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Once again, she looked at her watch, her legs carrying her with quick and long steps away from the bus towards the subway station. Night had fallen over the city, and the street lights were covering the buildings and the few people who happened to still be around at this time of day in orange tint. Her bare hindpaws splashed through a shallow puddle on the street, making her frown with dismay but not slowing her pace. She couldn't be late unless she wanted to spend the night on the station, and this really was not a pleasant thought. Besides, she needed her sleep badly, the last days had been tough on her health. Her boss had decided to put her from morning shift to evening shift without much of a warning. "Cara, I need you to fill in for Stephanie. She broke her leg and won't be at the shop for at least three weeks. I'll find a replacement for your early shift, but for the evening hours I need someone I can trust and who knows the place." Of course, she agreed to help out, but the change in schedule hit her unexpectedly hard, and she was still getting settled in her new flat. This left her with much less time to rest than it was good for her, and she felt weak and worn out when she came home at night.

She hurried down the moving stairs, ignoring the warped reflection of her cheetah spotted fur in the metal casing of the escalator, jumped off at the bottom and increased her speed even more when she saw the train already waiting at the platform, the doors still open but the boarding alarm already going off. She managed to reach the hindmost door and stick her arm inside the cab before it could close completely, causing it to stop and open again. With a grunt she slipped inside and tucked in her tail, hearing the door slide shut behind her.

Breathing heavily she leaned against one of the poles and wrapped one paw around it as the train started moving with a rough jerk. She growled softly and caught her footing, waiting for the cab to settle its speed. It was bad enough for a woman in her mid-twenties to keep her balance in the subway, and she wondered how it must be for the older people whose legs weren't as strong anymore.

At least I'll be home soon, she thought. And tonight I will head straight for bed. No more reading until dawn comes. I'm tired beyond all imagination ... It was a brave decision, because the sequel of her favourite novel was calling her from its place on her nightstand, and she was extremely curious how the story would continue. She decided not to sit down, so she couldn't fall asleep in her seat and miss her stop.

Ten minutes and three stops later she was breathing normal again and started to get bored. The cab was still empty except for her, and the monotonous rattling of the metal wheels didn't help her mood in any way. Yawning widely she walked to the back of the train, looking out through the big window into the dark tunnel. A soft red glow from the cab's rear lights was illuminating the quickly passing walls and the metal tracks, reflecting in her green eyes, and she blinked when she felt her vision go blurry once again. Another twenty minutes and she would be home. At last.

They passed another empty station and the train moved on, leaving the bright lights behind. Stretching her arms, she yawned again and her paws grabbed the flexible hand loops that were hanging on the pipes on either side of the gangway. She held herself upright and bent her knees, let her body slump down for a minute before she straightened her legs again. As if by accident, her paws slipped a little further through the loops, until they encircled her wrists with a soft, rubbery grip. She smiled softly. It was something she always enjoyed doing, even though she didn't really know why. The hand loops didn't catch hold of her arms of course, she could slip out of them easily by relieving the pull on them and letting them slip back over her paws. But in her mind she imagined the buckle sliding down and tightening the loops, until she was caught fast, trapped with her arms wide open. Purring softly she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of mock captivity. It would be over too soon, when they reached their next stop. She wouldn't want to be caught playing with the straps in front of other passengers.

Suddenly, the train shook with a loud, rumbling noise and Cara reached for the metal pipes for support. But her fingers couldn't get hold of them, and she felt her feet slip. But instead of crashing to the floor she found herself hanging by her paws in the loops. Somehow they seemed much tighter than before, snugly encircling her wrists and keeping her from falling. Breathing a sigh of relief she got to her feet again and opened her eyes to get her paws out of the rubber straps. Maybe she should sit down anyway, tired or not.

Frowning, she examined her paws and found the buckles on the loops sitting much lower now. She shook her right paw to loosen it, but it wouldn't move. With a worried look she tried the same with her left paw, but the result was the same. How did that happen? she thought and a lump formed in her throat. It must have been when the train bumped up and I slipped. But this is not supposed to happen. These things should not move! She pulled on her arms once again, but the straps held her paws tightly in place. Her tail lashed from left to right while she nervously looked around for something that could help her.

"Relax, dear, you don't want to hurt yourself."

Cara froze, a shiver running down her spine when she heard the dark, rich voice. Someone was standing right behind her, she could feel the warmth of his body. But how could he have come this close? She never heard a sound. Instinctively she tried to look back and scream, but one of his paws held her head in place, and she could feel a set of sharp claws at her throat, stifling her cries before they could escape her muzzle. She held her eyes closed in terror, feeling them fill up with tears of fear. A quick thought raced through her mind; her legs were still free, she could kick him in the groin and then call for help ... but she discarded this idea as quickly as it had come up. If she missed, it would be the end of her, and even if she hit him right at the first try, there was no guarantee he would stay out long enough for help to arrive. She shivered as she slowly felt the hopelessness of the situation creep into her mind. With a soft whimper she tugged at her trapped arms and felt them held as securely as before.

"Good girl," the man said, his voice surprisingly gentle and in a way even enchanting. "Don't be afraid, I don't want to hurt you. Nobody should ever hurt someone as pretty as you are." His paw started to caress her throat, applying only a little pressure With his other paw he softly stroked the exposed fur on her belly and dragged her a little closer to himself. She could feel his body pressing into hers, and her eyes widened in shock when she felt something hard against her bottom.

"No, please ..." she said, her voice trembling with fear, even though she tried not to panic. Maybe she could reason with him, talk him out of abusing her. Her tail flicked nervously despite her efforts to stand as still as she could.

"Easy, little one," he said, still in the same calm, soothing tone of voice. "I said, I will not hurt you. That would be such a waste of beauty. All I want is play with you for a while." The paw on her throat slowly eased the pressure but kept caressing her, while he used his other paw to push up her shirt, slipping under the garment to touch the soft, white fur on her lower chest. "You seem to enjoy these fantasies, and I happen to do so, too." His muzzle was very close to her ear now, is breath tickling the hairs inside, and she couldn't help but flick her ear. His voice continued as a whisper, emphasizing each word. "Being trapped, caught in place, unable to free yourself ... you like the thought, don't you?"

Cara swallowed hard, hoping that his paw on her throat wouldn't suddenly tighten and squeeze the life out of her. She dared to open her eyes again and glanced into the window in front of her. A faint picture of her reflection greeted her, blurred but visible against the dark background of the passing tunnel. She could see his paws and arms, and a little of his head, but it wasn't enough to tell his species or memorize his face. The only thing she could make out was that he was some kind of mustelid, very strong and about one head taller than herself. She wasn't sure what to answer - obviously he had been watching her playing with the hand loops before he made his move. But the cab had been empty, how could she have missed him before? "What do you mean?" she asked, trying to keep her voice from failing or screaming out loud. "Let me go, please ..."

"Aww, but what fun would that be?" he chuckled. "I know you enjoy the feeling of utter helplessness, especially when you don't have any way to get out of it by yourself."

"What are you talking about? You must be ..."

"Crazy?" he interrupted, softly applying pressure to her throat again. "Was it that what you wanted to say?"

Cara froze and cursed herself for not watching her words. "Please ... don't hurt me!" she whispered.

"You didn't answer my question, cutie," he replied, his voice a little sharper now. "Do you think I'm crazy?"

The cheetah whimpered and bit her lip while her thoughts started to race. She couldn't tell him he was crazy, could she? He would freak out, slit her throat open or use her to satisfy his perverted desires. But if she didn't answer he would keep on asking, probably starting to torment her until she gave in. Saying something else, he would know she was lying, and that would be just as bad. To make matters worse, she felt herself reacting to the danger she was in, her body was tingling with adrenaline and at the same time she felt very excited ... even aroused. He was right, she enjoyed the captivity, the bondage, but she was too afraid to admit it to herself. "I ... I'm sorry," she sobbed, feeling a tear running down her face. "I-"

"Don't cry, my dear," he said, interrupting her again. "You still don't believe me, do you? I will not hurt you for enjoying what your desires are." His paw slipped upwards along her throat and chin, caressing her muzzle for a moment, wiping the wet stain off her fur. "Don't be scared," he continued in his whispering voice. "Just relax and you will be all right."

Cara closed her eyes again, until the paw left her face and returned to her throat. Once again she looked at the blurred image in front of her, watching her bound form being touched by the hidden stranger behind her. His right paw slipped a little upwards, tickling the undersides of her breasts now, and this sent another shiver through her body. Without a conscious thought she pulled against her restraints again, her trapped arms staying in place as before. She felt a dull pressure against her nipples and realized, they were standing upright, poking through the thin fabric of her shirt. Mewling softly, she tried to calm down, but only to give him the impression he was winning. "Please let me go. I don't want this ... please."

His paw continued to travel up further, stroking her firm breasts as it went and playing with the hardened buds hidden under the rich fur, making her shudder and pull against her bindings again. "Oh, yes, you do," he commented, chuckling softly. "Your body tells me what you want, and you should listen to it, too." As if to prove his point he rubbed and squeezed her breasts for a moment, which made her gasp and softly moan in unwanted pleasure. "If you want me to stop ..." he squeezed again, rubbing his thumb over the sensitive nipples again, "... just say so, and I will."

Cara whimpered and squirmed in her bonds, the meaning of his words hitting her mind only a couple of seconds later. "I ..."

He covered her breasts with is arm and pulled her against himself, rubbing her soft mounds in a very pleasurable way, but making her feel even more helpless at the same time. "Yes?" he asked, whispering in her ear and nipping her softly.

She squeaked in surprise, feeling his hot breath and sharp teeth, the pressure against her body making her squirm as if she wasn't in control of her body anymore. "Just ... be careful, please ..."

"I will be," he said, and she could practically hear the grin on his face.

Are you crazy? she screamed at herself in her mind. He is going to rape you, you fool! You must get out of this, quick! Kick him! Or scream! There must be someone who can help you! She shuddered and sucked in her breath when his paws roamed both of her breasts now with well-executed, deliberate movements. But how ... how can I resist? I'm bound, helpless ... I can't free my paws, and he is much stronger than I am. Her face flushed and the insides of her ears turned brightly pink when he lifted her top and exposed her furry mounds to the world, or rather to herself, watching the scene in the blurry mirror in front of her. The nimble, claw-tipped fingers splayed and combed the fur on her breasts, only ever so slightly touching the delicate skin underneath. Shivering with pleasure and fear she whimpered, trying desperately to pull her arms out of the trap they were stuck in. It was a futile struggle that only made her even more aware of her helplessness, which in turn began to wrap her mind in an erotic blanket, deceivingly soft and comforting. She felt herself giving in to the sensations and her body betraying her mind. Unconsciously she started to shift from one leg to the other, rubbing her sensitive spot, thus closing the vicious circle she was caught up in.

The mustelid male's paws toyed with her fur and her sensitive nipples, he was obviously enjoying every single reaction coming from her. Every moan earned her a soft rub, every squeal a squeeze, his fangs nipped her ears and neck, his tongue licking her in a most pleasurable way that made her mind spin. "Struggle, my dear, it makes you and me feel, that you are mine to play with, trapped helplessly before me, and still you want more, want me to pleasure you."

Cara cursed herself and her strong, newfound desire for bondage, when she felt his words tying her up even tighter than the physical straps could. She wasn't sure if she obeyed him or not, but she kept on struggling, pulling against her entangled paws again and again, even though she knew it was a hopeless fight that only made her lose control more and more. Get a grip! Now! Or it will be too late! she started to scream again, but she didn't listen to herself anymore. She was lost, bound to be his plaything as long as he pleased to keep her.

"There, my dear," he whispered, his voice again sending shivers through her body. "Dance for me, let youself go! Sing for me, and I will play for you." He kept on stimulating her breasts with one of his paws while starting to move lower with the other. He caressed the soft fur of her belly, rubbed and teased her sensually before exploring even lower, one of his fingers slipping under the hem of her short denim pants.

The cheetah gasped loudly when he pulled her against his body once more, rubbing her back with his chest and making her aware of his own excitement. This time, however, it didn't scare her as much as it had before. On the contrary, she even felt herself getting more aroused at the thought of him rubbing against her helpless body, satisfying his own desires and using her as his toy. His paw pushed on, now halfway inside her pants and she whimpered again, sucking in her lower lip and arching her back to relieve the tension that built up inside her body. He picked up her movement and let his paw slide around her, rubbing her soft buttocks and squeezing them a bit, which made her moan with pleasure again. She wanted to get out of this bindings badly now, throw her arms around him and pull him close to her, but she was still securely trapped and unable to either stop him from doing whatever he wanted or make him continue. Cara closed her eyes and laid her head back, her body on fire and overly sensitive to every touch.

A loud moan escaped her when she felt his paw touching her burning labia. She heard him chuckle, and he squeezed her left breast once more, rubbing his thumb over the hidden pleasure spot. He kept on caressing her mounds while his lower paw slowly advanced, feeling along her nether lips to find her most sensitive area. Helplessly she squirmed in his arms, held upright only by the straps that kept her paws in their tight, inescapable grip - her legs were no longer able to support her weight alone.

Cara whimpered loud when she felt him reach his destination, rubbing her swollen clitoris with slow, circling motions. She opened her eyes again for a moment, looking at the reflection in the glass before her. The sight of herself, helplessly caught in his trap with his arms around her, caressing her, stimulating her ... she couldn't help but moan once again, the pleasure was too strong to resist anymore. Her hips started to move, slowly but deliberately, picking up the rhythm of his paw stoking her love button.

His breath was coming stronger now, too. She felt him pushing closer against her form, rubbing her back and buttocks with his own strong body. Obviously he was enjoying her predicament just as much as she was. His arms held her, bound her to him as tightly as the rubber loops bound her paws to the pipes. He seemed to become more aggressive now, his grip grew stronger, and she could feel his claws pinching her skin a little. Cara didn't care anymore, she was far beyond the point where any concern about her safety could reach her. She danced for him, felt his paw giving her the pleasure she needed now, and when one of his fingers slipped into her, she squealed with delight, her body shivering in his embrace.

Mercilessly he rubbed her clitoris now, his finger playing with the hot walls of her insides just to make her cry out with lust. His paw on her breasts added to the pleasure, rubbing and squeezing her soft mounds with demanding motions, taking her one more step uphill. Desperately she squirmed in his grip, tried to rip her bonds apart, to break free from the trap she was caught in - to no avail. She belonged to him, his toy to play with, prisoner not only to him but also to her own desires. Her body pushed against his, her hips pressed strongly against his rubbing paw, feeling the delightful spikes of pleasure rippling through her system. One last time, her arms strained against the bonds that held her body securely bound and helplessly exposed to her tormentor. One last time she cried out with lust before the waves of her climax washed over her, drowning her in a sea of heat and pure carnal energy. Her body twitched and squirmed with a will of its own, and his body responded in time, his arms holding her tight and guiding her along the path of her orgasm, until she slowly came down again, shivering violently and still whimpering from the intense pleasure she just had experienced.

She didn't know how much time had passed until she was able to think clearly again. Her paws were still bound, and his arms were caressing her hot body in a soothing way, while he planted soft kisses on her neck and shoulders. Cara felt her face still burning with embarrassment, being tied up and sexually stimulated in semi-public wasn't something she had ever experienced yet. Once again, the voice of reason came back into her mind, telling her to try and get out of this situation as soon as possible, but she had to admit, up to now he did keep his promise. He didn't hurt or abuse her, and he even gave her the possibility to stop what was happening. Of course, she couldn't tell if he really had complied to her wish to stop, but in a strange way she knew, he would have done. Slowly getting a grip on herself again she straightened herself and purred softly. "Who ... are you?"

"I'm just a passenger," he answered, his enchanting voice comforting her more than she wanted to admit. "Like you."

She smiled at the reply and decided to venture a little further. "Are you taking this train often? At this time of day?"

"Yes." His arms slipped away from her, straightened her clothes and caressing her fur one last time before they were gone.

Cara swallowed, not daring to look back, watching the blurry reflection in the window instead while his arms disappeared behind her. Her swishing tail showed the nervousness she tried to hide from her voice. "Maybe ... maybe we can meet again? Sometime?"

She waited for a response, but he kept silent. Cara twisted her ears and listened, but there was no sound other than the rattling of the car's wheels on the track. "Hello?" she whispered, but again, there was no reply. The cheetah whimpered softly, not really fond of the idea to be left alone, trapped like this, and she started to pull at her arms. To her surprise, her wrists slipped out of the rubber loops without any resistance, almost sending her tumbling to the floor because of the sudden lack of support.

When she found her footing again she slowly turned around. The cabin was empty, as far as she could tell, just like it was when she boarded the train some time ago. She blinked with bewilderment, she couldn't even tell how much time had passed while she had been trapped ...

... or had she?

Cara hugged her arms around herself and looked at the empty cabin. A part of her wished she knew who he was and that he wasn't just a creation of her own fantasies. Her arousal had been real, she could still feel the tingling of her climax lingering inside her body. And his touch had been real, too ... at least she thought it had been.

The train came to a stop at her station, and she looked at her watch with a frown. Her arrival was on time, no delays, yet it seemed to her that this last trip had been ten times longer than normal. She got off the train and watched it depart with a heavy sigh. Being real or not, she missed him and his sensual touch. Even though she knew better, she raised her paw and waved until the red tail-lights of the train disappeared around a bend in the dark tunnel.

Slowly, she went home.