Act 3, Scene 2: Blackout


%SND% Cellphone dialling tones. Ring tone. Picks up.
%VID% (cont.) - Dial Screen
%VID% (cont.) - Null appears on the projection screen, Cornelius in a small PIP

Cornelius: “Oh hello Null! Good to see you! What's up?”

Null: “Just wanted to give you a quick update: The data on your stick is one big mess. Just sorting out what's relevant for us and what isn't is one hell of a challenge, let alone analysing the content.”

Cornelius: “Any useful findings yet?”

Null: “Yup! BCA employee passwords, lots of them, and most of them still work. I read lots of really interesting emails. It seems like Jiao Chan is holding Cai-Lung captive at BCA headquarters. I don't know exactly WHERE inside the building he's being held, but at least he's still alive.”

Cornelius: “Phew. I'm really glad to hear that. And what's the bad news?”

Null: “The master keys for the core production servers have all been revoked. That means the only way to stop the rollout is to get physical access to the network.”

Cornelius: “Shit. The server room is in one of the most well-secured sections of the building.”

Null: “Don't despair. Those servers need to actively communicate somehow with all the devices they're supposed to be updating, and wherever there is communication, there is a good chance of there being a more vulnerable machine outside the server room. However, I haven't found any documentation about their network layout yet, so it's hard to say where a physical access point might be.”

Cornelius: “All right then. I'll head over to my former workplace: I know the building better than anyone else. Just tell me where to go, and I'll find a way to get there undetected. And even if you don't find any suitable access points, maybe we can try to save Cai-Lung at least.”

Null: “Very well. If I find a way into the system, I'll give you call and tell you what to do. But don't wait for me. If you figure out how to free Cai-Lung, make sure you get the hell out of there as fast as you can. Don't mess with these guys.”

Cornelius: “I'll do my best. Good luck, Null. And thanks for everything.” Null: “You're welcome. And good luck to you, too.”

%SND% Hangup tone
%VID% (cont.) - Caption on Screen: Connection terminated


%HND% Cai Lung is bound with ropes, looking to [7]. He is surrounded by three guards with weapons

%HND% Curtain - open

%MUS% 1001 - Music 1 (Dark Drone)

%LIG% Lights on

%SND% 1002 - Footsteps on a metal ladder

%ACT% Cornelius appears at [6] on the second level from below.

%ACT% Yun appears at [6] on the second level from below.

%ACT% Yun pants

Yun: “Oh my god! If I have to climb one more ladder, I'm going to die … I need a break!”

%ACT% Cornelius chuckles

Cornelius: “I'm sorry we can't use the elevator, but I'm sure my key card isn't working anymore.”

Yun: “And are you sure nobody knows we're here?”

Cornelius: “Pretty sure. All housing technology needs to be accessible even when the power's out, so it's all good old-fashioned mechanical locks and keys. And unlike my swipecard, they can't simply deactivate those over night.”

%ACT% Cornelius chuckles

Yun: “How many more rooms do we need to check?”

Cornelius “I wish I knew. We're behind the executive conference room now. Please lift me up so I can take a peek.”

Yun: “Ok.”

%ACT% Yun and Cornelius go behind the wall with the vent. Cornelius climbs on Yun, and looks through the vent.

Yun (whispering): “And? What do you see?”

Cornelius (whispering): “Yes! He's in there! But there are also three guards. With guns. Shit.”

Yun (whispering): “So what do we do now?”

Cornelius (whispering): “Shhhhh! Be quiet! I think someone's coming in!”

%SND% 1003 - Footsteps

%ACT% Cornelius and Yun retreat backwards, listening to the conversation.

%SND% 1003 (cont.) - Door opens

%ACT% Jiao Chan comes in from [1] and walks around Cai Lung to the middle of the stage

%MUS% 1004 - Music 2 (Mystery)
%MUS% 1001 FADE

Jiao Chan (sarcastic): “Well well well, look what the cat dragged in. The love of my life!”

Cai Lung: “I can't believe it has come to this after all these years we spent together. How cold hearted do you have to be to fake your love for a man, start a family and then spit him out like chewing gum?”

Jiao Chan: “Well, you could have stayed in Tibet with your pathetic little Buddhist friends. But it was your own decision to leave the path of enlightenment for the superhighway of capitalism, so stop acting like you're morally superior. In the end we're both just doing our jobs, and if we don't do it, someone else will. It's the inevitable course of events, so you might as well accept it.”

Cai Lung: “Yes, that is true. I made a mistake, and it took me WAY too long to realise that. My master once taught me that the only way to change the world for the better is to be kind to others. But one day, the people's liberation army burned down the temple, arrested the teachers and drove the students away. And that was when I realized I was powerless. So I reached for the power. I thought I could use it to make the world a better place.”

Jiao Chan: “And managed to give your government quite a few headaches. When we realized that Black Crescent Advantage had effectively bought out all of the IT infrastructure of our country, it was almost too late. But did you really think we would just quietly sit there and watch the people use your information technology to spread lies and doubt about the communist party? My little fool …”

Cai Lung: “Maybe I'm a fool, but I'm NOT YOURS!”

Jiao Chan: “Oh yes, you are. The only thing I haven't taken away from you yet, is your life. And even that is only a matter of time.”

Cai Lung: “You know you can't kill me. Cornelius and Yun are still out there, and they have a complete copy of all THE documents relating to your despicable scheme … including the master keys. And guess where these documents are going to end up the moment you lay a finger on me.”

%ACT% Jiao Chan laughs

Jiao Chan: “Nice try, Cai-Lung. Nice try. But if they really had a copy of all that data, and a way to make use of it, I’m sure they would have already done so. You're bluffing. The big rollout is happening right now, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.”

Cai Lung: “Then why am I still alive again?”

Jiao Chan: “Because, business aside, you and I still have a personal score to settle. I won't let anybody stand between me and my goals, Cai Lung. Not you, not Yun, not Cornelius. I will not let them leave a nasty stain on my reputation.”

%ACT% Jiao Chan gets really close to Cai Lung, and continues in a whispering tone.

%MUS% 1005 - Music 3 (Rise)
%MUS% 1004 FADE

Jiao Chan (whispering): “I will hunt them down! And I will make sure you are watching when I kill them! And then you will be next!”

%ACT% Cai Lung rears up in a fit of rage, the ropes barely holding him back. A few of the ropes around his head snaps loose.


%ACT% The guards jump back, raising their guns!

%ACT% Jiao Chan pushes the button.

%SND% 1006 - Stun Gun Sound
%MUS% 1007 - Music 4 (Terror)
%MUS% 1005 FADE

%LIG% Strobe Light from underneath Cai Lung

%ACT% Cai Lung cries in extreme pain, and drops like a stone. Panting.

%ACT% Yun gasps!

Yun (in panic): “Oh my god! She's torturing him! We need to stop her!”

%ACT% Yun lunges for the vent.

%ACT% Cornelius tries to hold her back.

Cornelius: “No! Are you crazy! If we go in there now, we're dead!”

%ACT% Yun shivers and pants in rage!

Yun (enraged): “Let … me … go … and … kill … that … bitch!”

Cornelius: “NO!”

%ACT% Yun manages to restrain herself, but keeps running around nervously.

%SND% 1008 - Music 5 (More Terror)
%MUS% 1007 FADE

Jiao Chan: “Don't mess with me, dragon. Those days are over. I own you. I am now everything. And you are nothing.”

%ACT% Jiao Chan pushes the button.

%SND% 1009 - Stun Gun Sound
%SND% 1010 - Music 6 (Even More Terror) ← layer on 1008

%SND% Electric Stun Gun Sound

%LIG% Strobe Light from underneath Cai Lung

%ACT% Cai Lung cries in extreme pain again, his body convulsing

Jiao Chan: “Where are your friends now, Cai Lung? Where are they?”

%ACT% Jiao Chan pushes the button.

%SND% 1011 - Stun Gun Sound

%LIG% Strobe Light from underneath Cai Lung

%ACT% Cai Lung cries in extreme pain again, his body convulsing

Cai Lung (panting, in pain): “Even if I knew, I would rather die than betray my own daughter!”

Jiao Chan: “Don't worry, you are going to die. But it'll take a while!”

%ACT% Jiao Chan pushes the button.

%SND% 1012 - Stun Gun Sound

%LIG% Strobe Light from underneath Cai Lung

%ACT% Cai Lung cries in extreme pain again, his body convulsing. He sways his head back and forth, closing his eyes, reciting a buddhist mantra in sanskrit. He briefly stops during the electric shocks, but continues his mantra immediately afterwards.

Cai Lung: “sabbe satta sukhi hontu” (repeat)

%ATT% (Yun continues while Cai Lung gets shocked in the background two more times)

%MUS% 1013 - Music 7 (Sad)
%MUS% 1008 FADE


%SND% 1014 - Stun Gun Sound (low volume)

%ACT% Cornelius hugs Yun

Cornelius: “Be strong, Yun! Be strong like your father! We can't go in there yet, we have to wait!

%ACT% Yun cries in panic, holding on to Cornelius

%SND% 1014 - Stun Gun Sound (low volume)


Cornelius: “Trust me … she won't … not yet …”

%ACT% Yun cries some more.

%ATT% Jiao Chan shocks Cai Lung one more time. Continue after the LOUD shock!

%SND% 1015 - Stun Gun Sound (full volume)
%MUS% 1016 - Music 8 (Terror/Suspense)
%MUS% 1013 FADE

Jiao Chan: “Alright. Even if you won't tell me where your daughter and her friend are … Sooner or later, they will come knocking at my door. After all I’ve got something they want. I’ve got you! If you will excuse me now, I have to attend to my appointments. I'll be back … before you have time to miss me.”

%ACT% Jiao Chan turns around, and leaves.

%SND% 1017 - Door closes / Footsteps leaving

Cornelius: “She's gone.”

%ACT% Yun still weeps a little.

Yun: “Is he still alive?”

Cornelius: “Yes, I think so.”

Yun (timid): “Can we now please end this nightmare? I really thought we were going to lose him.”

Cornelius: “Now is our chance! Give me the wire cutter!”

Yun: “What's your plan?”

Cornelius: “I'll short out the power. That'll black out the entire floor. Then you jump in and kill the guards. You can see in the dark, but they can't. And I'm pretty sure they won't dare shoot in the dark. Then we'll free Cai Lung and get him to the roof, hopefully before the power comes back on.”

Yun: “I'm ready when you are.”

%MUS% 1018 - Music 9 - Rise
%MUS% 1016 FADE

Cornelius: “Then let's show these bastards!”

%ACT% Cornelius cuts the wire.

%LIG% Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close

%MUS% 1019 - BRRRATZ!
%MUS% 1020 - Music 10 - The End

%SND% 1019 (cont.) Tiger roar, shots in the dark, guards screaming in panic.