Act 2, Scene 2: Pet Rock 'n' Roll

Setting: The Demön HünterZ rehearsal cave. Musical instruments. Cables. Beer Crates. A ripped up sofa from the trash. No natural light. More guitar amps than they should be able to afford: Two at [3, 2nd] (MarshMellow, Bender), two at [5, 2nd] (Fox, Annoying Orange ...) stacked on top of each other. A cheap Catsio keyboard leans at the wall (printed on backdrop). It's messy, but cozy. IKEA desk lamps are sitting in various inappropriate places, all switched on. (Cheetah still has a bunch of them, so why not use them :) A Fauna Project Poster. A Demön HünterZ Poster. <del>A bar stool (not visible) with a microphone on stand in front of it is on the [4, 2nd] position.</del> A drum kit (DrumKitty) on [7, 2nd]
Stage setup
Extension cordfog machine, desk lamps
stepJohannfor Pan, in front of guitar Amp "Fox"
Left: Demön HünterZ rehearsal cave
Middle: Demön HünterZ rehearsal cave
Right: Demön HünterZ rehearsal cave
On 2nd rail
drum kitSilverHorse, ShyWolf
guitar amps "MarshMellow"LeeTaiger
guitar amps "Fox"LeeTaiger
On playrail
microphone on standJohannin [6]
desk lampsLiamone lamp in [2]
Hand props & personal props
leashShishiadd prior to scene
gagShishiadd prior to scene
duffle bagLiam
short guitar cableLiam
drum sticksEisfuchs
Poison's phoneCurry
Plastic shardsShyWolf
Special effects
confetti2ndVoiceexploding battery effect, use confetti cannon?
fire extinguisher2ndVoiceexploding battery effect
TelephoneVoice: o'wolf
Intro**00:00 **
Dialogue**00:00 **
**Scene Total****00:00 **


%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 2201 - STANDBY for GO: DBO with dim blue reading light (link to LX 0002)

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Pan: ON
%MIX% Eisfuchs: ON
%MIX% Tani: ON

%MIX% Lynard: OFF
%MIX% Jyanon: OFF


%AMB% room inside, a fan running, it's night, some muffled crickets outside, muffled noises of someone throwing things, stomping feet and being generally obnoxious from downstairs

%SND% acoustic guitar noodling, picking

%ACT% Alice hums to herself

Daddy (muffled): *swearing like at 4:15 ++*

%SND% muffled sound of someone pummeling their TV with a baseball bat

%SND% guitar sounds stop

Alice (sighs deeply, mumbling under her breath): "What an asshole ..."

%SND% acoustic guitar noodling, picking

%SND% sound of a small rock hitting the window - Tick!

%SND% sound of a small rock hitting the window - Tick!

%SND% guitar sounds stop

Alice: "Huh?"

%SND% sound of a small rock hitting the window - Tick!

Alice: "Who's there?"

%ACT% Alice turns around, carefully setting the guitar on the bed

%SND% soft hum of nylon guitar strings

%SND% sound of a small rock hitting the window - Tick!

%ACT% Alice gets up and walks to the window

Alice (chuckling): "Oh geez ..."

%ACT% Alice slides the window up to look out

%SND% wood window slide

%AMB% more outside sounds as the window is now open

Alice (calling out to her friend, but trying to be silent): "Rose? What the hell are you doing here?"

Rose (from 3 meters down, at the other end of the lawn): "I'm selling these fine ladders! May I interest you in our newest model: Elegant, compact, and perfect for getting up to and down from any window of your choice!"

%SND% ladder hits the side of the building

Alice: "Are you crazy? I'm grounded! I can't go anywhere or dad's gonna kill me!"

Rose: "Fuck grounded! We'll be back before he even knows you were gone!"

Alice (stifling a laugh): "Yes, you are crazy!"

Rose: "Don't you love it?"

Alice: "Silly butt! Hold on a second, I need my keys!"

Daddy (outside, drunk): "Alice? The TV is broken! Go get me a six pack from the 7/11! And some cigarettes!"


Daddy: "As long as you're living in my house, I'm the man who gives the commands! Come on, move your ass you little bitch and get me something to drink!"

%SND% door lock

Daddy: "Did you just lock your door? What did I tell you about locking your door? Just you wait, I'm getting up there ..."

%SND% Sounds of drunken daddy trying to climb the stairs

%ACT% Alice grabs her keys

%SND% keys rattling

%ACT% Alice starts to climb out the window

Alice: "*grunt*"

%SND% wood creaking, footsteps on ladder

%SND% doorknob rattling

Daddy (outside): "Alice! Open up, or I'm gonna kick the door in! ALICE!"

%SND% heavy fist pounding at the door

Alice (just out the window): "Shit! Rose! We gotta run!"

Rose: "What is it?"

%ACT% Alice reaches the bottom of the ladder and jumps into the grass

Alice (while climbing): "Let's say, the queen is not amused!"

Rose: "Crap, that was my fault! Hop on, I'll take you out of here!"

%SND% muffled sound of a door being kicked open

%SND% bike being picked up, bell jingling

%ACT% Alice jumps on the baggage carrier of Rose's bike

Daddy (standing at the window, shouting at them): "Alice! Get back in here right now! Alice! You son of a bitch!"

%SND% bicycle starts riding, pedals, chains, grit under tires

Alice: "Hi Ho Silver! Away! Woohoo!"

%ACT% Alice laughs and cheers as Rose gets them out of there

%AMB% shift to somewhere on the road, while riding fast

Rose (panting a little while riding): "Dammit, that was really stupid ... I didn't know your dad was still awake!"

Alice: "I would have told you, but Freaky McFreakface smashed my phone."

Rose: "He's going to be pissed when you come back home, isn't he?"

Alice: "He'll do what he always does: Knock himself out with a bottle of Jackie or two. And when he wakes up tomorrow I'll already be off to school. Plenty of time for him to cool down, and only slap me around for a bit instead of ... whatever his sick mind comes up with when he's still shitfaced."

Rose: "How can you be so calm about this? He is hurting you!"

Alice (bitter): "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I can live with a bit of pain. The worst thing is his eyes, and the stench of booze and sweat ... I hate it. I hate **him**!"

Rose: "I wish I could help ..."

Alice (mood brightening): "You are here, right now. With me! What else could a bunny ask for? Where are we going, anyway?"

Rose: "To the old gas station down Winston Road. Nobody's gonna expect us there! We can be all by ourselves until your daddy has calmed down!"

Alice: "For that to happen we'd have to stay there forever, trust me. He never calms down. I think he threw his first tantrum when he was born, and it just never stopped."

Rose: "He can't keep you grounded for the rest of your life."

Alice: "Damn right ... only two more years and I'll be 18. Then he can kiss my ass goodbye!"

%AMB% shift ambience to inside a derelict building

%SND% footsteps on garbage, wood, glass, the occasional creak of broken doors, wind, occasional bottles clinking

%ACT% Rose and Alice enter the gas station's main building, checking it out

Alice: "Careful, there is broken stuff all over the floor."

Rose: "This is so cool! And nobody knows we're here!"

Alice: "Hey, there's a couple of car seats over there! Perfect spot for kicking back!"

%SND% Rose and Alice walk over and sit down

Alice: "Now all we need is something to take our minds off this whole shit."

Rose: "What do you think I brought these along for?"

%SND% bottles clinking in a bag, then taken out of the bag

Alice: "Girl, you're reading my mind!"

%SND% cheers

%ACT% Alice and Rose take a sip from their bottles

Alice: "I wish I could just do my own thing. Like ... Start a band, be famous! Get all the booze I want!"

Rose: "If anyone can make it, it's you! You have a beautiful voice, and I could listen to you playing all day."

Alice: "Well, at least someone believes in me. Most people think I am just a bloody slacker with no future. 'Music doesn't pay the bills, Alice!' - 'Get some real education, Alice!' - 'Your father will be so disappointed, Alice!' Bleh ... as if I cared."

%ACT% Alice takes another swig from her bottle

Alice (wiping her mouth): "They can all just go fuck themselves."

Rose: "Does your dad know we're ... more than just friends?"

Alice: "What? His own daughter, a homo? No way! For him you're just another brat girl giving me bad ideas."

Rose (giggling softly): "You know, that's exactly what my mom says about you."

Alice: "And she's right!"

%SND% cheers

Rose: "You know what? I'll go home with you tonight. Your father won't dare touching-"

Alice (prompt): "No, you won't! And yes, he will! Believe me, he is a number one asshole."

Rose (sighs): "We should just go and start a new life somewhere else. Together."

Alice (tipsy, getting agitated): "You know what? Let's do that! Let's run away! Right now!"

Rose (afraid): "I so want to! But where? And what if someone finds us and they bring us back! You can imagine what will happen then!"

Alice: "But this **has** to end some day. Once I come up with a good plan, I will take you and your silly butt and get us out of here!"

%ACT% Rose gets up and straddles Alice's lap, paws stroking across her jacket, popping the buttons open, pulling the zipper down

Rose (trying to calm her down, seductively, getting close): "I know you will! But until then .... why don't we enjoy what we have right here and now?"

Alice (smiling): "You're such a naughty girl!"

Rose: "Rawr!"

%ACT% Alice grabs Rose and turns her around, pinning her to the seat.

%SND% bottles kicked over, spilling beer

%ACT% Rose squeaks, starting to laugh

%ACT% Alice rawrs and goes down on Rose

%ACT% Alice and Rose giggle, whimper, groan and make lewd noises


%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Lights on

%AMB% AMB-2201 - Rehearsal Bunker

%ATT% Alice has taken some of the meds that suppress her withdrawal symptoms, so she's in a much different mood now. She's no longer in pain, a bit euphoric, and has her wits more or less together.

%SND% SND-2201 - Heavy Metal Door Opens
%MUS% MUS-2201 - Music Cue 01

%ACT% Haze enters from [7], carrying Greg by the scruff of his neck.

Haze (through her teeth): "Gnnnnrrrrrr. Oh come on, stop struggling."

%ACT% Greg is bound with the leash and wearing a gag

%ACT% Alice enters from [7] carrying her duffle bag with all her stuff in it

%SND% SND-2202 - Heavy Metal Door Closes

Greg (angry): "Hmmm! Hmmmm!"

%ACT% Haze puts Greg down on the bar stool (invisible, there is only an arm rest for Eisfuchs below playrail)

%ACT% Haze walks past the bar stool and turns around

Alice: "Welcome to Demön HünterZ Headquarters. This used to be a bomb shelter. It's completely sound, blast and heavy metal proof."

%ACT% Alice removes Greg's gag

Greg: "*spit* *cough*"

Alice: "There, better?"

Greg: "I gave you everything you needed, what the HELL do you still want from me?"

Alice: "Answers! Tell me everything you know about that cultist hellhole of yours!"

Greg: "My holes are none of your business!"

%MUS% MUS-2202 - Music Cue 02

Alice: "I'm talking about the sanatorium, not your gay ass!"

Greg: "You're so offensive!"

Alice (imitating him in a gay voice, waving her paw): "You're so offensive! Lah-dee-dah! - Darling, you just sent my gaydar off the scale!"

Greg: "But I'm not gay!"

Alice: "Hear hear. Did you pray the gay away, or did Isaiah fry your brain with his electric bugzapper?"

Greg: "Do you enjoy being cruel to me like that?"

Alice (explodes): "ME? CRUEL? Your job literally consists of torturing drug addicts into mindless sock puppets, and you have the AUDACITY to call ME cruel?"

Greg: "What about all the people we saved? People who lost everything - their friends, their jobs, their purpose in life - and who are now valued members of society again?"

Alice: "You mean, valued members of your CULT!"

Greg: "You're wrong. And nothing you say to me will ever convince me to help you destroy our life's work!"

Alice: "Then maybe it's time for some electro therapy, Greggyboy."

%ACT% Alice walks over to the [5, 2nd] tower of guitar amps "Fox", and pushes it until it's behind Greg

%SND% SND-2203 - Squeaky Scrape 1
%MUS% MUS-2203 - Music Cue 03
%SND% SND-2203 - STOP

%ACT% Haze walks over to the [3, 2nd] tower of guitar amps "MarshMellow", and pushes it with her head until it's behind Greg

%SND% SND-2204 - Squeaky Scrape 2
%SND% SND-2204 - STOP

Greg: "Whatever you're going to do, I will stand my ground! The Lord Jesus Christ is my savior!"

Alice: "Relax, Greg. It will all make sense once you begin to understand!"

%ACT% Alice turns up the volume on amp 1 in [5]

%SND% SND-2205 - Eletric Hum Layer 1

Alice: "There we go! Can you feel the power yet?"

%SND% SND-2206 - Eletric Hum Layer 2

%ACT% Greg squirms in his chair looking left and right frantically

%ACT% Greg whimpers in fear, and continues to do so while Alice does her thing

Alice: "No? Okay, more power then!"

%ACT% Alice turns up the volume on amp 3 in [5]

%SND% SND-2207 - Eletric Hum Layer 3

Alice: "And this one even goes to eleven!"

%ACT% Alice turns up the volume on amp 4 in [3]

%SND% SND-2208 - Eletric Hum Layer 4

Alice: "Ah, the wonderful sound of rock music waiting to happen!"

%ACT% Alice disappears downward

%ACT% Alice re-appears upwards, wearing her guitar around her neck

%ACT% Alice plugs in the short guitar cable

%SND% SND-2209 - Crackle, Pop, Feedback

Alice: "COMMENCE THERAPY in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...!"

%ACT% Alice plays a short noisy guitar riff

%MUS% MUS-2204 - Music Cue 04\\
%SND% SND-2205 - FADE
%SND% SND-2206 - FADE
%SND% SND-2207 - FADE
%SND% SND-2208 - FADE

%ACT% Greg writhes

Greg (writhing in his chair): "Aaaaaaiiiiieeaaaaaaaaaah!"

Alice (while playing): "WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW, GREG? MUHAHAHA!"

%ACT% Greg is panting

Alice: "So how many patients did the sanatorium admit since its opening? And how many of those did you actually release again?"

Greg: "That's confidential patient data!"

Alice: "Wrong answer!"

%ACT% Alice plays a slightly longer guitar riff

%MUS% MUS-2205 - Music Cue 05

Haze: "Arooooooooooooooooooo!"

Greg: "Aaaaaaiiiiieeaaaaaaaaaah!"

%ACT% Greg writhes

Alice: "Let's try a different question! The sanatorium is plastered with cameras. Are there any recordings of the treatments? If yes, where are they stored?"

Greg: "I don't know!"

Alice: "Wrong again!"

%ACT% Alice plays a very short guitar riff, but stops to add:

%MUS% MUS-2206 - Music Cue 06

Alice: "Pro tip: It hurts less if you bang your head!"

%MUS% MUS-2207 - Music Cue 07

%ACT% Alice plays a lengthy head-banging guitar solo

%ACT% Alice bangs her head.

%ACT% Haze bangs her head

%ACT% Greg bangs his head

Alice: "Yee-haw!"

%ACT% Alice totally gets into the mood, and continues the solo for a bit.

%MUS% MUS-2208 - Music Cue 08

Alice: "Ahhh. What was the name of that stuff you gave me again? I could live on just this and Rock 'n' Roll!"

Greg: "Don't fall for it, Alice. It gets you rid of the symptoms, but not of the dependency."

Alice (baby voice): "Yes, mom, I'm sorry mom ..."

%SND% SND-2210 - Footsteps, distant voices

Alice: "Oh, are they coming already? Damn, I was just getting in the mood. Haze, you know the drill."

Haze (turning around, in mock disappointment): "And here I thought you liked me ... I'll be in my room!"

Alice (deadpan): "That's the bathroom."

Haze: "A throne fit for a princess!"

%MIX% Lynard: ON
%MIX% Jyanon: ON

%ACT% Haze swiftly jumps out of sight towards [1]

%SND% SND-2211 - Heavy Metal Door Opens

%ACT% Cooper comes in from [7]

%ACT% Poison comes in from [7]

Cooper: "I told you I heard someone playing the guitar!"

%MUS% MUS-2209 - Music Cue 09

Greg: "HELP! I've been kidnapped! This woman is insane! She MMMPF!"

%ACT% Alice stuffs the gag back into Greg's mouth

Alice: "Poison, Cooper, meet Greg. He's our new friend! Say hi Greg!"

Greg: "HMMM HMMM!"

Alice: "Could you please close the door, so I can take the pacifier out of his mouth again?"

Cooper: "Uhm ... I ... okay."

%ACT% Cooper turns around, closes the door, and comes back. (Poison does not wait)

%SND% SND-2212 - Heavy Metal Door Closes

Poison: "Now, I assume there's an explanation to all of this. (pause). There is one, isn't there? (pause). Please tell me there is one."

Alice: "Do you want the long version or the short version?"

Poison, Cooper: "The SHORT version please!"

%MUS% MUS-2210 - Music Cue 10

Alice (takes a deep breath, then super fast): "Ooookay! So I went to the sanatorium, but it turns out it's run by a crazy religious cult who torture and brainwash people, turning them into their minions. They made me go cold turkey and gave me electric shocks for being gay. Then I heard the voices again, and I stepped through a portal into another world, where I met Haze, my spirit animal. Turns out the voices came from a kindred soul called Rona, who needed our help to fight her demons. I learned that Rona is the spirit of Rose, an old friend of mine. But the demons were too strong for even the both of us. So we had to flee, and Haze ended up here with me in our world. We escaped from the room they kept me locked up in, looking for Rose! We tried to make her come with us, but she refused! We figured the only way to free her was to free Rona first! So I kidnapped Greg, the supervisor, and forced him to let me out, and now we're here."

%MUS% MUS-2211 - Music Cue 11 (rythm)

%ACT% Alice is completely out of breath

Cooper (admiring Greg): "Nice catch, I must say. Nice catch. But Jesus, look at this gag! Do you want him to drown in his own spit? Here, let me show you how it's done!"

%ACT% Cooper takes out Greg's gag

Greg: "She's crazy! Someone call the polHMMMF"

%ACT% Cooper puts the gag back in

Cooper: "Here. That's how you do it. You gotta keep the nose free, and always make a double knot! Next time at least google it, alright?"

Alice: "And ... you don't find my story at least a little bit weird?"

Poison: "A little weird? A LITTLE WEIRD? IT'S COMPLETELY INSANE! Good lord, Alice, what kind of stuff have you been TAKING again?"

Alice (excited): "Meta ... hydro ... something ... I forgot the name! Greg gave it to me! It's awesome!"

Poison: "At least you went looking for help as I told you to. But, it sounds like they only fucked you up worse than you already were. I can't believe I'm doing this but ... I'm reporting you. The cops will find you eventually, and I won't let you drag me and Cooper to prison as an accessory to kidnapping!"

%MUS% MUS-2212 - Music Cue 12 (than you already weer)

Alice: "It wasn't kidnapping, it was self-defense! Okay, maybe it was a **little** bit kidnapping, and I **will** go to the police, but not before we've gotten Rose out of there! God knows what's gonna happen when the cops stampede in there, guns blazing!"

%ACT% Alice moves over to Poison

%ACT% Cooper squeezes in between Alice and Poison just in time

Cooper: "Alice, please calm down. We all just want to help you!"

Alice: "Poison, don't you DARE call the cops on me!"

%ACT% Alice tries to take Poison's phone away

%ACT% Cooper holds Alice back effortlessly

%ACT% Alice struggles! Grrrr! Grrrr! GRRRRR!

%ACT% Poison dials a number on Poison's phone

%SND% SND-2213 - Beep - Beep - Boop - Boop - Booop

Poison: "Hello 9-1-1? My name is Jaques de la Poisson, this is an emergency ..."

%ACT% Haze jumps out of hiding, growling!

Haze: "NOT SO FAST!"

%SND% SND-2214 - Haze Snarls
%MUS% MUS-2213 - Music Cue 13

Cooper: "WHAT THE FUCK!"

%ACT% Cooper tackles Alice, and falls down with her, protecting her with his body. They disappear.

Haze: "Drop that phone! Now!"

%SND% SND-2215 - Haze Growls

Poison: "Who the hell are you?"

Haze: "I'm the big bad wolf, and I'm going to huff and puff and blow your house down!"

%SND% SND-2216 - Haze Snarls

%ACT% Haze pounces Poison

Poison: "Waaaaaaaaaaaah!"

%ACT% Haze re-emerges with Poison's phone in her mouth

%ACT% Haze turns around, and walks next to the sofa

%PRE% PRE-2201 - Telephone: "9-1-1 Pizza, may I take your order? Sir? Are you having a pizza emergency?"

%ACT% Haze chews Poison's phone to bits. Plastic shards go everywhere.

Haze: "Gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw."

%SND% SND-2217 - Haze Chews / Breaking Plastics

%SND% SND-2217 (cont.) - POP - HISSSSSS

%FOG% Smoke comes out of Haze's nose

%ACT% Haze looks surprised at the audience

Haze: "Hu-Mumpf?"

Alice (off): "The battery! Spit it out!"

Haze: "Hmm-Pluärgh! Pfpfpfpfl!"

%ACT% Haze spits out an exploding battery.

%HND% The battery bounces twice, and lands on the playrail.

%SND% SND-2218 - Sizzle
%MUS% MUS-2214 - Music Cue 14

%SND% SND-2218 (cont.) - Sound of a whistling firecracker going off

%FOG% Jet of fog

%ACT% Haze jumps backwards, and stares at it in bewilderment

%FOG% The smoke stops

Haze: "Hmmm?"

%ACT% Haze makes a step forward, and sniffsniffs at the battery curiously

%SND% SND-2219 - POP!

%HND% Throw some confetti

Haze: "YIKES!"

%ACT% Haze jumps up with all four paws at once, then disappears. (Turn around to face in the other direction while invisible, re-appear when you can.)

%ACT% Greg falls off the bar stool and speaks from "off" during the rest of the scene

Greg: "Yaaahrgh!"

%ACT% Alice re-emerges

Alice: "Everything's fine! We're friends! She's not going to hurt you, I promise!"

%MUS% MUS-2215 - Music Cue 15

%ACT% Cooper and Poison slowly elevator up from below, staring at Haze and Alice in disbelief.

Cooper: "I ... I can't."

Poison: "I can't even ..."

Cooper: "I **just** can't even ..."

Poison: "I cannot ...."

Cooper: "I **literally** can't even ..."

Poison: "Nope."

Cooper: "Nope!"

Poison, Cooper: "Nope. Nope, nope, ..."

Alice: "Uhm ... meet Haze, everyone. She's my familiar. Or spirit animal. Or my soul. Depending on what your religion is. Except Christianity. They're wayyyy too out there."

Cooper (confused): "Hi!"

Poison (waves timidly): "Hi!"

Haze (ominously): "I am the terror that flaps in the night, I am the ten dollar service charge on all returned checks!"

Greg (off): "She's Satan!"

Alice: "Shut up Greg!"

Cooper: "Can she read minds?"

Alice: "Sort of. She can see through my eyes."

Haze: "But she can't see through mine. Which by the way can be really frustrating when you see everything going to the dogs, but you're literally stuck in a different plane of existence, and there's just NOTHING YOU CAN DOOOOOOoooooooo ..."

Cooper: "I can see the resemblance between you two. You're both scary awesome dweebs."

%MUS% MUS-2216 - Music Cue 16

Haze: "We're like one person. A very schizophrenic person that is. But only in one way, not the other. If that makes any sense to you ..."

Poison: "No, you lost me about ten minutes ago. I think I need a beer. Anyone else?"

Greg (off): "Drugs are bad!"

Poison, Cooper: "Shut up Greg!"

%ACT% Cooper makes a step towards Haze

Cooper: "Are you real? Can I touch you?"

Haze: "WHY DOES EVERYBODY ASK IF THEY CAN TOUCH ME? This is already the third time! Are we at a furry con or what?!"

Poison: "Of course she's real, she just ATE MY FUCKING PHONE!"

Cooper: "You say you are one and the same, but yet you have independent consciousness ... esses? How does this even work?"

Haze: "Pretty well actually."

Poison: "Do we have spirit wolves, too?"

Haze: "Judging from your empathy, you probably have a spirit pet rock."

Poison: "Bad dog! No treat!"

%ACT% Haze growls playfully

Cooper: "Hmm, I wonder ... when Alice gets high ... do you get high, too?"

Haze: "The drugs don't affect me directly. But they can turn into very powerful demons, and those I **do** get to fight."

Cooper: "Demons?"

Haze: "Demons. Everyone has them."

Cooper: "Damn."

Alice: "Poison, before I forget it, why the hell were you reporting me to 9-1-1 Pizza?"

Poison: "I'm a punk, Alice. You think I'd *ever* call the pigs on my friend?"

Alice: "So we're still friends?"

Cooper: "I think so."

Poison: "Always."

Greg (off): "Definitely not!"

Alice, Cooper, Poison: "SHUT UP GREG!"

Alice: "I called you here, because I need your help. It's going to sound super weird, but you're my friends, and my only hope. Rose is in great danger. She's still at the sanatorium. We tried to free her, but something deep in her mind is holding her back."

Cooper: "Her demons?"

Alice: "Precisely. I tried to fight them before, but alone I wasn't strong enough. But together, we might be able to beat them! Will you join me on my journey to the other world, and help me free her soul?"

%MUS% MUS-2217 - Music Cue 17

Cooper: "Does the pope shit in the woods? Of course! We're the Demön HünterZ, hunting demons is what we do!"


Cooper: "Well, then how does it work?"

Haze: "The bond between kindred souls can open the divide between worlds in moments of pure emotion. The stronger the emotions, the wider it opens."

Alice: "The moments I heard Rona's voice were such moments. The concert. The torture chamber. Once I heard her voice, all I had to do was follow it, and it would lead me to where our worlds meet."

Poison: "And how are we supposed to recreate those special emotions on demand?"

%ACT% Alice strikes a chord on her guitar

Alice: "With the power of rock and roll!"

Cooper: "Yeah, baby, Demön HünterZ to the rescue!"

%ACT% Cooper jumps up to hurry to his drum kit in [7, 2nd], picks up his drum sticks

%ACT% Poison picks up his bass from below playrail

Greg (off): "You are all completely insane!"

%ACT% Alice, Poison, Cooper, Haze look down

Alice, Poison, Cooper, Haze: "SHUT UP GREG!"

%ACT% Cooper counts everyone in

%MUS% MUS-2217 - Music Cue 17
%PRE% PRE-2202 - Alice's Jam Session Dialogue

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Allright guys, do you remember what we were going over a couple of days ago?"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Let's pick up on that!"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "A minor, f, E minor over G, D."

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Cooper? Go!"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Poise, just follow!

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Yeah!"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Remember the G, Poise!"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "And d! And then turn around!"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Now, back to E."

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Oh, gosh!"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Coop! Pick it up! Come on!"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Keep going like that!"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Oh gosh!"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Oh yes!"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Fuck yeah!"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Oooh!"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Fuck yeah!"

%PRE% PRE-2202 (cont.) - "Oh!"

%ACT% Poison, Alice and Cooper start jamming

%LIG% LX 2299 - After the first verse, the light fades

%SND% SND-2220 - Magic Sound effects. The Voice of Rona calling for help. The sound of the portal opening

%AMB% AMB-2201 - FADE

%MIX% Fade Ambience, SFX and Music with LX 2299

%HND% Curtain - close

%MIX% Mute all but Video

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light ON (Static Playbacks)