Act 2, Scene 4: The Head that Wears a Crown


%AMB% 0801 - Night Ambience
%MUS% 0802 - Music 1 (Suspense)

%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Lights on

%ACT% Yun and Void enter the scene from [7], seeming very exhausted.

Void (exhausted): “Yun? Yun! I can't go any further, can we please take a rest?”

Yun (annoyed): “No, Cornelius! Can you imagine how many cameras caught us on our way out here? We're still way too close to the city!”

Void: “Says you! I'm a bloody rat! For every step you take, I have to take a dozen!”

Yun: “Don't tell me you want to sit down and wait until they catch us!”

Void: “I'm doing my best, but I'm at the end of my strength! I'm sorry!”

Yun (angry): “You're doing your best? Hell, you betrayed Cai Lung and me, destroyed our plans and nearly got us all killed in the process. I don't see how anybody could do any worse than that!”

Void (insulted): “Oh yeah? Do you think I did all this on purpose? I had an accident, I lost my memories … IT WAS NOT MY FAULT! I had only the best intentions!”

Yun: “Yes, and you did a great job paving the road to hell with them! What happened to the man I once knew? Cornelius used to be courageous and smart. But you … you're just a complete failure! Why did you have to ruin everything? Why?”

%MUS% 0803 - Music 2 (Sad)
%MUS% 0802 FADE

Void (bitter): “I'm sorry, Yun. When I woke up a few days ago, remembering nothing, I thought that I had lost everything. Imagine waking up on an alien planet, realizing you're the only one left of your own species. That's how I felt. It's the most agonizing, heart-wrenching feeling of despair and loneliness you can imagine. But when I saw that picture of you, I suddenly had a reason to live again. I knew that I loved you, and I firmly believed that you were out there, somewhere, waiting for me. If there was anyone on this planet able to understand how I feel, it was you. So I set out to find you. You were my only hope. And because I didn't know any better, I believed what people said to me. And I did what people told me to do. But now I realize, it was all wrong.”

%MUS% 0804 - Music 3 (Desperate)
%MUS% 0803 FADE

%ACT% Yun realizes she's gone overboard with her anger!

Yun: “I’m sorry, Cornelius! You never told me …”

%ACT% Void turns away from her

Void (bitter): “Don't call me Cornelius. My name is Void. And you know what? You are absolutely right. I am guilty of everything you say. And that’s why I'm no longer going to stand in your way. Go, before they catch you. What are you waiting for? Go!”

Yun: “And what about you?”

%MUS% 0805 - Music 4 (Rise + Remorse) ← Auf “Get Lost”
%MUS% 0804 FADE

Void (bitter): “I'll survive. And if I don't … what does it matter anyway? Now get lost! Having your face etched on my memory as an eternal reminder of my original life and purpose is painful enough. If I can’t get you out of my head, at least GET OUT OF MY SIGHT.”

%ACT% Void turns away from Yun, beginning to walk towards [5]

Yun: “Cornelius? … Void! … Please …”


%ACT% Void returns to [4]

%ACT% Yun knows she has done something terrible.

Yun (softly): “Alright. As you wish. Take care.”

%ATT% -> to match music: 30s from here to next line from Yun

%ACT% Yun slowly walks towards [1]

%ACT% Void sighs

%ATT% (to match music: Timer 15s)

%ACT% Void begins to breathe heavily

%ACT% Void curls up next to the tree at [4].

%ACT% Void begins to sob silently for a while.

%ACT% Yun comes back on stage from [1]

%ATT% -> to match music: 30s to here from last line from yun

Yun (softly): “Cornelius?”

Void (sobbing): “When will you finally leave me alone?”

%ACT% Void scrambles backwards

%ACT% Yun moves forward

Yun (softly): “I can't. I just can’t. I love you, Cornelius. I am not complete without you. ”

Void (crying): “I'm not Cornelius! I'm Void! Why don't you get it!”

Yun (softly): “Cornelius - I don't know what got into me, I am terribly sorry for what I said. I was wrong. Please forgive me.”

%ACT% Yun raises a paw to comfort Void.

%ACT% Void scrambles backwards even more.

Void (frightened): “No! Nononno! Don't touch me!”

Yun (reassuring): “Why not? You're not seriously afraid of me, are you?”

Void (frightened): “I fooled myself once, believing I knew you. But in reality, you are a complete stranger to me.”

Yun (softly): “But didn't you say you remember my face?”

Void: “Yes. And I wish I didn’t. The memory of you is like an illusion. The harder I try to chase after it, the more it seems to move away.”

%MUS% 0806 - Music 5 (Drone)
%MUS% 0805 FADE

Yun: “But perhaps, if seeing a picture of me triggers your memory a little, maybe touching me will trigger it more?”

Void: “No, I'm NOT going to touch you! Never, under no circumstances.”

Yun: “But why? Didn't you just tell me you have nothing to lose? Cornelius … you must be feeling cold. And alone. But you don't have to. Come here. Come to me. I'm your friend. Let me take away the cold.”

%ACT% Yun purrs.

%ACT% Yun lies down flat on her belly, making herself as small as possible. (Ideally she's below Void's eye height now.)

%ACT% Void stands up, stretching out an arm. (It costs him a lot of overcoming to touch Yun. He's very afraid.)

%ACT% Void's hand trembles as he slowly reaches out, and finally touches Yun on the forehead.

%ACT% Void is overwhelmed with a sudden flash of brief memories.

%MUS% 0807 - Music 6 (Shock + Doubt)
%SND% 0808 - Flashback

Void: “GAH!!!”

%ACT% Void gets thrown back like being hit by lightning.

Yun: “What what what? What is it?”

%ACT% Void is panting heavily

Void (panting): “What the hell?”

Yun: “I didn't do anything! Are you alright?”

Void (stunned): “The touch of your fur … it was just like the very first time we touched! It was a warm summer night, in the park. And my heart was beating just like it is now!”

Yun (gasps): “You remember it!”

Void (still stunned): “Yes! Yes, I do!”

Yun: “Touch me again!”

%ACT% Void raises his hand again, but stops.

Yun: “What is it? What are you waiting for?”

Void: “It's wonderful to remember beautiful things. But what about all the pain, all the sorrow, all the bad things? What about those? If it all comes back, will I be able to cope? What will I remember about me? What kinds of dark secrets do I have? And what if it doesn't work, and I'll only remember half of it? I'm not sure I'm ready for this! I'm afraid, Yun!”

%ACT% Void trembles.

%ACT% Yun stands up, and walks behind Void.

Yun: “Don't be afraid. I'm here with you. I will keep you safe. Now and forever. Come on. Relax. Just let it happen.”

%ACT% Void trembles and pants, trying to overcome his fear. His trembling and breathing increases.

%MUS% 0809 - Music 7 (Rise + Epic)
%SND% 0810 - Void's Memories
%MUS% 0808 FADE

%AMB% 0801 FADE

Void: “I love you! I just want to hold on to you, and never let you go again … ”

%MUS% Music Peaks!

%ACT% Void bursts out in tears, and buries himself in Yun's fur.

%ACT% Yun curls up protectively around Void.

%ACT% Void cries

%SND% 0810 (cont.) Cornelius: “It's time for us to part, isn't it.”

%SND% 0810 (cont.) Yun: “Yes, but I'll be waiting for you in Tibet.”

%SND% 0810 (cont.) Cornelius: “Alright. I'll deliver the stick as fast as I can. I love you.”

%SND% 0810 (cont.) Yun: “I love you too!”

%ACT% Void calms down.

%MUS% Music slows down

Void: ”… and then the goddamn train was early!”

Yun: “The what?”

Void: “The train was early! I checked the goddamn timetable, twice! But then, the train was early! When I heard it, I started running immediately, but I didn't make it to the exit in time … I tried to press myself as close to the tunnel wall as possible, but then I slipped, and there was a flash … and I survived! I SURVIVED! And I remember every single bit of it!”

Yun: “Welcome back, Cornelius.”

%MUS% 0811 - Music 8 (Victory)
%AMB% 0812 - Day Ambience
%MUS% 0810 FADE

%ACT% Cornelius jumps up!

Cornelius: “Yes! Cornelius! That's me!”

%ACT% Cornelius makes little leaps of joy, whirling around

Cornelius (shouting joyfully): “My name is Cornelius! Cornelius Hunting! And I am in love with a tigress! DO YOU HEAR ME? YUN, I LOVE YOU! I LOOOOVE YOUUUU! WHOOO-HOOOO!!!”

%ACT% Cornelius jumps on Yun, hugging and kissing her.

Yun: “Woah!!”

%ACT% Yun falls over, and they both end up on the floor, lauhging.

%ACT% Yun laughs.

%ACT% Cornelius laughs.

%ACT% They both sigh, and become silent for a moment, enjoying each others company.

%ACT% - wait for music to end, then a second of silence -

Cornelius (thoughtful): “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown!”

Yun (in disbelief): “William Shakespeare?”

Cornelius (calm): “No! I mean … yes! But it's also the passphrase I set on Cai Lung's memory stick!”

Yun (relieved): “Yes! Finally everything is coming together … now if only we could get back in touch with Null, and tell him what he needs to know!”

Cornelius: “I’m sure there is a way. Null is a very curious guy. For him, this is the coolest thing that ever happened, and he won’t be able to rest until he knows what it is all about. Null wouldn’t be Null if he didn’t leave some kind of clue for us.”

Yun: “The only thing he left was the message on your phone.”

%ACT% Yun and Cornelius pick themselves up from the floor.

Cornelius: “Then let’s go through it once more.”

%ACT% Cornelius gets out the phone.

%SND% 0813 - Beep

%VID% The last part of Null’s recorded message is played on the screen.

%VID% Null: “I need to get out of here now, my place is no longer safe. I'll also have to disable our phones, I’m sorry. If you find the magic word … let me know. I’m sure you’ll find a way. Always remember: The sky is the limit. See ya.”

%VID% Null begins his Tai-Doku routine.

%VID% Null: “22 - 44 - 35 - Strike - 114 - 29 - 14 - Strike”

%SND% 0814 - Hangup tone
%VID% 0815 - “End of Recording”

%VID% The recording ends.

Yun: “What the hell is he doing there?”

Cornelius: “He calls it Tai-Doku - a combination of Tai-Chi and Sudoku. It’s what he does when he’s upset. Making the numbers match seems to help him calm down.”

Yun: “Really? But the numbers he’s using don’t match at all! Sudoku is about matching single-digit numbers, and some of his were up in the hundreds. Whatever he’s doing, it has nothing to do with sudoku. So what else could it be? His new phone number?”

Cornelius: “No, too many digits.”

Yun: “Maybe a post box?”

Cornelius: “No, too closely guarded. Oh, but wait!”

%ACT% Cornelius presses some buttons on the phone

Yun: “What are you doing?”

%VID% A map of hong kong appears and zooms in to one intersection.

Cornelius: “Yes! Just what I thought. The numbers are GPS coordinates! 22.4435 North / 114.2914 East”

Yun: “Excellent! And where are they going to lead us?”

Cornelius: “According to the map, it’s … a nightclub.”

Yun: “Aha! So, you want to go out with me tonight?”

Cornelius: “It would be my pleasure, sweetheart. Put on your evening stripes, cause here we come!”

%MUS% 0816 - The End

%LIG% Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close