Act 2, Scene 3: Bond of Blood


"The toughtest truth of life we have to face is that nothing lasts forever. The hardest thing in the world is letting go. Especially letting go of those who you love. Love can be so cruel. It makes you vulnerable. I opens up your chest and it opens up your heart, letting someone inside. You built up all these defenses, you built up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing could ever hurt you. Then someone walks into your life, and you give them a piece of you. Sometimes, all they did, was to smile at you, and suddenly your life isn't your own any more. Love takes hostages. You give a piece of you to someone, and you will never get it back. You cannot just stop loving someone who is no longer there. The only way to make your heart complete again is not to wait for the part that you gave away to come back. Because it won't. You have to fill the void with something new. Something of your own design.

At the foot of the bridge to the shadow world, suddenly everything became clear to me. It was like a revelation. All the time I had only been looking at myself. My wife, my family, they probably already had done the same thing: Go on with their lifes. Fill the void I had left with something new. Let go. Of me.

As I realized this, something inside of me broke. It was like all the pent up pain of the last 20 years that had turned me into the self-absorbed lunatic that I was, was suddenly released. It hurt. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It was a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. But for the first time in decades, my mind was perfectly sharp again. Mika was right. In returning to the shadow world, I had nothing to lose, but so much to gain. And suddenly, I felt a new passion. I realized that change is the essence of life, and that I had to surrender what I was for what I could become. And so I went.

Do I still love my family? Of course! There is this old saying that "Love that we can not have is the one that lasts the longest, hurts the deepest and feels the strongest…". And it is true to the point, that love and pain will always remain inseperable. You can't have one without the other."


%AMB% 08 - Dungeon

%ACT% Sky is sitting in the corner (section A) of the dungeon cell, alone, sobbing.

%SND% 0701 - Jail door opens

%ACT% Lord Tarrion enters from Section B

%ACT% Sky looks up at Tarrion

%SND% 0702 - Jail door closes

Sky: "What do you want father? Is throwing your own daughter into the dungeon not enough? What do you want from me?"

Tarrion: "Sky, Sky, Sky. What am I going to do. No matter what I try, you just won't do what you're told. You are a disgrace to your family."

Sky: "I could say the same thing about you!"

%ACT% Tarrion slaps Sky in the face with a wing

%SND% 0703 - Slap

Tarrion: "Silence! No more talking back! I've had enough of it. By crossing my plans you have commited treason against your family and against the entire tribe! And what is even worse, you got involved with a dreamer!"

Sky: "Yes! That's because I love him! Do you even know what love is?"

Tarrion: "You are not supposed to love, Sky. You're supposed to obey!"

Sky: "I'd rather die than obey you."

Tarrion: "Well, if that's the choice you want, you shall have it. Guards! Bring him in!"

%SND% 0701 - Jail door opens

%ACT% Two minions push in a St. Andrew's cross on wheels with Poke on it, tied and gagged.

%SND% 0704 -Wheels

%ACT% The minions leave immediately

%SND% 0702 - Jail door closes

Sky: "Poke! Poke, are you alright?"

%ACT% Sky runs towards poke

Sky: "Father, what did you do to him?"

Tarrion: "Nothing. I did not lay a finger on him. I'm going to leave this to you."

Sky: "WHAT?"

Tarrion: "I hope this is going to teach you a lesson to never disobey my orders again. You will take his blood. And then you will forget about him. "

Sky: "No! Never!"

Tarrion: "You have the choice. Feed on him. Or starve. Guard!"

%ACT% Guard enters from Section B

Guard: "Yes, my Lord?"

Tarrion: "No food or water for both of them. Keep them in this cell until Sky has taken the Ferret's blood … or until either of them dies."

Guard: "Yes, my Lord!"

%ACT% Guard bows and leaves the stage

Tarrion: "Now, be a good girl! I'll be back tomorrow to see how you two are doing."

Sky: "I hate you, Tarrion. I HATE YOU!"

%ACT% Lord Tarrion laughs, and walks off.

%SND% 0705 - Jail door closes.

Sky (sighs): "Oh Poke, I'm so unspeakably sorry for all this. It's all my fault."

Poke: "Mmmmmhmmhmhm!"

Sky: "Let me take that off for you."

%ACT% Sky hides Poke with her wing, pretending to take off the gag.

%HND% Poke is now played by Fairlight.

Poke: "P-TUH! Well, you didn't force me to beat up Lord Trashcan, did you? That was my own decision. And fuck yeah, did he deserve it! He's such a dickhead! I'd do it again any time!"

Sky: "Still, it's my fault you and your friends can't wake up. I poisoned you with black ice. I'm such a stupid girl!"

Poke: "What is this black ice stuff everyone is talking about?"

Sky: "Our tribe has been experimenting with it for quite some time now. I read up on it in the library, and I was foolishly hoping to steal some of Tarrion's fame. He tries to make it look like it was his own discovery."

Poke: "Yeah, fine, but what IS it?"

Sky: "When dreamers enter the dream world, they bring all kinds of emotions with them, like anger, fear, rage, and many others. During their dreams, they release some of these emotions. Once a dreamer has released enough, they wake up and return to what you guys call "the real world". The emotions they have set free remain here, however."

Poke: "Alright, that makes sense. If you prevent someone from dreaming for too long, he will go insane!"

Sky: "I don't know exactly how this works, but near the border between the dream world and the shadow world, the remains materialize, forming the thick layer of black clouds that cover the sky in the shadow world. Eventually, the clouds condense in the form of black rain. It then rains down, disappearing into the soil."

Poke: "And if you freeze the rain, you get black ice?"

Sky: "No, it's not that simple. The rain is a useless mixture of all kinds of ingredients. But when it trickles through the soil, the earth acts like a filter. The heavier the ingredients, the deeper they sink in. A few years ago, deeply beneath one of the mountains near the border, my tribesmen discovered a cave. In the middle, a large stalagtite had formed, consisting of only the heaviest elements."

Poke: "And that's what you slipped into my drink to keep me from waking up?"

Sky (sobs): "Yes! And Tarrion's plan is to poison each and every dreamer so he can turn them into his slaves! We depend on dreamers' blood to live. And Lord Tarrion figured that keeping your food in your basement would be much more convenient than having to go out and hunt."

Poke: "Wait a minute … doesn't that mean … that … I am the only food in this prison cell?"

Sky (sobs even more): "Yes! But Poke! I could never hurt you! Never!"

Poke: "Would Lord Tarrion let you out of this cell if you did?"

Sky: "Maybe, but …"

Poke: "Then you must do it! There is no way I can get out of here. But you can. If you take my blood."

Sky: "No, I can't do that! It would be very painful! And I wouldn't know when to stop! I might kill you!"

Poke: "But if you don't do it we will BOTH die. Take my blood. And when Tarrion lets you out of here, find a way to stop him!"

Sky: "Poke, why are you doing this for me? I was the one who poisoned you! You should hate me!"

Poke: "You did it because you felt rejected. Believe me, I know how that feels. I'm doing this because I love you!"

%ACT% Sky cries

Poke: "Stop crying and bite me! Come on! Do it! Now!"

%ACT% Sky bites poke in the neck.

%SND% 0705 - Bite


%ACT% Sky lets go, panicking

Sky: "Poke! What is it! I'm sorry!"

Poke: "Bwaaahaha! It fucking hurts! It fucking hurts a lot more than I thought!"

Sky: "I told you it would hurt!"

Poke: "Yes, you did. Okay. Go on. Just ignore me."

Sky: "I can't do this if you keep screaming like that."

Poke: "Then put the gag back on me."

Sky: "Poke! No! That would be cruel. It's bad enough I have to hurt you at all."

Poke: "Okay. Then I'll just grit my teeth. I won't make a sound. I promise."

%MUS% Sensual Music that makes everyone go all teary-eyed

%SND% 0706 - Music: Blood Bond

%ACT% Sky sighs.

Sky: "Oh Poke you’re such a brave guy. Alright, I think I know a way to make it a bit more bearable for you. Close your eyes. It’s still going to hurt, but I’ll help you take your mind off it."

%ACT% Sky embraces Poke and makes tender love to him

%ATT% (This still needs to be planned in detail)

%ACT% Sky bites Poke again, continuing to caress him

%ACT% Poke whimpers bravely, and painfully whispers sweet things to Sky

Poke: "I love you."

%ACT% Poke goes limp.

%ACT% Sky backs off, crying.

Sky: "I love you too, Poke. Poke? POKE??"

Sky (whispering in despair): "Oh no! What did I do!"

Sky (shouting in rage): "Okay! Can anybody hear me? It's done! Now let me out! Let me the fuck out!"

%SND% 0701 - Jail door opens

%HND% Tarrion is played by Tigerseye now.

%ACT% Lord Tarrion appears (or maybe just his shadow?)

Tarrion: "Oh! I am surprised. You changed your mind earlier than I thought. You really took his blood."

Sky (ice cold): "Yes, I did."

Tarrion: "Ahh, that’s my little girl. I hope you have learned your lesson."

%ACT% Sky pushes Tarrion aside violently and runs off.


%SND% 0702 - Jail door closes

%LIG% Lights Out

%HND% Close Curtain