Act 2, Scene 1: The Wonderbar


%SND% Radio Jingle

Jeff: “Welcome back, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Jeff Castbroad on KQWY-99.1-FM and we've got more news about the peculiar weather situation here in otherwise sunny Las Vegas.”

Eddie: “Yes, the weather situation is getting worse and worse. The temperature is dropping rapidly, resulting in strong and gusty winds in the entire clark county area, and thick layer of clouds has been developing, seemingly out of nowhere.”

Jeff: “And there's more to it than that … when I took a walk outside just a few minutes ago, the air had a strange feel to it, some kind of tension, almost like electricity. I can't quite define it, but it is rather creepy. So what do the meterologists say? What is causing this unusual condition, and how is it going to develop?”

Eddie: “Well, the NOAA has finally acknowledged the situation, but at this point they do not have an explanation for it either. They still insist it doesn't show up on their sattelite images. From the observations experts have been able to make from the ground, it looks like we're facing a thunderstorm of a magnitude never before experienced in this area.”

Jeff: “You heard it, Ladies and Gentlemen, looks like it's better to stay inside tonight. Until we've got further news for you, we're going to continue on our mission to rock the strip … with a true rock legend. Here come AC/DC with “Thunderstruck”.”

%MUS% AC/DC - Thunderstruck


%HND% open curtain

%AMB% AMB-0501 - Bar & Casino Ambience

%LIG% main lights on

%ACT% Bartender polishes glasses and counter

%ACT% Mika stands in front of the slot machine, starting another round

%SND% SFX-0501 - Slot machine sounds

%ACT% Mika cheers the machine on, keeps on gambling

%ACT% Monty enters in the middle of the stage and walks up to the bar

%ACT% Bartender notices Monty, and turns around

Bartender: “Oh! Good evening, Sir! Welcome to the Wonderbar, the place where drinks are served with magic! How can I help you!”

Monty: “Uh … good evening. I'm looking for a friend. She's a snow leopard, about this tall, spotty fur, you get the idea.”

Bartender: “Oh, you mean like the one over there?”

%ACT% Monty turns around and sees Mika

Monty: “Oh yes! Exactly like the one over there, to be precise!”

Bartender: “She's been sitting there for hours, playing the slots … and she didn't order a single drink. (*snorts*)”

Monty: “I'll see what I can do. Thank you!”

%ACT% Monty goes over to Mika

%ACT% Mika always faces the slot machine, turns around only to talk to Monty, but then back again to the machine, always pulling the lever when needed

Monty: “Hi there!”

Mika: “Uh … Hi.”

%ACT% Mika pulls the lever again

%SND% SFX-0501 - Slot machine sounds

Mika (watching): “Yes, come on! Yes, yes, yeeeees … No … Darn!”

%ACT% Mika turns to Monty

Mika (absent-minded): “What do you want? Uh … Wait a minute … Aren't you the tour guide? Ah, whatever.”

%ACT% Mika turns around again while he's talking, pulling the lever again

%SND% SFX-0501 - Slot machine sounds

Monty: “Yes, exactly, I'm the tour guide! And I want to .. I mean … I never got the chance to properly introduce myself …”

Mika: “Oh … too bad.”

%ACT% Mika pulls the lever again

%SND% SFX-0501 - Slot machine sounds

%ACT% Monty waits for a reaction for 3 seconds but Mika ignores him

Monty: “My name is Monty, and I'm here because … uh … Lori needs to talk to you … Listen! It's very important that you go to your room immediately. Please! Listen to me! Mika?”

Mika (irritated): “Uhm … I'm sorry … What did you just say again?”

Monty (sighs): “Never mind … Can I invite you for a drink?”

Mika: “Uh … yeah. Whatever.”

%ACT% Monty sighs again and goes back to the bartender

Monty: “Hello again … I'd like to order a drink.”

Bartender: “Oh yeah? Well, we have got lots of drinks. Long drinks, short drinks, soft drinks, hard drinks, some have more booze, some have less booze, so could you be a tad more specific?”

Monty: “Do you see the lady over there? I tried to get her attention, but she's completely ignoring me. So I'd like to buy her a drink. What would you recommend?”

Bartender: “Ah-ha! I Understand! If you want the lady's attention, I would recommend our cocktail 'a la maison'! It has never failed to get anyone's attention. It is a bit pricey, but it's absolutely foolproof!”

Monty: “Well, if it works … what is it called?”

Bartender: “Bananas-Melonas-Ananas”

%ACT% Monty calls back to Mika

Monty (shouting): “Mika? Would you be fine with a 'Bananas, Melonas, Ananas'?”

Mika (absent-minded): “Ehh what? Yeah … sure, go ahead!”

%ACT% Monty sighs and turns around

Monty: “Okay then … Make me two 'Bananas, Melonas, Ananas', please.”

Bartender: “You won't regret it! Stand back, please!”

$AMB% AMB-0501 - (fades out)

%SND% SFX-0502 - Magic Music

%ACT% The bartender gets out a cocktail shaker and places it on the stage

%ACT% The bartender walks over to the bottle and starts to open it

%SND% SFX-0503 - Cork Squeak, Explosion, Cork Bouncing

%ACT% The bottle explodes and shoots him off stage

%FOG% fog follows bottle

%HND% cork falls down

%ACT% The bartender comes back with the bottle

%ACT% He pours some champagne into the shaker

%SND% SFX-0504 - Pouring Champagne

%ACT% He puts down the bottle behind the stage

%ACT% He motions to Section B

%HND% A fruit basket comes up, bananas and pineapples inside

%SND% SFX-0505 - Magic Appearance

%ACT% He motions with one paw

%SND% SFX-0506 - Telekinesis 1

%HND% Bananas start flying up, hovering over the shaker

%ACT% He motions with the other paw

%SND% SFX-0507 - Telekinesis 2

%HND% Pineapples start flying up, hovering over the shaker

%ACT% He motions with both paws towards the fruits

%SND% SFX-0508 - Telekinesis 3

%HND% The fruit starts swirling around each other

%ACT% He motions to drop the fruit into the shaker

%SND% SFX-0509 - Telekinesis 4

%HND% Fruits fall down and disappear into the shaker

%SND% SFX-0510 - Splotch, Splotch, Splotch

%ACT% He closes the shaker and pulls a cable from it to the edge of Section B

%SND% SFX-0511 - Shaker Close

%ACT% He gets out an ignition box and a horn

%ACT% He blows the horn

%SND% SFX-0512 - Horn Blow

%ACT% He pushes down the ignition lever

%SND% SFX-0513 - Explosion

%HND% shaker shakes, shaker top goes flying

%FOG% fog comes up

%ACT% He motions again and a cage comes up

%SND% SFX-0514 - Cage Appearance

%ACT% He walks around the cage, showing it's empty

%ACT% He motions again to the cage

%HND% The cage curtain closes

%SND% SFX-0515 (NEW) - Curtain

%ACT% Frank gets inside the cage

%SND% SFX-0516 (NEW) - Magic Noise

%ACT% He motions once more and makes a ripping gesture

%SND% SFX-0515 (NEW) - Curtain

%HND% The cage curtain opens

%ACT% Frank looks to the left and right, sees Monty

Frank (surprised): “Monty? Is that you?”

Monty (surprised): “Frank?”

Bartender: “Oops, sorry!”

%ACT% The Bartender motions to the cage

%SND% SFX-0515 (NEW) - Curtain

%HND% The cage curtain closes

%ACT% Frank disappears

%HND% Place the melon inside the cage

%ACT% He motions again to the cage

%SND% SFX-0516 (NEW) - Magic Noise

%HND% The cage curtain opens

%SND% SFX-0515 (NEW) - Curtain

%ACT% The bartender motions again

%HND% The cage slides down and disappears

%SND% SFX-0517 (NEW) - Magic Disappear

%ACT% He pulls out a long sword

%SND% SFX-0518 (NEW) - Sword Draw

%ACT% He does some karate moves and brings the sword down to the melon

%SND% SFX-0519 (NEW) - Split!

%HND% The melon splits in half and the separate pieces roll next to each other

%ACT% The bartender pours the drink from shaker to melons

%SND% SFX-0520 (NEW) - Pour Drink
%SND% SFX-0520 (NEW) - Pour Drink

Monty (impressed): “Wow … It's magic!”

Bartender: “No …”

%ACT% The bartender makes a “Ta-da” motion towards the drinks

%SND% SFX-0502 - Magic Music (STOPS)

%SND% SFX-0521 (NEW) - Ta-da!

%HND% Each piece sprouts a cocktail umbrella

%SND% SFX-0521 (NEW) - (cont.) Spoing! Spoing!

%AMB% AMB-0501 - Bar & Casino Ambience

Bartender: “Now … it's magic!”

%ACT% The bartender makes a motion to move the drinks to Monty

%SND% SFX-0522 (NEW) - Hovering Melons

Bartender: “Enjoy your drink, sir!”

%ACT% Monty turns around to Mika

Monty (calling): “Mika? Our drinks are ready!”

%ACT% Mika pulls the lever, ignoring Monty

%SND% SFX-0501 (NEW) - Slot Machine Sounds

Monty (calling): “Mika?”

%ACT% Monty turns around to the bartender

Monty: “Didn't you say that drink would be a foolproof way get her attention?”

Bartender: “I don't know what's wrong … she's the first one not to fall for it! I'm sorry, but it seems you'll have to think of something else …”

Monty (sighs): “Oh well … considering that I'm already on Plan B, I'll have to move on to Plan C …”

Bartender: “What is Plan C?”

Monty (softly): “Making a complete fool out of myself …”

Bartender: “Okay … ?!”

%ACT% Mika pulls the lever

%SND% SFX-0523 - Slot Machine Sounds 2

%ACT% Monty gets the drinks and walks back to Mika

Monty: “Hey Mika! Look here! I've got you a drink! Guess how it's called! It's called 'Bananas, Melonas AnanaaaAAaAAAH'”

%SND% SFX-0524 - Crash Boom Bang

%ACT% Monty stumbles and topples over, dragging Mika down with him

%ATT% Mika needs to wear the melon hat and pick up the umbrella now

%ACT% Monty reappears, loking down at Mika

Monty (overly explanative): “Oh! What a shame! I'm such a clumsy tiger!”

%ACT% Mika reappears while Monty keeps on talking, growling with anger, wearing the melon hat and holding the umbrella in her mouth

Monty: “I'm so sorry for spilling this incredibly sticky drink on you. And now you'll have to go back to your room, where Lori might already being waiting for you and … I … uh …”

%ACT% Mika growls and spits out the umbrella to the stage

Monty: “Mika … you look angry …”

%ACT% Mika growls loudly

Mika (furious): “Prepare to die! RAAH!”

%ACT% Mika attacks Monty

Monty: “Aaaaaah!”

%ACT% Monty screams and tries to run away

%ACT% Mika pounces Monty, pinning him to the ground

Mika (furious): “You!!! You ruined my dress! You ruined my lucky streak! And you ruined my night!”

Monty (frightened): “Don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me!”

Mika (furious): “Don't hurt you? After what you've done, nothing in the world could stop me from ripping you to pieces!”

%SND% SFX-0525 - Jackpot

%HND% slot machine blinks and spits out coins


%ACT% Mika jumps off Monty and runs back to the slot machine, starting a happy dance

Mika: “Yippieeeeee! I'm rich! I'm rich! Wohooooo!”

Monty: “Mika? I-”

%ACT% Mika pulls a big money bag with dollar signs on the stage

Mika: “Leave me alone! I need to bring all this money to my room … right now! Out of my way!”

%ACT% Mika walks away, cheering and dancing

%ACT% Monty watches her walking out

Monty: “But I … I … I mean … Mika? Hello? Oh well …”

%ACT% Monty turns and looks at the Bartender.

Bartender (pronouncing): “You are my hero. Want a drink?”

Monty: “Oh, shut up!”

%LIG% lights out

%AMB% AMB-0501 - STOP

%HND% Curtain Close