Leigh's Secret
a furry erotic story ©October 31, 2004 by Eisfuchs (eisfuchs@tigress.com)

"Whose brilliant idea was this again?" Carren asked and brushed a dark brown streak of her headfur out of her eyes while she continued to trudge along the dirt path leading through the woods. The light of the sun was already coming at a low angle and cast golden specks on the leaf-covered forest ground. Fall had painted the trees in a multitude of reds, yellows and browns, but the polecat didn't pay particular attention to this. With a practiced move she took a small box from her pocket and lightened herself a cigarette.

"Yours," her two companions chimed together, making her grunt with discontent.

"And it really was a good idea," Leigh said, smiling at her. "This way we all get some exercise and have some time away from all the books and lectures. And besides, you'd do much better if you weren't smoking yourself to death."

Carren growled, glaring at the tabby through partly closed eyes. "Thanks for the reprehension, darling. If I'd known that we'd be stomping through the wilderness for ages I'd never have suggested going there in the first place." Breathing heavily she kept up with her two friends, muttering and cursing under her breath.

"Come on, you'll love it," Sanna said, while she cheerfully waved her makeshift walking stick. "I know this place, it's perfect for us!" The coyote looked back over her shoulder and smiled. "And if we'd gone for the picnic we would've been going home after nightfall or in case of rain."

"Yeah, whatever," Carren scowled. "Just remind me not to suggest anything like this ever again."

Leigh and Sanna giggled and led on, slowing their pace a bit to make it easier for Carren to follow them. This year's halloween was going to be the nicest ever. No huge party, no big crowds, and what was best, an old, abandoned house in the middle of a forest.

Leigh hummed to herself and enjoyed the clean, fresh air and the scent of the season while she followed Sanna. Luckily the day had been quite warm and dry, making the hike enjoyable. But nonetheless she was longing for the trip to end so they could finally sit down and have dinner.

"There it is!" Sanna exclaimed and pointed to a dark spot that was visible through the trees. "Just another minute and we can rest our weary legs."

"About time," Carren said and gathered her strength for the remaining distance.

"Ah, I can't wait to put up the grill and devour all the good stuff we've dragged along up to here," Leigh said and licked her lips. The last rays of the setting sun were playing on the grey-white stripes of her fur while she watched their destination emerging from the shadows of the forest.

The three girls stopped in front of the old wooden building, dropping their backpacks and taking in the sight before them. Vines and ivy had covered nearly all of the outer walls, even the windows were overgrown with plant life. On the front porch leaves and twigs were piling up, blocking the way to the entrance door. With its two stories and blind looking windows set into the oriel above the building really looked like a place from your average horror movie. One could easily imagine something evil lurking inside, looking at them with cold eyes at this very moment.

"This is it?" Carren asked and took a pull from her cigarette. "Charming."

"Yeah, the perfect place for the scariest day of the year!" Sanna said and stepped onto the front porch. "Come on, help me clean this up at least a bit, so we can get our stuff inside before it's dark."

Using branches and sticks as rakes they swept away most of the dirt until the front door was accessible again. They picked up their bags and went inside. The old door was squeaking eerily in the hinges and each of their steps made the floor creak in protest. Inside the house still looked rickety, but it seemed to be dry. Pieces of wood had fallen down from the ceiling, however it didn't look like it was about to collapse any minute now.

Leigh and Carren looked at the rooms with big eyes and newly kindled curiosity while Sanna went upstairs to have a look at the old bedrooms. When the other girls joined her she had found three suitable bed frames that were still intact and just needed a sleeping bag.

"I'll take that one," Leigh said and pointed to one of them, throwing her pack onto the wooden frame.

"Then this'll be mine." The polecat went to the bed right next to Leigh's.

Sanna smiled and dumped her bags onto the remaining bed. Only very little light was still coming in through the dirty window panes, making the dispersed dust sparkle like a thousand tiny glow worms.

"Okay, who's hungry?" Leigh asked and the other two called out simultaneously. "Then let's get the fire burning!" She picked up the package containing the mobile barbecue grill and the others took the rest of the stuff.

Within a few minutes they had cleared out a small place in front of the house and built up the grill. Carren filled in the coal and lightened it while Leigh and Sanna prepared meat and salad they had brought along. Two hollow pumpkins with monster like faces cut out of them were already standing on the banister of the porch, the candles inside illuminating the place with their flickering, red light.

"Two sausages ready!" Carren announced and put them on cardboard plates. "What do you want next? Ribs or steaks?"

"I'm full!" Sanna said and put her own plate aside.

"Yeah, me too. Just leave the rest of the stuff on the grill and sit down here with us. You've been a great cook!"

"True! Thanks for that!" Sanna said affirmatively.

"Don't mention it. You know that I like to play with fire. Even more when I get something edible out of it." She pushed the rest of the meat to the side of the grid and left it there, wiping her paws on a towel before she joined her two companions. Leigh handed her a bottle of beer and the polecat gratefully took a deep sip. Looking at the red glow of the coals she sighed contentedly. "You know ... I'm sorry for being a bitch earlier today. I was tired and my paws were hurting like hell."

"No problem, hon," Leigh said and pulled Carren close with one arm. "We know how to take it, don't we?"

"Absolutely," Sanna said. "It's not like we've never seen each other before."

Carren laughed. "You're probably right, there."

Night was falling quickly and the temperature dropped. The girls lit a small fire and huddled together, their faces reflecting the red-orange flickering of the flames. Leigh told their friends one of the halloween stories she knew, and they joined in, presenting tales by themselves, some more scary than others, but all of them matching the theme of the day.

Leigh listened intently to the other girls' lores, and when Shanna spoke about a giant spider creature terrorizing the neighborhood of a small town, she was getting quite excited. She took in every word of the people who had been caught by the spider or entangled themselves in its sticky, nearly invisible web, bound inescapably by the adhesive strands, until the creature came back to wrap them up in tight cocoons. In the end Leigh found herself breathing heavily and wishing that she was one of the victims herself, maybe without the dying part in the end, though.

The tabby cat was squirming uncomfortably in her place at the fire and finally decided that she had to do something against the urge she felt. "Uh, girls?" she started, waiting until she had their attention. "I think I'll go inside for an hour or so. I'm not feeling too well and I think a quick nap will get me into shape again."

"I bet it's because of the stories," Carren said with a grin.

Leigh blushed. Fortunately this wasn't visible in the light of the fire. "What makes you think it was?" she asked, trying to keep her voice as calm as possible.

"Oh, it's quite obvious. I saw your eyes growing wide during Sanna's tale, and the way you licked your lips ... it was hard not to notice."

"But ..."

"Aw, come on, hon! We all know that you're not the most courageous person in town. And it's okay if the tales scare you, that's what they're made for."

The cat sighed inwardly and smiled. "Maybe you're right. I guess I'll be back soon, I just need to rest a bit."

"Get well soon!" Sanna said and gave her a quick hug.

Leigh rose and waved at them. "I will!" She turned around and left the group, walking back to the house.

Carren gazed after the cat and shook her head. "I wonder what hit her this time," she said, turning back to the fire. "She really is a little sissy once in a while."

Sanna laughed. "Just like you, complaining about your paws all the time."

Carren nodded and lifted her beer. "Point taken. Cheers!"


They clinked their bottles and enjoyed the cool liquid running down their throats. Carren took one of the leftover slices from the grill and chewed while they continued gossiping and telling stories, enjoying the cool breeze and the silence of the night.


"Ah, screw it!" Carren exclaimed. They had been talking for some time now and the polecat craved for a smoke. "I'll be back in a minute, I just need to fetch my cigs. This box is empty."

Sanna lifted her bottle to her friend and spared her the obvious reply.

Carren went back into the house and climbed the stairs. She tried no to make too much noise, so Leigh wouldn't be disturbed. Slowly she opened the door to the bedroom and sneaked in, trying to get her bearings in the dark. When she had reached her bag she fished around inside of it for a fresh box of cigarettes. Suddenly she heard a noise behind her and she turned around quickly. There was nothing to see but the sounds continued. It was like someone moaning and writhing, and it came from Leigh's bed. With a frown Carren stopped searching and cautiously stepped towards the noise. In the dim light she saw the figure of her friend lying on her bed, rolling slowly from side to side. Poor kid, the stories gave her nightmares, she thought, but then she saw the ropes that bound the cat's paws together and fastened them to opposite sides of the bed, leaving her helplessly sprawled out.

What the hell? Carren thought and was about to free her, but then she saw the small black bag that was standing next to the bed, filled up with restraining gear like more ropes, a pair of steel handcuffs and even more things she could not properly identify in the dark. Now that's a sight! the polecat thought and stifled a giggle while she watched her friend fighting against her self-imposed bondage. With a broad grin she finally turned around, took the cigarettes from her bag and left the room, glancing over her shoulder one last time. When she finally left the house she was giggling and laughing freely. She *had* been excited, without a doubt.

Leigh was surrendering her body to her fantasies. She was caught up helplessly in a sticky web of a spider, her paws bound by the strong strands and the rest of her body entangled by more of the adhesive fibers. With all her strength she fought against the devious trap that held her in it's clutches, but it was futile. The strands were too strong for her to break free. Moaning with the exertions she threw herself against the bonds again and again, but she wasn't going anywhere. It must have been hours that she was trapped here, and her strength was beginning to wear out.

Panting heavily Leigh tugged once more at the ropes that bound her paws above her head, enjoying the feeling of being tied up. Time was flying by quickly and she decided that enough was enough. She didn't dare to play with herself while she was here with her friends, so she grabbed the safety loop next to her left paw and tugged at it. With a heavy heart she freed herself from the ropes and started coiling them up to pack them away. Sighing softly she rubbed one of her breasts before she finally gave up and stowed away her toy pack into her bag. Slowly she let go of her fantasies, put on her jacket and left the room, climbing down the stairs to join her friends at the fire again.

When she reached the grill her friends were not there. She looked around but nobody was near. Two slices of meat were lying on the grid, already burnt to black coal. "Carren? Sanna?" she called, but there was no answer. "Come on, girls! I know it's halloween, you're not scaring me!" For a few minutes she just stood there, but still there was nothing to be heard. Oh well, I guess I'll just go and play along. The cat bent down and picked up a flashlight that was lying on one of the folding chairs and kept it ready in her paw, while she started scouting the area next to the fire.

After some time she found an abandoned box of cigarettes lying on the ground. She picked it up and saw there were still two inside. She knew Carren would never throw away her smokes, so she got a little worried, despite of her conviction, that they were playing a trick on her. She looked harder and saw a faint trail leading from where she stood into the forest. Slowly she took a few steps into the woods and tried to follow the path. The noises of the creatures in the forest seemed to be louder than they had been before, but she blamed her nervousness for that. She nearly jumped when she heard a muffled voice from ahead, calling what seemed to be her name. Her ears perked up and turned into the direction of the sound, but all was quiet again. "Hello?" she answered, "Sanna? Carren? Is that you?" Still there was no reply. Slowly she continued to follow the trail.

Finally she reached another clearing, the light of the moon illuminating the view before her. A huge stone hill was rising in front of her, overgrown with moss and ivy. The pale light was turning the place into something unreal and Leigh shivered a little. "Girls?" she called out again. "Are you there?" This time she heard the suppressed voice again, and it seemed to come directly from the hill before her. "Carren?" she answered, but there was no more sound. Step by step she approached the stone wall and saw a dark patch set into it. When she came closer she saw that it was in fact a small tunnel, leading into the hill. She peeked inside and found it completely dark, so she pointed her flashlight to the entrance and switched it on.

The tunnel was indeed quite small, not more than five feet wide and six feet tall. The walls were bumpy but smooth, as if it had been constructed by people a long time ago. Slowly she entered the passage and went on, shining her light this way and that to find out, where the tunnel might be leading her. Her paws were making scraping noises on the floor, causing strange echoes to be thrown back and forth by the tunnel walls.

About a minute or two later the flashlight suddenly died. The sudden darkness confused her and she stopped dead in her tracks, until her eyes had adjusted to the blackness around her again. "Shit!" she cursed under her breath and reached out a paw for the wall. Looking back she saw that the passage must have been bending a little; the exit was no longer visible. With shaking paws she started to tinker with the flashlight, pushing the button multiple times and then unscrewing the battery compartment. In her nervous state she managed it to make the cap bounce off the lamp and she heard the batteries fall to the floor with loud, clattering noises. Scolding herself for being so stupid she knelt down to find them, but they seemed to be scattered too far.

She was just about to turn back and leave when she heard the voice calling out for her again, much closer this time. "Sanna? It's me! I'm here!" Slowly she stood up again and went on, feeling her way along the tunnel wall, cautiously taking one step after another.

Suddenly she felt something brushing her outstretched paw and a moment later her wrist was entangled by something. When she tried to pull free she felt her paw being held fast, a wet, slimy coil was wrapped around her wrist. "Hey!" she managed to exclaim and reached forward with her other arm in an attempt to free herself, but she was held back again, another sticky thing keeping her paw in a tight grip. Panic took a hold on her and she started to struggle, when she heard something moving nearby. Only a moment later more of the slimy coils were wrapping up her ankles and even her neck, making the cat gasp in terror and fight against the invisible strands. "Help!" she cried out. "Somebody help m-" Her calls were cut short by something being pushed into her muzzle. Another coil looped around her snout and the back of her head, gagging her effectively.

Leigh pulled and yanked at the cold, wet bonds that held her, but there was no way she could break them. Her coat was being ripped open and a slimy thing started to slide down the front of her body, leaving a cold trail behind. At the same time her panties were stretched, ripped apart under her short skirt, making her cry out in fear, the gag muffling her noises. With all her strength she fought against the coils, but she found herself held more and more spread out, vulnerable to any attack that might be coming to her.

Her unseeing eyes went wide when she felt a cold, wet touch at her breasts. Something was spiraling around the soft, fuzzy mounds and stopped at her nipples. Despite her fear she was feeling the tingling radiating through her body and she let out a suppressed moan, trying to fight against the unwanted and dangerous emotions that started to come up inside of her. Sanna's story came back into her mind, but this time she was the victim herself, being caught helplessly in a sticky web of the spider, struggling futilely to escape. The sensations at her breasts went on and her body betrayed her again, making them grow stiff and sensitive to the touches.

With a cry of surprise and panic she felt something moving between her legs. The fur on the insides of her thighs was tickled slightly and a wet touch went slowly over her labia. Leigh whimpered in fear while she felt it move forward and back over her slit, teasing the tender nub inbetween before resuming its motion. With each stroke the wet object parted her labia a bit more, slipping along the insides of them and sending spikes of pleasure through Leigh's bound body. She tried to fight her captor and her own arousal at the same time, but she was failing both. Her breath was coming quickly now and she surrendered herself to the creature that had caught her in its trap. Mewling softly into her gag she writhed against the coils that held her helplessly spread out, and the fire inside of here rose even higher.

Suddenly it stopped. For a moment everything was silent and she hung limply in her bonds, huffing and moaning from exertion and arousal. A bright flash of light pierced her eyes and she shut her lids with a squeal, turning her head as far as the coil around her neck would allow. A few seconds later her eyes had adjusted to the brightness again and she could make out her surroundings. And what she was seeing before her made her heart skip a beat.

She was looking into Carren's face, holding another flashlight. Sanna was next to her, a mischievous smile creasing her muzzle. Leigh tried to ask them, what they were doing, but the gag only let her make unintelligible noises. She tried to wriggle free from the bonds again, but she still was held fast. With a glance to her sides she saw, that she had been tied up with dripping wet ropes, threaded around old supporting beams of the tunnel. The way the knots were placed there was no way for her to reach them on her own. She struggled again and stopped a moment later when she felt herself getting aroused again. This was so embarrassing.

"Trick or treat!" Sanna and Carren chimed and smiled at her.

"I guess we tricked our treat pretty well," Sanna said and smiled at her friend.

"Yeah, and what a fine treat it is," Carren answered and turned to Leigh. "When I saw you enjoying yourself in bed earlier today I was pretty disappointed that you're having fun all alone. So Sanna and I decided to have a little fun with *you* instead. The breaking flashlight was her Idea, by the way."

"Yeah," Sanna nodded. "I replaced the bulb with a much weaker type so it would fail after a couple of minutes. That was a nice trick, don't you think?"

Leigh couldn't do more than curse and grunt at her friends and they just laughed.

Carren stepped forward and let her paws slide through the cat's tabby fur, squeezing her breasts gently and rubbing her hard nubs with her paw pads. "And now we're going to take what you wanted all for yourself, darling." Her muzzle rubbed alongside of Leigh's face and she whispered, "Just relax and enjoy." With that the light of the lamp died, leaving the bound cat in darkness.

The moon slowly wandered over the clearing in the woods, the forest was peaceful and silent - except for the occasional squeal coming out of the darkness of the tunnel.