Act 3, Scene 3: Bomb #20


%LIG% UVs should be on already!

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 2300 - STANDBY for GO (Link LX 0002 - DBO with dim blue reading light)

Recall: 133CleanIntercomHelmet
%MIX% Eisfuchs-**ON**-
%MIX% Pan--**OFF**
%MIX% Tani--**ON**

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk


%ATT% Kamari is a 2,10m tall lioness.

%SND% Sound of a Door being kicked in

%ACT% Kamari storms into her supervisor's office


%SND% Clarence: "Kamari, if you don't calm down I'm going to call security."

%SND% Kamari: "Almost a month of research, interviews, inquiries, filming, editing all for what? Nothing!"

%SND% Clarence: "But Kamari, that's part of our job!"

%SND% Kamari: " This isn't just some filler material! This is stuff people have a right to know about!"

%SND% Clarence: "I know that you put a lot of work into your report, and rejecting it wasn't easy. But we discussed it with the national broadcasting council, and came to the conclusion that it would be irresponsible to show a report like that right now."

%SND% Kamari: "It's irresponsible not to show it!"

%SND% Clarence: "Right now, we have violent protests in front of ERG's headquarters. Half the African continent is still rejecting the UN world government, and they're arming themselves up (For war/ an uprising?). The socialist party is calling for an impeachment of thep resident. The BI and the federal police have just suspended a quarter of their executive staff for allegations of bribery! And you say throwing a bomb like that into an already unstable situation would be the responsible thing to do?"

%SND% Kamari: "A free press is the foundation of democracy! We can't hold back the truth just because it might upset someone! If you look at the scale of everything that's happening right now, people aren't nearly as upset as they should be!"

%SND% Clarence: "You got some great points, but it's all very incomplete and inconclusive."

%SND% Kamari: "Of course it's incomplete! That's because it's a developing story that is happening right now, and so far we're the only ones who know about it. Wait until the rest of the world gets their hands on this."

%SND% Clarence: "But what if you're wrong?"

%SND% Kamari: "Wrong about what? That SOMETHING is going on? Hell, did you even read the goddamn script? Within just a few weeks, an ERG freighter goes missing in the middle of nowhere, Link Kabanshee's Station gets destroyed by a nuclear explosion in plain sight, and some impostors trying to steal patient records related to Sina Stillwater get chased through the city of Stockholm in an ambulance - and everyone is acting like it all never happened. It's almost like someone powerful is doing all they can to cover something up."

%SND% Clarence: "Weird stuff happens all the time! These things could be completely unrelated!"

%SND% Kamari: "Then you might be interested in the documents I got this morning. Here! Look at them!"

%ACT% Kamari throws her tablet onto the table

%ACT% Clarence picks it up, and browses.

%SND% Beep Booop

%SND% Clarence: "What exactly am I looking at here?"

%SND% Kamari: "That's the passenger list of the DARWIN; the freighter that disappeared in sector 43 85. Look at line 31."

%SND% Clarence: "Lyra Senick. Who's she again?"

%SND% Kamari: "She is a good friend of mine, and one of my most reliable sources. She was the one who blew the cover off the Bureau of Investigation being in bed with ERG. She should have won a Pulitzer for that, but the powers that be, sent her to Vesta instead. But she never arrived there. Swipe left."

%SND% beep boop

%SND% Kamari: "Here's the security camera footage from the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. It shows the alleged impostors. Stop here. Now zoom in. There."

%SND% Clarence: "Who are they?"

%SND% Kamari: "Lyra Senick, Sina Stillwater, and Link Kabanshee. Alive, free, and on this very planet. *BAM* Still think the events aren't related?"

%SND% Clarence: That can't be. Their faces would have been flagged by every security camera the moment they set their paws on Earth."

%SND% Kamari: "And yet here they are. But it gets better. Swipe left once more!"

%SND% beep boop

Clarence: "And what's that?"

%SND% Kamari: "A document leaked by a whistleblower about an internal UN military investigation. Apparently, a bomb went missing. And not just any bomb. A Stillwater Dynamics D-Z/4 antimatter bomb."

%SND% Clarence: "Kamari, do you have any idea what happens if that information gets into the wrong hands?"

%SND% Kamari: "What do you mean, "the wrong hands"?"

%SND% Clarence: "I'm going to ask you to cease your investigation, immediately. I'm transferring you to the department of regional affairs."

%SND% Kamari: "The hell you are!"

%SND% Clarence: "Regional Affairs, Kamari. Effective immediately."

%SND% Kamari: "Clarence, this is bullshit. I quit!"

%SND% Clarence: "That's your choice Just don't forget you're still bound by the non-disclosure agreement you signed. Unless you want to end up like your friend Lyra."

%SND% Kamari (through her teeth): "Did you just threaten me?"

%SND% Clarence: "Yes. I absolutely did. You'd better be careful who you mess with."

%SND% Kamari (hateful): "It was you who blew Lyra's cover, right? How dare you! The protection of our sources is the key to a free press!"

%SND% Clarence: "A free press? There's no such thing. Never was. And speaking of freedom: You're now free to go. And you'd better do so quickly before I change my mind! Farewell, Miss Suarez, we wish you a lot of success for your future career path. And don't forget: We'll be watching you."

%SND% Kamari (sarcastic): "Farewell, Mr. Blankenship."

%ACT% Kamari walks out, but turns around in the door.

%SND% Kamari: "And ... FUCK! YOU!"

%SND% Sound of a door being slammed shut so hard that splinters fly through the room.


%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% LX 3310 - UV on

%AMB% AMB-3301 - Space Rumble

%MUS% MUS-3301 - Music Cue 1

%ATT% Lyra and Sina are not played by their voice actors, but by additional stagehands

%ATT% Characters can latch onto objects using magnetic boots, or by grabbing onto the surface with their hands and pulling themselves along.

%ATT% Characters who are not attached to an object move freely in space by using the thrusters on their spacewalk capable space suits. That means, every movement and turn is accompanied by a short blast of the thrusters.

%ATT% Characters (on the second playrail) are being played **higher** than under normal circumstances - as in they are not halfway hidden behind objects like in normal play.

%ATT% (Container size is about 200cm x 80cm)

%ATT% Sina is wearing a space suit

%VID% Sorin appears on the screen

Sorin: "Okay, we're at a safe distance now. You still sure you wanna do this alone?"

Sina: "I fucked it up, I'm going to fix it."

%ACT% Sina floats in from [7]

Sorin: "Let me know when it's safe to approach again."

Sina: "I wasn't planning to set up camp. Approaching the container now."

%ACT% Sina floats towards the container, carefully aligning her position and speed.

%ACT% Sina touches down on the left side of the container, holding on with her hands.

%SND% SND-3301 - Metal Clunk

Sina: "And touchdown. I'm going to open the hatch now."

%ACT% Sina pulls herself over to the edge of the hatch that contains the control unit of the bomb.

%ACT% Sina tries to slide the hatch open, but it refuses

%SND% SND-3302 - Metal Squeak

Sina: "Hrnnngggg ... GARG!"

%SND% SND-3302 (cont.) - Metal Slip

%ACT% Sina loses grip and catapults herself off the box towards [1]

Sina: "Whoaaaaah ..."

%ACT% Sina tries to stabilize herself using her thrusters

Sorin: "Be careful!"

Sina: "I've got it ... I've got it ... everything is under control ..."

%ACT% Sina floats back to the hatch, passing behind the container and re-appearing on top of it.

%ACT% Sina attaches to the box with her magnetic boots

%SND% SND-3304 - Clunk

%ACT% Sina takes a huge crowbar and tries to lever the hatch open

%SND% SND-3305 - Metal Squeak

Sina: "Hrnnng!"

%SND% SND-3305 (cont.) - Door Opening

%HND% The hatch slides open, revealing a touch screen control panel and a counter

Sorin: "Hurry up! There's a small vehicle on the radar, and it's approaching fast. It seems we're not the only ones looking for this thing."

Sina: "I'll do my best ..."

%ACT% Sina maneuvers herself in front of the container again in a space-walkingly beautiful way.

Sorin: "They're getting closer ..."

%ACT% Sina taps on the screen a few times.

%VID% The screen changes to a blue rectangle.

%ACT% Sina puts a paw inside the blue rectangle.

%VID% The screen shows a "scanning" animation

%ACT% The screen shows an error message.

Sina: "Shit!"

Sorin: "What is it?"

Sina: "It won't scan my paw through the space suit!"

Sorin: "Meredith says it should."

%ACT% Sina frantically tries to re-scan her paw again and again while she keeps talking

Sina: "But it doesn't!"

Sorin: "Keep trying!"

%MUS% MUS-3302 - Music Cue 2

Sina: "Fuck, fuck, fuck ... why doesn't it work?"

Sorin: "I've got a visual on the other ship now. It's a tiny vessel. Seems like some sort of mining drone. Seems like ERG wants to get their toy back. We're coming!"

Sina: "No! If this thing goes off the radiation is going to grill you!"

Sorin: "I don't care. We're coming back."

Sina: "No!"

Sorin: "Shut up!"

Sina: "You're supposed to keep my parents out of the goddamn blast zone!"

Sorin: "Which part of shut up do I have to explain to you? Your mom and dad are fine. Both just gave me the thumbs up."

Sina: "Can you get rid of that ERG ship?"

Sorin: "Not really. We're in earth orbit, the moment we draw anyone's attention we have a problem."

Sina: "Fuck."

Sorin: "Okay, we're close enough - I'm gonna send Lyra over with the tether now. This is going to be extremely fiddly. This ship isn't equipped to pick up objects in space. So what we're gonna do is line up as good as we can, and then sloooooowly pull the container in with a steel cable. And pray it doesn't do too much damage when it crashes into the cargo hold."

%MIX% Pan: Helmet - ON

%ACT% Lyra floats in from [7] on second playrail, from below, boots first, pulling a free-floating tether behind her

Sina: "If we don't get it disarmed first, that's the least thing to worry about."

Lyra: "Careful Sina, I'm coming in now!"

%ACT% Lyra is a bit clumsy with the operation of the thrusters

Lyra: "This is a lot harder than it looks ... hrrrrr ..."

%ACT% Lyra ends up with her magnet boots connecting to the side of the container, "standing" there at 90° to the container side.

%SND% SND-3306 - Clunk

Lyra: "Phew! I have no idea how you always make this look so effortless ..."

%ACT% Lyra "walks" on top of the container on all fours.

%ACT% Lyra manages to turn herself around, and her magnetic boots latch onto the metal surface of the container.

Lyra: "Making any progress down there?"

Sina: "Not really."

Lyra: "Keep trying! Sorin wants me to weld this hook to one of the support beams so we can attach the tether."

Sina: "Have you ever used a welder in space?"

Lyra: "Nope."

Sina: "Shit. Okay, hold on then, I'll do it."

%MUS% MUS-3303 - Music Cue 3

Sorin: "My ladies? I'm afraid you're getting company ..."

%HND% A long robotic arm with a huge hydraulic grip appears from [1] reaching out to the container

Sina: "What the fuck are they trying to accomplish?"

Sorin: "Someone's coming from the other ship! Quick! Grab the tether and I'll pull you both back in!"

Lyra: "I'm not going anywhere."

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Intercom - OFF

%ACT% Lyra walks over to the robotic arm

Sina: "Lyra, get back over here, that thing is hydraulic, it's a million times stronger than you!"

%HND% The robotic arm grabs the container

%SND% SND-3307 - Robot arm Impact (as it grabs container)

%ACT% Lyra hits it with a wrench FIVE TIMES

%SND% SND-3350 - Banging FIVE TIMES

Lyra: "If they want their bomb back, they'll have to take it from my cold, dead hand ..."

%ACT% Enemy approaches from [1] - pulling himself along the robotic arm. He is carrying a huge rifle.

%ACT% Lyra keeps hitting the arm, to no avail

Sina: "Lyra! He's got a gun! We need to get out of here!"

%MUS% MUS-3304 - Music Cue 4

Lyra: "Shit!"

%ACT% Enemy stands up on top of the robotic arm, steadies himself, and aims

%ACT% Lyra throws the wrench and then immediately retreats towards Sina

%SND% SND-3308 - Throw

%HND% The wrench flies and hits the enemy

%SND% SND-3309 - Enemy Hit
%SND% SND-3351 - Enemy Shoots

%ACT% Enemy shoots at Lyra, but the shot goes over her head

%ACT% Lyra and Sina hide behind the open hatch door

%SND% SND-3352 - Enemy Shoots Two Times

%ACT% Enemy shoots after them two more times, then slowly starts to walk along the robotic arm, while the action continues. (Enemy needs to stay on the robotic arm!)

Sina: "This is our last chance to bail out! Give me the end of the tether!"

Lyra: "Here ... take it. But I'm not going with you."

Sina: "What?"

Lyra: "I have an idea."

%ACT% Lyra fires up the welding tool, and begins to cut the hatch door off its hinges. (Continue talking.)

Sina: "What the fuck are you doing?"

Lyra: "You know what Sina? You were right. When I began snooping on you and your history with Albio and your parents, I didn't really care about you. But things have changed. I do care now. I owe you this."

%ACT% Lyra is finished welding.

Lyra: "Here, hold the welder and take care of the tether."

%ACT% Lyra lets go the welder and tether, which stay in position mid-nonair (Dinoex)

%ATT% The door is unhinged and held by a stage hand on the second level platform

%SND% SND-3311 - Remove Door

%ACT% Lyra separates the door from the container, and slowly turns it around 90 degrees so the audience is now looking at the flat side.

Sina: "You don't have to do this!"

Lyra: "But I want to!"

%ACT% Lyra fires her thrusters, and floats upwards, holding the door in front of herself like a shield

%ACT% Sina grabs the welder and clamps the end of the tether in a makeshift way to the edge of the container so it doesn't get loose

%ACT% Enemy shoots three times at Lyra once she gets into view, but only hits the shield.

%SND% SND-3353 - Enemy Shoots Three Times

%ACT% Lyra gives full throttle forwards, accelerates, and lets the metal piece crash into the enemy.

%SND% SND-3354 - Full Throttle
%MUS% MUS-3305 - Music Cue 5


%ACT% Enemy gets hit full force, and violently spirals out of view

%SND% SND-3312 - Crash!

%HND% The metal door spirals away into the same direction, but a bit slower

%ACT% Lyra brakes using reverse thrust, returns, crashing into the side of the container.

%ATT% Lyra is played from second level platform, hands are played from lower level.

%ACT% Lyra breathes heavily

%ACT% Lyra turns towards Sina

Lyra: "Shit ... I think I cracked a rib ... oh fuck ... you better get this thing disarmed before he comes back ..."

%HND% The robotic arm lets go of the container

Sina: "I've tried everything! It refuses to scan my paw!"

Lyra: "How drunk were you when you set it up?"

Sina: "I don't even remember doing it!"

Lyra: "Have you tried the other paw?"

Sina: "What?"

Lyra: "The **other** paw!"

Sina: "Why would I scan my ..."

Lyra: "Just do it!"

%ACT% Sina scans her left paw

%SND% RATS - Scanner Success

%VID% The scanner immediately accepts it.

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Intercom - ON

%MUS% MUS-3306 - Music Cue 6


Sorin: "Did you do it?"

Sina: "Yes, it's safe! Let's get out of here!"

%HND% The grappling arm grabs Lyra

%SND% SND-3313 - Squish! Crack!


%MUS% MUS-3307 - Music Cue 7

Sina: "Lyra!"

Lyra: "It's crushing me ... HHHHarrrhrhhrhgfhhghghhhh ..."

Sorin: "What the fuck is going on down there?"

%ACT% Lyra goes limp

%ACT% Sina fires up her thrusters, and passes along the front of the container and latches herself onto the robotic arm

%HND% The robotic arm tries to shake her off with a downward motion, and Sina gets pushed out of view ...

%HND% The robotic arm moves back up

%ACT% Sina thrust upwards from below the playrail, grabs the arm, and cuts it off with her extremely high performance plasma welding tool.

%SND% RATS - Welder

%SND% SND-3314 - Metal Creaking

%MUS% MUS-3308 - Music Cue 8

%HND% The robotic arm breaks in two, and releases Lyra ... who begins to float away

%ACT% Sina catches Lyra, and holds her tight

Sina: "Lyra? LYRA! Can you hear me?"

%MUS% MUS-3309 - Music Cue 9

%ACT% Lyra groans, but doesn't answer

Sina: "Sorin, Lyra is hurt. Call emergency services! We'll be ready to come back to the ship in a minute!"

Sorin: "Alright! Let me know when!"

%ACT% Sina flies towards the place where the tether is mounted (on second playrail level), carrying Lyra with her

Lyra (weak): "Not so fast, Sina."

Sina (happy): "LYRA! Are you okay?"

Lyra: "Everything hurts, but I think I'll live."

Sina: "I never thought I'd be so glad to hear your voice! Hang in there, we're going back."

Lyra: "You thought I'd miss the chance to ride the bomb home? No way! *coughs*"

%ACT% Lyra latches onto the container with her magnetic boots and gloves.

%SND% SND-3315 - Clunk

Sina (seriously impressed): "You are so much braver than I'll ever be. All right, here we go."

%ACT% Sina welds the end of the tether to the container with a quick blast of the welding tool

%SND% RATS - Welding

Sina: "There, that'll have to do the job."

%ACT% Sina positions herself with her back to the container

Sina: "Sorin? We're ready to go! Pull us in! Gently!"

Sorin: "Here goes nothing! 3! 2! 1! Go!"

%HND% Curtain - close

%SND% ominous creaking sound of a container being pulled towards a space truck

%LIG% LX 3399 - UV out

%MIX% Fade Ambience, SFX and Music with LX 3399

%MIX% Mute all but Video

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light ON (Static Playbacks)