice lets go of Rose just in time

%ACT% Greg throws the guitar, and Alice catches it

%ACT% Cooper counts the band in with his drum sticks


%ACT% The band starts playing!

%MUS% MUS-3214 - We're Going to Heaven!

Alice: "Hey everybody! Don't be afraid! we're gonna tell you how it really is! So perk you ears... And listen to this shiz!"

%ACT% Rando1, Rando2, White_Coat, Greg, Rose, Tobias, Rando3, Rando4 start to dance, and completely ignore Isaiah

%ACT% Isaiah tries to stop the band from playing but they are unstoppable

%MIX% Pan: OFF
%MIX% Lynard: OFF
%MIX% Jyanon: OFF
%MIX% Eisfuchs: OFF
%MIX% Runo: Half

%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "You may feel that"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "your being's plain"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "but thats not true"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "if you don't play their game."

%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "So have faith, but in yourself"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "cause God knows yer nobodies shelf."

%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "Be free and be what you see."
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "don't fall now instead follow me"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "they say now you can't be yourself"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "so sit up, so stand up"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "so rise up, so fly up"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "don't need saved "
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "don't need praised"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "don't need made"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "don't need REmade"

%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "(*spoken*)Whoa! Hot dang who's playing that sax. "
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "Is it coming from heaven above?"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "Always thought Angels would play sax."
%MUS% MUS-3214 [cont.) - Alice: "Harps are so lame."

%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Everyone: "We're goin to heaven"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Everyone: "no more oppression"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Everyone: "come on and sing your true self"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Everyone: "don't follow that weapon..."
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Everyone: "Instead do some steppin'"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Everyone: "Towards the love and be free!"

%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "Don't be fooled"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "by his eyes"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "they will mean"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "your demise."
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "Look away"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "don't be fooled,"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "your life isn't,"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "to be ruled."

%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "Itsy bitsy spider"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "wants soul provider"

%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Alice: "Don't drink... Think. Blink."

%ACT% Alice leaves her position, and begins to lead everyone outside to [1], and they all follow the music

%ACT% Cooper, Greg, Poison, Fox leave to [1]

%ACT% Rando1, Rando2, White_Coat, Rose, Tobias, Rando3, Rando4 leave to [1]

%ACT% Isaiah again, tries to hold everyone back, appearing more and more desperate

%HND% Remove cutout panel left and cutout panel right

%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Everyone (while leaving): "We're goin to heaven"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Everyone (while leaving): "no more oppression"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Everyone (while leaving): "come on and sing your true self"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Everyone (while leaving): "don't follow that weapon..."
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Everyone (while leaving): "Instead do some steppin'"
%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - Everyone (while leaving): "Towards the love and be free!"

%MUS% MUS-3214 (cont.) - (Repeat 3x)

%ACT% The last audience members leave the room, continuing their song outside.

%MIX% Runo: ON

%SND% SND-3210 - Church Door closes EXTRA TIGHT

%ACT% Isaiah is now all alone

%ACT% Isaiah does not understand

Isaiah: "What ... why? How?"

%ACT% Isaiah turns around, facing the cross on the wall, raising his arms up to the sky

%MUS% MUS-3215 - Music Cue 15

Isaiah (desperate): "Dear Lord! What have I done to deserve this! Haven't I always kept your command! Haven't I always endured patiently! Haven't I been a good shepherd?"

%ACT% Isaiah his arms slump down. He is a broken man.

Isaiah: "So this is how it ends then."

%ACT% Isaiah picks up a ceremonial goblet_1 from the ground (keep talking!)

%ACT% Isaiah picks up the carafe of poisoned wine

%ACT% Isaiah proceeds to fill the goblet_1 with wine

%MIX% Tani: ON

Isaiah: "My citizenship is in heaven, and I eagerly await you, Lord Jesus Christ, who by your power that enables you to bring everything under your control will transform my lowly body so that it will be like your glorious body! Amen!"

%ACT% Isaiah raises the goblet_1

Haze (off): "For so many years, you've been living the life of a god. Your words were untouchable, your judgements final. How does it feel to be reminded of your own mortality?"

Isaiah: "Who's there?"

%ACT% Haze steps into the scene from [7]

Haze: "I am not going to let you take the easy way out of this world. I want you to see what you did. I want you to feel it."

%ACT% Isaiah screams and jumps back in fear, dropping the goblet_1 and carafe

Isaiah: "Are you the devil?"

%MUS% MUS-3216 - Music Cue 16

Haze: "No. I am merely a tormented soul. One of so, so many."

%ACT% Isaiah makes the sign of the cross

Isaiah: "Oh my Lord and Savior, why have you abandoned me? Did I not do enough to deserve your love? Look at all the things I did for you! Please, take me to the heavens!"

Haze: "Did you hope our father in heaven would give you the rewards your father here on earth has always denied you?"

%MUS% MUS-3217 - Music Cue 17 (rythm!)

Isaiah (yelling at Haze, collapsing): "I DID GOOD! ... I did good."

Haze: "You turned many innocent and helpless souls into your slaves, to fight in a war that was yours, and never theirs. Come with me. I will show you who you really are."

%ACT% Haze walks towards Isaiah


%FOG% add fog for the beam of light in [7] off stage

%ACT% Isaiah goes into a fetal position

Haze: "Oh boy, are you going to be in for a surprise."

%ACT% Haze picks Isaiah up with her teeth, gently

%SND% SND-3211 - Open Portal

%SPT% Activate portal beam of light [7]

%ACT% Haze carries him off the stage, into the light to [7]

%SND% SND-3212 - Close Portal
%AMB% AMB-3201 - FADE

%SPT% Deactivate beam of light

%LIG% LX 3299 Lights out.

%AMB% AMB - 1001 FADE

%MIX% Fade Ambience, SFX and Music with LX 3299

%HND% Curtain - close

%MIX% Mute all but Video

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light ON (Static Playbacks)