Act 3, Scene 1: Hansel and Gretel


%HND% Curtain - open

%LIG% Lights on

%AMB% 12 - Campfire Night

%MUS% 0901 - Suspense (Enzi)

%ACT% Enzi comes in from the left [1], followed by Mika and Poke

%SND% 0901 - (Reesa) Enzi: “Follow me, please. Usually the queen does not give audiences at this time of the day, so be aware you're enjoying a huge privilege. Kioni is a busy woman, you know? Speak only if you're spoken to. And your matter better be important. Now wait here. The queen will be with you shortly.”

Mika: “Thank you.”

%ACT% They stop in the middle by the fire

%ACT% Enzi turns, and leaves

Poke (whispering): “Do you really think just walking in here was a good idea?”

Mika: “Well, what do YOU think we should do? Beat everyone up? Us two against an entire tribe? Forget it. We only have one chance, and that is to make them realize we're not their enemies. So we're going to grab the bull by the horns, and tell them the truth.”

%MUS% 0901 - STOP (fade)

Poke: “I don't know, I'm not so sure about this …”

%MUS% 0902 - Suspense 2 (Kioni)

%ACT% Kioni emerges from her hut [7] and walks towards the fire.

Kioni: “Good Evening, and welcome, strangers. I am Kioni, queen of the Hyena Tribe. And who are you?”

Mika: “My name is Mika, and this is Poke, my … servant.”

%ACT% Poke grunts disapprovingly

Poke: “Servant my ass!”

Mika: “Well, my servant and good friend.”

Kioni: “I usually do not talk to strangers, but you're the most exotic couple I've ever seen, and I'm dying to know why you came here.”

Mika: “I'm coming to warn you. The lions are planning an attack against your tribe, and they are going to strike very soon.”

Kioni: “What? You must be joking!”

Mika: “I know, because I was inside the lions' village when King Sundyata made the announcement.”

Kioni: “That doesn't make any sense. Even if that were true, why are you here? Why are you telling me this? Who ARE you?”

Mika: “I'm one of the people who got attacked by your warriors last night. They obviously thought we're working for King Sundyata. I came here to tell you about Sundyata's plans as a proof that this is not the case.”

Kioni: “Wow. I takes quite a bit of courage to walk in here, and make such a bold statement. So what do you want?”

Mika: “A friend of mine went missing during the attack, and we suspect she's still here. So I would like to offer you a trade. My friend for all details I know about Sundyata's plans.”

Kioni: “Ah! So that's what it's all about. I know who you're talking about. She's a little red fox, right? We put her in this cage over there. But she managed to escape. And I have no idea where she went.”

Mika: “Darn. Do you mind if I have a look at the cage?”

Kioni: “Not at all. Just go ahead.”

%ACT% Mika and Poke enter the cage.

Mika: “Let's see … hmm … ”

Poke: “Look! I've found something! It's a piece of paper!”

%MUS% 0902 STOP (fade)

%HND% Show the crumpled piece of paper

Mika: “Very good, Poke! Let me have a look, maybe she left a message for us, and …”

%ACT% Kioni closes the cell door, and locks it.

%SND% 0903 - Cage Close
%SND% 0903 - Suspense 2 (Fear Factory pt.1)

Poke: “Hey!”

%ACT% Mika jumps to the door, rattling it

%SND% 0904 - Cage Rattle

Mika: “What … OH NO! I can't believe I fell for this stupid trick! Let us out! I said LET US OUT, OR ELSE…”

%HND% Mika is now played by Xan

%ACT% Kioni laughs

Kioni: “Nice try, but do you really think I'm that stupid? Did you really expect me to believe you, after your little sneaky friend took my son Nakisisa with her? In a way I'm really glad you came by, because now that I have you, the playing field is level again!”

Mika: “No, that can't be true! Lori would never take anyone hostage! And the lions are REALLY planning an attack! We're all in terrible danger!”

Kioni: “Oh come on, stop wasting my time!”

%ACT% Kyanga comes bouncing in from [1]

%ACT% Two more hyenas come in from [1], carrying Lionel who is unconscious

Kyanga: “Kioni! Kioni! We've got more prisoners! PRISONERS!”

%ACT% Kioni sighs loudly, and turns around. (She would roll her eyes, too, if she weren't a puppet.)

Kioni: “Slowly I'm beginning to regret the new “no kill” policy. Alright, Kyanga - who is it this time?”

Kyanga: “We did as you told us, and followed Nakisisa's tracks, and they lead us to this big tree. And there were lions! Hundreds of them! And we beat them all up!”

Kioni: “You did what?”

Kyanga: “Well, actually, they beat EACH OTHER up. But we COULD have beaten them up if we wanted to! So, when they were done beating each other up, we went there, and took everyone who was left over.”

Kioni: “I see. And where are they now, those who were left over?”

Kyanga: “They're right here!”

%ACT% The hyenas drop Lionel

Kioni: “But that's only one!”

Kyanga: “Yeah, like I told you: Everyone who was left over.”

Mika: “Oh no, that's Lionel - LIONEL!!!! ARE YOU ALRIGHT????”

Kyanga: “AAAAAH! It's the non-lions! How the hell did THEY get here?”

Kioni: “Kyanga … you're giving me a headache if you keep talking like this. How about you get yourself a snack as a reward? You must be very hungry!”

Kyanga: “Oh, excellent idea! I could eat an entire buffalo! No, make that two! No, a hundred! I could eat an entire herd! Muahahha!”

%ACT% Kyanga bounces off to [1], her two companions walking behind her, shaking heads.

%ACT% Lionel lies there motionless, obviously close to dying

%SND% 0903 STOP (fade)
%MUS% 0905 Suspense 3 (Lionel)

Lionel (faint): “Mika? Is that you? What on earth are YOU doing here?”

Mika: “Oh no, Lionel! What did the hyenas do to you!”

Lionel (weak): “It wasn't the hyenas. It was Sundyata … I challenged him.”

Mika: “Oh, you stupid lion! Why did you do that? He could have killed you!”

Lionel (weak): “I had to … I … examined the tracks at the place where Mbali disappeared.”

Kioni: “What? King Sundyata's daughter has disappeared, too? When did that happen?”

Lionel (weak): “Last…. night.”

Kioni: “The same time Nakisisa went missing! What a strange coincidence! Keep talking!”

Lionel (weak): “Sundyata … has been wanting to declare war for a long time - but couldn't justify it to his people. So he told everyone Mbali got kidnapped by the hyenas. But it's a lie. I found out that that in reality, she ran off with her secret hyena friend. I didn't know it was a plot … so I talked to Sundyata. And he attacked me.”

Kioni: “By the lords of the sky …. I think I know who that “secret hyena friend” is. Now I realize why Nakisisa kept giving me lame excuses when I caught him coming home late, having that awful lion scent on him … I even had him grounded for an entire month once, but he would just not talk to me about it. *SIGH*”

Mika: “Do you believe me now, Kioni?”

Kioni: “I don't suppose Lionel let himself be beaten to near death by Sundyata on purpose, just to fool me. So yeah, that gives him some credibility. But I still don't understand how Lori got out of her cage, and why Nakisisa went to see his girlfriend right then …”

Poke: “Mika! The piece of paper!”

Mika: “Oh yes! Of course! Poke, give me that!”

%ACT% Mika grabs the piece of paper and unfolds it.

%SND% 0906 - Crumple

%HND% Show the piece of paper

Mika (excited): “Yes! YES!!!!!”

%ACT% Mika jumps

Mika: “Lori has left us a message! Here! 'Thinks I'm shaman. Takes me somewhere else. Hansel and Gretel.'. That's the proof. Lori didn't kidnap him. He took Lori with him!”

Kioni: “How do I know you're not making this up?”

Mika: “There's also a drawing. Look at this.”

Kioni: “The shaman's pendant!”

Mika: “What does it mean?”

Kioni: “There is an old story about how the shamans used to bring peace to the tribes by meeting with the lords of the sky. I told this story to Nakisisa many times when he was little. He loved this old tale, and it was his dream to discover the old ways of the shamans one day.”

%MUS% 0905 - STOP (fade)

Mika: “Nakisisa fell in love with the enemy. No wonder he's desperate for peace between the tribes.”

Kioni: “And because of that, we might now face a new war. Oh the naive little boy …”

%MUS% 0907 - Hope

Mika: “Kioni! We can still end this war before it has even begun! All we have to do is to prove King Sundyata wrong! But in order to do that, we must find Nakisisa and Mbali! And in order to do THAT, we have to follow Lori's tracks! Kioni! We're all in the same boat! Why can't we be friends?”

Kioni: “Yes. You're right. I was wrong about you. I am very sorry.”

%ACT% Kioni opens the cage.

%SND% 0908 - Open Cage + Run

%ACT% Poke immediately runs off at full speed, leaving the stage to [1].

%ACT% Mika runs towards Lionel, and hugs him. (at the same time)

Poke: “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!”

%SND% 0909 - KER-POW!

Poke (off): “OUCH! I'm phtuck in the wall wiph my nose!”

Mika: “Oh Lionel! Don't give up! Everything will be fine, I promise!”

Lionel (weak): “There is one more thing. I found this piece of paper at the place from which Mbali and Nakisisa set off.”

Mika: “Another piece torn out of Lori's notebook! Hansel and Gretel … she's leaving a trail for us! Excellent! That's how we'll be able to find them!”

Kioni: “I would love to come with you in person, but I need to stay here and prepare our defense. So I'm going to appoint my best warrior to you. Kyanga is a little bit weird at times, but she's strong, dependable, and an excellent guide. Someone you can trust with your life.”

Mika: “Thank you, Kioni. I promise we will find your son. But you must take good care of Lionel.”

Kioni: “We will. Kyanga? KYANGA!”

%ACT% Kyanga comes in from [1], dribbling Poke around like a basketball to [7].

Poke: “Wheeeee! Yippiieeeh! Whaaahahaha!”

Kyanga: “Muhahhahha hahahha hahha!”

%SND% 0910 - Boingy Boingy Boingy

%ACT% Mika and Kioni just stare.

%ACT% Mika looks at Kioni.

%ACT% Awkward pause.

%ACT% Mika turns around and leaves to [1], shaking her head.

%MUS% 0907 STOP (slow fade)

Kioni: “Honestly. It's not what it looks like. She's really good! Believe me. Mika? Mika!”


%LIG% Lights out.

%HND% Curtain - close