Act 3, Scene 4: Together Forever


%SND% Lori: “There once was a mighty King of Lions by the name of Lefu. He was obsessed with power, always lusting for more. But the order of the lords of the sky was clear. There was to be no more war between lions and hyenas, and while his people were always loyal to him, they still would NEVER disobey the word of the lords. But what, if the lords would no longer come and speak to them? So King Lefu began to secretly follow the shamans on their way to the mountain. Each time, he managed to follow them a little bit further before losing them, and eventually he discovered the secret cave at the beginning of the old riverbed. He was delighted! No witnesses, no evidence - the recipe for a perfect murder. The next time the shamans arrived at the cave, Lefu was already waiting for them. His attack took them totally by surprise, leaving them no chance to defend themselves. Lefu killed both of them. Then, on his way out, he destroyed the bridge that lead across the bottomless pit, so nobody would ever find out what happened to the shamans. But he was so convinced of his superiority, that he made a mistake. He did not check if both of the shamans were really dead. Jojo, the hyena shaman, did not survive his attack. But Ndale, the lion shaman, was still alive. Unable to call the lords for help without his hyena companion, he began to write down their story - right here, on the wall of the cave - hoping that one day, someone would find them, and uncover the truth about evil King Lefu. But Ndale did not stop there. He continued writing, all the wisdom of the shamans, all the secret rituals … until he died, the brush still clasped in his cold dead hand, waiting for his dark and silent grave to be discovered.”


%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Lights on

%AMB% AMB-15 - Stormy Night

%ACT% Kioni and a large number of hyenas are holding the gate shut from the inside.

%ACT% Lionel sits inside the camp, bandages and scars all over.

%ACT% King Sundyata is commanding two liones moving a giant ram.

%ACT% The lions try to break through the gate using the ram, the hyenas hold against it.

%SND% 1245 - War Noises, Drums
%SND% 1201 - ram (looping)

%HND% dust and splinters fly whenever the ram hits the gate.

Sundyata: “Heave-ho! Heave-ho! Heave-ho!”

Kioni: “Everyone push as hard as you can! We must not let them break through!”

%SND% 1241 - Enzi: “Kioni! We won't be able to hold the gate much longer! We're hopelessly outnumbered!”

Kioni: “Then so be it! I'm not going to give up without a fight.”

%SND% 1242 - Enzi: “What has gotten into you, Kioni? In all those years, you always told us it was better to lose the village than to lose our lives! The lions haven't discovered our escape tunnels yet, so let's get out of here while we still can!”


Lionel: “Kioni please! I have friends outside! Maybe we can come up with something to help you!”

Kioni: “I admire your unshakable optimism, Lionel. Well, you're not my prisoner. If you want to go … then go. And if you see Nakisisa - please tell him that I love him no matter what he did, alright?”

%ACT% Lionel runs towards Kyanga's Hut in [7]

%ACT% A flap opens in the ground [7], and Kyanga pops out, followed by Mika and Poke!

%SND% 1202 - Trapdoor Open

Kyanga: “Ready or not! Here I come!”

Kioni: “Kyanga?”

Kyanga: “Kioni!”

Lionel: “Mika!”

Mika: “Lionel!”

%ACT% Mika and Lionel hug!

Poke: “Poke!”

%ACT% Everybody looks at Poke *Huh?*

Poke: “Well, I felt left out, ok?”

Lionel: “Oh Mika! I'm so glad to see you! Are you alright? And how about Lori? Did you manage to find her?”

Mika: “Yes, we did! She's outside, waiting for you. Let's go!”

Lionel: “What? Go where? And why?”

Mika: “Outside, through the tunnel! I'll explain it to you on your way out! Come on, we have no time to lose!”

%ACT% Mika grabs Lionel and pulls him into the secret tunnel

Lionel: “What? I …. arrrgh!”

%ACT% They disappear into the tunnel.

%SND% 1203 - Trapdoor close

%ACT% Kioni stares, bewildered, then turns to Kyanga.

Kioni: “Kyanga, could you please tell me what the hell is going on?”

Kyanga (overexcited): “Well … uh … it IS a long story! I mean, it's gigantic! In fact, it's so massively epic, I can't even begin to think where I might…”

Kioni (cuts her off): “KYANGA, please! Would you mind giving me the SHORT version, just this one time?”

Kyanga: “*gulp* Okay. Allright.”

Kioni: “So, did you find Nakisisa?”

Kyanga: “Yes.”

Kioni: “Is he still alive?”

Kyanga: “I was afraid you were going to ask.”

%ACT% Kioni sighs deeply.

Kioni: “Oh no … my poor little scoundrel.”

%ACT% Kioni shakes her head in disbelief, trying to keep herself under control.

Kyanga: “I'm sorry, Kioni. I'm so sorry.”

%ACT% Kyanga hugs Kioni.

Kioni: “We're losing, Kyanga. The hope to see Nakisisa alive was one of the last thing that kept me fighting. Now that he's dead, all my hope is gone.”

Kyanga: “Kioni, we've also got friends out there. And they're ready to fight for us!”

Kioni (sobbing): “Four against an entire pride of lions?”

Kyanga: “Do you believe in the ancient power of the shamans?”

Kioni: “What do you mean?”

Kyanga: “Nakisisa's death was not in vain. He found was he was looking for: Truth - the strongest weapon of all!”

%SND% 1202 - Trapdoor open

%ACT% Mika returns through the tunnel.

Mika: “Okay, we're all set! How about you?”

Kioni: “I'm not sure. What do I have to do?”

Mika: “Wait until Lionel calls you, then go outside and do what he says.”

Kioni: “Walking right into an army of lions, all alone? Are you crazy?”

Mika: “Oh, it's always the same. If you want something done, you've got to do it yourself. Alright. So I'll go first and clear the way, and you stay behind me!”

%ACT% Mika pulls out a GIANT frying pan!

%SND% 1213 - DRAW

Mika: “So, let's go!”

%ACT% Mika make some noise to give Lionel the signal.

%ACT% Lionel appears from behind the rock in the middle.

%SND% 1201 STOP
%MUS% 1204 - Drums / Tension

Lionel: “King Sundyata! Listen to me!”

Sundyata: “Lionel? What the hell are YOU doing here? You're supposed to be dead!”

Lionel: “Well, sometimes the condemned live longer!”

Sundyata: “Not so much longer, though!”

Lionel: “So this time you're not afraid of murdering me, one of your own kind, in front of your own people? How interesting!”

%ACT% Sundyata jumps up onto the rock, going face to face with Lionel.

Sundyata (scar mode): “Well, on a battlefield, sometimes you have to make sacrifices!”

Lionel: “Like, your own daughter?”

%ACT% Sundyata laughs out lout!

Sundyata: “What are you talking about? The hyenas have taken Mbali, that's the undeniable truth!”

Lionel: “Stop lying to your people, Sundyata! You knew from the start that Mbali was in love with Nakisisa, and that she left the village on her own free will!”

Sundyata: “Well, too bad that nobody is going to believe a traitor like you!”

Lionel: “If they won't believe me, maybe they will believe the magic words of a shaman?”

%ACT% The lions drop the ram

%SND% 1205 - Thud
%SND% 1205 - (Group) Lions gasp and mumble: “A shaman? What?”

%ACT% Sundyata turns to his people.

Sundyata: “Oh, come on, people! There are no such things like shamans and magic! It's all fairytales, nothing more!”

%SND% 1204 STOP
%SND% 1206 Lori Appears + Shaman Music

%HND% flash of light and puff of smoke

%ACT% Lori appears between Sundyata and Lionel in a flash and a puff of phosphorous smoke. (Lori is wearing all kinds of ceremonial stuff.)

%ACT% Lori coughs!

Lori: “So, who is doubting my existence?”

%ACT% The Lions all hide in one corner, whimpering.

%SND% 1207 - (Group) Lions whimpering in fear

Lori: “A long, long time ago, the lords of the sky were the keepers of the truth. One day, however, one of the old lion kings decided he did no longer want the truth to be told! He murdered the shamans, and declared war against the hyenas. Their wisdom was believed to be lost. Until today. My name is Loreena McFolkmanis, bearer of the legacy of the last shamans! And I am now going to bring the truth to light!”

%SND% 1206 STOP
%MUS% 1208 Music End

Sundyata: “Oh, what a touching speech! And what an utter pile of nonsense!”

Suberi: “Sundyata! Look at your people! You'd better come up with some way to prove her wrong, or you're going to lose them!”

Sundyata: “All right! No problem! So, Loreena, congratulations on your great show! But how do we know it's not all just smoke and mirrors? I dare you to call forth the lords of the sky right now! I mean, as a shaman, you should be able to do that, shouldn't you?”

%SND% 1209 (Eisfuchs) Suberi: “Sundyata! Are you crazy?”

Sundyata: “No. Even if the stories WERE true, which they aren't, they say only a Lion and a Hyena hand in hand can call the lords! And when was the last time you saw a lion and a hyena walking hand in hand? It's totally impossible.”

Lori: “King Sundyata, your wish is my command.”

%SND% 1210 - (Eisfuchs) Suberi: “See, I TOLD you it was a bad idea!”

Lori: “Lionel, you know what to do.”

Lionel: “Kioni? Do you hear me? Please step outside!”

%ACT% Sundyata runs to the gate, positioning himself directly outside.

%ACT% Mika positions herself directly on the INSIDE of the gate.

%SND% 1211 - Rise

Sundyata: “Muhahahah! Yes, Kioni, why don't you come outside! Leave your cover and come to King Sundyata so he can FINALLY KILL YOU! MUHAHAHA! Here, doggy doggy!”

%ACT% Mika opens the door while Sundyata is talking.

%SND% 1243 - Door Opens

Mika: “No doggy treats for you, piñata!”

%ACT% Mika smashes the frying pan right into Sundyata's face SEVERAL TIMES.

%SND% 1211 STOP

%ACT% Sundyata gets thrown backwards.

Sundyata: “AAAARGH!”

%ACT% Mika steps outside

Mika: “If you want to mess with Kioni - you'll first have to mess with ME!”


Sundyata: “Suberi! The door is open! This is our chance! Attack! I said ATTACK, YOU MORONS! What are you waiting for?”

%ACT% Mika walks forward, wielding her frying pan

%ACT% Sundyata moves backwards.

Mika: “Oh! Are your people no longer blindly following you? Well, too bad! It was about time they started doubting you! After all they have eyes, and ears, and sometimes even a little brain! Move back, Sundyata! I said MOVE!”

%MUS% 1212 STOP

%ACT% Mika fuchtels with her frying pan

%ACT% Sundyata makes a jump backwards.

%MUS% 1214 - Background Music Starts here (timing!)

Lori: “Lionel, Kioni. Please take each other by the hand. The last shamans have left us one final message. I will now bring this message to you. Relax, and breathe. Breathe in, and breathe out. Let my thoughts become your thoug hts.”

%ACT% Lori and the others breathe in and out, and Lori begins to sing the ritual song.

%SND% Lori: “Hold your hands and speak these words with pride”
%SND% Lionel/Kioni: “Oh Lords, we stand with pride”
%SND% Lori: “With us here we have the kin of night”
%SND% Lionel/Kioni: “Oh Lords, kin of the night”

%SND% Lori: “Dance with me, think how it all begun”
%SND% Lionel/Kioni: “Oh Lords, how it began”
%SND% Lori: “Kings and Queens of gold, they own the sun”
%SND% Lionel/Kioni: “Oh Lords kin of the sun”

%SND% Lori: “Call their name!”
%SND% All: “Lords of the Sky”
%SND% Lori: “Call them to us!”
%SND% All: “Lords of the Sky”
%SND% Lori: “Make them appear!”
%SND% All: “Lords of the Sky”
%SND% Lori: “They're close! They're here!”
%SND% All: “Lords of the Sky”

%ACT% Lord Nuru appears in an awe-inspiringly majestic way.

%ACT% Everyone bows down in awe.

%MUS% 1245 - Dark Underscore
%SND% 1215 - (Cheetah) Lord Nuru: “Shamans of the tribes. It has been a long time since you have last summoned me. What can I do for you?”

Lori: “Thank you for hearing me, oh mighty Lord of the Sky! Will you speak the truth for us?”

%SND% 1216 - (Cheetah) Lord Nuru: “Yes, that is my purpose.”

Lori: “Then here is my first question: Is it true that king Lefu killed the old shamans for his own advantage?”

%SND% 1217 - (Cheetah) Lord Nuru: “Yes, that is true.”

Lori: “Who are the tribe of the moon and the tribe of the sun?”

%SND% 1218 - (Cheetah) Lord Nuru: “The lions are the tribe of the sun, because they own the day. The hyenas are the tribe of the moon, because they own the night.”

Lori: “And to whom belongs the twilight?”

%SND% 1219 - (Cheetah) Lord Nuru: “It belongs to everyone. During the twilight, Lions and Hyenas are equal.”

Lori: “Were Mbali and Nakisisa in love with each other?”

%SND% 1220 - (Cheetah) Lord Nuru: “Oh yes, they were.”

Lori: “And did King Sundyata know about it?”

%SND% 1221 - (Cheetah) Lord Nuru: “Oh yes, he did.”

Lori: “And is King Sundyata guilty of betraying his own people.”

%SND% 1245 - STOP
%SND% 1222 - (Cheetah) Lord Nuru: “Yes. He is guilty!”

%ACT% The lions are outraged!

%SND% 1222 - (Group ) The lions are outraged!

Sundyata: “This is outrageous! I've been listening to this charade for long enough, but I'm going to end it RIGHT HERE! I am the King, and it is *I* who decides who is guilty or not!”

%ACT% Suberi steps up to Sundyata

%SND% 1223 - Tension

Suberi: “I was doubting if the lords of the sky really exist. But now the proof is right before my eyes.”

Sundyata: “Are you challenging me, Suberi? ARE YOU CHALLENGING ME????”

Suberi: “Yes. In the name of my people, I hereby challenge you.”

Sundyata: “Your people? Did you say, YOUR PEOPLE, Suberi? So it's you against me. Very well. I can handle you.”

%SND% 1224 - (Cheetah) Lion 1: “I challenge you, too.”

%SND% 1224 - (Eisfuchs) Lion 2: “And so do I!”

%SND% 1224 - The uproar against King Sundyata gets louder and louder.

%ACT% The Hyenas protest with the Lions!

%SND% 1224 - (Group) Hyenas protesting slowly first, then louder, then very loud.

%SND% 1224 - (o'wolf) Lion 3 (off): “And so do I!”

%SND% 1224 - (Tigerseye) Lion 4 (off): “And so do I!”

%SND% 1224 - (Group) Lions talking excitedly with each other, cheering angrily.

%SND% The individual voices are drowned in the protest.


%SND% 1224 STOP
%SND% 1223 STOP
%SND% 1225 - ROAR! + (Music … low underscore)

%ACT% Everyone is quiet.

Suberi: “Sundyata! Give up! It's over!”

Sundyata: “So what are you going to do with me now? Kill me?”

%ACT% Suberi turns to Lord Nuru.

Suberi: “Lord of the Sky! Does King Sundyata deserve death?”

%SND% 1226 - (Cheetah) Lord Nuru: “Nobody deserves death.”

Suberi: “See, Sundyata? You don't even deserve THAT. You are hereby dismissed from your duties, and shall be put under arrest!”

%SND% 1225 STOP
%SND% 1227 - Growling, Rage
%MUS% 1227 - Sad Peace, Release

Sundyata: “No… NO!”

%ACT% Everyone jumps on Sundyata, ties him up and carries him off stage.

Suberi: “And now to you, Kioni. I deeply regret what has happened. If I had known about Sundyata's plot, I would not have followed him so blindly. I want our tribes to live in peace, and I promise that we will repay you for all damages that Sundyata has inflicted upon you.”

Kioni (bitter): “No matter how much you pay me, Suberi, no matter how much you apologize … nothing will bring back my son!”

Suberi: “And nothing will bring back Mbali, either. But precisely THAT is the reason why we should end this war right here. I offer you peace, as it is the will of the lords, and the best for all of us.”

Kioni: “You are right. So, for the sake of our people, I accept your offer. Let there be peace.”

%MUS% 1227 STOP
%SND% 1228 - (Group) Applause and Cheers!
%MUS% 1228 - Victory Fanfare

%ACT% Everybody applauds! Finally it's over!

%ACT% Suberi bows

%ACT% Kioni bows

Suberi: “Thank you, Kioni. You are a noble warrior.”

Kioni: “And so are you. But I'm still going to miss my son. I wish I knew what happened to him.”

Suberi: “Then maybe now it is YOUR turn to ask the Lord a question.”

Kioni: “Oh! Yes … Oh mighty lord … do you know what happened to Nakisisa and Mbali?”

%SND% 1229 - (Cheetah) Lord Nuru: “Yes.”

Kioni: “And? May I know?”

%SND% 1230 - (Cheetah) Lord Nuru: “Yes, you may.”

%ACT% Lord Nuru spreads his wings and flies away.

%SND% 1230 - Wing Sounds

Kioni: “What does that mean? No! Please don't fly away! Don't leave us like that! Hey!”

%ACT% Kioni sighs

Kioni: “Lori! Why did he fly away?”

%ACT% Lionel points upwards

%SND% 1231 - Arrival

Lionel: “Look up there! He's coming back!”

Mika: “Yes! You're right … but wait … no, that's not him … or is it?”

%ACT% Mbali and Nakisisa come back in the form of giant eagles.

%ACT% Mbali and Nakisisa land on top of the rock in the middle.

Kioni: “Oh mighty lords, please tell me … uh …”

%ACT% Nakisisa carries the amulet in his beak, and hands it to Kioni.

Kioni: “Wait! That's Nakisisa's amulet! What does this mean? Who are you?”

%SND% 1232 - (Fairlight) Nakisisa: “I don't think I have to tell you my name, Kioni.”

Kioni (shocked): “Naki??? Is that you?”

%SND% 1233 - (Fairlight) Nakisisa: “What does your heart tell you?”

%ACT% Kioni starts crying, and hugs Nakisisa, who wraps his wings around Kioni in return.

Kioni (cries): “Oh yes! It's you … by Mwezi and Angani! Nakisisa! It's so good to hear your voice! Because of you, we can finally live in peace again! No more fear! No more hiding! Thank you, Nakisisa! I am so proud of you! And I am so sorry if I made your life hard at times. It's what mothers do! I just wanted you to be safe! I love you!”

%ACT% Kioni hugs Nakisisa, who lays his wings around her in return.

%SND% 1234 - (Fairlight) Nakisisa: “It's allright, mother. As you can see, mother earth has given our lives a new purpose. And now that I know the truth, I can finally understand everything you did. And I know that it was good.”

Kioni: “Thank you. If there is anything you deserve as a reward for your sacrifice, it is to become a lord of the sky. And thank you to you as well, Mbali. I wish I had the chance to meet you earlier. You must have been an extraordinary lioness. But where do we go from here? Will you still be around, or will today be the last time I get to see both of you?”

%SND% 1235 - (Pan) Mbali: “The Lords of the sky don’t live among mortals. But the old pact between the tribes and the lords is still in effect.”

%SND% 1236 - (Fairlight) Nakisisa: “That means, we will always be watching over you. And when you’re in trouble, we will be there for you. Just call for us.”

%ACT% Kioni hugs nakisisa agin

Kioni: “I will … I promise, I will.”

%ACT% Lori takes off her shamanic accessories, handing them to Mbali

Lori: “Here. I no longer need this. Your future is in your own hands now. And … please make sure you don't forget about all of your ancient history AGAIN, will you?”

%SND% 1237 -(Pan) Mbali (chuckles): “You're unbelievable.”

Lori: “And so are you! Take care …”

%SND% 1238 - (Fairlight) Nakisisa: “You too!”

%ACT% The lords of the Sky fly away.

%MUS% 1231 STOP (fade)
%SND% 1238 - The lords depart

Lori (to Kioni ): “*SIGH* Now please excuse me for a second.”

%ACT% Lori steps down to the front layer.

%MUS% 1239 - Ending Song Fades in.

%ACT% Mika, Poke and Lionel gather around Lori.

Lori: “Okay, my friends, there's only one thing left to do.”

Mika, Lionel, Poke: “Yeah? What is it?”

%ACT% Lori gets a deep breath.


%ACT% Mika, Lori and Lionel jump up and down, hugging each other, cheering as if they had just won the soccer world cup :)

%SND% 1240 - Cheers and Applause

%SND% Kioni: “‘Gether! We are all bound together”
%SND% Male Lions and Hyenas: “Au!”
%SND% Kioni: “‘Gether! We are all bound together”
%SND% Male Lions and Hyenas: “Au! au!”

%SND% All: “Ever! We are one [oo-wan] for ever”
%SND% Male Lions and Hyenas: “Au!”
%SND% All: “Ever! We are one [oo-wan] for ever”
%SND% Male Lions and Hyenas: “Au! au!”

%SND% Kioni: “Hyenas and lions living in the olden days”
%SND% All: “Living in the olden days”
%SND% Kioni: “Sharing all the land together in the peaceful ways”
%SND% All: “Sharing in the peaceful ways”
%SND% Kioni: “Follow the commands of lords until the day”
%SND% All: “Aaah”
%SND% Kioni: “They went”
%SND% All: “Ah”
%SND% Kioni: “Away”
%SND% All: “Ah”

%SND% Hyenas: “Yah we are”
%SND% Lions: “We are the lions and the”
%SND% Hyenas: “Hyena”
%SND% Lions: “We live in Africa”

%SND% Hyenas: “Yah we are”
%SND% Lions: “We are the lions and the”
%SND% Hyenas: “Hyena”
%SND% Lions: “We live in Africa”

%SND% Kioni: “Now the time has come to live again in harmony”
%SND% All: “Live again in harmony”
%SND% Kioni: “Sharing the savannah night and day in unity”
%SND% All: “Night and day in unity”
%SND% Kioni: “Sky lords have returned with Nakisisa and Mbali”
%SND% All: “Aaah”
%SND% Kioni: “In peace”
%SND% All: “Ah”
%SND% Kioni: “We're free”
%SND% All: “Ah”

%SND% Hyenas: “Yah we are”
%SND% Lions: “We are the lions and the”
%SND% Hyenas: “Hyena”
%SND% Lions: “We live in Africa”

%SND% Hyenas: “Yah we are”
%SND% Lions: “We are the lions and the”
%SND% Hyenas: “Hyena”
%SND% Lions: “We live in Africa”

%LIG% light fades out.

%VID% Video of the shadows of two eagles playfully flying through the sky, surrounding each other, gracefully flying in rolls and twirls like … lovers.

%SND% (Shay) Narrator: “And from that day on, the tribe of the moon and the tribe of the sun would live together in peace while Mbali and Nakisisa would soar high above the ogwambi plains, united in love for all eternity. Just like they had always wished for.”

%VID% The two eagles disappear at the horizon, under the sun.