Act 1, Scene 3: The 911 Challenge


%VID% Screen shows the fictional National Census Database GUI with a large blinky overlay “no matches found”

Null: Void? Void! Wake up! I've got good news for you! I checked the national census database, and none of your biometrics match!

Void (sleepy): What? How the hell is that good news?

Null: It means that not only is your ID chip gone, but the government don't have you on file anymore. You're free now! Go and enjoy your new life! Although… I hope you withdrew your money from the bank before you let them do this.

Void: Screw my new life! I want my old life back!

%VID% Census Database Screen disappears. A google-maps like screen appears with three “frames”. One shows a partial map of hong kong, just the streets, no names. Similar to the map in GTA4. Two other frames are just empty rectangles.

Null: *sigh* Somehow I knew you'd say that. But don't worry, I'll keep my promise. All YOU have to do is … smile!”

Void: What?


%VID% Void's face appears in one of the empty rectangles. Comically bad webcam shot. He looks not amused.

Null: Thanks! You look a little grumpy, but I don't blame you.”

Void: Why did you take my picture?

Null: There's no way of getting here without passing any surveillance cameras. I've got a backdoor to the server where all the recordings are stored - and by using some facial recognition software, I can trace you back along the route you came here by.”

Void: You're a genius!

Null: I know.

%VID% The other empty rectangle shows a blur of changing surveillance camera images from different cameras, like it's cycling through hundrets of cameras, each one showing only for a few frames. About once per second, the system finds a match and marks the location of the camera on the map with a big red dot, and connecting it to the last red dot with a red line, building the route to Void's apartment step by step. This takes for about 10 seconds. Null continues talking.


%VID% The video screen shows a streetview image of the destination, the caption “TRACE COMPLETE” and the address “Apartment 2, Floor 3, 82 Woo Sung Street.”

Null: “There we are. Apartment 2, Floor 3, 82 Woo Sung Street.”

Void: “Any name registered with that address?”

Null: “Nope. You'll have to go there and find out yourself.”

Void: “You're… not going to come with me?”

Null: “And leave the underground? Are you nuts?! Don't worry. We can keep in touch. Here, take this phone.”

Void: “What the hell … this is at least 20 years old!”

Null: “Yeah, okay, it's not very flashy, but it's got a spoofed registration and the comms are encrypted.”

Void: “I hope the GPS still works.”

Null: “The streets haven't changed THAT much in the last 20 years.”

Void: “Very funny, Null. Real funny.”

%VID% Screen shuts down.


%MUS% 0302 - Music 1

%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Darkness

%SND% 0303 - Cellphone dialing tones. Ring tone. Picks up.
%VID% 0303 (cont.) - Dial Screen
%VID% 0303 (cont.) - Null appears on the projection screen.

Null (on screen): “Ah, there you are! I almost thought I had lost you! What took you so long?”

Void (off): ”(mocking) 'What took you so long?' Well maybe it was the fact that I had to find my way through an unknown city with a 20 year old GPS?”

Null (on screen): “How about you stop complaining and tell me where you are.”

Void (off): “Exactly where you sent me.”

Null (on screen): “And? What does the name on the intercom say?”

Void (off): “It says 'Cornelius Hunting'.”

Null (on screen): “What a dorky name!”

Void (off, ironic): “Well, thank you very much. I wish I still had my ID chip, then we'd see if this actually IS my place or not. How do I get in now?”

Null (on screen): “There is always more than one way to do it. In your house for example, all swipe terminals are hooked up to one central automation server in the basement.”

Void (off): “Well, I guess that's your job then.”

Null (on screen): “Not this time, I'm afraid. The server's behind a firewall, and the software's up to date. Cracking it would take way too much time. But there's an easier way to get in. Is there anything in the hall that you can set on fire?”

Void (off): “What??? You must be KIDDING me!”

Null (on screen): “Nope. If you manage to trigger the evacuation alarm, that'll automatically unlock all the doors.”

Void (off): “I can't believe I am doing this … but alright. There's a trashcan here. That might work. I hope this won't light up the entire building. Hold on.”

%SND% 0304 - Lighter, Flames
%MUS% 0305 - Music2 (Action)
%MUS% 0302f - Fade Music 1

Void: (off)“*COUGH* *COUGH* Holy shit! *COUGH* *COUGH*”

Null (on screen): “Theeere we go!”

%LIG% Alarm Lights

%SND% 0306 - Alarm beeps

%SND% 0306 (cont.) - Alarm: “Warrning! Warning! The Evacuation Alarm has been activated! Please leave the building immediately by the nearest exit, and proceed to the assembly point in an orderly manner. Then remain at the assembly point until all-clear is given. Do not use the elevator. I repeat, do not use the elevator. Thank you!”

%SND% 0306 (cont.) - Alarm beeps

%SND% 0307 - Door opens

%HND% Cloud of smoke

%LIG% Light from behind void through door

%ACT% Void stumbles in, coughing, phone in his hand

Void: “*Cough* *cough* *cough*”

Null (on screen): “Congratulations, you're in! Now hurry up, the fire department will be there in about (looks at other monitor) three minutes.”

%SND% 0308 - Light Switch

%LIG% Normal lights on

Void: “WHAT? Bloody three minutes, that's all I have?”

Null: “Yes. And now MOVE! TIME'S RUNNING!”

%ACT% Void panics


%ACT% Void randomly runs around, looking behind furniture, etc.

Null: “Look for anything that helps finding out who you are! Passports, documents, messages, photos, anything! Can you pan the camera around, so I can see what your place looks like?”

%ACT% Void turns around with the cellphone in his paw.

Void (breathing): “Alright … alright …”

Null: “Stop! There! The desk! Check the desk!”

%ACT% Void nervously runs to the desk, knocking things over in panic (some boxes, papers, pens, stuff.)

%SND% 0309 - Rustling / Stuff Dropping from Desk

Void (in panic): “The desk… the desk … yeah … let's see … hmmm … no … no, nothing here … shit, shit, shit …”

Null: “Calm down! Does the desk have a drawer?”

Void: “Yes! The drawer! Of course it has one! There!”

%ACT% Void opens the drawer.

%SND% 0310 - Drawer

Void (excited): “YES! Look, there's an old ID chip card!”

Null: “A card? Now that's what I call old fashioned. What does it say?”

Void: “Cornelius Hunting - Facility Manager - Black Crescent Advantage. And there's a picture of me on it!”

Null: “What? You're working for BCA? Now it gets interesting! Quick, take everything else that’s in the drawer and we'll sort it out later. Now try the computer!”

Void: “Alright!”

%ACT% Void throws around some pieces of paper, then runs to the PC, switching it on.

%MUS% 0311 - Music 3 (winding down)
%MUS% 0305f - Fade Music 2
%SND% 0312 - Sound of PC booting up.

%VID% 0312 (cont.) - PC bootup screen (simple OS screen with a progress bar going from 0 to 100 in a few seconds)

%VID% 0312 (cont.) - PC login screen, showing an icon of void's face, and “Cornelius Hunting / Please Login”.

Void (angry): “Ah crap! It’s no use, there's a password on it!”

Null (off): “Of course. So let’s see what we can find out without logging in. Can you show me the list of accounts, please?”

%ACT% Void touches the screen.

%SND% 0313 - Bleep 1
%VID% 0312s - Stop Video

%VID% 0313 (cont.) - Screen shows “Login as different user: Administrator / Cornelius / Yun”

Void (off): “Hmmm. There's myself, the administrator, and ‘Yun’. Whoever that might be.'”

Null (off): “Yun … yun … now where have I heard that name before.”

%ACT% Void touches the screen again

%SND% 0314 - Bleep 2
%VID% 0314 (cont.) - Screen shows “Wan Yun / Please Login” and a picture of Yun.

Void (surprised): “OH MY GOD!”

Null: “What? What is it? Show me the screen!”

%ACT% Void points the phone at the screen

Void (awestruck): “Look at her … she's BEAUTIFUL! Her smile, those sparkling eyes … and those whiskers! Those loooong whiskers!”

%VID% 0314s - Stop Video

Null: “Ground control to Mr. Hunting!”

Void: “I'm sorry, Null, but I can't help it - just looking at her makes me feel all woozy! There must be something special about her, I know it!”

Null: “Holy moley! You know who that is? Oh, no of course you don't. That's Wan Yun! The daughter of Wan Jiao Chan - the vice president of Black Crescent Advantage! And if she's got an account on your PC, that means you two must know each other quite well!”

Void: “Uhm … Null?”

Null: “Uhm … Yes?”

Void: “If we find out where she is … and we go to meet her … I mean … could you talk to her for me, please? I'm sure I wouldn't get a single word out when I see her. I mean … maybe she'll laugh at me when I tell her what happened! Or what if we've broken up and she hates me now? Or what if we …”

Null: “Don't worry, you won't get to talk to her anytime soon.”

Void: “Why is that?”

Null: “Because she's missing! It was all over the news yesterday. She was kidnapped by Cai-Lung, her own father. He's the president of BCA, which - by the way - technically also makes him your boss.”

Void: “Oh no! How terrible!” r Null (nervous): “Yes it is, but we must stop wasting our time now. There's a message pad on the wall. Go check it out, and then get the hell out of there. A fire truck is just pulling into the road!”r

Void: “Alright, alright!”

%ACT% Void touches the message pad

%SND% 0315 - Bleep3

%SND% 0315 (cont.) Message Pad: ” One new message. No saved messages.”

Null: “Let’s hear it!”

%ACT% Void touches the message pad

%SND% 0316 - Bleep4

%SND% 0316 (cont.) - Message Pad: “Playing first message. Voice only.”

%SND% 0316 (cont.) - Jiao Chan: “*beep* Hello Cornelius, this is Jiao-Chan. I'm sure you've heard the news, so please come to my office as soon as you can. We need to talk. Thank you. Bye. *beep*”

%SND% 0317 - Fire truck approaching
%MUS% 0318 - Music 4 (Action Rising)
%MUS% 0311f - Fade Music3

Null: “Bingo! I bet she wants to talk to you about Yun, and I'm sure she'll be happy to fill you in about everything you missed. Okay, we're done here. It's time to run!”

Void: “Just a moment … let me get this straight. I know yun, and I work for her fathers company. One day, he kidnaps her. And a day later I wake up in a subway tunnel with an encrypted memory stick in my paw - and no idea what happened. What if Jiao Chan thinks I'm one of the bad guys? What if I am?”

Nu ll: “No matter WHAT, you should REALLY leave this place now, because if you don't …”

Void: “Null?”

Null: “*SIGH* Yes?”

Void: “Do you think Yun and I were … I mean … ”

Null: “Void, you need to get the fuck out of there! Ask that question to Jiao-Chan!”

Void: “And make a complete fool out of myself? How embarrassing would that be?”

Null: “Oh, alright! Stop talking, go to the shower and look into the drain!”

Void: “What?”

Null: “JUST DO IT! Come on, tell me what you see!”

%ACT% Void runs into the bathroom, looks into the drain.

%SND% 0319 - Running Feet

Void: “I see cat hair!”

%MUS% 0320 - Music 5 (Rise)
%MUS% 0318f - Fade Music 4

Null: “That means, yes she's your girlfriend. Now RUN! I said RUN, you moron!”

%ACT% Void runs

Void: “wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

%SND% 0321 - Door Bursts Open
%MUS% 0319s - Stop Running Feet

%HND% Door Opens
%HND% Burst of Smoke

%ACT% Three dalmatian firemen enter through the main door.

%SND% 0322 - Fireman 1: “STOP! Stay right where you are!”

%ACT% Void stops in front of them.

Void (sheepishly): “Uh … hi there!”

Null: “Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssnn!”

%ACT% Null beats his head on the keyboard on the screen.

%SND% 0324 - Fireman 1: “What are you doing here? Why are you not at the assembly point!”

Void: “Uhm … I'm sorry, I was just taking a shower, and I didn't hear the alarm.”

%SND% 0325 - Fireman 1: “Oh come on, do you really think we are going to fall for that old trick?”

%SND% 0326 - Fireman 2: “First you set something on fire, then you loot other people's apartments!”

%SND% 0327 - Fireman 3: “Identify yourself, thief!”

Void: “Null, do we have a Plan B?”

Null: “No.”

Void: “Then what do you suggest I should do now?”


Void: “aaaaaaaaah!”

%MUS% 0328 - Music 6 (Yakety Sax)
%MUS% 0320f - Fade Music 5

%ACT% Void starts running

%ATT% — impossible to plan sound effects / pre recs without having this scripted out —

%ACT% Void runs away Marx-Brothers Style: Around furniture, through three doors on the backdrop, and the firemen follow him with no forseeable pattern, but never catch him.


Schritt 1:

Schritt 2:

Schritt 3:

Schritt 4:

Schritt 5:

Schritt 6:

Schritt 7:

Schritt 8:

%ACT% The door closes.

%SND% 0350 - Door Slam
%SND% 0328f - Fade Music 6

%SND% 0351 - Fireman 1: “What the hell just happened?”
%SND% 0351 (cont.) - Door Open

%ACT% The door opens, and void comes back in

Void: “Bye bye!”

%ACT% Void switches the lights out.

%SND% 0352 - Light Switch

%LIG% Lights out.

%SND% 0353 - Fireman1,2,3: “HEY!”
%MUS% 0354 - The End

%HND% Curtain - close