Act 3, Scene 1: Achievements Unlocked [Crossroads]

%LIG% start haze

%AMB% 0901 - Apocalypse (ashes, brimstone, wind, thunder)

%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Lights on (cloudy daylight)

%ACT% Marcus runs in [1], followed by Aurelia and Vinnie

Marcus: "Come on, don't stop, keep moving! And if you can, stay under cover ... the smaller brimstones may be harmless, but sometimes there'll be bigger chunks coming down, and you really don't want to get hit by those."

%ACT% They pass the signpost

Aurelia: "Wait a minute! It's the other way to the Arena!"

Marcus: "We're not going to the arena."

Aurelia: "Oh. But I thought we ..."

Marcus: "Once we're outside the city, we're going to run as fast as we can - along the coast, away from the volcano."

Aurelia: "And what about my sister?"

Marcus: "I'm sorry, Aurelia, but going back would be suicide."

Aurelia: "Don't be sorry. You've already done more than anyone could ever ask for. Thank you so much for helping us, we'll be forever grateful. But I can't leave my sister behind - I must go back to the arena."

Marcus: "I understand."

Aurelia: "We'll always keep you in out hearts. But before our ways part, I want you to give you something that will always remind you of us, no matter what happens. It's the last letter I received from Vesonia. Please keep it safe."

Marcus: "Thank you."

%ACT% Aurelia hands Marcus the note, then turns towards Vinnie

Aurelia: "And good luck to you, too, Vinnie."

%ACT% Aurelia hugs Vinnie and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Aurelia: "Take good care of yourselves! Farewell."

%ACT% Aurelia turns to leave [1].

Vinnie: "Aurelia, wait! I will go with you."

Marcus: "WHAT?"

Aurelia: "Really? After all that has happened, you would still do that for me?"

Vinnie: "Of course! You're very brave, but you won't stand a chance against Gavius alone."

Marcus: "Vinnie, against Mount Vesuvius, NOBODY stands a chance!"

Vinnie: "Marcus, don't you think that sometimes - just sometimes - someone else's feelings should be more important than your own? Have you ever thought about how Vesonia might be feeling about you?"

Marcus: "Vinnie, In just a few hours, there will not be a city here any more. Feelings don't matter!"

Vinnie: "When do feelings matter, if not now? I think I begin to understand why you've been so alone all these years."

Marcus: "Now that was completely uncalled for."

Aurelia: "I really didn't want to cause any trouble ..."

Vinnie: "Don't worry, you aren't. Come on, let's go. And Marcus?"

Marcus: "Yes?"

%MUS% 0902 - Tragic Music
%SND% 0903 - More Apocalypse Rising

Vinnie: "I can take care of myself and the girls. We'll be back, alive and kicking."

Marcus: "You'd better."

Vinnie: "I promise. Now take care."

Aurelia: "Yes, take care, Marcus."

%ACT% Vinnie and Aurelia leave [1]

%ACT% Marcus watches them go. They're gone.

Marcus (to himself): "And what am I supposed to do now? I really don't know what's wrong and what's right anymore ..."

%ACT% Marcus looks at the note in his hand

%ACT% Marcus unfolds the note

%ACT% Marcus reads the note

%FOG% The wind carries along smoke and fog

%LIG% The lights becomes reddish and toxic, and slowly dims

%SND% 0903b - Vesonia (off): "Dear Sister, we're on our way to free you. When I took these two would-be gladiators with me I didn't expect much, but even in this short time, I feel like I've made some wonderful friends. Especially Marcus. He's both handsome, and very intelligent. He impresses me in every possible way, and I hate lying to him. I'll tell him the truth when he's ready, and I hope he'll understand why I didn't have another choice. And there's so much more I want to tell him. I think I love him. See you soon, in freedom - Vesonia."

%ACT% Marcus starts crying

Marcus (desperate): "Why, just WHY does life have to be so bloody unfair ..."

%MUS% 0904 - Music Rises
%SND% 0902 FADE

%FOG% Even stronger cloud of fog

Marcus (coughing uncontrollably): "Oh shit ... this is happening earlier than I thought ... it's already too late ... Can't ... breathe ... anymore ..."

%LIG% The light dims, and it becomes all dark.

%SND% 0905 - Dream Transistion
%MUS% 0904 FADE
%AMB% 0901 FADE

%ACT% Marcus tries to walk towards the city exit slowly, staggering and coughing.

%ACT% Marcus collapses.

%LIG% Lights out


%HND% Curtain - close