Act 3, Scene 2: Pier 24


%ATT% The Battle of The Owls

%SND% Narrator: "Once upon a time in Honolulu, there lived a man named Kapo'i. One day, Kapo'i went to Kewalo, gathering supplies to fix his roof. On his way back, he found some owl's eggs, which he gathered together and brought home with him. In the evening he wrapped them in leaves and was about to roast them in hot ashes, when an owl perched on the fence which surrounded his house, shrieking with grief and complaint: "Kapo'i! Kapo'i! Give me back my eggs!"

%SND% Narrator: "Kapo'i asked the owl, "How many eggs did you have?"

%SND% Narrator: ""Seven eggs," replied the owl.

%SND% Narrator: "Kapo'i then said, "Well, I plan to roast all seven for my supper."

%SND% Narrator: ""Oh no, Kapo'i! Please give me my eggs!"

%SND% Narrator: ""Why should I do that? I'm hungry!"

%SND% Narrator: ""Oh Kapo'i, you are such a heartless man! Look at me! Why don't you take pity on me?"

%SND% Narrator: "Kapo'i looked at the owl, and she looked back at him with amber, pleading eyes. It was then that Kapo'i realized he liked the owl, and he began to feel pity for her. Pueo, the Hawaiian Owl, is said to be an "amakua" or animal spirit that protects people. So Kapo'i sighed, and told her to take her eggs back.

%SND% Narrator: "The owl took her eggs back, and told Kapo'i to build a temple in Manoa, make an altar and call the temple Manua. Kapo'i built the temple exactly as directed, set sacred days - called "kapu days" - for its dedication, and placed the customary sacrifice on the altar.

%SND% Narrator: "Kakuhihewa, the king of O'ahu, was living at the time in Waikiki. News came to him that Kapo'i had declared some days kapu for a temple and had already dedicated it. Earlier, the Kind had declared that he would put to death anyone who erected and dedicated a heiau before he himself had dedicated his own temple. So Kapo'i was seized and led to the temple of Kupalaha, at Waikiki, to be killed for his act of rebellion against the prevalent gods.

%SND% Narrator: "That same day, the owl that had told Kapo'i to erect the temple gathered all the owls from Lanai, Maui, Molokai, and Hawaii to one place at Kalapueo. But nobody took notice of the birds. Yet …

%SND% Narrator: "It was decided by the King that Kapo'i should be put to death on the day of Kane. When that day came, at daybreak all the owls left their places of rendezvous, darkening the whole sky over Honolulu with their wings; and as the King's servants seized Kapo'i to put him to death, the owls flew at them, pecking them with their beaks and scratching them with their claws. Then and there was fought the legendary battle between Kakuihewa's people and the owls. Even with their best weapons, the people were helpless against the owls striking at them from the air, and at last the owls conquered. Kapo'i was released, and the King had to acknowlede the power of the owl god, which from that time has been recognized as one of the many deities venerated by the Hawaiian people.


%AMB% AMB-0901 - Harbour
%MUS% MUS-0901 - Cue 1 (suspense)

%HND% Curtain - open

%SND% SND-0901 - Car arrives, door opens, Footsteps, Trunk Opens

Bailey (off): "Here we are! I hope you had a pleasant ride."

Monica (off, cynical): "Delightful. Although I could have used a cushion."

Bailey (off): "Very funny. Now get out of the trunk."

%ACT% Monica coughs and moans

%SND% SND-0902 - Monica climbs out / slam trunk shut

Monica (in pain): "Aaargh, holy shit, this hurts …"

%LIG% Lights on (Dark Blue)

%ACT% Monica enters from [1], followed by Bailey, who points his gun at her.

%ACT% They keep talking while they walk all the way across the stage towards the container at [6]

Bailey: "Stop whining and show me which container contains the antidote."

Monica: "Technically it's not an antidote. It's a "deactivation agent"."

Bailey: "I don't give a damn what it's called. Just show me where it is."

Monica: "Right over here, in this container."

%ACT% Monica walks up to the container, followed closely by Bailey.

Bailey: "All right. Open it. Slowly. And don't do anything stupid."

%ACT% Monica punches some keys on the electronic lock

%SND% SND-0903 - boop - beep - beep - boop - beep (54938)

%SND% SND-0903 (cont.) - whirrr - clunk - screechy metal door

%HND% The container door opens

Monica: "There you go. The barrel is yours. Just help yourself."

Bailey: "*laughs* Do you really think I'm that stupid? What if this is a trap? No. You bring it out."

Monica: "This is going to be interesting with just one arm …"

%ACT% Monica disappears inside the container. Bailey waits outside, pointing the gun at her.

%SND% SND-0904 - Sound of metal scratching on concrete.

Monica (in pain): "Hnnnngnnrgr!"

%ACT% Monica pushes the barrel outside, slowly. It's very heavy.

%SND% SND-0904 (STOP)

Monica: (in pain): "There you go *gasps for air* Oh shit, this hurts. *breathes heavily* The boat over there is mine. We can deploy the agent right now."

Bailey: "I think I'd better handle this by myself."

%ACT% Bailey pushes Monica into the Container, slams the door shut

Monica: "NO!"

%SND% SND-0905 - Container Door Slam

%SND% SND-0906 - Monica banging against the door

%ACT% Bailey walks towards the crane's control booth, and enters it (while dialogue continues).

Monica (off): "Bailey! You're making a terrible mistake! You need me, only I know how to spread the agent! If you do it wrong it's not going to work!"

Bailey (laughs loudly): "Didn't you say just a few molecules are enough? I think I can manage that. Aloha'oe, Monica! And give my regards to the fish!"

%ACT% Bailey pulls the lever, and laughs maniacally

%SND% SND-0907 - Crane Motor

Bailey: "Hahahahahahaaaah!"

Monica: "Bailey, stop!"

%SND% SND-0908 - Monica bangs against the door

%HND% OPERATE LIFT - The container moves up.

%SND% SND-0907 (STOP)
%SND% SND-0910 - (triggered) Gunshots Makani

Bailey: "What the hell?"

%SND% SND-0909 - Stop Crane
%MUS% MUS-0902 - Cue 2(action)

%ACT% Makani appears at [1] pointing a gun at Bailey

%ACT% Bailey jumps out of the crane, runs past the cable spools, and takes cover at the side towards [7]

%ACT% Makani shoots at Bailey!

%SND% SND-0910 - (triggered) Gunshots Makani

%ACT% Makani follows Bailey

%ACT% Bailey shoots at Makani

%SND% SND-0911 - (triggered) Gunshots Bailey

%ACT% Makani takes cover at the other end of the cable spools

Makani: "Give up, Bailey! Police are already on their way here!"

Bailey: "Oh yeah, let them come! I'm going to stuff so much money up their asses they'll be looking like thanksgiving turkeys when I'm done! MUHAHAHA!"

%ACT% Bailey reaches around and shoots at Makani

%SND% SND-0911 - (triggered) Gunshots Bailey

%ACT% Makani shoots back at Bailey a few times until he is out of ammo

%SND% SND-0910 - (triggered) Gunshots Makani

%SND% SND-0912 - (triggered) Empty Gun Klicks Makani

%ACT% Bailey slowly gets up, gun held out at arms length with both hands, pointing at Makani

Bailey: "Holy shit, batman - that was really, really stupid."

Makani: "Fuck!"

%ACT% Savannah appears on top of one of the containers, aiming her gun at Bailey

%ACT% Bailey slowly circles the cable spools towards, Makani

%ACT% Makani tries to stay at the opposite side so Bailey can't shoot him.

Bailey: "Now come here, I've got a bullet with your name on it!"

%ACT% Makani tries to run towards [7] behind the cable spools

%ACT% Bailey shoots twice at Makani (missing).

%ACT% Makani ducks and stumbles

%SND% SND-0911 - (triggered) Gunshots Bailey

%ACT% Savannah shoots at Bailey

%SND% SND-0913 - (triggered) Gunshots Savannah

%ACT% Makani stares at Savannah

Bailey: "WHAT THE FUCK!"

%ACT% Bailey turns around runs towards [1]

%ACT% Savannah shoots at Bailey three times

%SND% SND-0913 - (triggered) Gunshots Savannah

%ACT% Bailey gets hit, and falls down

Bailey: "Aaaaaargh!"

%ACT% Makani jumps on Bailey, disarming him.

Makani: "Savannah! Didn't I tell you to stay away?"

Savannah: "So I take it you'd rather have died, yes?"

%ACT% Savannah disappears behind the container, and re-appears from the side.

Makani (sheepishly): "I'm sorry, I that was a really stupid thing to say. But I was worried about you!"

Savannah: "And I was worried about you! But could you please stop treating me like I'm a helpless little girl?"

Makani: "I will, I promise. I'm really glad you're here. Thanks."

Savannah (humble): "You're welcome!"

%SND% SND-0914 - Monica banging against the door again

Monica (off): "Savannah? Is that you? I'm up here! Can someone please let me out?"

Savannah: "Of course! I'll be right there, just a second!"

%ACT% Savannah runs to the crane, pulls the lever

%SND% SND-0915 - Crane Motor

%HND% OPERATE LIFT - the container moves down.

%SND% SND-0915 (STOP)
%SND% SND-0916 - Crane Motor Stop

%ACT% Savannah runs back to the container

Monica: "Thank god you're here. The code is 54938."

%ACT% Savannah opens the door.

%SND% SND-0917 - boop - beep - beep - boop - beep (54938)

%SND% SND-0917 (cont.) - whirrr - clunk - screechy metal door

%HND% The container door opens

%ACT% Monica comes out, looking left to right

Monica: "Where is Bailey?"

Makani: "Over here."

%ACT% Monica walks over to Bailey and picks up Bailey's gun

Monica: "See, George … that's what happens with people who talk to much."

Bailey (in pain): "You're a part of this, Monica … when the police finds out who you really are we'll see who has more to answer for - you or me."

Monica (ominous): "I'm sorry, but there are bigger things in play now, George. Everybody drop your weapons. Now."

%MUS% MUS-0903 - Cue 3 (doom)

%ACT% Monica turns towards Savannah, and puts the gun to her head

Savannah: "What the fuck? Monica!"

Makani: "Are you crazy? We just saved your life!"

%SND% SND-0918 - Police cars pulling onto the pier

Monica: "And I really appreciate that, believe me. But there are things I need to take care of. Do what I tell you, and nobody gets hurt. I promise."

%ACT% Savannah and Makani drop their guns

Monica: "Very good."

%HND% Red and Blue flashing lights from off stage [1]

%ACT% Two armed policemen storm in, one taking cover behind the spools, the other one behind the crane.

%SND% SND-0918b - Policeman1: "This is the police! Drop your weapons and show me your hands!"

Monica: "No! Pull back or the Serval gets it! I'm not joking! Pull back! Now!"

%ACT% Policeman2 pulls out his radio

%SND% SND-0919 - Policeman2 (into the radio): "55, we have a hostage situation on Pier 24, one armed person, marten, female, three hostages. Requesting backup and notify the coast guard."

%SND% SND-0919 (cont.) - Radio: "Copy, backup is on the way. Maintain positions."

Monica: "Makani, I want you to load the barrel into the boat. Quick."

Makani: "If you hurt Savannah, you're dead."

%MUS% MUS-0904 - Cue 4 (action2)

Monica: "That's all up to you."

%ACT% Makani walks to the barrel and pushes it towards the boat.

%SND% SND-0920 - Sound of metal scratching on concrete. (like 0904)

Bailey (in pain): "Don't trust the bitch! Everything she says is a lie. Did you really believe she's working for World Environment Justice? She's nothing but an industrial spy! She works for Peak Oil. All I wanted was clean energy for everyone! But she sabotaged my project. Monica made my seaweed turn toxic! It's all HER fault!"

Monica: "Shut up Bailey. Nobody would have gotten hurt if *YOU* hadn't started shooting at innocent people."

Savannah: "Monica? Is that true? Have you really been lying to me all this time? I'm so disappointed in you."

Monica: "I must finish what I have begun. I'm sorry."

%ACT% Makani pushes the barrel over the edge, and it lands inside the boat

%SND% SND-0920 (STOP)
%SND% SND-0921 - Clang

Monica: "Now everyone into the boat. Except you, George. You can tell the police whatever you want. Aloha, professor."

%MUS% MUS-0906 Cue 6 (ending)

%ACT% Monica turns around and pushes Savannah and Makani in front of her. They enter the boat.

%ACT% Policemen run forward, taking care of Bailey

%LIG% Lights out

%SND% SND-0922 - Motorboat starting and pulling away

%HND% Curtain - close