Act 3, Scene 4: In'shallah


Michael: "This is the BBC News. The women's revolt in Dawlat Al Nimr has surprisingly escalated, and what began as a mostly passive form of protest has now turned into a coup against the provincial government of Ash Maqwa."

Michael: "Yesterday, the 'Women of Al Waha Ta'lab', who had been holding the reservoir dam at the Mountain Jabal Abu Nahla under siege for almost five weeks, have stormed the new settlement using armed force. The partisans have subsequently proclaimed their leadership over the new settlement and the entire provice of Ash Maqwa."

Michael: "The precise number of casualties is still unknown, but it has been confirmed that both of the Emir's sons, Adham and Rashid ibn Sayyid, have both been killed during the attack."

Michael: "The Emir of Dawlat Al Nimr was not personally available for comment. A government spokesperson said that he is in a state of shock, and that both armed forces and a team of forensic experts have been sent out to reclaim control over the dam, and resolve the circumstances that lead to the deaths of the Emir's sons."

Michael: "In a claim of responsibility that was given by telephone, the self-appointed leader of the partistans by the name of Malika ibnat Sirah, said that …"

Malika (on the phone): "We deeply regret the deaths of Adham and Rashid ibn Sayyid, and we assure that they were neither our doing, nor our intention. The only thing we want is to ensure that the people of Ash Maqwa get the water they need to survive. Access to fresh water is a fundamental human right. As soon as we get a guarantee that the river will continue to flow, we will lay down our weapons and peacefully return to our homes. But until then we will keep fighting until the last man, or woman, for we have nothing to lose."

Michael: "Inside sources have reported that Malika ibnat Sirah has left the country to an unknown location under a false identity shortly after the phonecall, probably to evade jurisdiction. A large-scale international investigation has been initiated, but so far without success."

Michael: "Michael Thomasello, BBC News."


%HND% Curtain open

%AMB% 12 - Park

%LIG% Main light on (white 100%, blue 100%)

%SND% 1201 - Jingle Bells (short version)

%ACT% Malika comes running in from [7]

Malika: "Snow! Snow! Snow! Wheeeee!

%ACT% Malika jumps into a pile of snow in [5], which goes *poof*

%SND% 1202 - Poof

Malika: "This is so beautiful! Snow everywhere! I love the snow!"

%ACT% Malika jumps into a pile of snow in [3], which goes *poof* spraying everyone with snowflakes, then continues bouncing around

%SND% 1202 - Poof

Malika: "Come on, everyone, I think I've found the perfect place to build our snowman! And what do we do now?"

%ACT% Poke and Lori come in from [1], rolling snow balls in front of them

%SND% 1203 - Small Snowball
%SND% 1204 - Medium Snowball

Lori: "Well, the next step is to take the three balls of snow, and put them on top of each other, so they become the head, the torso, and the lower body."

Poke: "Yeah, and then it all depends if you want to make a snow man or a snow woman. If you want to build a man, you take a pair of coals and a carrot, and use them for …"


Poke: "Whatever!"

Malika: "Oh, I see. You said we need to make three spheres out of snow. But I only see two. Where's the third one?"

Lionel (off): "Hgggrnnrgnnnn!"

Mika (off): "Come on, you lazy lion! Push harder! The others are already there! Go! Go! Go! Faster! Faster! Faster!"

%ACT% Mika appears in a wheelchair (from [7]), carrying a whip, rolling a giant snowball in front of her.. She's being pushed by a sweating and panting Lionel.

%SND% 1205 - Large Snowball

Lionel: "Hrrrrngn! I'm already going as fast as I can!"

Mika: "Oh, you're such a weakling, Lionel!"

Lionel: "… says the girl in the wheelchair."

%ACT% Mika tries to stand up

Mika: "Oh, it's always the same. If you want something done, you've got to … woooaaaah …"

%ACT% Mika falls over into the snow, disappearing

%SND% 1206 - Foomp

%HND% small cloud of snow

%ACT% Lionel looks down

Lionel: "… let someone do it who hasn't been shot three times."

Mika: "Ouch!"

Lionel: "Come on, let me help you up again."

%ACT% Lionel helps Mika up, and places her back in the chair

%ACT% Lionel pushes Mika to the middle of the stage, and the start building the snow man on top of the big snowball, and keep talking while doing so.

Mika: "Thank you."

Malika: "Wow, this is unbelievable! I'm so grateful that you two have invited me over! I thought I'd never see any real snow in my life! It's cold! But it's so beautiful!"

Mika: "Well, you saved my life. Inviting you was the least I could do., and I still owe you much more than I can ever give back."

Malika: "Oh no, you don't owe me anything. You already did more that you had to. You're a hero."

Mika. "No, Malika. You are."

Lionel: "And what about me?"

%ACT% Malika and Mika stare

Mika, Malika (in disbelief): "Huh?"

Lionel: "Oh, never mind. Malika, may I ask you one thing? Now that you have taken over the dam, letting the river flow again and everything … what are your plans for the future? What about the new settlement? And are you going to empty the entire reservoir?"

Malika: "That's not my decision. Sayyid is the rightful ruler of Dawlat al Nimr, not me. The same day we took control over the dam, I sent a full report of what has happened to the Emir, and I'm pretty sure he's going to have me arrested the moment I enter the country again."

Mika: "But do you think they will give you a fair trial? Wouldn't it be more sensible to stay here and apply for political asylum?"

Malika: "No. It's the path I have chosen. Adham mistreated both his investors and his own people, and I'm sure Sayyid will try to regain their trust. He can't afford to harm me, even if he wanted to. He would be stupid to let his son's efforts go to waste. And the issue is getting a lot of international attention now, which might also work in my favor. Let's hope for the best. "

Mika: "I will certainly cross my claws for you. That means, I wish you luck."

Malika: "Thank you. I need all the luck I can get."

%ACT% Poke sticks a carrot in the snowmans groin

Lori: "Poke! For the last time! It goes in the face! IN THE FACE!"

Poke: "Oh No it doesn't!"

Lori: "Oh yes, it does!"

Poke: "no, it doesn't!"

Lori: "yes, it does!"

Poke: "no, it doesn't!"

Lori: "yes, it does!"

Poke: "Well, screw you!"

Lori: "RRraaaargh"

%ACT% Lori jumps at Poke

%ACT% Poke runs away, laughing, Lori running after him screaming

Malika: "You really ARE like a family, aren't you?"

Mika, Lionel (nodding) "Hmm-hmmm…."

Malika: "Make sure it stays that way. Your idea of a family might be different from mine, but I think what you have here is very precious nonetheless. I wish you a great future! And many cute little snowmen!"

Lionel: "Oh, you …"

%ACT% Poke runs in, throwing a snowball at Malika

%SND% 1207 - Splort

Poke: "Gotcha!"

Malika: "Oh, just you wait! I'll get you! Hahahhaaaaa!"

%ACT% Malika grabs some snow, and runs after Poke

Poke: "Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

%ACT% Poke and Malika disappear, leaving Mika and Lionel alone

Lionel: "Err … Mika?"

Mika: "Yes?"

Lionel: "I'm so sorry. I've been acting like a complete moron. I really don't know what I was thinking. Please forgive me."

Mika (loving): "Oh Lionel! Maybe you didn't cover yourself with glory, but if you hadn't been there, I would be dead now! Of course I forgive you!"

Lionel: "Thank you. I love you."

Mika: "I love you, too. And I always will. In'shallah."

Lionel: "In'shallah."

%ACT% Mika and Lionel kiss

%HND% The carrot falls out of the Snowman's Groin (Zefiro)

%SND% 1208 - PLOPP

%LIG% Main light off

%HND% Curtain close

%SND% Muppet Theme


%ATT% Congratulations! You've made it! You're the greatest team EVER :)