Act 2, Scene 3: Morrison Hill Surplus Electronics


%ATT% Void and Yun are sitting in the maglev train they have been able to enter using Cai-Lung's special ID chips.

%SND% Train starts moving

%VID% The video screen shows a loop of surveillance cameras footage from inside the train. The lights are out inside the train. It is very dark. Nobody is to be seen. (Not even yun and void. They're sitting somewhere in a black corner, invisible to the camera.)

Void: “*Gasp* Why did the lights go out? What's happening, Yun?”

Yun: “It's because of the special IDs daddy gave us. The train's computer doesn't know we're here, so it's saving power.”

Void: “Oh. I see. Sorry for asking so many questions. But today everything's turned out exactly the opposite of what I thought it was. Even you. I'd hoped you'd be happy to see me.”

Yun: “You lead our worst enemy to where we were hiding. What did you exect? A medal of honour?”

Void: “I thought you were in trouble and needed my help. How could I have known I was wrong? I lost my memory - It was an accident!”

Yun: “Oh yeah, your memory. What makes you so sure they didn't brainwash you deliberately?”

Void: “At the moment I'm not so sure about anything anymore. Like your dad. I thought he was a big, fierce monster. But he seems to be very kind – and brave!”

Yun: “He's totally awesome! The government kicked him out of the temple he grew up in during the uprising, and he swore he'd get revenge. He started up Black Crescent Advantage, and within 10 years, the company was effectively ruling the country. It's no surprise the government really didn't like that.”

Void: “And why didn't they simply break the company apart?”

Yun: “They couldn't. BCA had become so big it would have caused an economic crisis if they did. So they decided to make Cai-Lung their puppet - and Jiao Chan was supposed to be the puppeteer. Using her powers at BCA, she secretly built what they call the “Government Darknet”. It's a data network controlling all electronic devices: from your home cinema to the sprinkler system in your flat. Jiao Chan made sure that all new network-capable devices were built according to strict government specifications, and State Security wrote the necessary software. The deployment of this software is taking place right now. They call it “The Big Rollout”, and once it's completed they will be able to control literally everything electronic. They could even short-circuit your ID chip implant and kill you on the spot! It's that powerful.”

Void: “Holy shit! And a copy of all that is on the memory stick? I'm beginning to understand why everyone's pretty pissed off. I swear I'm going to make up for it. I swear to god. Even if it's the last thing I ever do.”


%AMB% 0701 - Street Ambience
%MUS% 0702 - Silent Chinese Music

%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Lights on

%ACT% There are two generic looking guys standing in front of the window (1-3 at backpanel), Guy1 besides the door [4], and the clerk behind the counter [6].

%ACT% Yun comes in from [1]

%ACT% Void comes in behind Yun from [1]

Yun: “So this is Wan Chai road. Now where is that shop daddy was talking about?”

Void: “Look over there! It says ‘Morrison Hill Surplus Electronics’. That must be it!”

Yun: “Oh yeah, of course.”

%ACT% Yun starts speeding towards the store

Void: “Hey! Stop! What do you think you're doing? You can't just walk in there like that!”

Yun: “And why not, if I may ask?”

Void: “I don’t know, but something’s wrong about this place.”

Yun: “*groan* Don’t be silly. If it worked for Cai Lung, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work for us, too. Jiao Chan doesn’t know we’re here.”

Void: “Maybe, but she knows we're missing - so we must keep our eyes open. For example, why are there so many people standing in front of the store?”

Yun: “It's what people do. It's a goddamn SHOP WINDOW, after all.”

Void: “But then why is there nobody in front of the other shops? And the guy sitting in front of the entrance … why is he looking at us like that?”

Yun: “That's because you're staring at him as if he were a zombie! Now stop being so paranoid. We're going in.”

%ACT% Yun walks towards the entrance, leaving Void behind.

Void: “No, Wait! Uhm … uh. *SIGH* Allright. Just don't tell me I didn't warn you.”

%ACT% Yun enters the store

%SND% 0703 - Door
%SND% 0702 (volume down)

%ACT% Void follows yun, running after her to catch up.

%ACT% Yun stops in front of the counter.

%ACT% Void stops behind her.

Clerk: “Hello, Ma'am. How can I help you?”

Void (through his teeth): “So what are we going to do now? After all we can hardly say 'Hello, you don't happen to know any underground hackers, do you?'”

Yun: “Hello. You don't happen to know any underground hackers, do you?”

%ACT% Void explodes. Silently.

Void: “Hrrrrsnnsnrnnrngnrgn!”

Clerk: “That’s a pretty bold question. May I ask who I am speaking to?”

Yun: “My father sends me. He was here sometime last week. Big chinese dragon, maybe you remember him.”

Clerk: “Ooooh! Of course I remember Cai Lung. One of my best customers.”

Yun: “We are looking for a hacker who goes by the name of NULL. We lost contact the day before yesterday.”

Clerk: “Oh yes, I know who you're talking about. But I'm afraid he went offline a few days ago. Nobody knows what has happened to him or where he might be right now. If he did not leave you any instructions on how to reach him, all you can do is wait until he reaches YOU. How did you keep in touch with him before you lost him?”

%ACT% Yun puts null's phone on the counter.

%ACT% Yun sits down in front of the counter.

Yun: “He gave us this phone. But it no longer works. It still turns on, but you can't make calls with it any more.”

Clerk: “Oh, I see, an old HTC Earthquake Zero-Band with custom firmware. Probably the oldest phone that still works on the public network. Highly illegal, because you can run your own encryption software on it. But also nearly undetectable if you do it right.“

Yun: “Do you think you can fix it?”

Clerk: “Hmmm…”

%ACT% Clerk tinkers around with the phone, pressing various button combinations

%SND% 0704 - Beep Beep Beep

Clerk: “It seems like your SIM card has been wiped. I can get you a new one - also unregistered of course. That’ll get your phone back online. But you probably still won't be able to reach Null - he either went offline, or changed his number. Would you still like me to go ahead?”

Yun: “Yes please.”

Clerk: “All right then, I'll do my best to get you back online. But I can't do it here. If you would follow me to my workshop, please. It's in the back of the store.”

%ACT% Void pushes in between Yun and the Clerk, forcing Yun backwards a little.

%ACT% The guys in front of the window join the guy in front of the door.

%SND% 0705 - Music (Suspense)

Void: “Wait a minute! You said it's just the SIM card. You don't need a workshop to change a SIM card!”

Clerk (leans over his counter): “Listen, my friend. You should really do what I tell you. Please, follow me. Now.”

Void: “I don't think so! Come on, Yun, we're leaving!”

Yun: “Wha … what? Cornelius? Are you out of your mind?”

%ATT% Yun is now played by Tani and Kyron

Void (whispers): “Don't you see it's a trap! This guy's a secret agent! The real hacker's probably already dead! He wants us to get out of sight so he can knock us out, or worse! Once we go through that backdoor, we're history!”

%ACT% Void walks backwards.

%ACT% The secret agents enter the store.

%MUS% 0706 - Music Rise + Drone

Void (loudly): “Thank you sir, but I'm afraid we have to go now! Have a good day! Bye bye!”

%ACT% Void bumps into the secret agents, and turns around.

%MUS% 0705 - STOP
%MUS% 0706 - STOP
%MUS% 0707 - Shock + Drone

Void: “EEEEEK!”

%ACT% The secret agents surround Yun and Void

Clerk: “Oh, why didn't you LISTEN to me! I HATE it when this happens.”

%ACT% Clerk grabs the phone and disappears through the back door.

Yun (cynical): “Good job, Cornelius.”

Void: “Oh shut up.”

Agent 1: “Now look who we have here! The little runaway and her accomplice. You are now going to come with us. Your mommy wants to talk to you.”

%SND% 0708 - Fight Music Rise
%SND% 0707 - FADE

Yun (angry): “Jiao Chan is not my mother. EAT MY CLAWS!”

%SND% 0709 - Paw Swipe
%MUS% 0710 - Fighting Music

%ATT% Fight Step 1: Yun → Agent1

%ACT% Yun swats Agent1 off the stage with her paw (to the back)

%ACT% Yun roars at Agent2 and Agent3, who retreat a bit in fear

%SND% 0711 - Roaaar!

%ACT% Yun looks over her shoulder to Void

Yun: “What are you waiting for, Cornelius! Fight with me!”

Void: “But I can't!”

Yun: “I don't care! Do it anyway!”

%ATT% Fight Step 2: Agent2 → Yun

%ACT% Agent2 (with stick) runs towards Yun

%ACT% Agent2 rises on his hind legs

%ACT% Agent2 hits Yun on the head with his stick (movement from top→down, towards behind-the-stage)

%SND% 0712 - Head Punch

Yun: “AAAAAaargh!”

%ACT% Yun flies backwards, lands, and lies there motionless

%SND% 0713 - Body Impact

%ATT% Fight Step 3: Clerk → Void

Void: “Yun! Noooooooo!”

%ACT% Void turns to the Clerk

Void: “Come on, give me a weapon! Anything! Quick!”

Clerk: “Here! Catch!”

%SND% 0714 - Swish

%ACT% Clerk throws mop towards Void, who catches it mid-air

%ATT% Fight Step 4: Void → Agent2

%ACT% Void mops Agent2's face

%SND% 0715 - Mobbeldimobbeldi

%ACT% Void hits Agent2 with the mob (front-to-back), batting him off the stage

%SND% 0716 - Punch!
%SND% 0715 STOP

%ATT% Fight Step 5: Agent3 → Void

%ACT% Agent1 re-appears behind Agent 3

%ACT% Agent3 attacks Void

%ACT% Void swings his mop at Agent3 (front-to-back)

%SND% 0717 - Swish

%ACT% Agent 3 ducks under the mop

%ACT% Void swings his mop at Agent3 (back-to-front)

%SND% 0718 - Swosh

%ACT% Agent 3 jumps up, landing on the mop, pinning it down

%ACT% Yun gets back on her feet

%ACT% Agent 3 headbutts Void

%SND% 0719 - Headbutt

Void: “Gaaaarght!”

%ACT% Void gets thrown back and disappears from view (including his mop)

%ATT% Fight Step 6: Yun → Agent 3

%SND% 0720 - Jump! / Roar!

Yun: “Raaaaaaahhhr!”

%ACT% Yun *jumps* onto Agent3

Agent3: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

%ACT% Yun bites down on Agent 3

%SND% 0721 - Bite / Growl!

%ACT% Yun SHAKES Agent 3 and throws him away (to the rear)

%ATT% Fight Step 7: Agent1 → Yun

%ACT% Agent1 runs towads Yun, drawing a sword

%SND% 0722 - Shring!

%ACT% Yun goes on her hindpaws to avoid the sword.

%ACT% Agent1 wields his sword in fromt of Yun

%SND% 0723 - Swishswoshswoosh

%ACT% Yun bats at Agent 1 with her paws to keep him at a distance

%SND% 0724 - Growls

%ATT% Fight Step 8: Void → Agent1

%ACT% Void appears behind (right) of Agent1

Void: “Ha-Yaaaaa!”

%ACT% Void jumps up

%ACT% Void stabs Agent1 in the back with the handle of his mop, which now sticks out of him.

%SND% 0725 - Stab!

%ACT% Agent1 dies

Agent1: “AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!”

%ACT% Void tries to pull out the mop, but it's stuck

Void: “Hrrrrrrgn! Hrrrrrsn!”

%ATT% Fight Step 9: Yun → Agent2

%ACT% Agent2 appears from [1]

%ACT% Agent2 runs towards Void to attack him.

%MUS% 0726 - Final Rise!

Yun: “Get down, Cornelius! Rrrrhaaaaa!”

%SND% 0727 - JUMP / Roar!

%ACT% Yun jumps, does a Matrix-Like move and drop-kicks Agent2 off stage with her hind paws.

%MUS% 0707 STOP!
%SND% 0728 - Kick / Drop
%MUS% 0729 Intermediate Music
%MUS% 0726 STOP

%ACT% Yun lands on her side

Yun: “*PANT* *PANT* *PANT*”

%ACT% Void drops the mop (and the attached Agent1)

%ACT% Void runs after Yun

Void: “Yun! Yun, are you allright?”

%ACT% Yun gets up

Yun (exhausted): “I'm fine, don't worry!”

%SND% 0730 - Gunshots (long)

Void: “What the fuck?”

%MUS% 0729 STOP Intermediate Music
%MUS% 0731 - Action Music

Yun: “Get inside the store! Quick!”

%ACT% Yun jumps up and runs back inside the store

%ACT% Void runs back into the store

%ACT% Agent 1, 2, 3 re-appear from [1], carrying guns, shooting in Yun and Voids general direction

%ACT% Void, Yun, and the Clerk take cover behind the counter.

%ACT% Backup agents walk towards the store.

Yun: “Please tell me you've got a gun here somewhere!”

Clerk: “No, I don't. But I've fixed your phone. Here, take it. Now run. There's a small restroom at the far end of the workshop. Climb through the skylight, run across the roof and then down the fire escape in the back.”

Void: “And what about you?”

Clerk: “Don't worry about me, just get the hell out of here!”

%MUS% 0731 STOP
%MUS% 0732 - Rise / Silence

Yun: “Thank you! And good luck!”

%ACT% Void and Yun leave through the back door in [7].

%MUS% 0733 - Back door

%ACT% Clerk emerges from behind the counter

%ACT% The agents enter the store.


Clerk: “Welcome to Morrison Hill Surplus Electronics. How can I help you?”

%ACT% Lights out

%SND% 0734 - Storm of Gunshots
%MUS% 0735 - The End
%AMB% 0702 STOP

%HND% Curtain - close