Act 3, Scene 3 - The Temple of Dunnowhat

- Stage: Temple of Dunnowhat
- Setting: The entrance to the temple and on the right side the inside view of it with a glowing fountain. The THX have placed speakers around the fountain.
- Section: A (Entrance to the temple), B (inside the temple)
- Puppets: Lionel, Mika, Lori, Poke, The Producer, Minions
- Props: 3 music stones, speakers
- Music:
- SFX:


light outside

AMB-06 - Jungle Ambience

Lionel, Mika, Lori and Poke come in from section A

Lionel: "Look! Guys, look! We found it! This must be the entrance to the temple of Dunnowhat!"

Lori: "Yes, indeed. I remember the drawing in the diary. So this is our goal. But what are we supposed to do here?"

Mika: "How about ... going inside?"

Lori: "In ... side?"

Poke: "Uh, no. Actually we got chased around the world by the Music-Gestapo, kicked out of a plane, run over by rolling stones and nearly eaten by voodoo people just to turn around and go home! NOT! You can jump into a lake if you want to, but I'll go with Lionel."

Mika: "And so will I."

Lori: "But ... that's not, what I ..."

Lionel: "You don't have to come if you don't want to. This is something between my Father and me."

Mika: "No way! We'll stick with you until the end! Won't we?"

Poke: "Yeah! Let's go and kick some ass! Come on, Lori!"

Lori paces left and right between Poke and Mika, unsure of what to do, stopping finally to sigh deeply

Lori: "O-okay. Let's go. Lionel, you go first."

Lori steps to the left side

Lionel: "I don't think it's a good idea to just walk inside. Don't forget, we're hopelessly outnumbered. Wait here. If I go alone maybe they won't notice me. I'll take a look around the corner and check out the situation."

Lionel looks inside

light fades to the inside

AMB-01 - THX Ambience

Producer: "My dear comrades! The time has come! History is about to be made! From this day on there will be no other producers than us! With all sources of inspiration under our control we will be able to control all music on this planet. Unlimited wealth! Unprecedented increase in shareholder value! The ultimate return on investment! Gentlemen, power up the amplifiers!"

1101 - engine powering up

Producer: "Let's start the show!"

1102 - evil music

Producer laughs maniacally

The minions dance

The glow in the fountain flickers, fog comes up and the light is gone

Minion 1: "My Producer! It is done!"

Minion 2: "There is no inspiration left!"

Producer: "Yes! YES! Very good! Very very good! Now, it's time to celebrate!"

1103 - MORE evil music

The Producer and the minions dance

light fades back to the outside

AMB-06 - Jungle Ambience

Lionel turns away from the entrance in shock

Lionel: "Oh no! It's too late!"

Mika: "What? What did you see?"

Lionel: "The source of inspiration ... They destroyed it. We came too late."

Poke: "Oh, shit!"

Lori: "Oh, no! Is there really nothing we can do?"

Mika starts walking towards the entrance

Mika: "We must stop them! Get out of my way! Nobody messes with Mika! I'll walk right in there and kick those guys' butts into next monday!"

Mika growls

Lionel grabs her by the tail

Mika struggles and hisses

Mika: "Let me go! Let me go!"

Lionel: "Mika! It's pointless! The source has already been destroyed."

Mika: "Don't tell me you're giving up! You're the big thinker, so think of something already! If not for us, do it for your Father!"

Lionel: "All right, all right ... Let's give it one last try."

Mika goes back

Lionel: "Okay, guys. What do we have?"

Lori: "Well, we have the diary."

Lionel: "No, Lori, I lost it when I crashed into the forest."

Lori: "Oh ... Well, then, I guess, we don't have anything else. Except ... maybe ... but I guess it doesn't mean anything."

Mika: "Except for what? What do you have? Anything might be important. Show it to us!"

Lori: "I found this stone-egg in a cavern in the jungle. It seemed to be unimportant so I didn't mention it."

Lori puts the musical stone onto the stage

1104 - stone sound 1

Mika: "What? You found one of those, too? I have another one, and it looks just the same!"

Mika puts her stone-egg onto the stage

1105 - stone sound 2

Lori: "But it makes a different sound."

Mika: "Yeah."

Poke: "Oh oh ... Um ... guys ... I think I must tell you something."

Lionel: "Yes, Poke?"

Poke: "I ... uh, well ... look what I found."

Poke puts his stone-egg onto the stage

1106 - stone sound 3

Lionel: "Three of them? This can't be a coincidence. And each of them makes a different sound. Is this another puzzle?"

Mika: "Let's see what happens when we let them play together."

Lionel: "Good idea!"

Lionel and Mika push the stones together

1107 - stone sound complete loop

stones glow

Lionel: "The tune sounds familiar to me ... But where do I know it from?"

Lori: "What a beautiful melody!"

Poke: "Sounds like the music of a second class porn movie."

Lori: "No, it does not!"

Poke: "What? You watch porn?"

Lori: "Uh ... well ..."

Mika: "Lionel, you know this melody?"

Lionel: "It's nothing more than a faded memory from long ago. It sounds like a song my Father used to sing to me, when I was little."

Poke: "Your Father used to sing porn soundtracks?"

Mika slaps Poke

Lori: "Try to remember! It might be important!"

Lionel: "Well ... I think it went like ... this ..."

Lionel tries to sing the song!

Lionel: "Let's call to battle"
Lionel: "On a musicial scale"
Lionel: "Through song and through dance"

Heather (off): "The good will prevail!"

Lionel stops and looks around

The others look around, too

Lori cowers down and shivers

Mika: "What was that?"

Lionel: "I don't know ... spooky."

Mika: "Try it again, but this time, keep singing!"

Lionel: "This is harder than you think, I can barely remember the song."

Lionel tries to sing the song again

Lionel: "Let's call to battle"
Lionel: "On a musicial scale"
Lionel: "Through song and through dance"
Lionel: "The good will prevail"

Lionel: "The power of music"
Lionel: "in its true form of art"

Heather: "Doesn't come in a package!"
Heather: "No it comes from the heart!"

1108 - Appearing Woosh Sound

fog in section A

Heather appears on stage in section A

Lionel stops singing and stares at Heather

The others turn to Heather and stare

Heather keeps on singing until the first verse is done

Heather: "Wo-hoo! I'm free at last!"

Heather dances a few quick steps

Heather: "This was about time! What took you so long?"

Heather looks at the puppets in disbelief

Heather: "Wait a minute!"

Heather points to Lionel

Heather: "You are not the High Priest! And you -"

Heather points to Poke

Heather: "You are not the Master of Ceremony!"

Poke: "Yes, and you are not Santa Claus! Tell us something we don't know."

Heather: "You don't know who I am? I've been alive since time began, not beast not god and yet not man, I am the music and the dance, I am the piper who enchants."

Poke: "My name is Poke, my teeth are shiny, I tell all the girls that they can kiss my-"

Lori, Lionel, Mika: "POKE!"

Poke looks around

Poke: "What?"

Heather: "That's the strangest welcome I've ever received. Times must have changed more than I thought. So, very well, plainly spoken: My name is Heather. I am the spirit of inspiration. And Goddamn! Ages have passed since the last time I was summoned."

Lionel (bitter): "The last source of inspiration has been destroyed five minutes ago. I was there. So, tell me who you really are."

Heather: "But inspiration can never be destroyed. It is one of the forces that keeps the universe together."

Poke: "You mean, like ... duct tape?"

Heather: "What are you talking about? I really am the spirit of inspiration! How come you don't know me? How could the people survive without inspiration? The ritual was passed on from generation to generation. Obviously, you have the three key stones, and you know the song to open the gate to my dimension. And now you tell me, you don't know, who I am?"

Lionel: "I'm sorry to say this but ... no. Who are you?"

Heather: "I already told you! And I wish I knew what has been going on. Have people forgotten about me? Long ago they used to summon me every week. We used to sing and dance, our hearts and minds would soar ... sighs Those were the days. Then the summonings became fewer and fewer, and eventually ceased altogether. I can't remember how many centuries I waited, lonely, restlessly, until you finally called me. This can't be a coincidence."

Lionel: "Oh well, getting together, singing and dancing ... this has become rare lately."

Heather: "How so?"

Lionel: "Music is not free anymore. All the music there is is being controlled by the big corporations. They have the full power to decide what kind of music is made, who may listen to it and what the price is."

Lori: "Yes, we even had to pay a licence fee just to be allowed to sing Happy Birthday for Lionel the other day."

Mika: "Lionel's Father has discovered why those corporations could become so powerful. Nobody knew that there were actual sources of inspiration hidden all over the world which all creative people in the world were drawing from. The music corporations found out about them and destroyed all of them, except one, which remained hidden."

Lionel: "My Father quit his musicial career after he found out about this last source of inspiration, in order to save it. But he was too old to finish what he started. He wrote down all his findings in his book, encoded in a way only I could decypher. We followed the lead, but we came too late. The last source of inspiration was destroyed before my eyes."

Heather: "Please tell me, what was it you saw being destroyed? What did it look like?"

Lionel: "It looked like a sparkling fountain, brilliantly glowing in a bright light."

Heather laughs and pats Lionel on the back.

Heather: "Oh, I see. There really isn't much of the ancient knowledge left, is there? I'll tell you what you have seen: What you've seen is a fountain of inspiration ... but how do you suppose does the inspiration get in there? Inspiration is like spring water ... fresh and new. Although it is fresh and new ,it never gets produced in any way. What you know as spring water was once the rain that fell upon the hills. Inspiration is just like that! It is a part of your very self and that of everyone else. What you saw being destroyed is merely an outlet. Just like a well is no place where water is made, but where it surfaces. I am the good spirit that brings the inspiration to the surface"

Poke: "So you're taking all bad ideas that went down the toilet and turn them into inspirational spring water?"

Heather: "No! I mean, yes ... uh, NO!"

Heather turns to the audience and points to Poke

Heather: "Is he always like that?"

Heather turns back to the heroes

Mika: "That means, there's still hope?"

Lori: "And what about the bad guys?"

Poke: "Yeah, there is still a bunch of bad guys in the temple, musicially pissing into your fountain."

Heather (surprised): "What?"

Mika: "Yes, it's the Producer and his minions."

Heather: "You mean, those are the people who drained all my fountains?"

Lionel: "Yes, that's them."

Heather: "Alright. Now watch and listen closely! I'm going to show you how to deal with guys like them!"

Heather goes inside

The others follow

Light fades over to the inside

AMB-01 THX Ambience

Heather: "Hey you! What are you doing in my temple?"

Producer: "Who are you?"

Heather: "I am the owner of this fountain and I don't tolerate any unwanted guests here! The fountains of inspiration will be refilled! The music shall be free again!"

Producer: "No! Never! I've worked all my life to get to this point and I will not let you ruin it!"

1109 - Ending Song Part 1

Heather: Did you really believe
Heather: you could own inspiration?
Heather: And through money and greed,
Heather: achieve world domination?

Heather: This song is our weapon
Heather: against all evil powers!
Heather: We've come to claim back
Heather: which has always been ours!

Producer: "How do YOU think, are musicians supposed to earn their money? By putting up a tip jar? Let me tell you this: Your tip jar belongs to US! Because we're the ones making people like you succesful! We know what the consumers want! Because we MAKE consumers want it! How are you going to do that with ... inspiration? Minions! Adjust the Speakers! Turn up the Amplifiers! ATAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!"

1110 - Rap Attack 1

Heather holds her hands to her ears

Heather fights back

1111 - Ending Song Part II

Heather: You like to pretend
Heather: you're promoting the arts,
Heather: But your only worries are
Heather: your stock value charts!

Heather: This noise you call music
Heather: full of violence and hate
Heather: Will soon be forgotten,
Heather: and meet its due fate!

the fountain starts to glow again

Producer: "No! It will never be forgotten, because our music is our intellectual property, and we can release the same songs again and again, for every generation! We're making sure only a fraction of all the music ever made is legally available ... so there is always a market that is never saturated! Isn't this wonderful? You want music to be free? Only over my dead body! Minions! Get ready to fire! ATTAAAAAACK!"

1112 - Rap Attack 1

Heather gets pushed back, but she fights harder

1113 - Ending Song Part III

Heather: Your greed is unmatched,
Heather: and your arrogance strong,
Heather: you don't even see
Heather: that you're terribly wrong

Heather: Now comes a new era
Heather: where your rules don't apply
Heather: putting back into music
Heather: what money can't buy

the fountain glows brightly

Heather takes her fiddle, and fiddles the bad guys to death!
Heather pushes the Producer and his minions into the opposite wall

Chorus: Let's call to battle
Chorus: on a musicial scale, ('Cause)
Chorus: Through song and through dance,
Chorus: The good will prevail!

Chorus: The power of music
Chorus: In its true form of art
Chorus: Doesn't come in a package,
Chorus: No, it comes from the heart!

Heather: Victory is ours,
Heather: and the battle is won!
Heather: But let's not forget
Heather: that the war still goes on!

Heather: The fountains refilled,
Heather: which may help a bit,
Heather: But the future will be
Heather: what YOU make of it!

Chorus: Let's call to battle
Chorus: on a musicial scale, ('Cause)
Chorus: Through song and through dance,
Chorus: The good will prevail!

Chorus: The power of music
Chorus: In its true form of art
Chorus: Doesn't come in a package,
Chorus: No, it comes from the heart!

lights out

lights on

Curtain Call!