Act 3, Scene 3: Learning to Fly


%SND% Phone Ringing, Pick up Hook

Florence: "Hello?"

%SND% Incomprehensible Phone Voice

Florence: "No, I'm Florence, my mother is upstairs."

Florence: "Oh. Yes. Just a moment please. (shouting) MOOOOOOM! MOOOOOOM! It's for you!!"

%SND% Footsteps

Mom: "I'm coming … who is it?"

Florence: "It's the hospital."

%SND% Fumbles with the phone

Mom: "Hello? Yes?"

%SND% Incomprehensible Phone Voice

Mom (in shock): "What? Oh no!"

%SND% Incomprehensible Phone Voice

Mom (in shock): "When did it happen?"

%SND% Incomprehensible Phone Voice

Mom: "*sigh* I understand. Yes. I will come and sign the papers."

%SND% Incomprehensible Phone Voice

Mom: "No, thank you, I don't need any help. I'll be fine."

%SND% Incomprehensible Phone Voice

Mom: "Yes. I'll take care of it. Thanks again. Bye."

%SND% Hangup Phone

Mom: (Takes a deep breath)

Florence: "Mom? … The call was about Dad, wasn't it? Are you alright?"

Mom (sad): "Yes, dear."

Florence: "Is he … I mean …"

Mom (sad): "Yes. He is dead. He passed away a few minutes ago."

Florence: "Oh Mom, I'm so sorry!"

Mom: "Don't be sorry. I knew this had to happen one day. It was extremely unlikely that he would come back. The doctors said his chances of waking up from his coma was one in ten thousand. I'm glad that after so many years of fighting, his soul has finally found peace."

Florence: "Aren't you at least a little bit sad?"

Mom: "Of course I am! I miss him! I've missed him for the last 20 years! I've made sure he got the best possible care, every day since the accident. He sacrificed himself to save you, Florence. And for that I'll be eternally grateful!"

Florence: "But … ?"

Mom: "*sigh* I've had 20 years to prepare myself for this moment. 20 years is a long time. So many things have happened since then. I have changed. You have changed. The whole world has changed. I've made new aquaintances. I've started a new relationship. You're now a grown-up woman. I have thought a lot about what I would do when Finlay suddenly woke up, after life has gone on without him for so long. And frankly … I don't know. I … I …. "

Florence: "It's allright Mom. I know how you're feeling. Don't blame yourself. I know you have always done your best. We should go now and pay our last respect to him."

Mom: "Yes. Let's do that. And thank you."

Florence: "I love you, Mom!"

Mom: "I love you too."


%AMB% 12 - Cliff

%ACT% Lionel, Mika, Lori and Poke are sitting at the edge of a cliff

%ACT% Poke paces back and forth restlessly

%SND% 1101 - Music Cue 1

Lionel: "Poke, stop pacing back and forth like that, you're making me nervous!"

Poke: "Fuck yeah, at least now I'm no longer the only person who is nervous here! I don't know how you manage to sit there like nothing is wrong, while Sky might be in deep trouble, or even dead!"

Mika: "Poke, Lionel is right. Don't let it get to yourself! I'm sure she'll be fine. Believe me, I know a tough girl when I see one."

%SND% 1102 - Lori: "Yeah, I think we should try and use the little time we have to think of a way to wake ourselves up! I don't want to know what is happening with our real bodies while we are here. We've been here for days after all. I hope I didn't wet my bed."

Poke (angry): "Fuck, Lori, you wet your bed at least once a week! Who the fuck cares? The only person who has ever truly loved me is somewhere out there getting herself killed! THAT's the most important thing, you morons! I don't care what my other body is doing somewhere else … I've found my true love right here! It's the fucking best dream I ever had! I don't want to wake up!"

%SND% 1101 (STOP)
%SND% 1103 - Music Cue 2

Sky (off): "But you must. It's your destiny."

%ACT% Sky appears from the side of the stage

Poke (gasps!): "Sky! Wheeee!"

%ACT% Poke jumps up and runs to Sky. They fall into each other's arms.

Poke: "Sky! I'm so glad you're alive! I love you!"

%ACT% Poke cries

Sky: "And I love you, too, Poke. But it's really time to say goodbye now."

%SND% 1104 - Lori: "Sky! Have you found a way to wake us up? And how does it work? Tell us! And what happened to the ice? And where's Finlay? And why did you want to meet us at this very strange place? And …"

Sky: "Please, one thing at a time. A lot of things have happened since we last met. The good news is, the source of black ice has been destroyed. The bad news is … Finlay is dead."

%ACT% everyone is shocked

Lionel: "What happened to him?"

Sky: "He sacrificed himself destroying the cave of the black ice. He died as a hero. Unlike my father. Who died betraying his own daughter."

Mika: "Lord Tarrion is dead, too?"

Sky: "Yes. Which makes me the new ruler of the northern tribe."

Poke: "Really? I'm so proud of you!"

Sky: "There is nothing about me to be proud of, really."

Lionel: "Sorry for being pushy, but is there any news on reverting the effects of black ice?"

Sky: "Yes and no. There is no known way to revert the effects. But the researchers of my tribe know more about dreamers and the effects of black ice than Lord Tarrion was willing to recognize. The ice doesn't strictly prevent anyone from waking up. It just raises the level of what they can tolerate."

Lionel: "Considering what Poke went through without waking up … you must have given us quite a hefty overdose. How can we get ourselves into anything worse than that short of killing ourselves?"

%SND% 1103 (STOP)
%SND% 1105 - Music Cue 3

Sky: "I have a theory. I've read through all the findings of our scientists, trying to find evidence what kind of experience will most reliably wake up a dreamer. But it's all just statistics. There is no guarantee it will work for you. It might even kill you instead."

Mika: "Doing nothing will kill us just as likely. So what is your theory?"

Sky: "Try to remember your worst nightmares."

%SND% 1106 - Lori Music Overlay

%SND% 1107 - Lori: "Oh, I recently had a very vivid one. I dreamt that I was visiting a plastic surgeon to have my ears enlarged! I was lying on the operating table, and when the surgeon turned his face towards me, he looked exactly like Michael Jackson! He grinned at me and sneezed … and then his nose fell off! I jumped out of the window, and I fell … and fell … and then I woke up."

Sky: "I see. And how about you?"

%SND% 1108 - Nightmare Music Overlay

Lionel: "I usually don't remember much of my dreams. But once I dreamt that I was back in school. But I had forgotten everything: My clothes, my books, everything. And the teacher kept asking me questions, but they all sounded like gibberish to me. Everyone pointed at me, laughing! I ran out of the room, but instead of the hallway, there was only a black, bottomless pit outside! I managed to cling to the edge, but the teacher came and stepped on my fingers …. I had to let loose, and I fell … and then I woke up."

%SND% 1108 (STOP)

Sky: "Very interesting. What was your worst nightmare, Mika?"

%SND% 1108 - Nightmare Music Overlay

Mika: "I often have terrible nightmares from the time when I was still working as a bodyguard. It usually involves a client meeting with a gang of thugs in a run-down part of the city. However, it's like I'm observing the whole scene from a large distance, usually from some place high above. One of the gangsters then pulls out a gun. I shout a warning, but my client can't hear me! I want to jump between them … but I'm too far away! I see my client being shot in slow motion while I'm still falling from a great height … and then I wake up."

%SND% 1108 (STOP)

Sky: "Also very interesting. Now think for a moment, and see if you can find any similarities between your dreams."

Lionel: "Ah yes! I get it! It's so obvious! The one element that they have in common is, that they all end with the situation getting out of control, and the protagonist falling from great height!"

Sky: "And, does anybody of you ever remember hitting the ground?"

%ACT% Lionel, Mika and Lori shake their heads.

Lionel (enlightened): "No, of course not! In a falling dream, you always wake up before you hit the ground!"

%SND% 1105 (STOP)
%SND% 1109 - Music Cue 4

Sky: "I'm glad you're coming to the same conclusion. This is the reason why I asked you to meet me here. This is the highest cliff in the shadow world. It's bottom is so deep, that you can't see it from up here, it's always hidden underneath a layer of black clouds."

Poke: "Are you crazy? We're supposed to jump off a cliff, based on some kind of wacky theory? What if it doesn't work?"

Mika: "Poke, we can't stay here forever. Our bodies have needs. If this doesn't work, we are going to die! But, if we do nothing, we will also die! And this theory makes a lot of sense! It's the best guess we have!"

%SND% 1110 - Lori: "Okay. Then let's do it. It can't possibly get any worse than this. Let's say good bye to THIS world."

%ACT% Everyone except Sky nods in agreement.

Mika, Lionel: "Yeah."

%ACT% They get together in a group hug

%SND% 1109 (STOP)
%SND% 1111 - Music Cue 5 (at "see you on the other side")

Lionel: "Mika, Lori, Poke. You're the best friends I ever had. See you on the other side!"

%SND% 1112 - Lori: See you on the other side!

Mika, Poke: "See you on the other side!"

%ACT% Sky wraps her wings around the entire group.

Sky: "I wish all of you a happy life. Farewell my friends. I'm going to miss you."

Mika, Lori, Lionel: "Farewell, Sky."

Mika: "Okay. Enough talking. It's now or never. Let's go! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!"

%ACT% Mika runs towards the cliff, and jumps off into the void.

Lionel: "Mika!"

%ACT% Lionel jumps after Mika

Lionel: "Aaaaaaaah!"

%SND% 1113 - Lori: "Lionel!"

%ACT% Lori jumps after Lionel!

%SND% 1114 - Lori: "Aaaaaaaah!"

%ACT% Poke stands there like a column of salt, shaking.

Poke: "wwhhhhwhhwhhwhhwh"

Sky: "What is it Poke, it's your turn!"

Poke: "I … I …. I don't want to jump! I don't want to leave you behind! I love you! I want to stay with you!"

Sky: "Poke. You can't imagine how much I wish this was possible. But let's face it. You can't live in this world. I love you very much, but I'm now ruler of the tribe, no matter if I want it or not. And I'm still a creature of the shadow. I will always have to go and hunt, feeding on the blood and fear of dreamers. People of your kind. It's my destiny .Our lives must go different ways from here on. And you know that."

%ACT% Poke cries, and hugs Sky.

Poke (cries): "Life is not fair!"

Sky: "No. Life's a fucking bitch."

Poke (cries): "I couldn't have said it better!"

Sky: "Now be sensible, poke. You've got to jump. Your friends need you. And you need your friends."

Poke: "If they're still alive, that is! I know that we can't stay together … but … still …"

Sky: "What is it?"

%SND% 1111 (STOP)
%SND% 1115 - Music Cue 6

Poke: "I'm too afraid to jump."

Sky: "But you're a brave guy! I know you can do it!"

Poke: "I can't jump over a cliff if I'm not sure I'm going to survive it … my legs just won't move … fuck, I feel like such a wimp!"

Sky: "Don't worry. There a times to be a hero, and there are times to be a coward. But then, that's what friends are for."

%ACT% Poke stares at Sky

Poke: "What do you mean?"

Sky: "I'll help you. I'll jump with you!"

Poke: "What?! But that would be suicide! You can't fly!"

Sky: "My wings are in perfect order."

Poke: "But didn't you say you had an accident when you were little?"

Sky: "Yes. I didn't dare to fly since then. But for you, I'll do it. I'll jump with you. And if you don't wake up before you hit the ground, I will catch you."

Poke: "Would you really do that for me?"

Sky: "Of course. I love you."

Poke: "I love you too."

Sky: "Get ready."

%ACT% Sky takes a run at the cliff, Poke clinging to her body.

%ACT% Sky jumps

Poke: "Aaaaaahhh!"

%AMB% 12 - (STOP)

%ATT% Eisfuchs needs to run to the stage now, taking over Big Sky's head

%HND% Puppeteers on front stage take over with full sized Sky rod puppet, doing the ending song.

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - ENDING SONG

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Intro)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Verse 1)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "It breaks my heart to say goodbye"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "but we must spread our wings and fly"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "through different skies in worlds apart!"

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Verse 2)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "Our love was never meant to be"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "so there remains uncertainty"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "were we allowed to cross the line?"

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Bridge 1)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "Who can tell what's wrong or right?"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "Brightest day or darkest night?"

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Chorus 1)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "High above the valley of dreams"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "I'm flying alone"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "When you dream of me again"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "I'll be there"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "I'll be there"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "for you!"

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Interlude 1)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Verse 3)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "I hope although it all will seem"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "like fading memories of a dream"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "you won't forget how much I loved you!"

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Bridge 2)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "Now you're gone, but I remain!"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "(And) only time can heal the pain!"

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Chorus 2)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "Don't despair, no matter how dark"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "the shadows may seem"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "Love will always find a way"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "you will see"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "you will see"

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Chorus 3)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "Carry on the flame in your heart"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "wherever you go"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "like a beacon in the night"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "shining bright"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "it will light"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "the way!"

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Interlude 1 Reprise)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Interlude 2)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Hunters: "Night - Where shadows reign"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Hunters: "Hunt - In dreams insane"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Hunters: "Blood - Is what we lust"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Hunters: "Feed - Is what we must"

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Interlude 3)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "It's my"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "fate to"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "play this bloody"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "game but I'll"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "never"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "ever"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "ask a dreamers name…"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "…again !"

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Intro Reprise with Voiceover)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "Oh Poke! I wish I were a dreamer, so I could wake up with you. But that is not the way of the world. I really wish that one day you'll find new love in your own world. Someone with an open heart. Someone who loves you just like me. You deserve it. Good luck!"

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - (Chorus 1 Reprise)

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "High above the valley of dreams"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "I'm flying alone"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "When you dream of me again,"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "I'll be there!"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "I'll be there!"

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "High above the valley of dreams"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "I'm flying alone"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "When you dream of me again,"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "I'll be there!"
%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "I'll be there!"

%SND% 1115 (cont.) - Sky: "FOR YOU!"

%LIG% Lights Out

%HND% Close curtain in background.


%ACT% Curtain Call

%SND% 1116 - Curtain Call Soundtrack