Act 2, Scene 1: The Power of Truth

Intro**00:00 **
Dialogue**00:00 **
**Scene Total****00:00 **

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 2100 - STANDBY for GO (Link LX 0002 - DBO with dim blue reading light)

Recall: 121CleanIntercomHelmet
%MIX% EisfuchsOFF**ON**-
%MIX% Pan**ON**--
%MIX% TaniOFF**OFF**-
%MIX% Curry-**ON**-

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk


%LIG% LX 2110 - dim lights around Lyra's bed at [6]

%LIG% Light behind backdrop - Right panel - ON

%ATT% Activate UV lighting

%AMB% AMB-2101 - Boring HVAC
%MUS% MUS-2101 - Music Cue 1

%ACT% Lyra prods and swipes on her tablet, sipping on a cup of coffee

%SND% SND-2101 - Access Denied 1

Lyra: "Access, schmackcess. Let's try something else. Maybe ..."

%SND% SND-2102 - Access Denied 2

Lyra: "Damn. This is going to take ages without proper CommNet access."

%SND% SND-2103 - Ringtone
%MUS% MUS-2102 - Music Cue 2

Lyra (groans): "Why now?"

%ACT% Lyra taps the screen

%SND% SND-2104 - Intercom ON

%VID% Sorin appears on screen, as if talking on facetime

Sorin: "Captain?"

Lyra: "What is it?"

Sorin: "There's a guy who wants to pick up his ... *looks to the left* What was it called again?"

Customer: "A reverse-ratcheting routing planer."

Sorin: "Yeah, what he says."

Lyra: "Let me check ... ah yes, it's in the container all the way in the back, under the air filter."

Sorin: "Gotcha!"

Lyra: "Oh, and Sorin? Would you mind lending me your CommNet ID? I'm trying to do some research, and mine got blocked a while ago ..."

%MUS% MUS-2103 - Music Cue 3

Sorin: "You're not doing anything illegal with it, are you?"

Lyra: "Not more illegal than stealing an ERG freighter."

Sorin: "Just don't burn it, okay? We can be glad we're getting CommNet out here at all. Here's the key. Sending now."

%SND% SND-2105 - Confirm Sound

Lyra: "Thanks!"

%VID% Sorin disappears

%SND% SND-2106 - Intercom OFF

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Intercom - OFF

%MIX% Curry: Intercom - OFF

Lyra: "Computer, remind me to look up what a reverse-ratcheting routing planer is."

%SND% SND-2107 - Computer: "Reminder has been added to Calendar."

%ACT% Lyra sets down her coffee and taps on the screen

%SND% SND-2108 - Computer Hacking Sounds
%MUS% MUS-2104 - Music Cue 4

Lyra: "Hah! Now we're talking. And this station is still an active relay. Those corporate idiots, that's what you get for not giving a shit about security. And heeere we go ..."

%SND% SND-2109 - Confirmation tone

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Intercom - ON

%MIX% Curry: Intercom - ON

%SND% SND-2109 (cont.) - Ringtone

Lyra (groans): "WHAT IS IT THIS TIME?"

%SND% SND-2110 - Intercom ON
%MUS% MUS-2105 - Music Cue 5

%VID% Sorin appears on screen, as if talking on facetime

Sorin: "Captain, we've got a problem. That thing ..."


Sorin: "I KNOW! Well, that thing weighs like ... a ton. And he didn't bring a pallet jack."

Lyra: "Tough luck. If he can't move it, I've got five ..."

%SND% SND-2111 - Notification Sound

Lyra: "... no, six other interested parties for that item."

Sorin: "Righty-O."

%VID% Sorin disappears

%SND% SND-2112 - Intercom OFF

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Intercom - OFF

%MIX% Curry: Intercom - OFF

Lyra: "Selling at this station is worse than clearing out your attic on craigslist. Now for those credentials ..."

%ACT% Lyra taps on the screen

%SND% SND-2113 - Login Sound
%MUS% MUS-2106 - Music Cue 6

Lyra: "What? On the first try? No way! Don't they ever swap out their keys? Okay, download. Everything!"

%SND% SND-2114 - Download

%SND% SND-2114 (cont.) - Tracing Sound!

Lyra: "Oh, no ... nonono ... don't trace me back, please ..."

%SND% SND-2115 - ringtone

%ACT% Lyra Accepts the Call

%SND% SND-2116 - Intercom ON

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Intercom - ON

%MIX% Curry: Intercom - ON

Lyra (angry): "SORIN, WHAT THE FUCK!"

%VID% Sorin appears on screen, as if talking on facetime

Sorin: "Sorry, Lyra, I ..."



%ACT% Customer shoves himself in front of Sorin's camera

Customer: "Do you know how many years I've been waiting to get my hands on a reverse-ratcheting routing planer? I'm not letting myself get scammed by some greedy Earther bitch like you!"

Sorin: "Get the fuck out of my face!"

%ACT% Sorin punches the Customer

Sorin: "Lyra, if you could turn off the Grav-Gen for a minute, we can push the bloody box out to the pad, and then have security handle this guy."

Lyra: "The what?"

Sorin: "Artificial Gravity. Turn it off. Ship Console, Maintenance Settings, Environment, Impulse, Grav-Gen. Just uncheck the box on the left."

Lyra: "Okay. Got it. Oh, and Sorin?"

Sorin: "Yes?"

Lyra: "You don't incidentally have another CommNet ID?"

Sorin: "WHAT?!"

%ACT% Customer jumps back on Sorin, and they fight.

%MUS% MUS-2107 - Music Cue 7

Sorin: "AAARGH!"

%VID% Sorin disappears

%SND% SND-2117 - Intercom OFF

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Intercom - OFF

%MIX% Curry: Intercom - OFF

Lyra: "Oh great. Juuuust great."

%ACT% Lyra taps on her tablet

%SND% SND-2118 - Computer: "Warning! Safety hazard! Please hold on to the nearest support strap. Grav-Gen shutdown in 3 ... 2 ... 1"
%MUS% MUS-2108 - Music Cue 8

%HND% Various small items slowly begin to float.

Lyra (feeling sick): "*GAGS* Hrrrg ... I'm not falling ... I'm not falling ... *breathes* ... oh shit, I forgot my coffee ..."

%ACT% Lyra reaches out for her coffee cup. She touches the cup, but fails to get it, and instead just pushes it further away.

%HND% The cup begins to float and spin out of reach

%HND% Lyra slowly floats up from her bed, turning upside down in the opposite direction of the cup

Lyra: "Wait ... hey ... stay here ... hhhhhhhhaaarrgh! I hate it when this happens ... Hurry up, Sorin!"


%SND% SND-2120 - Intercom ON

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Intercom - ON

%MIX% Curry: Intercom - ON

%VID% Sorin appears on screen, as if talking on facetime

Lyra: "Please tell me you're done!"

%ACT% Sorin looks to the side (presumably watching the customer push his box out of the cargo hold)

Sorin: "Almost there ... just a few seconds ... and he's outside!"

%MUS% MUS-2109 - Music Cue 9


Sorin (getting close to the camera): "That's it. I'm coming upstairs. Over and out."

%VID% Sorin disappears

%SND% SND-2122 - Intercom OFF

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Intercom - OFF

%MIX% Curry: Intercom - OFF

%ACT% Lyra taps on her tablet

%SND% SND-2123 - Computer: "Warning! Safety hazard! Please hold on to the nearest support strap. Grav-Gen startup in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... 0."
%MUS% MUS-2110 - Music Cue 10

%HND% All items fall down.

%SND% SND-2124 - Klirrschepper

%ACT% Lyra falls back to her bed.

Lyra: "Hugggn!"

Lyra: "*SIGH* Computer, cleanup spillage in captain's room."

%SND% SND-2125 - Computer: "Complying. Correction: Unable to comply. No service staff available."

Lyra: "No cleaner bots? Where's this ship from, the middle ages? Computer, lights on!"

%MUS% MUS-2111 - Music Cue 11

%LIG% LX 2120 - The lights come on, revealing the interior of Lyra's cabin on board the freighter ship

%ATT% UV lights off

Lyra: "Oh no ... what a mess. Oh well, at least the download finished before they shut me down."

%ACT% Lyra swipes on her tablet

%SND% SND-2126 - Computer Noises

Lyra: "And BINGO! There's our missing link."

%SND% SND-2127 - Hatch opens

%MIX% Eisfuchs: Clean - ON

%ACT% Sorin storms in from [1]

Lyra: "CAUTION!"

Sorin: "I'm so sick and tired of this! Thank god it's fridayyyyyyyyy ..."

%SND% SND-2128 - Slip
%MUS% MUS-2112 - Music Cue 12

%ACT% Sorin slips, and slides through half the scene before falling down

Sorin: "... yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyAIAIAIAIAIIAIAI"

%SND% SND-2129 - Tumblecrash

Lyra: "Wet floor."

Sorin: "I hate gravity."

Lyra: "I hate the absence of gravity. I nearly threw up my lunch."

%ACT% Sorin climbs back up

Sorin: "Have you ever thrown up out the window of a moving car? In zero-g it's just like that, only much, much worse."


Sorin: "Anyways, we're now officially sold out. Except for that one box of self-sealing stem bolts. Oh, and Sina still needs to come pick up the rest of her pudding."

Lyra: "The rest?"

Sorin: "Three containers."

Lyra: "Did she at least take the bomb off the ship?"

Sorin: "Of course!"

Lyra: "Did you check?"

Sorin: "Trust me, I'm an expert!"

Lyra: "Famous last words!"

Sorin: "You don't trust people easily, do you?"

Lyra: "Childhood trauma ... my standard excuse."

Sorin: "How about Sina. Do you trust her?"

%MUS% MUS-2113 - Music Cue 13

Lyra: "Not as far as I could throw her WITH gravity on."

Sorin: "She's definitely one of the good guys."

Lyra: "But she wants to drop a bomb on Earth!"

Sorin: "And Earth tried to throw a bomb on us! It's not like either of us are ever going to return."

Lyra: "Sorin, my friends and family are on Earth. I don't belong here. I feel so incredibly lonely and homesick right now, I cried myself to sleep last night ..."

Sorin: "I'm sorry..."

Lyra: "And think of all the innocent people that are going to die! The world will never be the same. We can't let that happen!"

Sorin: "*sigh* So what are you gonna do? Rat her out?"

Lyra: "Of course not. The Pioneers are my life insurance right now. But that doesn't mean I have to agree with nuking my home planet!"

Sorin: "You're still thinking like an Earther. That's why you don't get it. That there's nothing left on Earth for us to love is the reason why we all became Pioneers in the first place."

Lyra: "But what if there **is** something left on Earth she still loves. Look here!"

%ACT% Lyra hands Sorin her tablet.

Sorin: "What's that?"

Lyra: "I used some of my old connections and did some research."

%ACT% Sorin scrolls through the file on the screen

%MUS% MUS-2114 - Music Cue 14

Sorin: "Sina Stillwater, entering sick leave June 20th 2324, ERG Davida, Mining Operations ... I thought we knew that already?"

Lyra: "Scroll down."

Sorin: "Hmm ... Albio Sengo, went back to Earth for emergency neurological treatment ... what's the point?"

Lyra: "Look at the date!"

Sorin: "Scheduled for shuttle transport, June 21st 2324 ... what? He went down to Earth hospital one day after Sina's procedure?"

Lyra: "Isn't that peculiar?"

Sorin: "It's the bloody ERG, their records are wrong all the time!"

Lyra: "I've been in this business long enough to know when I'm on to something."

Sorin: "The business of making people believe your stories so they do what you want?"

Lyra: "I prefer to call it journalism. Albio was taken to Earth, and that's a place I know my way around! If he's still there, we can find him."

%MUS% MUS-2115 - Music Cue 15

Sorin: "You mean YOU can find him. Because I'm going to go home to my wife and my kids, plant my lazy ass on the sofa, and stay in precisely that position for at least half a year!"

Lyra: "Aren't you going to resume work as a freight carrier pilot?"

Sorin: "Maybe."

Lyra: "Take me to Earth, and I'll give you this ship."

%ACT% Sorin just laughs at Lyra

Sorin: "That's a good one! If that's the price for your half of this rustbucket, feel free to keep it. I can't take you to Earth on a stolen ship. Not even close! And who says Sina's gonna let you go anyway?"

Lyra: "Well, let's see what she has to say about this. May I?"

%ACT% Lyra takes the tablet back from Sorin

%ACT% Lyra taps the screen

%MIX% Tani: Intercom - ON

%SND% SND-2130 - Waiting Signal

%SND% SND-2130 (cont.) - Intercom ON
%MUS% MUS-2116 - Music Cue 16

%VID% Sina appears on the screen

Sina: "Hey, Lyra! I know ... I totally forgot about the rest of the pudding. I'll send someone to pick it up right away!"

Lyra: "Very good, but that's not why I'm calling."

Sina: "Oh, what is it then?"

Lyra: "I thought you might want to have a look at this document. Sending, now."

%ACT% Lyra taps the screen

%SND% SND-2130 - Notification Sound

Sina: "Okay."

%ACT% Sina reads the document ...

Sina: "Who ... wait! Lyra, are you kidding me? You're making this up, aren't you?"

Lyra: "Check the flight database. The dates match."

Sina (lowers her voice): "We can't talk about this online. I'm near the dock. Hang on, I'm coming over."

%VID% Sina disappears

%SND% SND-2131 - Intercom OFF

%MIX% Tani: Intercom - OFF

Lyra: "I knew she'd bite."

Sorin: "You tricky bitch!"

Lyra: "I'm not forcing her to do anything. I'm just telling her the truth. And if it works out, it'll be a win-win-win. I get back to Earth, she gets her lover back, and every day she's not here is one more day she can't drop the bomb."

%SND% SND-2132 - Computer: "DING DONG! Visitor is Requesting Entry".

Lyra: "Wow, that was fast."

%MIX% Tani: Clean - ON

%ACT% Lyra taps on the screen

%SND% SND-2133 - Door opens
%MUS% MUS-2117 - Music Cue 17

%ACT% Sina comes storming in from [1]

Sina (agitated): "You little trash panda, where did you get this, and why have you been snooping on me!"

Lyra: "I found a back door to ERG's payroll database."

Sina: "Do you even realize what this means to me? What Albio means to me? That's nothing to joke about!"

Lyra: "I'm taking it dead seriously!"

Sina: "Again, why have you been snooping on me?"

Sorin: "She wants to go back to Earth, and she hopes you'll somehow make that happen."

Sina: "Is that true?"

Lyra: "Yes. No. I mean, sort of, but it's not the whole truth!"

Sina: "I hate it when people try to play games with me!"

Lyra: "Sina, if Albio is still alive on Earth I'm sure I can find him for you. If only I could get there!"

Sina: "That sounds too good to be true."

Lyra: "It's just an offer. You decide."

%MUS% MUS-2118 - Music Cue 18

Sina: "Fair enough. Hmmmm ... In fact, I just had an idea. Yes. I think I know a way to make this worthwhile."

Lyra: "That's great!"

Sina: "But you're not going to go anywhere without me. We're going to be in this together. If I get the slightest hint of you trying to fool me, I'm going to bite your head off."

Lyra: "U ... understood."

Sina: "I'm going to be the captain on this flight. And Sorin is going to be the pilot."

Sorin: "No fucking way."

Sina: "You're the only one I can trust enough for this."

Sorin: "Did we really just go from 'is this even real' to 'lets go to Earth' in less than 5 seconds? I SAID: NO FUCKING WAY!"

Sina: "We'll have to take this ship to Link Kabanshee to get it rebadged. Link owes Sorin big time."

Sorin: "Link Kabanshee? That guy's a madman! He's going to kill me!"

Sina: "Come with me Sorin. Let me make you an offer ... just between us."

%MUS% MUS-2119 - Music Cue 19

%ACT% Sina shoves Sorin out of the room towards [1]


Sina: "Lyra, if you'd excuse us for a moment?"


%SND% SND-2134 - Hatch Closes

Lyra (to herself): "I love politics."

%ACT% Lyra taps the screen

%MUS% MUS-2120 - Music Cue 20

%LIG% LX 2199 - Lights out

%LIG% Light behind backdrop - Right panel - OFF

%MIX% Fade Ambience, SFX and Music with LX 2199

%HND% Curtain - close

%MIX% Mute all but Video

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light ON (Static Playbacks)