Act 3, Scene 4: Tourist Trap


%VID% 1200 - Immortality Video Sequence

%VID% 1200 (cont.) - Lyrics: Shimmering winds softly speak
%VID% 1200 (cont.) - Lyrics: what we find, what we seek
%VID% 1200 (cont.) - Lyrics: faith in magic, belief in trust
%VID% 1200 (cont.) - Lyrics: shows whats fair, whats unjust

%VID% 1200 (cont.) - Lyrics: A month, a day, maybe a year
%VID% 1200 (cont.) - Lyrics: or maybe upon an autumn tear

%SND% 1201 - Gusts of Wind

%VID% 1200 (cont.) - Lyrics: we'll find the moon, and the sun
%VID% 1200 (cont.) - Lyrics: and be immortal, and be one

%VID% 1200 (cont.) - Sounds of wind and leaves echoing

Main Dialogue:

%HND% Curtain OPEN (if it is not already open)

%LIG% Lights still out

%ACT% Meerkats climb down into the (invisible) hole in the ground, and return with pieces of rocks, that they pile up.


Paramedic: "Everybody stand back!"

%SND% Charging Defibrillator

%SND% 1202 - ZAP
%SND% 1201 STOP
%AMB% 1203 - Outside Ambience

%LIG% Audience Blinder / Strobe

%LIG% Full Daylight on stage


%ACT% Marcus jumps up

Marcus: "Holy crap, what was that! That felt like the kick of a horse!?"

Vinnie: "Marcus! Thank god, you're alive!"

%ACT% Vinnie hugs Marcus tightly

%ACT% Marcus cringes in pain

Marcus: "Arrgh ... ribs ... hurt ..."

Vinnie: "I'm so glad you're back. When they dug you out half an hour ago, you weren't even breathing! I was so scared you wouldn't make it!"

Marcus: "What exactly happened?"

Vinnie: "Apparently a part of the ceiling caved in when we went down into that strange worship room yesterday evening, and it quite literally buried us alive! It's a wonder we survived!"

Marcus (disappointed): "Just Yesterday? That means, we were gone for only one night?"

Vinnie: "You almost sound disappointed. Aren't you glad to be alive?"

Marcus (disappointed): "Well, of course I am."

%ACT% Vinnie lays a paw on Marcus shoulder.

Vinnie: "But you don't look like it."

Marcus: "No, I guess I don't."

Vinnie: "But what makes you so unhappy?"

%ACT% The paramedic hands Marcus and Vinnie two pairs of crutches, and together they stumble towards the edge of the stage [7], as if they're leaving.

Marcus: "You know, I had the strangest dream. It was like we had gone back in time, to the ancient city of Pompeii, just before it was destroyed. And in that dream, I met someone very special - and now she's gone. I miss her so badly."

Vinnie: "I know how you feel. I miss Aurelia, too."

Marcus (stammering): "What?! How do you ... how would you know?"

Vinnie: "Because I dreamed the same thing."

Marcus: "But that's impossible!"

Vinnie: "So you think it wasn't a dream? But how do you explain all the unlikely things that happened? For example, how did you manage to survive the toxic gas?"

Marcus: "Oh, that was an old trick from my chemistry class. I took a wine jug, filled it with water and scraped some lime off the nearest wall. Then I rolled up two pieces of parchment and stuck them into the the bottle, but only one of them going all the way down, so you could suck air through the water."

Vinnie: "Sounds like the MacGyver way of building a hookah!"

Marcus: "Exactly! When breathing in through it, the lime in the water neutralized enough of the sulphur dioxide to keep me from suffocating. I was lucky it worked so well, but the science is solid."

Vinnie: "Fair enough. But if we really went back in time, wouldn't we have left a lot of evidence for us to find in the present? Vesonia and Aurelia were down there with us to the very end. Shouldn't we have stumbled over their remains when we first entered the room with the statue yesterday? I don't remember seeing any."

Marcus: "Isn't it ironic? Once in a lifetime, you get the chance to see all your dreams come true, and the only thing you get to take home are your scars. Wait ... holy shit!"

Vinnie: "What is it?"

%ACT% Marcus and Vinnie stop dead.

Marcus: "I've got something in my pocket."

Vinnie: "A hole?"

Marcus: "No!"

%ACT% Marcus produces a piece of parchment, looking at it ...

%ATT% Look up the word "flabbergasted" in the dictionary.

Vinnie: "Another Mars bar?"

Marcus: "No!"

Vinnie: "Snickers?"

Marcus: "No!"

Vinnie: "Kit Kat?"

Marcus: "No!"

Vinnie: "Milky Way?"

Marcus: "No!"

Vinnie: "Butterfinger?"

Marcus: "No!"

Vinnie: "Dairy Milk?"

Marcus: "No!"


Marcus: "This is the final letter that Vesonia's wrote to Aurelia. I had it in my pocket all the time."

Vinnie (flabbergasted): "No way."

%MUS% 1204 - Action Music 1

Marcus (excited): "Oh yes! And although she technically wrote this 2000 years ago, it looks as good as new. It traveled with us to the present! If that's possible, and there were no skeletons in the prayer room ... You know what that could mean for Vesonia and Aurelia?"

%ACT% Marcus and Vinnie look at each other

%MUS% 1205 - Action Music 2
%MUS% 1204 FADE

Vinnie, Marcus (excited): "THEY MIGHT BE HERE!"

%ACT% Marcus and Vinnie THROW their crutches away, and start running back.

Marcus: "Keep digging! There might be two more people down there!"

%SND% 1205b - Meerkat Leader: "Aha. Very interesting. Do they have insurance?"



%SND% 1205c - Meerkat Leader: "Whoa, there! I'm just doing my job, okay? Hang on ..."

%ACT% Meerkat Leader gets out his radio, and mumbles something in complete gibberish, that sounds like someone talking on a radio. Including fake static noises.

%ACT% Vinnie moves to the [3] side of the crane.

%ACT% Marcus moves to the [5] side of the crane.

%ACT% Meerkats continue digging, faster.

%SND% 1205c Meerkat Leader: "Hnrrknhkrhmkrmnkghrg mgkwewekfmkrmkermgm? KR-CHCK!"

%SND% 1206 - Radio: "Grknknlmlkmwfwlkng, gkrrkwmwrlmbbll rgrlmlmgl! KR-CHCK!"

%SND% 1206b - Meerkat Leader: "Flrgmnr? KR-CHCK!"

%SND% 1207 - Radio: "Argmrmgmllmgtfsfsmltm! KR-CHCK!"

%SND% 1207b - Meerkat Leader: "GRRRSMHW HRKNWLGM! KR-CHCK"


%SND% 1208b - Meerkat Leader (to Marcus): "Sir, you are one lucky fool."

%HND% The crane begins to move, pulling something up

%SND% 1209 - Crane

%ACT% Meerkats disappear.

%HND% The platform appears, carrying both Vesonia and Aurelia, lying there lifelessly

%SND% 1210 - Crane Stops
%MUS% 1211 - Music Ends
%SND% 1209 FADE
%MUS% 1205 FADE

%ACT% Aurelia is on the [3], Vesonia on the [5] side of the stretcher

Marcus: "Vesonia! Oh my God!"

Vinnie: "Aurelia!"

%ACT% Marcus and Vinnie storm towards the two lifeless vixens, shaking them

Marcus: "Wake up! Please, Vesonia, WAKE UP!"

Paramedic: "STOP! What are you doing? Do you want to kill them? Step back, and let a professional do this."

%ACT% Marcus and Vinnie stand back to either side.

%ACT% Paramedic shakes Vesonia and Aurelia (doing the exact same thing)


%ACT% Aurelia and Vesonia begin to stir, moaning and coughing

Paremedic: "There, that's how it's done. No, don't thank me ... I'm just doing my job."

%ACT% Paramedic steps to the side, now between Marcus and Vesonia

%ACT% Vesonia and Aurelia look around, disoriented

Vesonia: "*GASP* By the Gods ... "

%ACT% Vesonia and Aurelia jump up, assuming defensive positions

Aurelia: "All right, who are you, and what have you done to us?"

Vesonia: "And take your filthy paws off my sister!"

%ACT% Vesonia punches the paramedic in the face

%ACT% Paramedic staggers backwards, and falls into the hole in the ground.

Paramedia: "AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh"

%SND% 1212 - THUD

Paramedic (off): "Oh look, a mars bar!"

Vinnie: "Aurelia, it's just us! Everything's fine! You're safe now!"

Aurelia: "Vinnie!"

%ACT% Aurelia runs to hug Vinnie

Aurelia: "I'm so glad you're here."

Vinnie: "And I'm so glad you are here."

%ACT% Vesonia looks around and starts shaking

%SND% 1213 - Gusts of Wind

Vesonia (terrified): "Marcus? What happened to the city? Everything is in ruins! Where are all the people? What happened to them? Are they all ... dead? And what about us? "

%ACT% Marcus walks up close to Vesonia and takes her shaking hands in his.

%VID% 1214 - Immortality Part II (Ending Music)
%SND% 1213 FADE
%SND% 1203 FADE

Marcus: "Don't be afraid, Vesonia. We are still very alive. And I'm here with you. What happened is very hard to understand. But when there is time, I will explain everything to you. I promise. I know I let you down, but do you think you can trust me one more time?"

Vesonia: "Yes. Of course."

Marcus: "Then let this world be our world."

%ACT% They hug and kiss

%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Music Peaks!

%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "We are immortal"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "faithful fateful"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "we are final"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "we are one"

%VID% 1214 (cont.) Achievement Unlocked: Happy Ending

%LIG% Fade down stage lights slowly to black

%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "Leaves fly away"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "sinful to stay"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "but we need them not"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "for we won't leave this spot"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "drift away into the sun"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "with thoughts of none"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "fade away"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "as we stay"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "one"

%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: A month, a day, maybe a year
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: or maybe upon an autumn tear
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: we'll find the moon, and the sun
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: and be immortal, and be one

%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "We are immortal"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "faithful fateful"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "we are final"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "we are one"
%VID% 1214 (cont.) - Lyrics: "we are one"


%LIG% Main Stage Lights Full on

%ATT% - Congratulations. You made it once again! -