Act 1, Scene 1: Aloha Hawai'i


%HND% Give Makani a flyer

%ACT% Makani is standing in [4-5]

%HND% Curtain - open

%AMB% AMB-0101 - Outside Airport Ambience

%MUS% MUS-0101 - Ukulele

%SND% SND-0101 - Airplane Landing

%SND% SND-0101 (cont.) - *DING DONG* Ladies and Gentlemen, the Chicken Wings Flight 0815-4711 from Atlanta is now spitting out people at the baggage handhandler contraption. Please brace for impact. *DING DONG*

%LIG% Lights on (Warm daylight)

Makani: "Here we go, first flight of the day, you can do this. You're a tiger! Well no, you're not a tiger. That's absurd. You're a bat. A tiger of a bat. Yes. You're here to sell. You're a salesman. A salesman tiger bat - thing. Yes! You go get them, tiger. Bat!"

%ACT% Makani clears his throat

Makani: "Aloha! Alo-ha! Visit Makani's Adventure Store and Bar right next to Ala Moana Beach, we have everything the adventurous heart desires … blah blah … damn, no, that's not going to work. I need to come up with something fresh! Exciting! Like … Aloha! Are you looking for that special adventure? Aloha! Are you looking for that special adventure?"

%ACT% First person enters from [1] and walks towards [7]

%ACT% Makani turns to the person, trying to give them a flyer

Makani: "Aloha! Are you looking for that …"

%ACT% Makani blinks his eyes and spreads his wings dramatically

Makani: "… special adventure?"

%ACT% First person shrieks and runs away to [7]

%SND% SND-???? First person shrieks

Makani (baffled): "What the hell?"

%ACT% Makani looks down at himself

Makani: "Did I leave my fly open, or what?"

%ACT% Second Person enters from [1] and walks towards [7]

Makani: "Aloha! How about some fancy drinks at Makani's Adventure Store and Beach Bar? We throw the wildest parties at Ala Moana Beach! And we offer diving courses! Not at the same time, of course …"

%ACT% Second person walks by, ignoring Makani

%ACT% Makani sighs, about to give up

Makani: "I should have known this is not gonna work. What a stupid idea … oh wait, who's that?"

Savannah (off): "Goddammit …"

%ACT% Savannah enters from [1], moaning, dragging a giant suitcase behind her with great effort.

%SND% SND-0102 - Squeaking and Scraping

%SND% SND-0102 (STOP)

Makani: "Oh! Aloha, my little wahini! Welcome to Paradise!"

Savannah (snaps): "Paradise? I don't think so."

%ACT% Savannah walks past Makani

%SND% SND-0103 - Squeaking and Scraping

Makani: "Woah! You're tense! But you know what? I know just the right place for you to chill out and have a good time!"

%SND% SND-0103 (STOP)

Savannah: "Look, I'm not interested, okay? I've had enough problems for today …"

%ACT% Savannah pulls on her suitcase and the handle breaks off.

%SND% SND-0104 - Sproing

Savannah: "Argh!"

%ACT% Savannah falls down

%SND% SND-0105 - Impact

%ACT% Savannah picks herself up and throws a fit

Savannah (shouting): "God damn stupid ass airlines! I spent like 300 bucks for the most indestructible suitcase on the market, and all it took for them to break it was this one goddamn flight! RRRraargh!"

%ACT% Savannah kicks the suitcase

%SND% SND-0106 - Sproing

%HND% The suitcase pops open, clothes exploding all over the scene.

Savannah: "Ouch! Ouch ouch ouch!"

%ACT% Savannah jumps up and down on one foot

Makani: "Are you all right?"

%ACT% Savannah starts collecting the clothes

Savannah: "Of course I am. Everything's juuuust peachy!"

Makani: "Please, let me help you."

%HND% Take Makani's flyer away

%ACT% Makani helps Savannah gathering her stuff, and tries to keep the conversation going.

Makani: "So, what is your business on Oahu then, if I may ask?"

%ACT% They keep talking while picking up clothes and stuffing them back into the suitcase. Savannah walks to [5]

Savannah: "I'm a student. I'm doing an internship at the University of Honolulu."

Makani: "How nice! You only hear good things about them. What exactly are you studying?"

Savannah: "Ocean Science. I'm a volunteer at the S.O.E.S.T. A friend was supposed to pick me up here, but I can't find her anywhere."

Makani: "Oh really? What's her name? Maybe it's someone I know. Oh, wow!"

%ACT% Makani holds up a piece of sexy lingerie, looking at it appraisingly.

%ACT% Savannah snatches it from his hands and stuffs it back into the suitcase

Savannah (annoyed): "Give that back, you perv!"

%ACT% Makani droops his ears, looking all sad

%ACT% Monica enters from [7]

Monica: "Well, well … up to your own tricks, eh, Makani?"

Savannah (happy): "Monica! I'm so glad to finally see you in person!"

Monica: "Savannah! After so many emails I can't believe you're here now! I'm so glad you were able to come out for this survey!"

%ACT% Monica hugs Savannah

Savannah: "Me, too! By the way, do you know this guy over there?"

Monica (deadpan): "Yeah, don't trust him, he's a total pervert."

Makani (mock angry): "I heard that!"

%ACT% Monica laughs

Makani: "If you think I'm a perv, you should ask her about what happened at the bar when she got drunk and tried to do her famous pineapple-and-yoyo trick."

%ACT% Makani closes the suitcase

Savannah: "What?"

Monica: "Oh no, look at the time! We should really get going! We've prepared a room for you on campus. You'll have the rest of the day to recover and find your way around."

Savannah: "That sounds excellent!"

Monica: "Please, let me help you with that."

%ACT% Monica walks around the giant suitcase and pushes it in front of her

%SND% Squeeeeeaaak

Savannah: "Thank you, Monica! I really appreciate it!"

%ACT% Savannah walks after her.

Monica: "No problem."

%ACT% They leave.

Makani: "Well, good luck with your work then, Savannah! It was nice meeting you!"

%HND% Give Makani a flyer

%ACT% No answer.

Makani: "You're welcome!"

%ACT% No answer.

Makani: "Likewise."

%ACT% No answer.

Makani (shouts): "In case you change your mind, I put a flyer in your suitcase! Ah well, it was worth a try. Now let's get on with business!"

%ACT% Makani turns around, facing [1], rubbing his paws

%SND% SND-0107 - Horde of Tourists

Makani: "Ladies and Gentlemen! Aloha, and welcome to Hawaii! Makani's Adventure Store is open until 10pm! We offer kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, diving lessons …"

%ACT% A busload of tourists comes running in, trampling all over Makani while he is talking, flyers fly around.

Makani: "… sports fishing, souvenirs, and everything else the adventurous heart … whoa!"

%ACT% Makani disappears, short pause

%ACT% Makani's hand appears from below holding up a single flyer

Makani (coughing): "We also have … coughs … cocktails! Ugh!"

%ACT% Makani collapses

%LIG% Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close