Act 3, Scene 1: It's a Trap!

Rashid's diploma on the wall. A picture of Rashid and Adham with their father.


%SND% Door opens

Rashid: "Ah, I see that you're using your time off to improve your education. That's a very wise decision!"

Adham: "Oh Rashid, do you absolutely HAVE to add more insult to injury? You'd better watch what you're saying. You may have degraded me, but I still have teeth and claws!"

Rashid: "Easy, Adham, easy. So far, nobody outside of this building knows about our little situation here, and I intend to keep it that way. If you manage to stay calm, you will still get all the credit that is due, and not lose your face. You're my brother, and I haven't forgotten what you've done for me."

Adham: "Says the snake to the hare …"

Rashid (ironic): "Wow, very metaphorical! What are you reading there, anyways?"

Adham: "It's one of the books you brought with you from america. Aesops' Fables."

Rashid: "A very good choice! There is a lot of wisdom in these stories. Here, let me show you one of my favourites …"

%SND% Flipping through the pages

Rashid: "Ah, there. Once upon a time there was a lioness, who had a little cub. While they were both asleep, a bull came along, and killed the cub with his horns. The lioness came up, and bitterly lamented the death of her cub. But the bull just stood at a distance and said to her, "Think how many men there are who have reason to lament the loss of their children, whose deaths have been caused by you."

Adham: "Very witty, my brother. But my favorite is another one … "

%SND% Flipping through the pages

Adham: "A donkey once carried through the streets of the city a famous wooden Image, to be placed in one of its Temples. The crowd bowed down in awe before the image as he passed. The donkey, thinking that they bowed their heads in token of respect for him, bristled up with pride, gave himself airs, and refused to move another step. The driver, seeing him thus stop, laid his whip lustily about his shoulders and said: "Oh you idiot! It is not yet come to this, that men pay worship to a donkey!" … and whipped the donkey into submission."

Rashid (sighs): "You're hopeless, Adham."

%ACT% Adham laughs


%AMB% 09 - Office

%HND% Curtain open

%LIG% Main light on (Yellow 50%, Blue 100%, white 100%)

%ACT% Adham is sitting behind his desk in [2]

%SND% 1001 - knock knock

Adham: "Come in!"

%SND% 1002 - door opens

%ACT% Abdul (Guard) enters from [7]

%SND% 1003 - Abdul: "My Lord, Miss Mika Saesucasa!"

%ACT% Mika enters in [7] and walks towards Adham

Adham: "Ah! Our much awaited guest. Salem Aleikum. My name is Adham ibn Sayyid ibn Abdullah Dawlat al Nimr'iyyun, son of the Emir, sovereign of the province of Ash-Maqwa."

Mika: "Aleikum Salam, Adham. I was expecting to be met by your brother. It was him who called me here, after all."

Adham: "Oh, I'm sorry about that. Rashid is right in the middle of a very important phone conference. He promised to come down here as soon as he can. Abdul, could you please go upstairs and let him know that we have a vistor? Please tell him to come alone, this meeting is highly confidential!"

%SND% 1004 - Abdul: "Yes, my Lord!"

%ACT% Abdul leaves, closing the door behind them

Adham: "Why don't you take a seat while you wait? I'm sure Rashid will be here in a few moments."

%ACT% Mika sits down on the chair

Mika: "Thank you, Adham. I am quite exhausted, it has been a very long trip."

%ACT% Adham approaches Mika while he talks

Adham: "Well, then feel free to sit back and enjoy our hospitality. There, let me personally ensure that you will get lots of TIME TO RELAX! "

%ACT% Adham grabs Mika's arms and ties her to the chair.

%SND% 1005 - Shackles + Music Cue 1


Adham: "I'm sorry, my beauty, but you're just too precious to be left to your own devices. You will have to stay tied to this chair!"

Mika: "Let me go! Immediately! Rashid! Help! Rashiiid!"

%ACT% Adham produces a gun, threatening Mika

Adham: "Shhhhh! You'd better be quiet, or this fairytale will be over much sooner than you like. Besides, Rashid is already on his way, and I can't WAIT for him to see you!"

%SND% 1006 - Door opens

%ACT% Rashid enters

Rashid: "What in Allah's name is going on here! I … WHAT? MIKA?"

Mika: "Rashid! Be careful! He's got a gun!"

%ACT% Adham stands directly next to Mika, putting his gun to her head.

Adham: "Yes, your little snow leopardess is absolutely right! One false move, and she's history!"

Rashid: "Mika! How on earth did YOU get here? Adham! I demand an explanation!"

Adham: "No, Rashid. Today I'm the one who makes the demands."

Rashid: "And what do you want me to do?"

Adham: "I want you to sit down on the other chair. You will find a pair of handcuffs under the seat. Take them, and lock yourself to the chair. Slowly!"

Rashid: "All right."

%ACT% Rashid closes the door, walks to the other chair and sits down.

%SND% 1007 - Shackles

Rashid: "Okay, and what now?"

%ACT% Adham puts down his weapon

Adham: "You have dishonored me by revoking my authority. That was a big mistake. This land needs a strong leader. Someone who gets rid of the problems, instead of just talking about them. You are now going to call your subordinates, and tell them that my full authority has been restored."

Rashid: "And how am I supposed to do that?"

Adham: "Through the wonders of modern technology. It's called … a telephone."

Rashid: "That's not going to work. I can call them if you want, but they will not accept the command without solid proof that it is really me."

Adham: "You're a smart guy, Rashid. But I'm not going to let you to call them. I asked THEM to call YOU. Precisely …"

%ACT% Adham looks at his watch

Adham: "NOW!"

%SND% 1008 - Rashid's Cellphone Rings

Rashid: "You bastard!"

%ACT% Adham walks up to Rashid, and produces his cellphone

Adham: "Now, tell them what they need to know."

%ACT% Adham holds the cellphone up to Rashid's ears

%SND% 1008 STOP
%SND% 1009 - Pickup Phone

Rashid: "Hello? Yes, this is Rashid. This is a level one directive. Full command privileges are hereby being restored to Adham ibn Sayyid. No, the explanation will be given at a later time. It's classified information. All right. Thank you."

%SND% 1010 - Hangup Phone

%ACT% Adham takes down the cellphone

Adham: "Very good. And now it's time to bring this project back on track. You are now going to tell me the exact orders needed to open the flood gates."

Mika: "No! You can't do that! There are people down there! If you open the flood gates, you're going to kill everyone in the canyon, the oasis, and alongside the riverbed!"

Adham: "Yes. That is precisely what has to be done. This pathetic gaggle of geese has been cutting us off from our suppliers long enough. It's time to act. NOW!"

%ACT% Adham puts up the gun against Mika's head again

Mika: "Rashid! Don't think of me! Think of your people!"

%ACT% Rashid turns to Mika, looking into her eyes.

Rashid (determined): "Mika. I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves you. Or am I?"

Mika: "I … I …"

Rashid: "Adham, if you want to flood the canyon, go to the head office above the engine house, and see the engineer on duty. He will hand you a release form which you need to sign. Request them to open valves on intake towers 25a, 25b and 27. Make sure that the diversion tunnels have been cleared. Then manually unlock the tunnel plug outlets by switching off the hydraulic locking system. That should be specific enough for them to know what you want."

Adham: "Thank you, brother. If you keep making yourself useful like that, your life expectation might not be so bad after all. But now please excuse me for a moment. I don't want to miss the show!"

%ACT% Adham walks out

Mika: "You sick bastard! You are going to pay for this! I swear!"

Adham: "Oh, shut up, woman!"

Mika: "Raaaaaaarhhh! *hiss* *spit*"

%SND% 1005 STOP
%SND% 1011 - Door Slams, Key turns, Music Cue 2

Mika: "Why did you give him the instructions? Why? You've just sentenced everyone to death!"

Rashid: "Calm down. I gave him the correct instructions … but how am I supposed to know that intake towers 25a, 25b and 27 aren't even flooded yet?"

Mika: "Wow! I must say, you have nerves of steel. But how much time do we have until he will discover your orders were bogus?"

Rashid: "That's hard to say. A couple of minutes maybe."

Mika: "You had me absolutely convinced you had been willing to kill everyone in order to save me!"

Rashid: "Oh, I would have. But then, I didn't have to. This time. Which is precisely why I never wanted to see you again."

Mika: "Then why did you tell me to come here?"

Rashid: "What? No! I didn't!"

Mika: "Yes, you did! You left a message on my voicemail yesterday!"

Rashid: "No, most definitely not! I … oh, no. Adham! He must have gotten your number from my cellphone, and sent you the message to lure you here … yes, of course! He knew that you were practically the only thing he could use to blackmail me … and he also knew only a woman was likely enough to make it past the feminist fennecs blocking the road …"

Mika: "But there was no guarantee I would make it …"

Rashid: "Yes, but did he have anything to lose? No. I'm so sorry Mika. I intentionally broke off all contact with you, precisely to prevent something like this from happening. But I just couldn't let go. So I kept your number. I just couldn't bring myself to remove that last reminder of the wonderful time we shared."

Mika: "Rashid. All the years I thought you were either dead, or that you never wanted to hear from me again. After all, you had entrusted your life to me and when you needed me the most, I failed to protect you. You can't imagine how many times I have woken up sweating and shaking, seeing my biggest failure repeating itself before my eyes, again and again."

Rashid: "I am so sorry, Mika. But I am the Emir's son. I am supposed to decide in favour of my kingdom, and my people. But on my graduation day I had to realize that I loved you so much that I would always put YOUR well-being above that of everyone else's. Anyone would have been able to gain control over me by gaining control over you, and that was a burden I did not want to place on your shoulders. So I had to leave."

Mika: "You could at least have left a message."

Rashid: "I'm sorry. Can you ever forgive me?"

Mika: "You are a noble man, Rashid. Of course I forgive you. You deserve to be loved."

Rashid: "Thank you. You too."

%SND% 1012 - Open Shackles

%ACT% Mika manages to open her handcuffs

Mika: "Hah! I knew never filing my claws would pay off one day!"

Rashid: "Yes! You made it! Excellent! Now we'll have to find a way to get help!"

Mika: "Let me first remove your handcuffs!"

Rashid: "No! Look how long it took to pick the lock on yours … we don't have so much time. I wish Adham hadn't taken my phone with him. But unfortunately he isn't that stupid. How about yours?"

Mika: "I don't have it with me. My … uhm … singificant other still has it. Darn. I'm so stupid. He followed me all the way to this country, and he's pretty much the only one who I could call for help now."

Rashid: "Oh. Okay. Then we'll either have to get MY phone back from Adham, or find a way to get out of here before he comes back."

Mika: "Let me see, I'll …"

%SND% 1011 STOP
%SND% 1013 - Footsteps, lock turning

Mika: "Shit! We've been talking to much!"

Rashid: "Get back on your chair and pretend you're still bound! We'll have to improvise …"

%ACT% Mika sits down on the chair again, hiding her hands.

%SND% 1013 (cont.) Door opens → Music Cue 3

%ACT% Adham comes rushing in with his gun, standing between Rashid and Mika.

Adham: "You little son of a bitch! If you thought making your brother the laughing stock of the entire engineer team was a good idea, you'd better think again!"

Rashid: "So what are you going to do now? Kill your own brother?"

Adham: "No. First I'm going to kill the snow leopard. And then she is going to kill you. At least that's what her pawprints on the gun will suggest, when the guards will find your bodies floating in their own blood!"

%SND% 1013 (STOP)
%SND% 1014 Music Cue 4

Mika: "No! Not if I can help it! Aaaaaaaaaaah!"

%ACT% Mika jumps on Adham, throwing him to the floor

%ACT% Adham and Mika wrestle on the floor, Adham trying to keep his gun

%SND% 1015 - Gunshot

%ACT% Adham gets the better of Mika and wrestles her down, his back now towards Rashid

%SND% 1015 - Gunshot

Rashid: "Mika! No! AAAARGH!"

%ACT% Rashid manages to get to his feet, the chair still tied to him

%ACT% Rashid slams himself down on Adham, including the chair

%SND% 1016 - Crash & Slow Rise (shroud nine)
%SND% 1014 STOP

%ACT% Mika struggles to get free from under Adham

%ACT% Adham twists around while Rashid tries to keep him down

Rashid (strained): "Give me my phone back!"

Adham (strained): "No!"

Rashid (strained): "Then I'm going to get it myself!"

Adham: "I don't think so!"

%SND% 1015 - Gunshot

%ACT% Rashid cries out and slumps on top of adham, who is immobilized by his weight.

Mika: "Rashiiiid! Nooooo!"

%SND% 1017 - Music Cue 5

%ACT% Mika jumps on top of Adham, beating him until he drops his gun. She takes the gun.

Mika (panting): "You … killed … Rashid! You … little … stinking … bastard! This time you are going to pay for it!"

%ACT% Mika stands back a pace, panting and holding Adham at gunpoint

Adham (taunting): "Yes, Mika. But no matter if you kill me now or not: You are a dead cat either way. Everyone will still think you're a murderer. And besides … you were unable to kill 10 years ago. You won't be able to do it now!"

%ACT% Mika can't get over her killing inhibition

Mika (panting, shaking): "Oh yes, I will kill you! I will … kill … you … I …"

%ACT% Adam, seeing Mika shake, starts laughing

Adham (laughing, slowly): "Ha .. ha … ha …haaaa!"

%ACT% Mika screams in rage, and empties the cartridge into the ceiling.

Mika: "Aaaaaaaaah!"

%SND% 1018 - Many gunshots

%ACT% Mika drops the gun and runs away, slamming the door shut behind her.

%SND% 1019 - Door Slam & Music Cue 6 (Creep n Reap (silent part))
%SND% 1017 (STOP)

%ACT% Adham struggles himself free from under Rashids dead body, still laughing

Adham: "See, my brother, that's what happens if you entrust your life into a women's hands. Now, where is that stupid cellphone …"

%ACT% Adham turns around Rashid's body

Adham: "Ah, there it is. Sorry, Rashid, but as I said before, I can't let you have this back … roaming charges from the afterlive are daylight robbery …"

%ACT% Adham pries the phone from Rashid's cold, dead hand, making a call

%SND% 1020 - Dial

Adham: "Abdul? Alert all remaining guards. The snow leopard is an assassin. She killed Rashid, and now she is trying to escape. She must be stopped at all cost. Send all guards to the road on top of the dam. Yes. Everyone, including those from the gate house. I'm using Rashid's phone, so report back to me under his number from now on. Thank you."

%SND% 1021 - Hangup
%SND% 1022 - Ending Music (Rapid Fire)
%AMB% 1019 (STOP)

Adham: "Now let the games begin! Muhahahahhaaaa!"

%AMB% 09 (STOP)

%LIG% Main light off

%HND% Curtain close