Act 3, Scene 4: A Tad More Specific

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Dialogue**09:00 **
**Scene Total****00:00 **
Triggered SFX
1Sign Terminal

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 3400 - STANDBY for GO (Link LX 0002 - DBO with dim blue reading light)

Recall: 134CleanIntercomHelmet
%MIX% Eisfuchs-**OFF**-
%MIX% Pan**ON**--
%MIX% Tani**OFF**--
%MIX% Lynard**OFF**--
%MIX% Jyanon**OFF**OFF-

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk


%SND% News Jingle

%SND% Simon Duffy: "Breaking News: Convicted former freelance journalist survives the hijacking of her prisoner transport vessel by a terrorist, and not only saves the Pioneers from having Juno Station destroyed by an antimatter bomb, but also delivers it safely back to its rightful owners, while uncovering a system-wide conspiracy between various UN agencies and the system's largest mining corporation, ERG. And if you think that headline was quite a mouthful, you're absolutely right. Our colleague Braydon Schultz, who has just returned from the press conference at the president's office will hopefully be able to break it down for us."

%SND% Braydon Schultz: "I think it is safe to say that this is the biggest scandal that has ever rocked the solar system. We all remember the supreme court's landmark decision that the independent settlement on Juno does not fall under Earth's jurisdiction, and fundamental human rights prohibited UN military to intervene unless there are signs of an actual threat to the UN. Today, mounting evidence was revealed that ERG officials, who had strongly pushed towards a military intervention against the Pioneers, tried to take the situation into their own hands. They helped a terrorist to illegally acquire an antimatter bomb, and sent him to destroy Juno."

%SND% Duffy: "That almost sounds like the plan of a cartoon super villain."

%SND% Schultz: "Absolutely, and the amount of collusion necessary to make this happen is staggering. But all it took to topple this house of cards was one single eye witness. Her testimony has already been recorded two weeks ago, but the investigation has been kept secret, until this morning the UN guard conducted a simultaneous concerted crackdown on various ERG and government offices. Many officials, including ERG's fleet officer Theodore Copeland and BI chief Henry Lewis, are now facing charges of corruption, 25 cases of murder, more than 500 cases of attempted murder, illegal weapons trade, terrorism, and many more."

%SND% Duffy: "Did the president give us any perspective on what the consequences might be within the government?"

%SND% Schultz: "UN president Garza said he is shocked and appalled by the recent events, and that parliament is already in session to determine which reforms need to be enacted in order to prevent something like this to happen again. This will also definitely have a huge impact on the ongoing anti-trust proceedings against ERG, and it's very likely the last straw it will take to finally break up the ERG monopoly."

%SND% Duffy: "Now tell me a bit about the eyewitness. Who is she, and how did she get involved?"

%SND% Schultz: "This is another story straight out of Hollywood. Her name's Lyra Senick, a journalist from Boston Massachusetts, sentenced to forced labor on Vesta for trying to uncover part of this very conspiracy. She miraculously survived the hijacking of the ERG ship she was on in cryo, managed to overwhelm the hijacker, and took the ship to Juno Station to get help. What happened after that is still classified information, but if the full story is ever going to be released, it'll be one for the history books for sure."

%SND% Duffy: "Thanks a lot Braydon Schultz. We'll continue to check in with you as the story develops."

%SND% Schultz: "You're welcome."

%SND% Duffy: "Now back to INSIDE POLITICS"

%SND% News Jingle


%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% LX 3410 - Lights on

%LIG% Light behind backdrops - Left panel, Middle panel, Right panel - ON

%AMB% AMB-3401 - Auditorium
%MUS% MUS-3401 - Music Cue 01

%VID% A caption that says, "5 years later ..."

%ACT% Lyra is wearing a microphone headset, dramatically walking up and down the stage while giving the final moments of her speech.

Lyra: "Telling the truth to those in power should neither be a revolutionary act, nor should it be a sacrifice. But it still is. When I dared to tell the truth, I was framed, and shipped to Vesta for a crime I did not commit. But I think if more of us chose to do speak the truth, we would be in a better place right now. So it is our job, our obligation, our duty, to speak truth to power. Not just when it's difficult, but especially when it's difficult! Thank you."

%ACT% The audience stands up, and applauds frenetically.

%SND% SND-3401 - Applause 1

%VID% Caption "Next Talk: The Orbital Mechanics of Golf in Microgravity - by Doggo van Bellen"

%ACT% Lyra just stands there, enjoying the confirmation of her ideas.

Lyra: "If you want to know more please buy my book "JUNO RISING" and learn how the former ERG tried to go to war against those who dared to think different. If you already have a copy, you can get it signed at the terminal by the stage."

%SND% SND-3402 - Applause 2

%ACT% Lyra walks off the TAD stage towards [7]

%ACT% The audience forms a queue from [1] ending by the terminal at the stage. Everyone has a copy of the book on their tablets. The one first in line holds up his tablet against the RFID terminal, it goes "bleep" and the person turns around, and walks along the queue, and exits. Then comes back in, and stands in the end of the queue. Like an endless supply of audience, although it's only the same guys repeating.

%SND% SND-3403 - Ringtone

%MIX% Eisfuch: Intercom - ON

%ACT% Lyra takes out her tablet

%SND% SND-3405 - Intercom On

%VID% Sorin appears on screen

Sorin: "Hey Lyra! I'd love to talk to you in real time, but I'm afraid the speed of light is against us. I hope your TAD talk went well! I bet you were nervous as hell, but I'm sure you absolutely nailed it, as always! I'm sorry I can't be there in person, but as you can imagine, I'm needed here more than ever. It's Sally's first day back at home, and we're still getting used to having a little cub in the house again."

%ACT% Sorin turns to the side, talking to someone off-screen.

Sorin: "Hey, sweetheart, can you come over for a second? I'm recording a message to Lyra!"

%MUS% MUS-3402 - Music Cue 02

%ACT% Sally comes into view, carrying her baby in her arms.

%ACT% Sorin lays an arm around her shoulder, and pulls her close affectionately (and more into view :) )

Sorin (lowering his voice): "Lyra, meet Maya! Isn't she beautiful? She's all I ever dreamed of, and without you, she would never have seen the light of day. And for that, we will forever thank you. I hope you can overcome your fear of space again, and be able to come over for a visit. We miss you! Take care. Sorin out!"

%ACT% Sorin waves, then the screen goes out.

%SND% SND-3406 - Intercom Off
%MUS% MUS-3403 - Music Cue 03

Lyra: "Awwwww! She's so cute ..."

%MIX% Eisfuch: Intercom - OFF

%SND% SND-3407 - Announcement: "*DING* *DONG* Dear TAD attendees, we would like to announce that the buffet is now open in the planetary ballroom."
%MUS% MUS-3404 - Music Cue 04

%ACT% Everyone in the queue goes into a panic, and runs towards [7], trampling Lyra, who disappears.


%HND% Throw some puppets in the general direction of the buffet

Lyra: "Gaaaaaaaargh!"

Lyra (off): "*röchel*"

%MIX% Lynard: Clean - ON

%ACT% Link comes in from [1]. He's got a brand new wheel chair, which looks like his old one, but with fancy decals and a rocket drive nozzle on the back.

%ACT% Link stops right at the edge of the stage.

Link (melodiously): "Hello-ho! Where is everybody?"

%ACT% Link slowly scoots along the stage

%MUS% MUS-3405 - Music Cue 05

Link: "*sigh* Oh well, why should Lyra Senick, New York Times bestseller author, care for an old man like me. She's a celebrity now after all! Who gives a damn about old time friends ... HUH?"

%ACT% Link bumps into something, and stops abruptly.

Lyra (off): "Aiiiiii ..."


%ACT% Lyra remains invisible, you only see one of her arms waving above the playrail. *wave wave wave*

%ACT% Link looks down

Link: "Lyra?"

Lyra (off): "Your standing on my tail!"

%ACT% Link backs up a little

Link: "Oh sorry. Apparently the autopilot thought you were part of the furniture."

%MUS% MUS-3406 - Music Cue 06

%ACT% Lyra pulls herself up by the playrail. One paw at the time.

Lyra: "You're the last one I expected to show up here ... how have you been? Or, rather where have you been? I thought you were gone for good!"

Link: "*chuckles* I'm sorry I had to leave so suddenly, but nuking my station got me lot of unwanted attention. I had to go underground for a while to fix my business and make sure I live to tell the tale. But I'm glad I still managed to hook you up with the Stillwaters. Life wouldn't have been the same if the bomb went off."

Lyra: "I never got to thank you for that. Is there **anybody** you **don't** know?"

Link: "Eeeehhh ..."

Lyra: "Just a rhetorical question. So how did you like my talk?"

Link: "I loved it! I even bought a copy of your book. I hope it has a picture of Sina's face when her parents showed up."

Lyra: "*laughs* I'm afraid not! But if you come over to the terminal, I can even put in a dedication for you ..."

%MUS% MUS-3407 - Music Cue 07

Link: "No thank you, but if I wanted a digital signature, I could just forge one myself. Can I have an old fashioned one instead? One with a pen?"

Lyra: "On an eBook? How's that supposed to work?"

Link: "No, not on on an eBook, silly."

%ACT% Link reaches under his chair, and pulls out an ENORMOUS stack of paper. And a pen.

Link: "Here, I printed it all out ..."

Lyra (dumbfounded): "Oh ... okay ..."

%ACT% Lyra signs the stack of paper

%MUS% MUS-3408 - Music Cue 08 (to link)

Lyra (while writing): "To Link Kabanshee, my old friend. Sorry for the station, I'll buy you a new one as soon as I can. Yours, Lyra."

Link: "*laughs* Wonderful, thank you!"

Lyra: "Have you set up a new shop yet?"

Link: "Yes and no. I managed to score an old CommNet relay in the belt, and we're building the world's first off world data center! EMP hardened, tax free, privacy guaranteed!"

Lyra: "And what did you call it ... The Pirate Bay?"

%MUS% MUS-3409 - Music Cue 09

Link: "Hmmm.. I like the ring of that!"

%MIX% Tani: Clean - ON

%MIX% Jyanon: Clean - ON

%ACT% Sina and Meredith Stillwater and John Stillwater come in from [7]

Sina: "Lyra!"

Lyra: "Sina!"

John: "Link!"

Link: "John!"

Lyra: "Meredith!"

Meredith: "Lyra!"

Sina: "Link!"

Link: "Sina!"

Lyra: "John!"

John: "Lyra!"

Link: "Meredith!"

Meredith: "Link!"

Lyra: "Janet!"

John: "Dr. Scott!"

Link: "Janet!"

Sina: "Brad!"

Meredith: "Rocky!"

%ACT% Everybody breaks into a fit of laughter

%ACT% Everybody hugs everybody else randomly

Lyra: "Sorry for letting you guys wait, but I ran into this old guy here ... or rather, he ran into me."

Sina: "Then let's go eat! The buffet has real veggies and meat!"

Lyra: "You don't get much good food on Juno, do you?"

%MUS% MUS-3410 - Music Cue 10

Sina: "I think there's still some chocolate pudding left! But seriously, the food situation has improved so much since we don't have to smuggle any more. The Pioneers have never had a better relationship with Earth. We have an embassy now. We can legally trade. We have our own CommNet domain. All thanks to the political fallout of the ERG scandal. Whoever came up with the idea to attack us got the exact opposite of what they wanted."

Lyra: "Karma is a bitch."

Sina: "Hell yeah. And it gets even better. Juno Station is going to be 100% legal by the end of the month. And that clears the last barrier to our acceptance as a sovereign nation."

Lyra: "Wow! How did that happen?"

%MUS% MUS-3411 - Music Cue 11 (you know)

Sina: "I'll let you in on a secret. You know the UN decided to break up the ERG monopoly, right? A little bird sang to me which of the new companies will be the legal owner of Juno Station. And another little bird sang to me, that the stocks will be dirt cheap!"

Lyra (excited): "What, you actually BOUGHT Juno?"

Sina: "A lot more than just Juno. But sssshhh ... the deal is still in progress!"

%ACT% Link taps on his tablet

%SND% SND-3409 - Link taps on his tablet

Sina: "Hey! No insider trading!"

Link: "What? I was just checking my email!"

Lyra: "That's awesome! I'm so happy for you! Where did all the money suddenly come from?"

Meredith: "I sold my stocks in Stillwater Dynamics and set up a fund. It was not an easy decision, but the bomb incident was quite a rude awakening. I think in the end the pioneers will help our freedom more than weapons ever could."

%MUS% MUS-3412 - Music Cue 12

Sina: "So, are we going for lunch or not? I'm starving!"

Lyra: "Sure! Let's go!"


%ACT% Sina runs off to [7]

John: "*laughs* I wouldn't have imagined I'd ever hear her say that ..."

%ACT% John, Meredith and Lyra leave to [7], laughing.

%MIX% Pan: Clean - OFF

%MIX% Tani: Clean - OFF

%MIX% Jyanon: Clean -> Intercom

%ACT% Link hits the button on his armrest.

%SND% SND-3410 - broken wheelchair 1

Link: "What the hell!?!"

%ACT% Link hits the button on his armrest *FOUR TIMES*

%SND% SND-3411 - broken wheelchair 2

Link: "Oh for fucks sake, not now ... I'LL BE WITH YOU IN A MINUTE!"

%ACT% Link dials on his tablet

%SND% SND-3412 - dialing

Link: "Briaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

%SND% SND-3413 - Intercom on

%VID% Brian appears on screen

Link: "The bloody chair ain't working!"

Brian: "Have you tried turning it off and on again!"


Brian: "Maybe the stem bolt didn't seal properly."

Link: "And what can I do about that?"

Brian: "Uhm, nothing?"

Link: "Come on, you piece of junk!"

%ACT% Link bangs on various parts of the chair with increasing violence

%SND% SND-3413 - Broken Wheelchair 3

Brian: "You really shouldn't do that ... it's a wheelchair, not a tank! Link! No! *SIGH* Oh, who gives a shit about the expert's opinion. Good Luck."

%SND% SND-3414 - Intercom Off

%VID% Brian disappears

%MIX% Jyanon: Intercom - OFF

%SND% SND-3415 - Wheelchair Liftoff 1
%MUS% MUS-3413 - Music Cue 13

Link: "Aha! Finally! Stand by for ignition in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ..."

%SND% SND-3416 - Wheelchair Liftoff 2

Link: "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

%HND% Blast a CO2 fire extinguisher behind the rocket nozzle

%HND% Link accelerates towards [7] at high speed

%HND% The stack of paper gets thrown into the air, sending pages flying all over the place

%LIG% LX 3499 - Lights out

%LIG% Light behind backdrops - Left panel, Middle panel, Right panel - OFF

%MIX% Fade Ambience, SFX and Music with LX 1199

%HND% Curtain - close

%ATT% --- THE END ---

%MIX% Mute all but Video

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light ON (Static Playbacks)