Act 3, Scene 2: Family Reunion

Intro**00:00 **
Dialogue**00:00 **
**Scene Total****00:00 **

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 3200 - STANDBY for GO (Link LX 0002 - DBO with dim blue reading light)

Recall: 132CleanIntercomHelmet
%MIX% EisfuchsOFF**OFF**-
%MIX% Pan**OFF**--
%MIX% Tani**ON**--
%MIX% Jyanon**OFF**--
%MIX% Reesa**OFF**--

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk


%SND% Dialing

%SND% Computer: "Public Key accepted. Two factor authentication required. Please supply the passphrase."

%SND% Brian: "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood."

%SND% Computer: "Thank you for calling Dynamo Trading Limited. Please hold the line."

%SND% Waiting Music

%SND% Brian (to himself): "One day I'm going to strangle him for that passphrase."

%SND% Link: "Oh, hi Brian, what's up?"

%SND% Brian: "Finally you're picking up! I've been trying to reach you for hours!"

%SND% Link (to someone else): "Don't forget to keep your back straight! Now swing!"

%SND% Golf Swing

%SND% Glass Crash

%SND% Link (to someone else): "And the next thing we're going to work on is your AIM! Hang on, Brian's still on the phone. BRIAN?"

%SND% Brian: "Link, seriously? Every fucking two and three letter agency in the solar system is trying to get us, and you're playing golf with your friends?"

%SND% Link: "Correction! I'm playing golf with my friends, and some very, VERY important people."

%SND% Brian: "That's nice, but you do realize that the BI has just put out a wanted poster with your picture on it?"

%SND% Link: "Oh! Are they still using that one from my old passport, the one with the silly hair?"

%SND% Brian: "No, this time they're using a more recent one. And it seems like you have .... a giant ice cream cone up your butt?!"

%SND% Link: "*laughs* Oh can you please get me a copy of that one? I'm totally going to frame that! But how did they find out it's me? I should be invisible to their face recognition system."

%SND% Brian: "Well, you know, most living beings have some pretty good face recognition built in."

%SND% Link: "Someone recognized me? Who?"

%SND% Brian: "No idea, but they updated your biometric profile, and they know precisely where you are. Unless you manage to file and pay 15 years worth of outstanding taxes within the next 5 minutes, you better get out of there."

%SND% Link: "You have a point. Is there a way we can stall these guys? I'm not quite done here."

%SND% Brian: "No."

%SND% Link: "Is it just the cameras? Or do they have any other way to track me?"

%SND% Brian: "I have no idea."

%SND% Link: "I BET it's just the cameras."

%SND% Brian: "Link! You gotta run. Or rather, drive. Now."

%SND% Link: "I know I'm taking a risk, but these people are worth it, trust me. And besides, I'm also trying to save the world here."

%SND% Brian: "You've got some nerve ..."

%SND% Link: "I don't need much time. Maybe an hour. Their camera system is extremely stupid. You can fool it with a simple paper bag."

%SND% Brian (sarcastic): "Yeah. I'm sure a crazy old guy on a golf cart wearing a paper bag over his face is not going to raise any suspicion WHAT-SO-EVER!"

%SND% Link: "Not if we create enough of a distraction. Take the reward poster. Put it on all the messageboards. And offer 5000 supercoins to anyone to print it out, glue it to the nearest wall, and take a selfie. That will create a LOT of false positives, and the time it'll take them to realize what's happening and to filter that out should be just enough for me to finish the job."

%SND% Brian: "5000? That's gonna cost you a fortune!"

%SND% Link: "As I said ... it'll be worth it. Do it! Now! And I need you to organize a pick-up for me. I gotta get off this planet and lay low for a while."

%SND% Brian: "That's what you said last week, and we all know how that went."

%SND% Link: "No guts, no glory! Link out!"

%SND% Intercom OFF

%SND% Brian: "I hate my life."


%HND% Curtain - open

%ACT% Sina sits at [4] on the table

%LIG% LX 3210 - Lights on

%AMB% AMB-3201 - Boring HVAC
%MUS% MUS-3201 - Music Cue 1

%LIG% Light behind backdrop - Middle panel - ON

%ACT% Sina is sucking on the straw from the coffee pot, looking terribly hung over.

%ATT% Everything is making unnaturally unpleasant noises, emphasizing how Sina feels right now

%SND% SND-3201 - Ssssuuuuuuuuck

%ACT% Sina holds her head

%ACT% Sina begins to sneeze

Sina: "Aa ... Aaa ... Aaaaa ..."

%ACT% Sina relaxes again

Sina: "Phew. That was close."

%ACT% Sina spontaneously sneezes anyways


%HND% Pieces of paper fly up from the table

%SND% SND-3202 - Headache Noise

%ACT% Sina holds her head

Sina: "Aaahhh ... ah ... fuck ... fuck ... shit ..."

%ACT% Sina slowly pushes the coffee pot to the side.

%ATT% The coffee pot makes a sound like it weighs two tons. Screeeeeeeeeeeetch

%SND% SND-3203 - Screeeeeeeeeeech!

%ACT% Sina holds her head again and groans.

%ACT% Sina takes her tablet, and swipes unenthusiastically

%MUS% MUS-3202 - Music Cue 2

Sina: "YARGH!"

%ACT% Sina flinches, and drops the tablet - she tries to catch it, but it escapes her paws like a piece of soap in the bathtub

%SND% SND-3205 - Intercom ON

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Intercom - ON

Sina: "Yes yes yes, for Juno's sake ..."

%ACT% Sina gets hold of the tablet, and taps it, pinning it down like a caught fly

%VID% Sorin appears on the screen

Sorin: "Good morning, Sina. Oh goodness. You look terrible."

Sina: "Yeah, I'm hung over like a rocket. What's up."

Sorin: "Uhm ... I kinda don't want to stay behind on Earth, so ... will you let me dock?"

Sina: "Sure. It's your ship after all. Where are you?"

Sorin: "Here's my ID and my vector. I'll be there in a minute."

%ACT% Sina taps on her tablet

%SND% SND-3206 - Confirmation Tone

Sina: "There you go. Computer should guide you in."

Sorin: "Perfect. See you in a bit. Sorin out."

%VID% Sorin disappears from the screen

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Intercom - OFF

%SND% SND-3207 - Intercom OFF

%ACT% Sina sighs, and gets up

%ACT% Sina takes the coffee pot and downs it while walking

%ACT% Sina fishes one of the more obnoxiously misplaced items of clothing from wherever it's hanging

%ACT% Sina stores both items under the playrail

%ACT% Sina walks back to the table

%ACT% Sina swipes all remaining items off the table

%ACT% Sina sits down

%ACT% Sina looks at the audience blankly for three seconds

Sina: "Eeeeergh."

%ACT% Sina falls forward and plants her head on the table

%SND% SND-3208 - Fump
%MUS% MUS-3203 - Music Cue 3

%SND% SND-3208 (cont.) - Distant thud and whirring noises

%SND% SND-3208 (cont.) - Computer: "Shuttle docked to main chute. Please confirm, Captain."

Sina (muffled): "Let him in."

%SND% SND-3209 - Computer: "Affirmative."

%SND% SND-3209 (cont.) - Large door opening

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Clean - ON

%MIX% Pan: Clean - ON

%ACT% Sorin and Lyra enter from [7]

%ACT% Sina looks up

Sina: "Lyra? What are you doing here? Didn't you want to stay on Earth?"

Lyra: "I was worried about you."

Sorin: "We all were."

Lyra: "We came to help you."

Sina: "Then I hope you brought some hangover meds, because this goddamn space truck doesn't seem to have any."

Lyra: "Do you remember what you did last night?"

Sina (anger flaring up): "Look, if you came back to lecture me about morals, world peace and everything I've done wrong in my life, you can fuck right off!"

Sorin: "You're about to bomb the planet, Sina! Have you considered the possibility that things are not always what they seem?"

Sina: "Why? Do you think I'm crazy?"

Sorin: "No. I think you're in pain. And I don't mean the hangover. You act like a cornered animal. No rational thoughts. Just fight or flight."

Sina: "That is none of your business!"

Lyra: "You're about to make this the business of ten billion people!"

Sorin: "LYRA! Stop it."

Lyra: "Hrrmpf."

%MUS% MUS-3204 - Music Cue 4

Sina: "So yeah. There you have it. I'm hurting. I've been hurting for years; and the closer I got to this goddamn blue planet, the worse it got. But I'm going to make it stop. Once and for all. If you can't live with that, you better take a different ship home."

Sorin: "There is another way. While you were sleeping off your little romp, Link helped me meet up with a few very interesting people back on Earth. We talked a lot, and I learned a lot. About you. I understand your pain now. And your hate. And I know what needs to be done to heal it ... **without** plunging Earth into war!"

%MUS% MUS-3205 - Music Cue 5

Sina: "About me? Who on Earth would ... oh no ... You didn't ... TELL ME YOU DIDN'T!"

Sorin: "Sina, calm down, everything is ..."

Sina: "Computer! How many passengers are on board of the shuttle?"

%SND% Computer: "There are two passengers on board of the shuttle."


%SND% SND-3210 - Computer: "Complying. Correction: Unable to comply. Door mechanism blocked."
%MUS% MUS-3206 - Music Cue 6

Sina (flabbergasted): "How dare you ... HOW DARE YOU! OUT! BOTH OF YOU!"

%ACT% Sina picks up the taser from nowhere and points it at Sorin

Sorin: "They just want to talk!"

Sina (enraged): "You motherfucking son of a bitch betrayed me!"

%ACT% Sina fires the taser at Sorin

%SND% SND-3211 - BRATZ!
%MUS% MUS-3207 - Music Cue 7

Sorin: "HABLARGA!"

%ACT% Sorin collapses

Lyra: "Sorin!"

%MIX% Jyanon: Clean - ON

%MIX% Reesa: Clean - ON

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Clean - OFF

%MIX% Pan: Clean - OFF

%ACT% Lyra rushes to take care of Sorin

Sina: "Stay back or I'll ..."

%ACT% John and Meredith Stillwater enter from [7]

%ACT% Meredith is carrying a box labeled "Harrington's Bakery".

John: "Sina!"

Sina (shaking): "What the hell are you doing here?"

Meredith: "It's so good to see you!"

John: "We thought we'd never see you again."

%ACT% Sina points the taser at John

Sina (terrified, furious): "You have 10 seconds to get ... off ... my ... ship!"

John: "You're going to shoot an unarmed, defenseless man? What happened to you? The daughter I knew would never have done that!"

Sina: "10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ..."

%ACT% Meredith walks towards Sina, box in hand.

Meredith: "How is life on Juno station? Are you happy out there?"

Sina: "6 ... 5 ... 4 ..."

Meredith (visibly fearful but brave): "I ... I brought you some cake. It even has real strawberries in it. You always loved strawberries."

%ACT% Meredith stops directly in front of Sina, holding out the box to her.

Sina (breaking): "3 ... 2 ... 1 ..."

%ACT% Sina's hand holding the taser begins to shake, as she begins to tear up

Meredith: "Here."

Sina (trembling): "I ... I ..."

%MUS% MUS-3208 - Music Cue 8

Meredith: "Please take it. It's for you."

%ACT% Sina breathes heavily

%ACT% Sina drops the taser gun

%ACT% Sina turns away from Meredith, covers her face with her paws, and begins to cry.

Sina (crying): "Why are you doing this to me? Why are you here? Why?"

%ACT% Meredith sighs

%ACT% Meredith puts the box on the table, and puts a paw on Sina's shoulder

Meredith: "We've sent you so many messages over the last ten years, and you haven't answered a single one. What have we done to deserve this?"

%ACT% Sina whips around, pointing her right paw right at Meredith's face

Sina (shouting in anger): "You know perfectly well what you did!"

%MUS% MUS-3209 - Music Cue 9

Meredith: "No! I don't!"

Sina: "Bullshit!"

John: "Sina, can we sit down and talk? Please. Just for a moment."

Sina: "Okay, fine, if that means you leave me alone afterwards."

John: "Deal."

%ACT% They sit around the table. Sina at [3], Meredith at [4], John at [5].

%ACT% Lyra helps Sorin back up

%ACT% Sorin and Lyra tip-toe out of the scene towards [7]

John: "Now, Sina, please tell us ... why are you so mad at us?"

Sina (she nearly jumps over the table): "Well who knows? Maybe it's because you took away my unborn child? Or maybe it was because you took away the one man that I loved? Or let me think .... maybe it's because you sent me a MOTHERFUCKING BOMB!?"

Meredith: "Is that really what you believe we did? But why would we do that?"

Sina: "Because I no longer fit your perfect little ideal of your perfect little poster child! The daughter of the leaders of the military-industrial complex ... running off with a dirty commoner during the steepest part of her career!"

John: "I only ever had one perfect ideal: And that was making you happy! Going to space was your biggest dream. I made sure you got the best education, and I helped you enroll with the UN ... not because I wanted my own pet soldier. I did it to help you make that dream come true. So you can be happy. I always thought that was obvious. But apparently it wasn't. And for that, I am truly sorry."

%MUS% MUS-3210 - Music Cue 10

Sina: "You're not mad at me for leaving the military?"

Meredith: "No."

John: "Well, maybe we were for a while. But we learned to accept that you had to go your own way. And look at what you have achieved!"

Meredith: "We are so proud of you!"

John: "You can't imagine how many sleepless nights we spent trying to find ways to keep you safe out there."

Sina (doubtful): "You're making this up."

John: "The UN has been under immense pressure by the Extraplanetary Resources Group to finally strike out at the Pioneers. We used all the power we have, and we spent millions in campaign money to keep that from happening."

Sina: "And now you're here to collect your reward?"

Meredith: "No! You're our daughter. We love you. We want nothing in return."

Sina: "Not even your bomb?"

John: "Not even that."

Meredith: "And it's not **our** bomb."

Sina: "Of course it is. It has your name on it."

%MUS% MUS-3211 - Music Cue 11

Meredith: "*sighs* That is a whole different story. I'm not saying we didn't mess up. Because we did, in many ways. I got into the weapons business because I believed in the ideal of a united Earth lead by a democratic government, able to put up a fight. Seeing the fight turning against you was one of the most horrifying experiences of my life. And _never_ have I felt so much regret."

John: "But we did not send that bomb. And neither did the UN military. I swear."

Sina: "Then who did it?"

John: "Lyra showed us her research, and everything points to ERG. They have the resources, the power, and the motive."

Meredith: "The device was definitely stolen. If you would hand it to us, we could look for evidence. And bring the conspirators to court. Where they belong."

John: "It will be your responsibility to decide that of course. If the bomb explodes anywhere near planet Earth, it will be seen as an act of terrorism. Technically, the Pioneers are an illegal organization. But a large part of Earth's population secretly admires you. That would change over night. And our limited power to hold our shielding paws over Juno Station would be gone."

Meredith: "And always remember that whoever is going to be affected also has a mother and a father, and possible a son or a daughter."

Sina: "That's a pretty late realization for a weapons dealer, isn't it?"

Meredith (shameful): "Yes. Too late. I know."

%ACT% Meredith looks down in shame.

Sina: "Then I have one last question: What happened to Albio?"

John: "I don't know."

Sina: "Be honest with me."

%MUS% MUS-3212 - Music Cue 12

Meredith: "When you told us about your pregnancy, I had a long private conversation with him. I asked him if he was aware of what he just did. That both of you would have to face severe consequences if you carried out that child. And if he was ready to give up his current life for you. Lose his job. Face the fines. I tried to appeal to his reason, and his conscience. It seemed like he hadn't spent a single thought on the future. He eventually panicked, and hung up on me. That's the last time I ever heard from him."

Sina: "No way."

Meredith: "It looks like he took what he still had, and ran away. And if he hadn't abandoned you that day, he would have done so later."

Sina: "If that's the truth ... why did you never tell me? WHY?"

Meredith: "I tried! Literally hundreds of times. But you wouldn't listen."

%ACT% Sina stares at Meredith as the realization slowly hits.

%ACT% Sina begins to sob

%ACT% Sina begins to cry

%ACT% Sina lets her head slump down on the table

%ACT% Meredith looks at John helplessly, then back at Sina

Meredith: "Sina ..."

Sina (crying): "I'm such a worthless piece of shit ..."

%ACT% Meredith moves close to Sina, putting an arm around her shoulder.

Meredith: "No, you're not. And this is not my proudest day either. But we're still family. Together, we can pull through this."

Sina (crying): "I really wish we could."

Meredith: "I don't see why we couldn't."

Sina (crying): "You don't understand."

John: "Understand what?"

%MUS% MUS-3213 - Music Cue 13

%ACT% Sina looks up, straight into John's eyes.

Sina: "We can't go back ... The bomb is already in orbit."

%LIG% LX 3299 - Lights out

%LIG% Light behind backdrop - Middle panel - OFF

%MIX% Fade Ambience, SFX and Music with LX 3299

%HND% Curtain - close

%MIX% Mute all but Video

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light ON (Static Playbacks)

%ATT% **Start UV lights!**