Act 3, Scene 1: Auf Wiedersehen, Monty


%SND% radio jingle - breaking news

Jeff: “The governor of Nevada declared an emergency exists in the area of Las Vegas and Clark County, ordering Federal aid to supplement state and local response efforts in the areas located in the path of the storm. ”

Jeff: “He called the president to authorize the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, to coordinate all disaster relief efforts which have the purpose of alleviating the hardship and suffering caused by the emergency on the local population, and to provide appropriate assistance for required emergency measures, authorized under Title V of the Stafford Act, to save lives, protect property and public health and safety, or to lessen or avert the threat of a catastrophe.”

Jeff: “While the situation is still under control, and there is no major damage yet, things are expected to get considerably worse within the next few hours. Everyone situated inside the affected areas is advised to stay inside wherever they are. Do not go outside, keep away from windows. KQWY will provide you with continuous coverage on this channel, so stay tuned.”


%AMB% AMB-0801 (NEW) - Animal Shelter

%HND% curtains open

%SND% SND-0801 (NEW) (cont.) - Warden1 (off): “What, they ran all the way through the storm, just to see the feral tiger?”

%SND% SND-0801 (NEW) (cont.) - Warden2 (off): “That's what they told me!”

%SND% SND-0801 (NEW) (cont.) - Warden1 (off): “Tourists! They're getting crazier every day!”

%SND% SND-0801 (NEW) (cont.) - Warden2 (off): “Well, there is no law against it … he's just an animal, remember?”

%SND% SND-0801 (NEW) (cont.) - Warden1 (off): “What the hell do they expect? That we'll let them adopt him?”

%SND% SND-0801 (NEW) (cont.) - Warden2 (off): “Ah, come on, I bet they're just curious. Maybe we can let them in … for a little donation.”

%SND% SND-0801 (NEW) (cont.) - Warden1 (off): “*sigh* Okay, why not. But keep an eye on them!”

%SND% SND-0801 (NEW) (cont.) - Warden2 (off): “Don't worry, I will. (shouts) HEY YOU! YOU CAN GO IN … BUT STAY AWAY FROM THE CAGE. HE'S DANGEROUS! YOU'VE GOT 5 MINUTES!”

%SND% SND-0801 (NEW) (cont.) - Door Opens

%LIG% main lights on

%ACT% Lori rushes in and clings to the bars of the cage

Lori (screams): “Monty!”

Monty: “Lori!”

%ACT% Monty stands up and rubs cheeks with Lori

Monty: “Oh, Lori, you fool … I told you not to come here!”

Lori: “I had to come … I just had to come!”

Monty: “You shouldn't have … but still … it's good to see you. And your friends.”

Lionel: “Mr. Montecore … Could you please tell us what is going on here?”

Monty: “Yes, I think I really owe you an explanation. How much did lori already tell you?”

Mika: “We know about the old Paiute legend, the ritual, and the evil something that's supposedly taking over the world … that's pretty much it.”

Monty: “Ah, I see. How much do you know about the Unlucky 13?”

Lionel: “I've heard it's something like an exclusive night club, and that it's located somewhere inside the Stardust Casino.”

Monty: “Yes, that's the official version. The Unlucky 13. The big mystery. Everyone talks about it. But have you ever met anyone who's actually been there? I haven't.”

Lionel: “Oh!”

Monty: “Here is another history lesson for you: Soon after the city of Las Vegas was founded, the indians started to give in to the temptations of modern civilization … drugs, alcohol and money. Acre by acre, they were forced give up their homeland. One day, a bootlegger by they name of Tony Cornero, decided to buy a seeminly nondescript piece of land on the Las Vegas Strip … ”

Mika: “Seemingly nondescript?”

Monty: “Yes, seemingly, because it was precisely the strip of land the holy site was located on! The indians were in great debt, so they had to sell it nontheless. A special clause in the contract bound the new owner to provide unlimited access to the holy site. That meant they had to build their new casino around it. All that's left to see of it today is a door in one of the hallways. It looks like the entrance to a private club … but in reality it'll lead you directly to the holy of holies!”

Mika: “Okay. Since you are in a position where lying wouldn't gain you anything, let's assume you're telling the truth. Why did they throw you in a cage and sentence you to death? Did you try to kill Roy Horn? Or was it because of something else?”

Monty: “I'll tell you what happened on that day: I was preparing myself for the show in my wardrobe. When the time came to go out on stage, I found that someone had locked me in! A few minutes later, the cops came, kicking in the door. They declared me a mental case, and put me in their dreaded 'white tiger habitat'.”

Mika: “Okay, so you didn't do it … but who framed you? And why?”

Monty: “I was framed because I knew too much. The evil forces made sure that, all the people who knew about the ritual or the contract would vanish one by one. That's also why they're going to tear down the Stardust … that would leave the holy site inaccessible forever, and then the evil forces would have won! They wanted the whole thing to fade into obscurity.”

Lionel: “Allright, but how were they able to tell that you knew about the contract?”

Monty: “Because I did something very stupid. I walked in to the notary's office, and asked to see it. It's a public record after all. The notary showed me the contract and said 'You got what you wanted. Now it's my turn. Some people will pay me a lot of money to tell them who asked to see this contract. You'll have to pay more, or else …' . I made him an offer, but it wasn't enough.”

Mika: “Why didn't they kill you right away?”

Monty: “I'm a celebrity. If they had simply shot me, the city would have been swarming with investigators asking all kinds of unwanted questions. So they arranged the Roy Horn scam … and everyone bought it. You know the rest of the story.”

Lori: “I knew you were telling the truth! I knew it from the start! Now we're going to get you out of here!”

Monty: “I'm afraid it's much too late for that. This cage is tightly locked, and there is more security personnel in this place than you can overwhelm. And even if you could … there's a storm outside, and the whole city is one big traffic jam. You wouldn't get very far.”

Lori (crying): “No! It's not true! There must be a way! There is always a way!”

Monty: “No, Lori. There is no way. I must join my ancestors today. It is my fate. And we will have to accept it.”

Lori (crying): “Noooooooooo!”

Monty: “Lori, don't cry. Please. I know it's hard, but you don't have to be sad. Remember your dreams. The ancestors, they're also speaking to you. So you know they exist!”

Lori (sobbing): “Yes, but what does that mean?”

Monty: “Our existance is threefold: Body, soul and spirit. When the time has come, the body dies, and our soul moves on to live inside a new body. But our spirit will always live on, becoming a part of the great universe. That means, even if my time has come today, I will always be around you. All the time.”

%SND% SFX-0802 (NEW): Warden2 (off): “Okay! Visiting hours are over! It's time for you to leave!”

Lori: “But I don't want to leave!”

Monty: “But you must! You know about the contract now … and the Unlucky 13. You can still try to get inside and perform the ritual! But you must do it today, or it'll be too late! The Stardust closes tomorrow!”

Lori (sobbing): “Okay. I understand. I will go. Because I love you. I'll always love you.”

Monty: “Farewall, Lori.”

Lori: “Farewell, Monty.”

%ACT% Lori kisses Monty, turns around, and runs out.

%ACT% Monty sighs

Monty: “Lionel? Mika? Would you grant me one last wish?”

Lionel: “Yes, of course. What is it?”

Monty: “Please promise me, that you'll take good care of lori. She needs you more then ever.”

Lionel: “We will. I promise.”

Mika: “I'm so sorry for not believing in you.”

Monty: “Don't be. Things happen when they must. Now, please go. There's a world to be saved out there.”

%ACT% Warden comes in.

%SND% SFX-0803 (NEW): Warden: “Hey! Why is everyone still here? Visiting hours are over! What are you waiting for? Out! Everonye out! Now!”

Lionel: “Farewell, Monty.”

Mika: “Farewell.”

Monty: “Farewell, friends.”

%ACT% Lionel and Mika leave.

%SND% SFX-0804 (NEW) - Heavy Door Closes

%ACT% Monty lies down with a sigh.

%MUS% SFX-0805 (NEW) - Soundtrack Starts

%AMB% AMB-0801 - Ambience Fades out

%ACT% Warden closes the white curtain and leaves

%LIG% Light changes to backlight, projecting shadows on the curtain.

%MUS% Music Starts

%ACT% (shadow only) Human Veterinarian appears from Section B

%ACT% (shadow only) Vet prepares the syringe

%ACT% (shadow only) Vet injects the poison

%ACT% Monty twitches softly and lies still

%MUS% SND-0806 (NEW) - Wind effect

%ACT% (shadow only) Vet leaves

%HND% shadow shapes of animal spirits come hovering around the cage from both sides

%HND% the spirits bow before him

%HND% one of the spirits touch the cage, which falls apart.

%MUS% SND-0807 (NEW) - Cage Shatters

%FOG% Fill stage behind white curtain with fog

%HND% the shadows disappear to the sides

%ACT% Front Stage: White Rabbit (Fursuit, the chief of the paiute) comes on stage and draws the curtain open

%ACT% Front Stage: White Rabbit picks up Monty's lifeless body, cradling him protectively in his arms, caressing him

%ACT% Front Stage: White Rabbit carries him away

%LIG% all lights out

%MUS% SND-0805 - Soundtrack Fades

%HND% Close Curtain