Act 1, Scene 1: Two Brothers


Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a Leopard by the name of Sayyid. He was the Emir, the ruler of a small arabian principality called, "Dawlat al Nimr" - The land of the leopard.

Sayyid had been adored by his people as a kind and righteous leader for more than half a century. But he knew that evntually his old age would take its toll, and he would have to name an heir to his throne. The Emir had two beautiful sons: Adham and Rashid. He loved them equally and did his best to treat them both the same. He spent many sleepless nights, trying to decide whether Adham or Rashid should become his successor. But no matter how hard he thought, he just couldn't bring himself to favour one over the other.

But then he had an idea: Why not let Allah himself decide? Whose decision could be more righteous than that of Al-Azim, the Magnificent, The Infinite? So the Emir called his two sons before him, and said: "My beloved sons. I cannot make this decision without putting one of you at a disadvantage, and that would be against my principles. So I decided to give you a challenge. Side by side, and with equal privileges, you shall be the rulers of my poorest province, Ash Maq'wa. And after 15 years, he, who fared best, will become the new Emir of Dawlat Al Nimr. During that time, I will not intervene, neither with money nor by any other means. Your fate will be entirely in your own hands … and those of Allah, the Lord of Majesty and Generosity."

Still on the very same day, Adham and Rashid set out to Ash-Maqwa, firmly intending to rebuild the province that their father had entrusted to them. At first, everything seemed to work out perfectly. But over time, significant differences in opinion began to mount between them. And on one fateful day, almost ten years later, Rashid called his brother Adham to his office to tell him about a decision he had made. A decision that would forever change the history of Ash-Maqwa …


%AMB% 01 - Office

%HND% Curtain open

%SND% 0101 - Suspense Music 1

%LIG% Main light on (blue 100%, white 100%, yellow 50%)

%LIG% Key light on section 3 (adam)

%ACT% Rashid sits at his desk in [3], doing office work

%SND% 0102 - Door Open

%ACT% Adham blasts into the room, enraged.

Adham: "Rashid! What in Allah's name is going on here? Could you please explain to me, why the foreman at the engine house is refusing my commands?"

Rashid: "Because I told him so."

Adham: "You have no right to do that!"

Rashid: "Of course I have. I'm the emirs son."

Adham: "And so am I, brother! What kind of game is being played here?"

Rashid: "Adham, you didn't leave me a choice. Over ten years ago, our father has faithfully entrusted this land to us, and we were supposed to do what is best for our people! But for all that I can see, what you are doing is exactly the opposite!"

Adham: "No, Rashid! We are supposed to do what is best for the land, and the land consists of more than just its people! While you were gone, I found the investor who made this project possible. I brought the money in that enabled us to build the dam and the entire new settlement! In just a few months, we will own the third largest water reservoir on the arabic peninsula! Without my work, there would be nothing here except dry desert sand! "

%ACT% Rashid gets up from behind the desk

Rashid: "Yes, that is true, and that's what you were supposed to do during the time I was gone. But now I'm back, and what do I see? You cut off our own population from their only water supply, just to make the reservoir fill up within one year instead of two! That's pure greed!"

Adham: "Well, sometimes you have to make sacrifices to be a successful businessman! As soon as the reservoir is filled we can start phase two of our settlement plans. Who cares about a handful of beggars and thieves if you can have wealthy foreign investors! Rashid! We could be the richest province of all, the pride of Dawlat Al Nimr, and the pride of Sayyid, our father!"

Rashid: "Those who you just called 'beggars and thieves' are our people, Adham. We were supposed to make their lives better, not worse!"

Adham: "Rashid, you disappoint me. After spending such a long time abroad, I would have thought you'd come back with a more progressive attitude than that."

Rashid: "Progressive? During the last ten years you haven't even left this godforsaken piece of rock one single time! The same amount of time I spent studying on another continent! And you have the audacity to lecture me about what you think is progressive? Look at what you've done! You've wasted our money to build THIS! It was supposed to be an office! Not a palace! Now we have to face the bitter truth: We are bankrupt!"

Adham: "Nonsense. Our investors are reliable. The contracts are signed. The first parcels of land are already sold. As soon as the first buildings are standing, business will pick up again."

Rashid: "Do you really think it's that easy? I've got some news for you: Your 'reliable investor' has just called me. It seems that the few citizens you haven't managed to drive away from their land yet, are now teaming up against us. They are blocking the only finished road that leads up here, threatening to kill anyone who tries to pass. Because of you Adham, we're now effectively under siege. You are a disgrace to the family."

Adham: "No Rashid, you are! Because you do not have the guts it takes to be a strong leader! If these bandits dare to revolt against us, they deserve nothing but death. The reservoir is three quarters full. All we have to do is open the flood gates, and they are gone, at the push of a button."

Rashid: "No! I'm sick and tired of mopping up the trail of blood behind you. As of today, I have officially revoked all your administrative privileges. From now on the guards, the engineers and everyone else will listen to my commands only."

Adham (enraged): "How dare you!"

Rashid: "I'm sorry. I really didn't want to do this. I tried to understand you. I tried to give you my advice. I tried to come up with a compromise that we both could live with. But you refused, each and every time. You left me with no other choice."

Adham: "Listen to me, brother! You will restore the order of command right now, or I swear by Allah, you are going to regret it!"

%SND% 0103 - Rashid's Cellphone Rings

%HND% Rashid produces Cellphone from his pocket

%ACT% Rashid picks up the phone and looks at it.

Rashid: "Oh. It's your bank calling on my cellphone again. You know what? Why don't you talk to them? I'm sure they'll be thrilled to hear about the current state of the project. I'm no longer willing to take the blame for your failure. Just leave my phone on my desk when you're done. Have fun!"

%ACT% Rashid leaves to [7]

%LIG% Main light slowly out / Keylight still stay on

Adham: "Uh … what … wait!"

%SND% 0104 - Door slams shut

%ACT% Adham almost throws a fit, then disgruntedly takes the call on Rashid's cellphone.

%SND% 0101 (STOP)
%SND% 0103 (STOP)
%SND% 0105 - Beep & Telephone Voice & Suspense Music Rise (12 seconds)

Adham: "Hello? Yes. Adham Ibn Sayyid. No. There is absolutely no reason to … eh … No! Everything is under control! … I give you my word! … No, wait! I said …"

%SND% 0106 - Click & Hangup tone

%ACT% Adham looks at the phone, and whispers to himself.

Adham (enraged): "Oh, brother. You are going to pay for this. I swear … you are so going to pay for this!"

%SND% 0107 - orchestra hit

%AMB% 01 - (STOP)

%LIG% Keylight out

%HND% Curtain close