Act 1, Scene 1: Out of the darkness

Character Actor / Hands (Voice) Puppet Clothing Accessoires
Frostwind Pan / Liam Aurelia Scarf Torch, knife
Riversong Eisfuchs / Tigerseye Riversong LIGHT-on-staff
Snapjaw Curry / Lynard Snapjaw
6x Pigrats 2x each by: o'wolf, Runo, Furvan Pigrats


%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Lights stay out

%AMB% AMB 0101 - Wind howls, trees rustle

%MUS% MUS 0101 - Spooky Atmosphere

%ACT% Frostwind enters the stage from [1] carrying a burning torch and a small sword or large knife. She moves slowly, as if she has a long way behind her. She seems lost.

%ACT% Frostwind sings to herself

Frostwind: "Light so Bright, Light so Pure"
Frostwind: "Keepers of the Light, Answer me True"
Frostwind: "Light so Bright, so Pure, Light so True"
Frostwind: "I give myself to you"

%ACT% Frostwind is out of breath, coughing

Frostwind (frightened, to herself): "Keep on moving, girl. One step after another. There must be a way out of this thicket."

%SND% SND 0101 - Scary pigrat noises from [1]

%ACT% Frostwind stops, looks behind her …

Frostwind: "Hello? Is there somebody out there?"

%SND% SND 0102 - Scary pigrat noises getting louder

Frostwind: "Oh shit!"

%ACT% Frostwind begins to run towards [7]. But she trips over something on the floor, and falls, dropping her torch, which goes dark.

%SND% SND 0103 - Snap! Crack! Fall!
%MUS% MUS-0102 - Horror Staccato

Frostwind: "Ah! Ouch! Damn … (frightened) … oh no … NO! The fire! Gods of the holy mountain! Don't let it end this way!"

%ACT% A multitude of pigrats run in from [1] - you only see their glowing eyes.

%SND% SND 0104 - Pigrats shrieking!

%ACT% The pigrats start attacking Frostwind (in the dark).

%SND% SND 0105 - Fighting Noises

%ACT% Frostwind fights back

Frostwind (cries out): "No … no! Get off! *shrieks* NOOO! Gah!"

%SND% SND 0106 - Snapjaw Cry + Breaks through Undergrowth
%MUS% MUS-0103 - Horror Action

%ACT% The small pigrats run away towards [7], disappears

%SND% SND 0106 (cont.) - Pigrats flee

%ACT% The Snapjaw appears from below and howls!

%SND% SND 0106 (cont.) - Snapjaw Rises and howls!

%ACT% Frostwind shrieks

%ACT% The Snapjaw opens its maw, and strikes down at Frostwind [4], biting into the playrail [towards 5].

%SND% SND 0107 - Snapjaw strikes and growls 1

%ACT% Frostwind rolls to the side [towards 3]

%ACT% The Snapjaw strikes again [at 4]

%SND% SND 0108 - Snapjaw strikes and growls 2

%ACT% Frostwind rolls to the other side [towards 5]

Frostwind: "Aah! Help! Help!"

%ACT% The Snapjaw raises its head, shining its light up, and letting out a menacing howl.

%SND% SND 0109 - Snapjaw cry + Growl

Riversong (off): "Who's there?! What in the LIGHT's name is going on?"

%ACT% The Snapjaw closes its mouth (the beam of light disappears), and raises one of its giant paws to strike at Frostwind

Frostwind: "I'm over here! Help me!"

%ACT% The Snapjaw strikes with its paws, hitting Frostwind (in the dark)

%SND% SND 0110 - Snapjaw strike + Growl

%ACT% Frostwind shrieks in pain

%ACT% The Snapjaw's paws disappear, and it lowers its head, sniffing Frostwind, who lies dazed on the ground.

%SND% SND 0111 - Snapjaw sniffs

%ACT% Riversong enters from [7], carrying a staff with a bright light on it.

Riversong (shouting): "Hey you filthy beast! Get the hell out of here, or I'll burn your ugly eyes out with my LIGHT!"

%SND% SND 0112 - Snapjaw hisses 1!

%ACT% The Snapjaw turns to Riversong, ducking close to the ground, hissing and spitting at the light.

Riversong: "Yes, I'm talking to you!"

%ACT% Riversong points the light at the Snapjaw, and jumps forward, trying to scare it.

Riversong: "RAAAARGH!"

%ACT% The Snapjaw snarls at Riversong, and slowly retreats backwards towards [1]

%ACT% (In the background) The pigrats come back from [7], jumping on Frostwind, tugging on her clothes, biting her.

%SND% SND 0113 - Pigrat Squeals!

Riversong: "Go back to where you came from! Get out!"

%ACT% Riversong steps forward, following the Snapjaw until it's off stage.

%ACT% Riversong turns around, facing the pigrats

Riversong: "And you, too! Leave her alone, you stupid rats!"

%ACT% Riversong beats the pigrats over the head with his staff

%SND% RATS-01 Stick Punches (SND 0117/SND 0118/SND 0119/SND 0120)


%ACT% pigrats run away in all directions, some are sent flying by Riversong's staff.

%MUS% MUS-0104 - Sad Drama

%ACT% Riversong breathes hard, exhausted

Riversong: "Phew. That'll teach 'em."

%ACT% Riversong bows down to Frostwind, touching her with a paw, shaking her lightly.

Riversong: "Hey … are you okay?"

%ACT% Frostwind coughs, and sits up, then begins to sob.

Frostwind (sobbing): "Yes."

Riversong: "Phew. That was a close call. Every child knows that a simple torch won't keep the night's creatures away! What on earth are you doing here without a proper LIGHT?"

Frostwind (sobbing): "They tried to kill me! But I ran away!"

%ACT% Frostwind hugs Riversong, and cries into his fur.

Riversong (slighly helpless, but compassionate): "Don't worry. You're safe now. My LIGHT will keep them away."

Frostwind (sobbing): "No, you don't understand!"

Riversong: "Look, I know how getting lost in the woods alone can mess with your head. My village is not far away. Can you walk? I'm sure everything will be better once you've had a warm meal."

%ACT% Frostwind lets go of Riversong, and jumps backwards

Frostwind (terrified): "No! I can't come with you! Tomorrow is the festival of lights! What are you going to tell the keepers when they see me?"

Riversong: "The festival of lights is a celebration of love! What objections could the keepers possibly have against giving shelter to someone who is lost?"

Frostwind: "More than you can possibly imagine. No, I can't come with you. You saved my life, you deserve better than the trouble I'll cause you. I've got to go. Farewell … and thank you …"

%ACT% Frostwind turns around, limps a few steps, but then falls down again, coughing miserably.

Riversong: "Don't be silly, look at yourself. I'm not going to let you die out here."

%ACT% Riversong helps Frostwind get up.

Riversong: "Festival night should be the best night of the year, not your worst. You'll be safe at my house, I promise. My name is Riversong. What's your name?"

Frostwind: "Frostwind."

Riversong: "Pleased to meet you, Frostwind. Here, take my hand. There's a warm fire waiting for us."

%ACT% Riversong starts walking, Frostwind follows without resistance

Frostwind: "Thank you."

Riversong: "You're welcome. This way."

%ACT% They walk off towards [7]

%LIG% Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close