Act 2, Scene 2: Link's Lair

Intro**00:00 **
Dialogue**00:00 **
**Scene Total****00:00 **

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 2200 - STANDBY for GO (Link LX 0002 - DBO with dim blue reading light)

Recall: 122CleanIntercomHelmet
%MIX% Eisfuchs**ON**-OFF
%MIX% Pan**OFF**-OFF
%MIX% Tani**OFF**-OFF
%MIX% Lynard**OFF**--
%MIX% Jyanon**ON**OFF-

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk


%SND% Lyra: "Okay Computer, start recording. Chapter one, Page one."

%SND% Bleep Bloop - Affirmative

%SND% Lyra:"As a community of Earth dwelling species, the sheer scale of space defies our senses. On Earth, a full moon sometimes looks close enough to reach out and grab, sitting low on the horizon. But our worldly perception deceives us. Just a century ago, bridging the airless chasm between Earth and it's moon, barely 230000 miles wide, took years of preparation, and the pioneer who risked his life to set a paw on its surface for the first time became a national hero."

%SND% Lyra: "Fast forward to the world of today, where a trip to the moon is little more than a casual vacation. People long to see the Earth from space the way people used to long to see the ocean in ancient times. The final frontier has moved away from Earth a thousandfold. Here, not two hundred thousand, but 3 hundred million miles from home, is where I met with the Pioneers of today."

%SND% Lyra: "The only way you get to experience these vast distances is by the time it takes to travel them. Due to the absence of a day and night cycle which we have evolved to follow, as well as the relativistic nature of space and time, your grasp on the passage of time will fail you sooner or later. We're going to be arriving soon at a decommissioned ERG transport hub owned by the system's most notorious criminal - and I've already lost track of how long it's been. A day feels like a week. A week feels like an eternity. But wild horses couldn't drag me back into the cryo chamber I nearly died in."

%SND% Door Opens

%SND% Lyra: "Computer, stop recording."

%SND% Sorin: "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you ... the door wasn't locked so I-"

%SND% Lyra: "No, no, it's fine. I'm just trying to pass the time."

%SND% Sorin: "What are you doing?"

%SND% Lyra: "Just ... recording my thoughts. Trying to make sense of everything. If I survive this, maybe I can turn it into a book."

%SND% Sorin: "Once a journalist ... always a journalist."

%SND% Lyra: "I'm just thinking ahead. I lost everything. I'm going to need a way to earn some money when I'm back on Earth."

%SND% Sorin: "Hah. You're really an incurable optimist. You can be happy if they don't ship you right back to Vesta."

%SND% Lyra: "Did you just come here to tell me that, or is there something else?"

%SND% Sorin: "Dinner's ready."

%SND% Lyra: "Let me guess. Beans and Franks?"

%SND% Sorin: "No, today is mac and cheese day!"

%SND% Lyra: "On our next trip I'll do the groceries."

%SND% Sorin: "What's wrong with mac and cheese?"


%SND% Sorin: "How can you not like mac and cheese. Mac and cheese is the best!"

%SND% Lyra: "Yeah, but not five times a week!"

%SND% Sorin: "Especially five times a week!"

%SND% Lyra: "Computer, please put me back into cryo sleep."

%SND% Computer: "Complying. Correction, unable to comply. Service code 4879."



%HND% Curtain - open

%ACT% Brian is standing at [2], Worker 1 and Worker 2 walk and work on the second playrail and backdrop

%LIG% LX 2210 - Lights on

%AMB% AMB-2201 - Workshop ambience
%MUS% MUS-2201 - Music Cue 1

%ACT% Sorin comes in from [7], carrying a helmet under his arm. He wears a communicator on his arm.

%ACT% Sina enters from [7] after Sorin. Sina carries a helmet under her arm. She wears a communicator on her arm and has a dummy tablet and a small handgun in hammerspace.

%ACT% Lyra enters from [7], after Sina. She wears her helmet. She wears a communicator on her arm and has a dummy tablet and a small handgun in hammerspace.

%ACT% Brian turns around as he sees the guests coming in, and walks towards them, meeting them in [4]

Brian: "Hello. Can I help you?"

Sorin: "Yeah, my name is Sorin Jax. I'd like to talk to Link Kabanshee please."

Brian: "What do you need?"

Sorin: "Oh, just a little software update. I've sent a message. He should be expecting me. We're old ... friends."

Brian: "Friends. Are you sure?"

Sorin: "Yeah, we've known each other for years. Can you please call him?"

Brian: "Alright, I'll see if he's in a good mood."

%SND% SND-2250 - Link Gunshot 1

%MUS% MUS-2202 - Music Cue 2

%MIX% Tani: Clean - ON

%MIX% Lynard: Clean - ON

%ACT% Everybody flinches and ducks.

Brian: "Not in a good mood, not in a good mood!"

%ACT% Brian runs away to [7].

%MIX% Jyanon: Clean - OFF

%ACT% Link comes in from [1] to [2], sitting in a motorized wheelchair, pointing an antiquated rifle at Sorin

%ACT% Sina draws her blaster

Sina: "Sorin, Lyra! Take cover!"

Sorin: "No, Sina! It's fine, I'll handle this."

%ACT% Link shoots at Sorin, but misses by a huge margin.

%SND% SND-2251 - Link Gunshot 2

%ACT% Sina steps back, lowering her blaster but staying alert

%ACT% Sorin opens his arms

Sorin: "Hey, Link, old buddy, good to see you!"

%MIX% Pan: Helmet - ON

%ACT% Link shoots at Sorin, but misses by a huge margin.

%SND% SND-2252 - Link Gunshot 3

Sina, Lyra: "Aaaaaaaaa!"

%MIX% Pan: Helmet - OFF

%ACT% Sina and Lyra dive behind the rocket engine in [3-4]

Link: "You got some nerves showing up here like this. You son of a bitch!"

%ACT% Link shoots again, two times

%SND% SND-2253 - Link Gunshot 4
%SND% SND-2254 - Link Gunshot 5

%ACT% Sorin also dives for cover behind the rocket engine in [3-4]

%ACT% Sorin peeks around the corner of his cover

Sorin: "Link? Can we please just talk?"

%SND% SND-2255 - Link Gunshot 6

%ACT% Link shoots (Sorin pulls back behind cover every time he shoots)

Sorin: "And may I ..."

%ACT% Link shoots

%SND% SND-2256 - Link Gunshot 7

Sorin: "... remind you that ..."

%ACT% Link shoots

%SND% SND-2257 - Link Gunshot 8

Sorin (extra fast): "... we are inside a pressurized cabin in the middle of space?"

%ACT% Link shoots

%SND% SND-2258 - Link Gunshot 9
%SND% SND-2201 - Loud hissing noise

%ACT% Link shoots once more, but he's out of ammo.

%SND% SND-2259 - Click, Click, Click
%MUS% MUS-2203 - Music Cue 3

Link: "Oh for fuck's sake. Brian? BRIAN! Come here, and put some tape on that hole, will ya?"

%MIX% Jyanon: Clean - ON

%ACT% Brian runs in from [7] with a huge roll of tape, disappears towards [1].


%MIX% Jyanon: Clean - OFF

%ACT% Link drives to [4]

Link: "Now come out and tell me what you want, you coward!"

%ACT% Sorin gets out of cover

%ACT% Lyra and Sina reluctantly follow

%ACT% Lyra takes off her helmet while the others talk

Sorin: "It's me, Sorin! The guy who saved your life! Remember?"

Link (sarcastic): "Of course I remember you. My hero!"

Sorin: "It was 15 fighter ships, against us two!"

Link: "Yes, and they would be MY fighter ships now ... if you hadn't decided to ... "save" me. Fucking idiot."

Sina: "Better let me do the talking."

Sorin: "No, I can handle this, we ..."

%ACT% Sina shoves Sorin aside

%MUS% MUS-2204 - Music Cue 4

Sina: "Hi. We've got this nice ship out there. Unfortunately we're in trouble with the previous owner, and we need our ID transponder changed."

Link: "My lady, you do know that's highly illegal, don't you?"

Sina: "Yeah, the moment I came here I knew we'd fit right in."

%ACT% Link laughs

Link: "Rebadging some old space taxi, that's one thing. What you've got there is a brand new Rhino Mark 4, that'll require some special attention. And even if it works, it's so new and shiny it'll stick out like a sore thumb wherever you go."

Sina: "Can you do it?"

Link: "The question is not if I can do it. The question is, can you afford it."

%ACT% Sina taps a few times on her tablet

%MUS% MUS-2205 - Music Cue 5

%ACT% Sina hands Link her tablet

%ACT% Link looks at the tablet and hands it back to Sina

Link: "Oh. My lady, you're my new favorite customer. BRIAAAAAN! Get the data cable and the Rhino adapter!"

%ACT% Brian runs in from [1] with a huge spool of cable, disappears towards [7].

Link: "We'll have to make a backup of your main computer, perform a complete memory wipe, and then re-install it with the new identity. In order to do that, the entire ship must be completely powered down."

Sorin: "Including the reactor?"

Link: "Especially the reactor."

Sorin: "Alright. I'll take care of that. You'll be able to reach me through my comms."

%ACT% Sorin puts on his helmet, and walks outside towards [7]

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Clean - OFF

Sina: "So, how long is this going to take?"

Link: "Not long. Getting nervous outside of your little comfort zone?"

Sina: "What do you mean?"

Link (emphasizing Sina's last name): "I know who you are. And you're not exactly known for leaving your ivory tower, 'Mrs. Stillwater'."

Sina (emphasizing Link's last name): "Yes, me being out here better stays our little secret 'Mr. Kabanshee'."

Link: "Do I look like I want to paint a huge red target on my ass?"

%MIX% Jyanon: Intercom - ON

%SND% SND-2202 - Intercom Start
%MUS% MUS-2206 - Music Cue 6

%VID% Brian appears on screen

Brian: "Boss, we have more customers incoming."

Link: "You sure? I'm not expecting anyone. What kinda ship?"

Brian: "Can't say yet - they're not transmitting an ID, and they're not close enough for a visual."

Link: "I hate it when people come in without warning. Send them to Pad B. And no service until we know who they are, you hear me?"

Brian: "Understood."

%SND% SND-2203 - Intercom End

%VID% Brian disappears from screen

%MIX% Jyanon: Intercom - OFF

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Helmet - ON

%SND% SND-2204 - Intercom Start

%VID% Sorin appears on screen

Sorin: "Sina, you getting me?"

Sina (looking at her tablet): "Yup."

Sorin: "Reactor's powered down. Computer's in recovery mode."

Link: "Alright, Brian's gonna start the upload now. Don't touch anything, if the transfer gets interrupted, your CPU is going to be one expensive piece of trash."

Sorin: "Gotcha."

%SND% SND-2205 - Intercom End

%VID% Sorin disappears from screen

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Helmet - OFF

%MIX% Jyanon: Intercom - ON

%SND% SND-2206 - Intercom Start

%VID% Brian appears on screen

Brian: "Boss, the ship's not answering. What shall we do?"

Link: "Hail them one more time. Then set off some fireworks."

Brian: "Understood."

%SND% SND-2207 - Intercom End

%VID% Brian disappears from screen

%MIX% Jyanon: Intercom - OFF

Sina: "Sounds like there's trouble brewing."

Link: "Nah, not really. Every few months some idiot thinks just because we're not under Earth law, they can raid us like the local 7-11. We're well prepared for that."

%SND% SND-2208 - Muffled Sound of turrets firing (at 7-11)
%MUS% MUS-2207 - Music Cue 7

%SND% SND-2209 - Intercom Start

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Helmet - ON

%VID% Sorin appears on screen

Sorin: "What the hell is going on out there?"

Sina: "Just some unregistered ship getting too close."

Sorin: "Until the update's done, we're deaf, blind, and completely defenseless."

Sina: "How far are we?"

Sorin: "20%"

%SND% SND-2209B - A series of huge explosions, creaking metal
%MUS% MUS-2208 - Music Cue 8

%ATT% The ground shakes, everybody has to grip something


Sina: "I'll try to find out, just hang in there!"

%SND% SND-2210 - Intercom End

%VID% Sorin disappears from screen

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Helmet - OFF

%MIX% Jyanon: Intercom - ON

%SND% SND-2211 - Intercom Start

%VID% Brian appears on screen

Brian: "It's an M-Class Yellowjacket, no external markings, and they've just taken out our turrets."

Link: "Fuck, that's no ordinary raid!"

Sina: "Oh great."

Brian: "They're preparing to land on Pad C."

Link: "Sound the Alarm and batten down the hatches. If they want to talk, we'll talk. If they try to invade, Initiate Sequence Red."

Brian: "Affirmative."

%SND% SND-2212 - Intercom End

%VID% Brian disappears from screen

%MIX% Jyanon: Intercom - OFF

%MIX% Pan: Clean - ON

%SND% SND-2213 - Alarm sounds
%SND% AMB-2202 - Workshop at war Ambience

%ACT% Worker 1 and Worker 2 drop whatever they are doing and run off towards [1] into the station

Lyra: "Who are these people?"

Sina: "I don't know, and I don't want to find out. Sorin, come in!"

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Helmet - ON

%SND% SND-2214 - Intercom Start

%VID% Sorin appears on screen

Sorin: "What's going on down there?"

Sina: "The station's being attacked by an unmarked fighter ship, we need to get out of here ASAP. How far is the upload?"

Sorin: "30%"

Sina: "Shit!"

Sorin: "Who's the target? The station or us?"

Sina: "I wish I knew!"

Lyra: "Link, what's Sequence Red?"

%MUS% MUS-2209 - Music Cue 9

Link: "Evacuation. Then self-destruction. Not gonna let anybody see the skeletons in MY closet."

Sorin: "Can we postpone Armageddon until AFTER our ship's back online, please?"

%SND% SND-2215 - Distant Clunking Sound

Link: "I think we have a touchdown."

%SND% SND-2216 - Intercom End

%VID% Sorin disappears from screen

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Helmet - OFF

%MIX% Jyannon: Intercom - ON

%SND% SND-2217 - Intercom Start

%VID% Brian appears on screen

Brian: "The ship has landed. Cargo bay is opening. People in armored suits are pouring out. Twenty. Fifty. Maybe a hundred."

Link: "These guys aren't here for negotiations. Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate!"

%SND% SND-2218 - Intercom End

%VID% Brian disappears from screen

%MIX% Jyannon: Intercom - OFF

%SND% SND-2219 - Evacuation Alarm Sounds

Link: "Come on, follow me this way!"

Sina: "No! We have to make sure the update gets through, or Sorin will be stuck here with the enemy. Sorin, come in!"

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Helmet - ON

%SND% SND-2220 - Intercom Start

%VID% Sorin appears on screen

Sorin: "Tell me the good news first."

Sina: "No good news, I'm afraid. Station's being invaded. Crew is evacuating. How far are we?"

Sorin: "40%"

%VID% Sorin disappears from screen

%SND% SND-2221 - Intercom End

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Helmet - OFF

Sina: "Link, is it possible to hold this hangar for just a few more minutes?"

Link: "This station is a workshop, not a bunker."

%ACT% Soldier 1 comes in from [1] pointing his gun at Link's back

%MUS% MUS-2210 - Music Cue 10

%ACT% Link ducks down in his wheelchair

%ACT% Sina and Lyra both shoot multiple rounds at Soldier 1

%ACT% Soldier 1 drops dead

Lyra: "Here, defend yourself!"

%ACT% Soldier 2, Soldier 3 come in from [1], firing at will

%ACT% Lyra throws her gun to Link

%ACT% Link grabs the gun, turns around his wheelchair and shoots Soldier 2 and Soldier 3 in [1]

%ACT% Soldier 2 dies, Soldier 3 dies

Lyra: "Link, close the fire door! Quick!"

%ACT% Link punches in some commands on his communicator on the wheelchair

%SND% SND-2222 - Sound of heavy hangar door closing

%ACT% Soldier 4 runs in from [1], holding an electromagnetic riot shield, screaming

%SND% PRE-2205 - Soldier4: "YAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

%ACT% Soldier 4 shoots at Link

%ACT% Link shoots at Soldier 4, but only hits the shield

%ACT% Sina takes cover behind the rocket engine on 2nd level and sneaks to [2]

%ACT% Soldier 4 walks towards Link and hits him multiple times


%ACT% Sina shoots Soldier 4 in the back of his head

%ACT% Soldier 4 drops dead.

Link (in pain): "Shitshitshitshitshit!"

%SND% SND-2223 - Intercom Start

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Helmet - ON

%VID% Sorin appears on screen

Sorin: "Upload at 50%!"

%ACT% Sina rushes to look at Link in [4]

Sina: "How bad is it?"

%MUS% MUS-2211 - Music Cue 11

Link (groaning): "Really bad!"

Sorin: "I'm hearing strange noises through the hull. I think they're trying to break in."

Lyra: "What the hell are these guys looking for?"

%SND% SND-2224 - Loud explosion

Link: "They're not mucking around."

Sina: "Lyra, put on your helmet, NOW!"

%ACT% Sina and Lyra put on their helmets

%MIX% Pan: Clean -> Helmet

%MIX% Tani: Clean -> Helmet

Sorin: "Upload at 60%! Do you think you can make it back to the ship?"

Sina: "No idea! It's just a few meters, but no cover ..."

%SND% SND-2225 - Another loud explosion, loud hissing noise, air escaping
%MUS% MUS-2212 - Music Cue 12

Lyra: "We're losing pressure!"

%ACT% Link begins to cough and moan loudly as the air is sucked from his lungs

Link (choking): "I can't ... breathe ... help ... me!"

Sina: "Over there, the ATV!"

Lyra: "The what?"

Sina: "The exploration vehicle! It's got a pressurized cabin ..."

Lyra: "It's a complete wreck, how do we know it'll still seal?"

Sina: "Shut up and help me!"

%ACT% Lyra and Sina drive Link to [2], get him out of his wheelchair, and stuff him in the vehicle in [1]

%ACT% Link suffers appropriately throughout the procedure and is hidden inside the car now

Sorin: "Upload at 70%"

%ACT% Sina closes the door of the vehicle

%SND% SND-2226 - Close Hatch
%MUS% MUS-2213 - Music Cue 13

Sina: "Sorin? They're trying to bust through the airlock. If that happens, we're going to make a run for it. I want you to open the cargo door as soon as possible."

Sorin: "What if anybody else gets in?"

Sina: "That's going to be the least of our problems, trust me!"

Lyra: "What about Link? Are we going to carry him?"

Sina: "Our first priority is to secure the computer and get away before the station blows up."

Lyra: "But we can't just leave him here! Does the vehicle still work?"

%ACT% (off) Link coughs and spits blood

Sorin: "80%!"

Link (coughing, off): "It's got a new motor, but no main reactor."

Lyra: "Then tell me where I can find one."

Sorin: "Look for exploration equipment ... that's often built to be power independent."

%ACT% Lyra looks around and then sees the reactor on top of the hydraulic platform on second level in [5]

Lyra: "Something like the thing up there? Sorin, what do you say?"

%MUS% MUS-2214 - Music Cue 14

Sorin: "Hold your camera still ... what ... whoa! No, that's way too big! You could power a small ship with that!"

Lyra: "That means it's perfect!"

%ACT% Lyra takes her tablet, and uses it as a remote to operate the overhead crane carriage, positioning it above the crate.

%SND% SND-2227 - Move Crane Left

%HND% The chain is conveniently already at the correct height, hook of the crane grabs the reactor.

%SND% SND-2227B - Move Crane Left Stop

%HND% The crane pulls the reactor up, and begins moving it over to the car. Sloooooooowly.

%SND% SND-2227C - Move Crane Right

%SND% SND-2228 - Huge explosion (from the left)
%MUS% MUS-2215 - Music Cue 15

%FOG% A cloud of smoke coming from [7]

Sina: "FUCK! That was the outer door of the airlock! One more blast and they're through! Get in the car, Lyra, quick!"

%ACT% Sina positions herself behind the leftover wheelchair in [2]

%HND% The crane is still moving. Slowly.

%ACT% Lyra runs to the car in [1], and disappears inside it

Sorin: "Upload at 99% ... it stopped moving at fucking 99%!!!! COME ON YOU PIECE OF SHIT .... LOAD!!!!!"

%SND% SND-2229 - Huge explosion (from the left)

%FOG% A cloud of smoke coming from [7]

%HND% Throw huge, deformed airlock door made out of Styrofoam into the scene from [7]

%HND% The crane is still moving. Slowly.

%ACT% Sina ducks behind the wheelchair, and shoots towards [7]

%SND% Soldier 2 in [7] (off) shoots back!

%SND% Soldier 3 in [7] (off) shoots back!

%FOG% Lots of more smoke - the enemy is waiting until they get a clear visual

%HND% The crane stops above the car

%SND% SND-2229B Crane Stop

Lyra (off): "I need more time to lower the crane!"

Sina: "Just drop the thing!"

Lyra (off): "What?"

Sina: "Drop it! On 3 ... 2... 1.... NOW! Yaaaaaaaa!"

%SND% SND-2229C - Crane Open

%HND% "Drop" the reactor on to the roof of the car

%SND% SND-2230 - Crash

%ACT% Sina hits a button on the controls of the wheelchair, and sends it towards her attackers to [7]

%SND% SND-2231 - Turbo Wheelchair

%HND% accelerate wheelchair towards [7] where it exits stage

%ACT% Soldier 2 and Soldier 3 enter from [7], getting knocked over by the wheelchair

%SND% SND-2232 - Wheelchair Crash

%ACT% Sina turns around, climbs on the "hood" of the car in [1], takes the jumper cables, and rams them into the reactor. (Easy!)


%HND% Flashes and sparks and smoke (welding tool and fog machine)


%ACT% Soldier 1 and Soldier 4 with guns come back from [1] SHOOTING!!!!



%VID% Sorin disappears from screen. Projection off

%LIG% LX 2299 - Lights out

%SND% SND-2234 - The ATV accelerates

%MIX% Fade Ambience, SFX and Music with LX 2299

%HND% Curtain - close

%MIX% Mute all but Video

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light ON (Static Playbacks)