Act 2, Scene 1: Facing the Shadows


%AMB% 0501 - Nature Ambience
%MUS% 0502 - Music 1 (Bamboo Flute)
%SND% 0503 - Arriving vehicles

%HND% Curtain - open

%ATT% !!! Wait for sound effect before lights on !!!

%LIG% Lights on

%ACT% Jiao Chan gets out of the jeep.

Jiao Chan: “Ah, the tiger’s nest! So this is the place where Cai Lung grew up. Very nice. So quiet and peaceful. What about you, Cornelius? Don’t you want to get out of the car?

Void: “You’re right! It looks quiet and peaceful and all that, but knowing there’s a big bad dragon hiding in there makes me feel just a liiiiiittle bit uneasy, if you know what I mean?”

Jiao Chan: “Don’t worry, it’ safe. We’re not going to go in there alone. I brought plenty of backup!”

%ACT% Jiao Chan whistles.

%SND% 0504 - Whistle!

Jiao Chan (shouting): “Special Security Unit One! Begin Operation Goldfish! Everyone into position!”

%ACT% Black-clad special ops soldiers with guns jump out of the trucks, forming a barrier between Jiao Chan and the door.

%ACT% Miss Lee gets out of the car, carrying a walkie-talkie

%SND% 0505 - Lee: “Special Security Unit One is awaiting your command, Mrs. Wan.”

Jiao Chan: “So what do you say now, Cornelius. Still feeling uneasy?”

Void (panicking): “YES! Operation Goldfish? What does that mean? And who are these people? This isn’t the police!”

Jiao Chan: “Now do you want to see your girlfriend again, or would you rather like to stay inside the car wasting your time with silly questions?”

%MUS% 0502 FADE
%MUS% 0506 - Music 2: Suspense

Void (frightened): “All right. But when this is over, you'll have a lot of explaining to do.”

%ACT% Void gets out of the car.

Jiao Chan: “You had an accident, you’re still confused, that’s normal. Don’t worry, everything is going to make sense in the end.”

%ACT% Jiao Chan steps behind Void.

Jiao Chan (to one of the soldiers): “Knock on the door!”

%ACT% A soldier walks to the door and bangs against it with the butt of his gun.

%SND% 0507 - Knocking
%SND% 0507 - Knocking
%SND% 0507 - Knocking
%SND% 0507 - Knocking

Jiao Chan: “Cai Lung! I know you are in there! The game is over! It's time to surrender!”

%ACT% A moment of silence.

Jiao Chan: “Hmmm … somehow I knew it was not going to be that easy.”

Void: “Wait a minute. Dou you really believe that shouting demands at him is a smart thing to do? I mean, this guy is blackmailing us, isn’t he?“

Jiao Chan: “Well, that depends on your point of view.”

Void: “I don't get it. Whose point of view?”

%MUS% 0506 FADE
%MUS% 0508 - Music 3 (Rise)

Jiao Chan: “Well, what I mean is that from my point of view, we are blackmailing him.”

%MUS% 0508 FADE
%MUS% 0509 - Music 4 (Dark Drama + Drone)
%MUS% 0510 - Cock Gun

%ACT% Jiao Chan loads her gun and puts it against Void's head.

%ACT% Jiao Chan and Void slowly walk towards the door.

%ACT% The guards retreat, so that they are now left of Jiao Chan and Void

Void (in shock): “WHAT???”

Jiao Chan (sharp): “Shut up, boy! I'm running this show now!”

Jiao Chan (shouting): “Hey, Cai Lung! I know you're listening! Come out, or the boy gets it!”

Void (screaming): “What the hell are you doing?”

Jiao Chan (angry, through her teeth): “Shut … the fuck … up, or else …!”

%HND% The temple doors opens with a creak.

%SND% 0511 - Temple Door
%MUS% 0512 - Music 5 (Temple Music)
%MUS% 0509 FADE

%ACT% The soldiers rise their guns, and retreat just a little, showing a little fear.

%ACT% A Buddhist monk appears, walking outside slowly.


Xang Ji-Gong: “You should not do that. There is nobody in here except for me.”

Jiao Chan: “Says who?”

Xang Ji-Gong: “My Name is Xang Ji-Gong. I am just an old man and the last remaining to take care of the old temple.”

Jiao Chan: “Then step aside, old man, or I’ll be be the last thing you’ll ever see!”

Xang Ji-Gong: “And you shall pass away too, one day. Knowing this, how can you quarrel?

Jiao Chan: “I have a gun, and you don't!”

Xang Ji-Gong: “Yes, and you are grasping it like a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else. But you do realize that YOU are the one getting burned, don’t you?”

Void (crying): “Please! Do what she says! Please!

Xang Ji-Gong: “The secret of existence is to have no fear, my friend. You must never fear what will become of you, and never depend on anyone. Only the moment you reject all help are you free.”

Void (through his teeth): “Not helping …”

Jiao Chan (evil): “Enough of this! We're going in now, if you want it or not.”

Xang Ji-Gong: “All right! Just be aware that if you turn your face to the shadows, the sun will rise behind you!”

Jiao Chan (confused): “What?”

%MUS% 0512 FADE
%MUS% 0513 - Music 6 (Rise + Action Music)
%SND% 0514 - Dragon Roar + Stomping Feet

%ATT% Very fast surprise attack that is over before everyone realizes what has happened.

%ACT% Cai-Lung pushes away the guards

%SND% 0515 - Screaming Guards

%ACT% Cai Lung lunges at Jiao Chan from behind, grabbing both her and Void, jumps past the monk, and disappears inside.

%ACT% Xang Ji-Gong closes the door from the inside.

%SND% 0513 FADE
%SND% 0514 FADE
%SND% 0516 - Door Slam

%ACT% Soldiers shoot at the door.

%SND% 0517 - Shooting 1

Jiao Chan (shouting, off): “Stop shooting, you idiots!”

%ACT% Soldiers stop shooting.

%HND% Door opens.

%SND% 0518 - Temple Door Open
%SND% 0518 cont.) - Kick!


%ACT% Jiao Chan gets thrown out of the door.

Jiao Chan: “Ayyyyyyyaaaaaaa!!!”

%ACT% Jiao Chan hits the ground hard.

%SND% 0519 - Impact
%SND% 0520 - Door Slam

%ACT% Soldiers stare at Jiao Chan

Jiao Chan (screaming): “Shoot, you idiots!”

%SND% 0521 - Shooting

%ACT% Soldiers shoot at the door, but realize its pointless, and stop again.

%MUS% 0522 - Drama Crescendo!

%ACT% Jiao Chan picks herself up, shaking the dust out of her fur. She's fuming with anger.

Jiao Chan (shouting): “Lee!”

%SND% 0523 -Lee: “At your service, Mrs. Wan?”

Jiao Chan (trying to keep her voice low): “Get me someone who can break through these gates.”

%SND% 0524 - Lee: “I'll try, but that may take a while - at least if we don't want to blow up half of the building.”

Jiao Chan: “The big roll-out must continue, no matter what. No information about it has reached the public so far. Obviously, Cai-Lung hasn't been able to pass it to his underground friends yet. If blowing this place into pieces is what it takes to stop him before he does, then so be it.”

%MUS% 0525 - Rise & The End
%AMB% 0501 FADE

%LIG% Lights out

%HND% Curtain - close