Act 1, Scene 4: Operation YOLO


%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light OFF (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 1400 - STANDBY for GO: DBO with dim blue reading light (link to LX 0002)

%MIX% Check Levels
%MIX% Unmute Desk

%MIX% Lynard: ON
%MIX% Jyanon: ON
%MIX% Pan: ON

%MIX% Eisfuchs: OFF


%SND% Phone rings

%SND% Phone gets picked up

Emmet: "The Port Ospen Telegraph, Emmet Crawford speaking."

Emmet: "Yes, I'm the chief editor … George who? … No. We do not reveal our sources, what kind of newspaper do you take us for?"

%SND% Knocking at the Door

Emmet: "Because we adhere to the journalistic code of ethics!"

%SND% Knocking at the Door

Emmet: "Yes, by all means, get that court order if you want to. Have a good day, sir."

%SND% Phone gets hung up

%SND% Knocking at the Door

Emmet (annoyed): "Come in."

Julian: "Excuse me, Mr. Crawford."

Emmet: "Oh, it's you. If you're here to pitch the Harrington & Welsh story again, save your breath. That's at least one size too big for a first year trainee!"

Julian: "Please, boss, hear me out. I've done some more research, and I really …"

Emmet: "Julian, why don't you do something useful. After the recent attack, the Obituary department needs all the help they can get."

Julian: "With all due respect, sir, I came here to be a journalist, and the Telegraph is an institution. Forgive me for eavesdropping, but I heard how strongly you defended your source on the phone! Please, give me a chance!"

Emmet: "*sigh* All right. All right! Just remember: appealing to my sense of journalistic pride will work exactly once in your career here, so you'd better make it count. Now what do you have."

Julian: "I'm sure I'm onto something. Shortly after the death of Peter M. Harrington, Sarkan T. Welsh bought out the other half of the company from his wife. The moment he had sole ownership, he immediately changed the company's direction. He diversified, founded a weapons department, and bought out a number of smaller companies in the automotive, telegraph and telephone business. And did you notice there were no terrorist attacks before the buyout?"

Emmet: "That is all public knowledge. And it's not surprising, we were heading directly into a war with Vanos. You're mixing up cause and effect!"

Julian: "Also, Eva Harrington sold the part of the company she had inherited from her husband way under price!"

Emmet: "I guess she's not a very capable negotiator then. Don't waste my time, Julian! Where's the scoop?"

Julian: "I compiled all the reports and eyewitness accounts of the most recent attack at the airfield. And they lead me to believe that Florence Harrington is currently on board of the airship."

Emmet: "Eye witnesses make good headlines, but it's all just hearsay! Where's the proof?"

Julian: "Look at the big picture. Something isn't right, I'm sure. And I want to find out what it is. Please let me! Isn't that what good journalism is about?"

Emmet: "*sigh* All right, I hoped you'd figure this out by yourself, but since you're so eager to learn, let me tell you something about journalism. Sit down."

%ACT% Emmet walks to the door, and closes it. Then he sits down.

Emmet: "Julian. You know who pays you, right?"

Julian: "Yes, the company."

Emmet: "Riiight! And you know who pays the company?"

Julian: "Uhm … our subscribers?"

Emmet: "And our advertisers. Which are?"

Julian: "I don't know."

Emmet: "And you call yourself an investigator! Snow Chemical, The Bank of Astar, Redwood Motors and Express Telegram. Now guess who owns the majority of those companies."

Julian: "Harrington & Welsh."

Emmet: "And guess what they'll do if we start snooping around Mr. Welsh's business practices?"

Julian: "They'll no longer pay us…. But if we let that hold us back - doesn't that violate all the rules of good journalism?"

Emmet: "My boy. In the end, Journalism is a job like any other. You work, you get paid, you can put food on the table. Welsh owns this country, like it or not. And since I like being able to feed my wife and kids, I don't care what's right or wrong about that. Even if you find out that he's personally fucking Eva Harrington's daughter up there in his personal mile high club, I don't want to know about it. Sorry to burst your bubble, but we're a newspaper, not a charity. Now go and help out the Obituaries department. Something tells me they're only going to get busier …"


%HND% Curtain - open

%AMB% AMB 0401 - Cabin

%ATT% Scene starts on [7-4] inside the cabin

%LIG% LX 1410 - Lights on [7-4]

%ATT% McKenzie wears a white lab coat, a surgical mask and a doctor's head mirror

%ACT% McKenzie stands at [5] and sharpens a menacing looking knife with a sharpening steel.

%SND% SND 0401 - shring-shring-shring

%MUS% MUS-0401 - Cue 01

McKenzie (hums to himself in anticipation): "Dumm - deee - dummm ….. dum - dee - dummmm …"

%ACT% The door at [7] opens, and two soldiers bring Florence in, who is conveniently tied to a chair, wearing a bag over her head.

%SND% SND 0402 - Door Opens

%ACT% The soldiers place Florence at [4], turning her around to make her face towards [7]

%ACT% Florence whimpers and sobs

McKenzie: "Ah! A new customer! How nice! With whom do I have the honor?"

%ACT% Welsh comes in from [7]

%ACT% The soldiers step back to make room for Welsh

Welsh: "Her name is Harrington. Florence Harrington."

McKenzie: "Welcome to my office, Ms. Harrington. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Florence (trembling): "Who are you?"

%ACT% McKenzie puts down the knife, gets up, and walks around Florence while speaking softly into her ears.

McKenzie: "My name is Dr. McKenzie, and Truth is my One God. He fears none. He is without hate. He never dies. He is beyond the cycle of birth and death. He was True in the beginning. He was True when the ages commenced and has ever been True. He is also True now. Are you ready to meet the One True God?"

%MUS% MUS-0402 - Cue 02

%ACT% McKenzie pulls of the bag from her head

%ACT% Florence shrieks

Welsh: "There are two things I need to know. Number one: Why is she really here? Number two: Who told her what happened during the expedition? And I need you to make sure she survives. Because otherwise I'd have to kill her mother too, and that would make things really complicated. Better don't even leave any marks."

McKenzie: "Absolutely. Who in their right mind could cut up such a beautiful young face anyways?"

%ACT% McKenzie grabs Florence's chin, and forces her to look at him

Welsh: "I'm looking forward to your report."

%ACT% Welsh turns around and leaves to [7]

%ACT% The soldiers leave to [7]

Florence: "What are you going to do to me?"

%SND% SND 0403 - Door Closes

%MUS% MUS-0403 - Cue 03

%MIX% Jyanon: OFF

McKenzie: "Oh … that depends entirely on you. All I need to know is the truth, and it will all be over in a minute."

Florence: "Mr. Welsh said you're not allowed to injure me!"

%ACT% McKenzie picks up a LARGE syringe filled with a blue fluid, and threatens Florence with its evil stingy needle

%MUS% MUS-0404 - Cue 04 (ingrown toe claw)

McKenzie: "Oh, and I don't have to. This, for example, is a fresh dose of red shoelace snake venom. It's like a fine wine for the connoisseurs of pain. It starts off light, ephemeral, almost fruity. Like a tiny spark singeing the fur on your arms. After a while, that will make way for a more rich, hearty, slightly crunchy taste of pain. Not unlike to getting your tail mashed in a revolving door. And it will keep growing, bold and unrelenting. Like somebody is using a drill to excavate your ingrown toe claw. And then, finally, the world will cease to exist, and there will be nothing but pure, intense, brilliant pain."

%ACT% McKenzie puts the needle to Florence's throat

Florence (in panic): "No, no, nooooo, please!"

McKenzie: "Now, are you going to talk to me or not?"

%SND% SND 0404 - Door knocks

McKenzie (annoyed): "What the hell is it? I am serving a customer!"

%MIX% Eisfuchs: ON

%SND% SND 0405 - Door opens

%ACT% Cal comes in from [7], disguised as a soldier (with gas mask), carrying a tablet with a pot of coffee

Cal: "You ordered coffee, Sir?"

%ACT% Cal walks up to McKenzie

%ACT% McKenzie turns around, lowering the syringe

McKenzie: "No, I didn't! Are you new here? I hate coffee."

Cal: "Oh, in that case I guess I don't NEED IT ANYMORE"

%SND% SND 0406 - Spill Coffee, Shattering Coffee Pot

%MUS% MUS-0405 - Cue 05

%ACT% cal throws the cup of coffee, spilling its hot, steaming contents all over McKenzie

McKenzie: "(In Pain) Aargh! It hurts! (In Pleasure) It hurts so good ..,"

%ACT% Cal beats McKenzie over the head with the coffee pot

Cal: "Sicko!"

%SND% SND 0407 - Bonk

McKenzie: "ACK!"

%ACT% McKenzie collapses

%ACT% Cal takes the syringe, and demonstratively rams it into McKenzie's unmoving body.

Cal: "Enjoy it while it lasts!"

%SND% SND 0408 - Stab / Poison Bubble

%ACT% McKenzie moans and twitches, even though he's unconscious

%ATT% Flicker McKenzie's Eyes!

%ACT% Cal removes the gas mask

%MIX% Lynard: OFF

Florence: "Cal!"

Cal: "Yes, that's my name. Now let's get this over with, before someone smells a rat."

%ACT% Cal begins to untie Florence

%ACT% Florence sobs silently

Florence (sobbing): "I'm so glad that Ortha was right about you."

Cal: "We don't have time for sentimental drivel. There, you're free."

Florence: "Thank you, Cal."

Cal: "Don't thank me too early, because you and I are now basically dead men walking, unless we get off this ship real fast!"

Florence: "What about Ortha?"

Cal: "I let her go, and she flew away."

Florence: "Wow! You really did that?"

Cal: "Listen girl, there are two airplanes in the back, fueled and ready to go. I hope your daddy taught you well how to fly one of these things."

Florence: "WHAT? But I've never flown a plane alone before!"

Cal: "We have the choice between dying up here, or maybe not dying down there."

Florence: "But we can't just steal a plane!"

%ACT% Cal throws his arms in the air

Cal: "Of course we can! No more excuses. We have to go. Go, Go, Go!"

%ACT% Cal grabs Florence, and shoves her out to [7]

Florence: "All right, all right!"

%LIG% LX 1420 DBO with reading light

%AMB% AMB 0402 - Hallway

%AMB% AMB 0401 (Stop)

%MIX% Pan: OFF

%MIX% Eisfuchs: OFF

%ATT% The following is happening in the dark, and probably all pre-rec

%ATT% Puppeteers have time to move to the other half of the stage

%MUS% MUS-0406 - Cue 06

%SND% SND 0409 - Cal: "Down the hallway, then right!"

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Florence: "No, left!"

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Cal: "No, right!"

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Florence: "Trust me, I've studied the plans a thousand times, I know this ship inside out!"

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Running over metal grating floor

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - BONK

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Florence: "Ouch! My Head!"

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Cal: "So much for that!"

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Florence: "That beam wasn't in the blueprints!"

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Soldier1: "Hey you! Stop! The lower decks have been sealed off. I can not let you pass! Security Reasons."

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Cal: "But I have a special permit from Mr. Welsh."

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Soldier1: "Oh really? Can I see it?"

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Cal: "Sure!"

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - BONK

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Soldier1: "AAAAAAAARGH! AAAH! AAAAH!"

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - SHATTER

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Soldier1: "ARGHRMBLMFBFFfffffffff."

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Cal: "Ouch, ouch, ouch …"

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Soldier2 (from far away): "What the hell is going on down there?"

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Cal: "Shit, that didn't go well. Runrunrun!!!!"

%SND% SND 0409 (cont.) - Cal and Florence breathing, running feet on metal

%MIX% Pan: ON

%MIX% Eisfuchs: ON

%LIG% LX 1430 - Light goes on at [4-1]

%AMB% AMB 0403 - Hangar

%ACT% Florence and Cal come in from [1]

%SND% SND 0410 - Close Hatch

Florence: "Lock the door!"

Cal: "It only locks from the other side."

Florence: "But it'll take a moment to get us ready for takeoff."

Cal: "Then shut up and do it!"

%ACT% Florence climbs down into the pilot seat

%ACT% Cal moves a big heavy crate in front of the door to [1]

%SND% SND 0411 - Moving Heavy Crate

%MUS% MUS-0407 - Cue 07

%ACT% Florence fumbles around with the controls, and begins reading the checklist WHILE CAL DOES HIS THING

Florence: "Seats Belts: Closed and Locked"
Florence: "Brakes: Who gives a damn"
Florence: "Circuit breakers: In"
Florence: "Master Switch: On"

Cal: "Are you done yet?"

Florence: "I'm not even half way through the check list!"

Cal: "What? Check list? We don't have time for shit like that!"

Florence: "The pre-flight checklist is essential to make sure no important tasks are forgotten!"

Cal: "The only important task is to get the fuck out of here!"

Florence: "Can you open the bay doors?"

Cal: "I'll try!"

%ACT% Cal looks around and finds a metal box on the wall, that he tries to open

Florence: "Fuel shutoff valve: On"
Florence: "Propeller area: Clear"
Florence: "Magnetos: Check"
Florence: "Ignition: Start"

%SND% SND 0412 - Motor Starting, running idle
%MUS% MUS-0408 - Cue 08

%HND% The propeller starts

%ACT% Cal produces a huge wrench, and starts beating the metal box

%SND% SND 0413 - BANG 1
%SND% SND 0414 - BANG 2
%SND% SND 0415 - BANG 3

Florence: "Throttle: 1000 rpm"
Florence: "Oil Pressure: Normal"
Florence: "Radios: On"


%ACT% The box opens, revealing a huge red lever

Cal: "Now we're talking!"

%ACT% Cal pulls the lever

%HND% Engage the almighty wind machines from below, add some fog

%SND% SND 0417 - Cargo Doors, Wind, Alarm Sounds

%LIG% Red rotary blinky warning lights switch on

Florence: "Altimeter: Set"
Florence: "Fuel Quantity: Check"
Florence: "Autopilot: I wish"

%ACT% Cal climbs into the plane behind Florence

Florence: "Suction gauge: Check"
Florence: "Engine Instruments: Check"
Florence: "Strobe Lights: On"

%HND% The strobe lights turn on

Cal: "Now is the time to show what you are made of! And I hope it's not cake!"

%SND% SND 0418 - Motor Accelerates
%SND% SND 0412 (FADE)

Florence (growling): "Buckle up and hold on to your butt!"

Cal: "What?"

Florence: "Passenger briefing: Complete!"

%ACT% Florence pulls a lever

%SND% SND 0419 - Clunk, Motor Revs up, Falling Sound
%SND% SND 0418 (FADE)
%MUS% MUS-0409 - Cue 09

%HND% (The propeller stops spinning and) The plane drops out of sight.

Cal (screaming like a girl) "Aiiiiiiieiieieieiieieieieiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

%ACT% The door bursts open and some soldiers run in from [1], guns drawn

%SND% SND 0420 - Door is being Kicked in

%ACT% The soldiers shoot downwards out the "hatch".

%SND% SND 0421 - Machine Guns firing

%AMB% AMB 0402 (FADE)

%AMB% SND 0419 (FADE)

%LIG% LX 1499 - Lights out

%MIX% Fade Ambience, SFX and Music with LX 1499

%HND% Curtain - close

%MIX% Mute all but Video

%LIG% LX 0099 - Work Light ON (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 0098 - House Lights 25% ON (Static Playbacks)

%LIG% LX 0090 - Indirect Ambient Lighting ON (Static Playbacks)