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This is the fifth installment of the series about Rey and Donya, two girls who knew each other for a long time and found out about their mutual interest. All parts of the series are written in a way that they can be read without having read their prequels, but I recommend to read them in their chronological order, as of now:

01. Random
02. Toys
03. Captivity
04. Offerings
05. Control

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Part I: Choices

A short gust of wind blew past the walls of the mansion, making the moths and midges scatter away before resuming their dance in the cones of light emitted by the street lamps. Apart from the rustling of the leaves the place was silent. The sky was partly overcast, a glitter of stars and the crescent of the moon peeking through a hole in the clouds from time to time. Somewhere in the mansion a clock chimed two, just barely audible outside the strong walls of the building. Only one of the windows in the upper floor of the mansion was still lit, as if to watch over the sleeping world outside. On the other side of the window, a small group of people was waiting in expectant silence.

Rey didn't know how long she had been sitting there, looking into the brown eyes of the otter. His offer had come unexpectedly, leaving her dazed, unsure what to think of it. It surely was tempting; to become one of the mansion's toys, being cared for and having all her needs fulfilled. But on the other paw she would have to give up her independence, something she had been working for very hard. Being a lifetime toy would satisfy her desire to give up her freedom of choice, when and what games she was going to play, but it also meant to leave behind everything she had, in favor for being absorbed in the mansion's world. Even the games she played with Donya, her raccoon friend, had never gone this far. She was trembling inside, her paws clenched into each other to keep them from shaking too much. But even though she was running the options over and over in her head, her decision had been set in the very first minute after Keno had made the offer. And slowly she found the heart to finally speak out what her mind had already decided.

"I don't know what to say," the vixen started, her voice shaking slightly as she went on. "Your offer really means a lot to me. This place is like a dream come true, and I'm still afraid of waking up." She sighed and brushed a paw through her voluptuous red mane. "Yet even though it seems like a dream, or probably because it does feel like it, I'm scared by the thought of never waking up again."

The otter listened in silence, his claws slowly stroking and grooming the headfur of his skunk slave, who was kneeling at his side, her eyes closed and her head pushing against her Master's paw.

Rey lowered her head, and her voice was merely a whisper when she spoke again. "Keno, I'm honored by your offer, but I can't take it. As much as I love being your toy for a day, a game must come to an end eventually, so you can start a new one, when you're ready for it." She looked up into Donya's eyes and then back at Keno. "I hope you understand." The vixen took a deep breath, and she believed that she had heard a sigh coming from Donya's mouth, too.

The otter smiled and nodded. "Of course I do. In fact, I didn't really expect you to take the offer. But still I thought it was important for you to become aware of your own feelings. I hope you realize that you're still welcome to visit the mansion whenever you like. Actually, I'd really love to have you here every once in a while. You're as much a technician as I am, and I value your opinion and feedback on the projects I want to do in the future, seen from the other side of the game, if you know what I mean."

"Yes, I think I do," the vixen said, looking at the wrist cuffs she was still wearing.

"My toy will happily try out every devious device your sick mind will bring forth," Donya said with a giggle. "And the more evil it is, the more she'll love it."

Rey glared at her friend, but the raccoon only laughed. It was only a minute later that all four of them were bursting out with laughter, relieving the tension of the situation. When the laughter subsided, Rey picked up her slice of bread again and finished her meal, while she stifled a yawn. Donya seemed to be tired, too, even though she tried not to show it.

"I think it's time to go now," the vixen said. "I'd really love to stay here, but I'm going to fall asleep at my desk tomorrow if I don't get some sleep soon."

Keno laughed guiltily. "I'm really sorry I kept you from sleeping for so long. I guess we'll talk about all this later. You and your friend drive home and get some sleep. I hope we'll see each other again soon."

Rey stood up and smiled at the otter. "Yes, we will. I'm still curious about some things I saw in the playroom ..."

"You'll get to try them all, my toy," Donya said. "One after another. And maybe even longer than you have anticipated." Her mischievous smile lost its threat when it was interrupted by a huge yawn, and she smiled in embarrassment. "I'm sorry. I guess I really need some sleep right now."

The two girls left the mansion and got into Rey's car. The vixen started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot to head for the main street at the end of the mansion's driveway. When they reached her flat, they didn't bother getting ready for the night, but simply let themselves fall onto Rey's bed and snuggle up to each other. Within a minute they were fast asleep, finally getting some rest from the exhaustion of the day's activities.


Blue smoke rose up in a thin thread, starting to curl and twist a little, until Rey blew it away before it could get into her nose and eyes. With practiced moves she finished the soldering point and pulled the tip of the iron away from the molten material. When the compound had set she put down the circuit board and picked up the defective resistor she had replaced. "Off you go," she said and tossed the broken component into the trash. "Another three pieces and all should be up and running again." She took one of the blown capacitors that were lying on the desk and stood up to find a replacement from the magazine. Her paw traced along the lines of small drawers until she found the one she was looking for. When she heard a knock on the door she turned her head to see, who was standing there. "Oh, Hi Mike!" she said, looking at him over her shoulder. "Just a second, I'm just picking up some spare parts for the interface."

"No worries," he said. "Take your time." He watched her patiently while she searched the drawer's contents to find the replacement piece she was looking for. Her tail swished from side to side, and unconsciously he hoped it was because of him rather than her enthusiasm for the project she was working on. He forced himself not to stare at her butt, and his eyes locked at first on the black collar, then on the silver earring instead. But somehow this didn't help in distracting him from feeling attracted to her. When she finally turned around to face him he quickly looked away from her and pointed to the board that was lying on the desk. "Something broke down?"

Rey put the spare parts onto the table and nodded. "Yes. The driver circuit got overloaded, and the heat destroyed some parts of the board. But fortunately it's all just cheap stuff." She smiled and tilted her head slightly. "But I guess that's not what you came here for, is it?"

"That's right. I wanted to ask you if you've got any plans for this weekend."

"I'm not sure yet. Why?"

Mike hesitated for a second, knowing fully well that she already knew what he was going to say. "I'd like to take you out for dinner, if you want to," he said. Even though he had been through this before, he felt his ears blushing under his fur.

Rey smiled at him and nodded. "Yes, why not. Where'll we be going?"

Mike suppressed the urge to jump around with joy and forced himself to smile, too. "Actually, I don't know yet. I wanted to ask you first, if you had any preferences."

"How about going to Macey's? I haven't been there for a while, and they make great sandwiches."

"Sounds good to me," he replied. "So I'm going to pick you up Friday night at seven at your place?"

"Great! I'm looking forward to it." She smiled at him, wagging her tail slowly from side to side.

"Okay. I'll see you Friday night, then!" He returned the smile and reluctantly turned away from her to leave the office. On the way back to his desk the only thing he could hear was the beating of his heart, pounding with joy and anticipation. He still could not believe his luck, and he hoped that some day he would be able to tell her what his true feelings were for her.


Rey breathed deeply and steadily, taking in the scent of the trees and plants while she was running along the dirt path leading through the small forest at the edge of the town. Her claws dug into the sand while she took one step after another. Donya was right beside her, effortlessly keeping up with her speed. They had covered two miles now and decided that they should be heading back to the car. So they turned around and made their way down the path they had come, their leg muscles bulging and straining with each step they took. When they finally reached the parking lot they were panting heavily from the work-out. Slowly they allowed their legs to rest a while, stretching the muscles and massaging them a bit, so they wouldn't be suffering from sore muscles the next day. A few minutes later they packed up their belongings and headed back to Rey's flat, anticipating a hot shower and some relaxation.

Donya turned off the water and stepped out, grabbing a towel and starting to rub the wetness out of her fur. Rey was already halfway done, combing the long white strands of her belly and chestfur, murring softly to herself while she caressed the soft mounds of her breasts for a few seconds. Donya giggled and stopped working on her own fur, hooking one finger behind Rey's collar and drawing her near, making the vixen yip in surprise. Her eyes grew wide when she felt the muzzle of her friend touching hers, seducing her into a deep kiss that lasted several minutes before they finally parted again.

"Mmh ... what was that for?" Rey asked, her breath still coming a bit short.

Donya smiled. "Nothing special, my toy. I just feel playful at the moment."

"Oh," Rey said, a little surprised by the change of things. "I guess I should get myself ready, then."

"No, it's okay," Donya said. "I'm not in a hurry. I still need to get my fur dry before anything else."

While Donya was busy with the towel, Rey kept herself occupied by trimming the fur around her eyes to an acceptable length. "I've been thinking a lot about Keno's offer lately," she said, cautiously cutting away another red strand of fur. "I guess I made the right decision, but still the thought thrills me. I mean, look at his skunk slave. The role she's taken probably goes much deeper than the part I was offered, but she seems to be awfully happy where she is. I wonder if she's ever had second thoughts about her place."

"She told us once, she never regret her choice."

"Yes, I know. But maybe she didn't want to tell us about her feelings, let alone in front of her Master. I don't think that she's unhappy, quite the opposite. But I can't imagine that she never thought about how it would be to get her own life back."

"I guess you'd have to ask her if you want to know for sure," Donya said, her voice muffled by the towel draped over her head. She ruffled her headfur and peeked through the folds of the cloth. "Do you regret your choice becoming my toy?"

"No. I'm still happy with it, and I hope you are, too. But my situation is not the same. I still have my own things going on. I have my job, my own flat and I'm free to go anywhere I like - unless you choose otherwise. Her place is so much more ... restricted. I don't know how long I could stand this."

"Speaking of restrictions. How about a visit to the mansion? I'm in a playful mood tonight, and maybe you can satisfy your curiosity a bit." Donya smiled when she saw Rey making faces at her. "Get yourself ready, my toy. I'll finish drying up my fur in the meantime."

Rey nodded and left the bathroom, smiling to herself. While she picked up her things she already felt the familiar glow spreading inside of her. Anticipation and excitement made her fingers fly when she put on her wrist and ankle cuffs, letting the small locks snap into place. Since Donya already had the keys she wouldn't be able to take off the restraints until her friend saw fit. Quickly, she started to get dressed. She chose a simple but nice looking blouse and short pants, knowing that she wouldn't be wearing them for too long anyway.

After she was done she took a brief look at herself in the mirror. With a smile she realized that she became more and more comfortable with wearing cuffs as a part of her attire. Only a few weeks ago she would have concealed them with scarves and socks, even if it was only for the short walk to her car. By now she had become more self-confident. She knew that most of the people didn't even notice her cuffs, let alone care about her wearing them. Once or twice she even overheard a comment about how interesting her outfit was. The collar was a bit different, though. It was locked around her neck for quite some time now, and Donya had never given her the key, in fact, she didn't even show it to her yet. The ring was detachable, though, with a green gem set into the brass colored clasp under it. When she was out in public, she always removed the ring, so nobody would see the real purpose of the garment. At home or together with Donya, the ring was of course attached.

Satisfied with her appearance she left the bedroom and met Donya, who was waiting for her in the hallway. The vixen picked up her small bag and fetched her keys.

"Are you ready to go, my toy?" Donya asked, while she looked over the appearance of her friend.

"We can go whenever you want."


They left the flat to get into Donya's car. A minute later they were on their way to the mansion.

The heavy wooden door opened as if by its own will, and the two friends entered the house. Keno and his slave were waiting for them in the big hall. "Welcome back," the otter said. "What are you up to tonight?"

"We don't really know yet," Donya replied. "We were looking for some inspiration."

"I think you'll find enough of that here," the otter said with a chuckle. "Any preferences?"

Donya looked at her friend. "I don't know. My toy was showing some interest in your relationship with your slave lately. Maybe I should give her a taste of this some day."

"Donya, please," Rey protested, rolling her eyes. "I was just thinking about your offer, Keno. I wondered how it would feel to give up all you have, to put your life into the paws of someone else. And I asked myself, how your ... um ... lady felt about it."

Keno gave her a stern glance. "Rey, she's my slave. You don't have to feel guilty about calling her this."

The vixen looked down. "I'm sorry. This isn't easy for me, even if I don't know, why. But anyway, ever since you made that offer, I thought about my own place and those of the others I have met. Your slave has surprised me once or twice already, this taught me not to assume things, only because of their chosen role in a relationship."

Keno nodded and put an arm around the skunk at his side, pulling her close. "When I met her the first time I also didn't recognize her real self at first. But I quickly found out what was hiding beneath the surface of this quiet woman. Maybe you just need some time, too, to get acquainted with us." He stroked the skunk's cheek with the back of his paw and she rubbed her head against his touch. "So, would you like to get to know her better?"

Rey blushed lightly under her fur. "Yes, I think I would. I hope I'm not crossing any borders. I'm just still not sure about my own place and feelings, and maybe understanding your slave could help me to understand myself better."

Keno smiled. "Yes, maybe you're right." He turned his head and looked into the eyes of his skunk servant. He twitched an ear and his face changed for a moment, before he smiled again. The skunk nodded and backed away to turn around and leave them. "I think, we should grant you your wish, my dear vixen." The otter smiled again.

Rey looked into the eyes of the man in front of her and the fur along her spine started to stand upright. Something in his smile made her shiver, and she felt a slight pang of panic. Her ears twitched nervously, causing the small silver ring to glitter in the bright light of the hall. Oddly enough this in turn sent a warm rush through her body, and she took a deep breath, trying to regain her composure.

But when she suddenly felt something pulling at the cuff on her left wrist she nearly jumped out of her fur and let out a short yelp. Before she could react her arm was pulled on her back and locked to her right wrist. She turned her head and saw the skunk behind her, smiling contentedly at her. The vixen growled softly, trying to get her arms free of her cuffs that had been locked together, but she was already securely caught. "What the hell!" she exclaimed, when the servant put a blindfold over her eyes and tied it snugly in place. "What are you doing?"

"Just relax and let us have a little fun with you, my toy," she heard Donya's voice right next to her.

She scolded herself for being so inattentive. Two paws took her by the arms and started to lead her forward, and she slowly followed with insecure steps. Although she knew that they would not let her run into anything she still felt queasy about it. She wanted to protest, but at the same time she knew, that this wouldn't get her anywhere, she would earn herself a gag at best, which she didn't want - at least not yet. And on the other paw the whole situation felt strangely exciting. Step by step she went on, and her companions didn't make any noise to let her know where she was going. With her paws locked on her back she wasn't even able to properly balance herself, so she staggered and swayed quite a bit. The sound of a door opening made her get a slight haunch of their destination. The door closed again, and the sounds of the hall were shut off entirely.

Her companions stopped, and Rey felt nimble paws starting to undress her. First they opened the buttons of her pants, sliding them slowly down her legs and made her step out of them. All the time another pair of paws was roaming over her upper body, undoing one button after the other and stroking the soft fur underneath her blouse, paying close attention to her breasts and nipples, making her squirm with embarrassment and yet more turned on by the minute. Whimpering softly she felt her slip go, suddenly feeling her helplessness even stronger than before. The cuffs were unlocked, but still she could not break free from the grip of the strong paws holding her. When she finally had been stripped they bound her arms on her back again, using a length of soft but strong rope that was looped several times around her wrists below the restraints and tied off in a way she could not get out of. They started walking through another door and into a bigger room. While she was led on she felt a constant breeze on her exposed fur, making her blood tingle with anticipation. She wondered what they had in store for her this time.

Again, they came to a halt. The paws leading her suddenly disappeared and she was alone. Involuntarily she tried to undo her blindfold, but the rope held her arms tightly bound to her back. Unsure of what to do she turned her head this way and that, her ears nervously twitching in every direction, trying to pick up a sound that would tell her, what was happening. A multitude of thoughts and images passed through her mind. There could be thousands of people around her, watching her naked body shivering with uncertainty, and she wouldn't know that they actually were there. She came up with even more intimidating thoughts, hoping sincerely that none of them actually were true. Uneasily she shifted in her bonds, breathing deeply and trying to calm down as good as she could.

Suddenly there was movement in the air before her, and she felt the warmth of another body. Someone brushed along the fur of her breasts, then pushed gently against them. Rey tried to back away but strong arms held her in place. Slowly the other body was pushed into her, and she felt a pair of breasts rubbing against her own in a most sensual way. 'Donya?' she thought, not daring to ask out loud. A minute later she caught the scent of the fur and instantly knew that it was not her friend but Keno's servant, who was leaning against her, rubbing her body ever so slightly against her own, making her shiver softly. The skunk's head rested against her collarbone, her damp snout nuzzling under her chin and nipping her fur lightly. Rey turned her head away in embarrassment, but her body couldn't help but react to the situation. She was held captive by strong paws, forced to endure - or rather enjoy - the attention given to her by the woman before her.

The vixen whimpered softly and started to squirm again when she felt a broad strap being looped across her back. Another one was running perpendicular to it down her spine, connected with even more straps. All in all there were three broad bands encircling her body now, and when they were pulled taut she felt herself being pushed against the skunk's torso, strapped into a harness of some sort that was squeezing the two girls' bodies together. A rattling sound startled Rey, and she felt the harness tighten slightly more while it was pulled upward a little bit at the same time. She was still standing on her feet, but she felt the straps supporting her weight so she could not fall over. Moaning with pleasure she tried to escape her bindings, but she was truly trapped, and all she was achieving was rubbing her breasts against the ones of the skunk, getting the two of them even more aroused.

Rey blinked when the blindfold finally was removed. She waited for her eyes to accommodate to the light and looked around. The room was part of the mansion's playground, as she already had suspected. Three broad leather belts, connected by two supporting straps that were hanging from a chain, were hugging her body tightly to the skunk, keeping the two of them standing up and connected to each other. Both of them had their paws bound on their back. Keno and Donya were watching them, smiling at each other. Rey slowly gave in to the situation and let her head rest against the skunk's temple, being unable to back away from her anyway. The slave didn't seem to mind, though, noticeably relaxing and leaning against her.

"What a beautiful sight," Donya said, circling the two captive girls with slow steps, letting her paw trace through the skunk's black and Rey's red fur. "I hope you two are enjoying each others' company as much as we do."

Keno walked over to his servant, stroking her cheekfur for a second before gently grabbing her muzzle and turning her head to face him. "My dear, why don't you make yourself and our guest comfortable while we get out the toys for you?"

"As you wish, Master."

Keno let go of her and left together with Donya for one of the closets nearby. The skunk turned her head to Rey, looking into her eyes with a wicked smile.

The vixen swallowed and grinned sheepishly. "I'm sorry. I'd rather have asked you in beforehand, but I didn't know what-"

"Hush, Ma'am," the skunk said under her breath. "You don't have to apologize. Just let it happen." She closed her eyes and tilted her head, nuzzling the soft fur on the vixen's neck, gently licking and nipping. Her body started to move inside her bonds, squeezing their breasts against each others' in just the right way. She moved her legs to both sides of Rey's and gently pushed them together, rubbing her own thighs against the fur of the vixen.

Rey moaned softly against her will. The sensations her body was sending her were too much, her resistance melted away when she looked into the eyes of the slave bound to her. Weakly she still tried to fight against the straps, but they held her inescapably in place. There was no way she could get away from the treatment the other woman was giving her body. Slowly she closed her eyes and let the skunk play with her bound form. It was funny how she was submitting to someone, who was effectively trapped in the same way she was herself. But for some reason the slave had gained control over her, and she was gradually giving in.

"It looks like they're really having a lot of fun there, what do you think?" Keno asked when he came back to the harness.

Donya joined the otter and watched her friend and the skunk for a second. "Yes, it sure seems like it. They're squirming around quite a bit, though."

"That's right," Keno commented. "And I can't see why they would do this. How about giving them something to squirm about?"

"Sure. What do you suggest?"

"Come over here, I'll show you." Keno walked behind Rey and knelt down. Donya followed him to see, what he was going to do.

"Hey, that's not fair!" the vixen protested. "What are you doing over there?"

Donya laughed. "You'll see - or rather find out - soon enough. Just be patient, my toy."

Rey squirmed uncomfortably in her bonds and started to moan, when the skunk used that for her benefit. "I can't believe I'm actually getting turned on by this," the vixen complained, trying to keep her mind distracted from the pleasurable rubbing of the servant's nipples against her breasts. "This is not what I ... Ooh!" She stopped abruptly and sucked in a deep breath when she felt a finger rubbing over the folds of her sex. Moaning loudly she threw back her head and struggled anew, unable to get away from the pleasuring paw that was spreading her wide, applying a cold jelly like substance. The touch of a rigid shaft followed a moment later, making her cry out with lust as it slid slowly into her, backing out every inch or two, just to push in even deeper again. Panting hard she held her eyes tightly shut and tried to relax, until her love tunnel was filled quite snugly. "My God!" she exclaimed. The pressure inside of her shifted a little, making it yield a little towards her back, and a second later the skunk started to squirm and moan, rubbing her body against Rey's. The slave whimpered for a few moments before she finally let out a deep breath, the look on her face clearly showing the arousal that was building up inside of her. As if this was not enough, another strap was connected to the harness-like construction, starting at the small of Rey's back and being pulled through her slightly parted legs. As far as she could see, the belt was then moved through the skunk's legs and fastened at a similar position on her back. With a jerk it was pulled taut, pushing the phallic object deeper into her, locking it in place. Both girls yelped in surprise and it wasn't long before they realized, that they now were connected by a slightly u-shaped shaft. The vixen started to stammer and her face showed bewilderment, but the servant seemed to recover very quickly, starting to use the new toy for her own pleasure.

Rey was moaning again, despite her embarrassment. The movement of the other woman bound against her caused her end of the dildo to vibrate and gyrate in a very seducing way. Within a few moments she was matching her own pelvic motions with those of the skunk, panting heavily with the emotions that were building up inside of her. The straps around their bodies made sure that they couldn't escape the stimulation, but at the same time they also prevented them from falling to the ground.

Keno and Rey started working again, untying their paws and moving them around each others' bodies, just to retie them there, at the same spot where the crotch strap had been locked in. The vixen pulled against her bonds, trying to get her paws free, but they were held as securely as before. Groaning she started to squirm again, when she felt the palms of the skunk resting on her butt, teasing her with sharp claws, squeezing and stroking her in a very sensual way. "You're doing that on purpose, aren't you?" she gasped.

"Yes, Ma'am," the skunk replied. "It's my duty to bring pleasure to those who are entrusted to me. Just relax and let yourself fall."

"But ... this is ..." Rey stammered, not able to arrange her thoughts anymore. Only now she realized, that she had kept her paws at an upward angle, away from the skunk's bottom below them, and slowly she let them come to rest on the surprisingly soft fur, still a bit nervous about the new situation.

"Oh, yes, Ma'am!" the slave cooed, rocking her hips back and forth to make the vixen moan again. "Don't fight it, Ma'am, just do what your body tells you. Getting to know each other involves learning the specialties of each others' bodies. So just lean back ... and learn."

Rey was panting heavily now, her paws finally lying flat on the cheeks of the skunk, even starting to knead and stroke a little. The servant smiled happily and moved her head up to the vixen's muzzle. Gingerly she started to lick Rey's lips until the vixen opened her mouth just a bit. And when the skunk's muzzle finally rested on Rey's parted jaws they both moaned with newly kindled fire and shared a deep kiss.

"Now, now! This is a sight to see," Keno said, when he came back to watch the two girls struggle in their harness. "I bet they'll not last long if they're keeping up dancing like this."

"Too bad for them, " Donya giggled. "We could've had so much fun tonight."

Rey and the skunk didn't pay too much attention to their companions, totally absorbed in the lust for each other. They broke the kiss only reluctantly and Rey was feeling dizzy, leaning into the binding harness while she tried to regain her strength. Still the double phallus was rocking softly inside of her, and she enjoyed the feeling greatly.

"Oh, maybe we still can have some fun." The otter undid the rope that was tying the vixen's wrists to the skunk's back. He gave her a moment to shake her arms and roll her shoulders before he hooked his fingers into the rings of her leather restraints. A strong padlock connected the cuffs and Keno fastened them to the chain over Rey's head, making the lock snap in with a loud click. His paw traced down from the trapped arms to the vixen's muzzle, stroking the short fur for a moment, before he let go of her again. Rey checked her new bonds, pulling at her trapped wrists and finding herself bound as securely as before. "Still feeling fine?" Keno asked and pushed his body against hers from behind, making her squeal in surprise, when the double phallus rocked inside of her again. "Sounds like you do," he chuckled and turned away from her.

Keno whispered something into Donya's ear and she nodded, leaving them for a minute to get something from the toy closet nearby. In the meantime the otter stepped up to his slave, and she instantly stopped squirming around, lifting her head to meet his gaze. "My love, do you remember, what I told you yesterday night?"

"Yes, Master." The voice of the skunk sounded surprisingly calm and composed, given the fact that she was in a high state of arousal at the moment. "You said, that you wanted to give me a reward for servicing you last night."

"That's right," Keno said, ruffling the skunk's headfur. "And I hold up to my promises. Prepare for your reward, my love." He made a step back and smiled, when he saw his slave lower her head and trying to relax as good as possible, she already knew what he was going to do.

The paddle hit her butt with a loud slap, and she let out a short scream. Her body jerked violently, driving the dildo into her with full force. Involuntarily she clenched her paws, gripping Rey's bottom tightly. The vixen screamed in surprise, being hit by the phallus herself and feeling the strong paws of the slave on her butt. Her body reacted with a quick twitch, which in turn made the dildo slide forward again, deeper into the skunk's vagina. Keno smiled and watched the girls struggle. One simple blow with the paddle turned into almost a minute of pleasure for the captive girls. The otter enjoyed the sight of the helplessly struggling bodies, fighting against their bonds and the sensations of their own desires. When they had come to rest he let the paddle hit his slave another time, and the whole thing started over again.

Donya laughed and stepped behind her toy, pushing against her with her arms resting at her sides. When the otter hit the skunk again, Donya felt the jerks and struggles of the vixen, enjoyed the power she and Keno possessed over the two bound women. The otter was obviously having a good time himself, too, placing one well aimed blow after another on the cheeks of his slave's butt, making her moan and scream loudly, her body rubbing and squeezing against Rey's. The vixen was already losing herself in the game, being nothing more than a writhing bundle of pure lust, a slave to her own body, unable to resist the powerful sensations being sent through her.

Rey's vision blurred, and her voice became coarse from screaming. Again, the paddle hit the skunk, sending the waves of pleasure straight into her groin. She struggled and pulled against the cuffs that held her paws tightly trapped, tried to squirm out of the harness that kept her close to the servant. But no amount of fighting got her even close to freeing herself. She was forced to endure the blows of the paddle. The way she was tied to the skunk and connected to her by the double phallus, he could just as well have hit herself instead of the skunk. With tightly shut eyes she anticipated the next blow and yipped loudly when it finally came. Too many hits later, she collapsed in her bindings, her body starting to convulse with a mind of its own, dropping her into a powerful orgasm that blew her conscience away.

Keno kept spanking his slave until he saw her starting to fight for control over her body. With each successive blow he watched the two women closely, waiting for the vixen to go over the edge, and when he heard her howls of pleasure he ordered, "Come for me, my love!"

"Yes, Master!" the skunk sobbed, her face wet with tears of pain and pleasure.

His next two strikes were much harder than before, making the slave scream with agony. Her body jerked violently in time with the vixen's movements, riding on the waves of her climax while Keno kept spanking her, gradually lowering the force of the blows.

For a minute or two the captive girls squirmed and moaned. The intense sensations subsided only very slowly, leaving them panting and shivering violently. Donya was still in Rey's back, feeling the trembling body and comforting her toy, while the vixen slowly came down from the high she had just experienced. The skunk was regaining her composure, too, gently rubbing her nose at Rey's neck and licking the fur of her throat.

"I hope you're feeling all right," the skunk said eventually.

Rey was still a little short of breath, so she simply nodded. The rush was over now and she longed to be untied again. It was another strange thing she could not really explain. As much as she loved it to be put into restraints, she could not wait to be set free again, when it was over. Most of the times she was not that lucky, though, at least not when she was playing with Donya.

"That's my girl!" Keno said, gently stroking the black mane of his slave and giving her a quick slap with his paw on her still tender butt. The skunk jumped with a squeal, making Rey jerk in her bonds again, crying out in agony, when her over-sensitive inner folds were rubbed again by the dildo still stuck in her. The otter laughed and put the paddle away. "I guess it's time to let you two take a shower. You look like you need it."

Donya and Keno started untying the two girls. Rey winced softly when her paws were unhooked from the chain over her head, but she kept holding on to the supporting links while the harness was being removed. When Donya started to pull out the phallus the vixen moaned loudly, gritting her teeth to dispel the sensations that were rushing through her again. And when it finally slipped out of her completely, she nearly lost her balance. Thanks to the supporting chain she could hold herself upright, until she was eventually ready to walk again. The skunk was in a similar condition, although she seemed to cope with it a little better than Rey did. She went over to the vixen, supported her and led her away, towards the showers. Keno and Donya chuckled while they watched them stagger along and burst out with laughter when they were out of sight.

Rey sighed deeply, the warm water soaking her fur and relaxing her overstrained muscles. The skunk was next to her, busily cleaning up her fur. If she had not been there herself she would never have guessed that this woman had been put through this kind of torture just a few minutes ago. By now the slave was showing no signs of exhaustion or sore limbs. Absent-mindedly she continued to clean her fur, paying close attention to the places that were covered by her cuffs and collar. When she began washing her crotch she whimpered softly at the touch, her flesh still extremely tender. Her legs started shaking again, and she grabbed for the handle at the wall to prevent herself from falling.

"May I help you, Ma'am?" the skunk offered. "I can see that you haven't fully recovered yet. Maybe you should just lean against the wall and let me get you cleaned up."

Rey sighed softly and nodded, too weak to be proud at the moment. "Yes, please ... I'm completely shot."

The servant nodded and knelt down before her, slowly and cautiously beginning to lather the fur of and between her legs. "I know how you must feel now. It has been quite a rough session tonight."

"How do you do it?"

"I'm sorry, Ma'am? Do what?"

"I mean ... how do you cope with it? You've gone through a far worse treatment than I did, and yet, you're the one servicing me now and not the other way round. By all means, I should be the one who was in better shape."

The skunk chuckled softly, while she paid close attention to Rey's nether lips, carefully cleaning them with the mild soap on her washcloth. The vixen groaned softly and held on tight to the handles, while the other woman kept on working. "Ma'am, I think, it all comes with practice. Master gave me my reward for being of service to him today, and I was very grateful to receive it. If I were to be punished, he would've been much less gentle to me."

"Gentle?" Rey exclaimed. "You call being hit by a paddle until your butt burns being gentle?"

"Yes, Ma'am. A punishment would've incorporated a cane instead of the paddle. You see, my body yearns for extreme sensations, I have a very high pain threshold. The flogging actually felt very good to me, even though I can tell that the average person would've not taken this as lightly." She said it, as if it simply was a matter of fact. There was no sign of her trying to impress Rey with what she could handle. "And after all, I've been trained to be a slave for a couple of years, and endurance was a very important part of it. You see, Ma'am, it's not that you're too weak to take it, it's me who needs a very rough hand, and this is not something taken by just everyone. Master was very generous tonight, giving me the paddle while you were enjoying the helplessness."

"Well, I can't say that I didn't like tonight's game." Rey shivered a little when the skunk rinsed the soap out of her fur and groin. "I felt a bit humiliated at first, but I guess I'm still too self-conscious about all this. You seem to be much more open about your feelings and needs."

"As a slave, you have to be, Ma'am."

"Yes, I know. But wasn't there ever a moment, when you wanted to keep something for yourself? Or maybe a fantasy you just couldn't tell him about?"

The skunk finished her work and stood up, starting to apply more soap to Rey's chestfur. "Actually, Ma'am, there were times when I kept some secrets to myself, but that was before I was chosen by Master. He demands complete devotion and honesty from me, and I'm happy to obey."

"You never thought about being the one who's giving orders?"

"No, Ma'am."

Rey thought for a moment. "That night, when I was here for the first time, Donya traded me to Keno for a skunk. Was that you?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I was given the pleasure of meeting your owner. I hope, you've been enjoying your time with Master."

"Yes, I did. I was confused and scared at first, but he quickly convinced me, that I was well taken care for."

"He's good at that, Ma'am." The skunk giggled.

Rey enjoyed the warm jet of water for some more minutes, while the skunk excused herself to leave her, not wanting to make her Master wait longer than necessary. When she was alone, the vixen stretched and kneaded her sore limbs, whimpering softly at the slight pain coming from her muscles. When she finally was done, she turned off the water and took her towel to get herself dried up. Her clothes were still waiting for her in the dressing room. She put them on and went through the big hall and up the stairs, heading for the dining room, where she had met Keno after her last visit. She didn't want to go home without at least saying good-bye. Before she entered, she heard voices coming from the room. The otter and his slave were talking to each other, and Rey didn't want to interrupt, so she waited for a moment outside the door.

"Yes, Master. I understand." The voice of the skunk was as calm as ever.

"Good," Keno replied. "I wonder, what made you think about this, though. I hope there's nothing wrong with me. I'd never want to see you unhappy."

"No, Master. I still love you above all people in the world. When I was helping the vixen toy getting cleaned up, we started to talk a bit, and she made me curious about how it would be. So I came to you to ask. While I don't think that anything is going wrong, I'd like to become certain about my feelings and refine my place at your side."

"Oh, I see. She's causing a lot of commotion in the mansion, don't you think? I like that. New people bring new ideas. But regarding your suggestion, I'll think about it. We may try swapping places for a day, but not before next week."

"Yes, Master. Thank you for your consideration."

Rey stepped back a pace and looked around uncertainly. She never wanted to cause commotion of any sort, and she was taken aback of the skunk's reaction to her questions. Maybe she should stop asking people too many things. She nearly jumped when the skunk stepped out of the room in front of her. But the servant either didn't notice her nervousness or just paid no attention to it. She just nodded quickly and walked past her. Rey breathed a sigh of relief and went to the door, politely knocking at the frame.

Part II: The Princess and the Pea

The day had been quiet for a Friday, so Rey came home with a smile. She was looking forward to tonight's dinner and stopped the Subaru in front of her house, not really caring if she was parking in a straight line or not. Whistling softly to herself she hurried up the stairs and entered the flat. After putting away her working gear and getting rid of her clothes she took a quick shower and spent some time in front of the mirror to get her red headfur under control again. When she was satisfied with her appearance she left the bathroom to find a nice outfit for the occasion.

Rey was just leafing through the neatly hanging clothes in the wardrobe when the doorbell rang. Confused, the vixen looked up and wondered, who it might be. She went to the big window in the living room and looked outside. Donya's mustang was standing there. Rey giggled and walked over to the door, not even bothering to get dressed. She pushed the buzzer and left the door slightly ajar, so her friend could come in, while she returned to her quest for a suitable evening attire.

"Hello?" came the voice of her friend from the hallway.

"Come in! I'm in the bedroom." Rey answered.

A few seconds later, the raccoon stood in the door, watching her friend trying to find out what to wear. "You're going out?"

"Yeah. Mike asked me out on a date for tonight. We're going to Macey's. I'm just trying to find something nice."

Donya stepped up behind her, looking over her shoulder while Rey kept turning her stuff. "I see. When do you have to go?"

"Mike was going to pick me up at seven o'clock. I've got to hurry." The vixen pulled out a few pieces and stacked them on the side of the bed. "I'm sorry that you came here in vain."

"Oh, don't be. I think it's great that you and Mike seem to get along nicely. But, it's true, I don't want to have come here for nothing." With the element of surprise she pushed her friend on the bed, wrestling her onto her back and holding her paws tightly to both sides of her head. Rey squealed and tried to fight her way out, but Donya already had snapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists, locking them around one of the steel bars at the front end of the bed. Ever since Rey had become her toy she was always carrying some kind of restraining devices at hand, in case her toy was needing some special treatment quickly.

"What are you doing?" Rey demanded, tugging futilely at her trapped paws. "I'm going to be late for dinner!"

"No, my dear, you'll arrive just in time." Donya picked up the phone, called up the address book and started dialing. "The better you behave the sooner I'll let you go."

"Donya! Please-" the vixen started, but was cut short by a paw wrapping around her muzzle.

"Hello? Is this Mike speaking? Yes. I'm Donya, Rey's friend. Yes. She told me that she can't make it to be back home in time, but she'll meet you at Macey's at seven. No, she's all right, there was just something - getting in the way. Yeah, no problem. Bye!" She hung up and dropped the phone, before she let go of Rey's muzzle.

The vixen growled with her ears folded back to her skull. "What the hell are you up to?"

Donya was already starting to search Rey's toy closet. "I'm going to make sure that you'll have a lot of fun tonight."

"I can take care of that myself, I don't need you to help me." The vixen growled and gave her friend an angry glare.

The raccoon laughed and nodded. "I know, I know. But I want to have some fun, too. And since I'm not going to get to play with my toy tonight, I at least want to tease you a bit." She took some of the devices from the closet and spread them out on the bed. "What are those for?" she asked, lifting up a bunch of rubber-like ropes, so Rey could see them. "Some new toys you invented?"

"Yes, but I'm not done with them yet."

"So? What are they supposed to do?"

Rey groaned. "I don't want to talk about it yet. When they're done and working, I'll show them to you, I promise."

Donya looked at the vixen with a strict face. "You better do," she said firmly, before she picked up the next piece. It looked like an ordinary vibrator, but there was a thin, flexible stick attached to the underside. "And this one?"

Rey swallowed hard, and her eyes grew wide for a second, before she got herself under control again. "This is also work in progress."

"And what does it do?"

Rey said nothing, her tail twitching nervously between her legs.

"Come on, tell me! The longer you're keeping silent, the longer I must keep you here."

"Donya, I ..." The raccoon just looked at her, not willing to argue. "Well, okay ... It's a radio controlled toy. You can switch it on and off with a remote control that's somewhere in the bag, and you can adjust speed and amplitude. Please, Donya, you know this thing already. I only integrated the receiver into the plug! Let me go, okay? I don't want to be late!"

The raccoon looked at the toy with kindled interest. "Nice. Did you improve the range, too?" She looked at her friend and smiled, when she looked away. "Of course you did. Now relax, my toy!" She grabbed the vixen's legs and started to push them apart.

"Donya! What ... Stop it!" Rey struggled and tugged at her cuffs in a desperate attempt to break free, but there was no escape. "Leave me alone, please!"

The raccoon laughed softly and kept on spreading her friend's limbs until she had unobstructed access to what lay between them. With a probing finger she rubbed carefully over the pink slit below the rich white fur and found it glistening wet. "Now look at this. You can't fool me, my toy. Struggle all you want, I know you're enjoying this."

"Yes ... but I don't want to!"

"Oh, you do, my foxy toy! You do." With slow and careful motions Donya started to push the vibrator into Rey's vagina.

The vixen moaned and struggled, trying to avoid the touch of the object entering her, still there was no way out of this. The raccoon kept sliding the plug forward, pulling back every now and then to spread the lubricating fluids, then pushing deeper. Rey moaned despite herself, and when the vibrator was completely inside of her, she was panting hard and shivering with arousal.

"Oh, dear!" Donya said. "Doesn't this feel wonderful my toy?" She flicked the small switch on the underside and kept her palm flat against the base of the plug, making sure that it wasn't going to slide out while she fetched Rey's crotch straps and looped them around her waist and between her legs. The small padlock clicked shut, holding the vibrator firmly in place. "There! All in. I think now you're all set up for the night."

"What? But ... you can't be serious! Get that thing out of me! Please!"

"Na-ah!" Donya said and shook her head. "This is for refusing to tell me, what's with the rubber ropes. And now, come on, get up. We still have ten minutes to get you to Macey's."

Rey whimpered and protested, while her friend unlocked the cuffs to set her free. The vixen sat up and sucked her breath through clenched teeth, when the plug shifted inside of her. "You can't do that to me! I'm going to make a complete fool of myself!"

"No, you'll do fine, I'm sure. You don't want to embarrass yourself or your date, do you?"

Rey growled, but there was nothing she could do at the moment, apart from using her safe word to make her friend stop teasing her. But this was considered a last resort, and she wasn't that desperate yet. With slow and deliberate movements she stood up from the bed and got dressed, whimpering and moaning under her breath while she tried to get used to the dull pressure of the vibrator inside of her. She also redecided on wearing a roomy jeans skirt instead of pants to ease the pressure on her abdomen. But when she started to bend over to put on her shoes, she groaned with the sensations and the slight pain the vibrator was causing. "Donya ... Can you please help me with these?"

The raccoon looked at the appearance of her friend and smiled. "No, I think, you look great just the way you are now. There's no reason for you to hide those beautiful paws of yours. Oh, and by the way, nice anklet! When did you get yourself that one?"

Rey growled again, but she didn't argue, since this would only cost her more of her precious time. She wiggled her left foot a bit, making the slim golden chain around her ankle jingle softly. "I picked it up yesterday for tonight. But I didn't mean to show it off this way. Well, at least it's not cold outside."

While the vixen went into the bathroom to put on a bit of perfume and brush her teeth, Donya searched the toy bag for the remote control. She found two of them, each one looking the same as the other. With a big smile she started to push some buttons until she heard a sharp squeal from two rooms away, followed by a loud and muffled curse. "Guess what, I found the remote!" she called out and let it slip into her pocket. Rey kept on cursing her friend, but Donya merely giggled. "Now hurry up! Or you will be late!"

"Oh, shut up!" Rey replied, when she came back from the bathroom, walking very carefully. "Are you going to give me a ride or what?"

"Sure. Let's go." Donya slapped Rey's butt playfully and laughed when the vixen jumped with a loud yip. "I bet your romeo's already waiting for you!"

Rey followed her friend out of the flat, grabbing her keys and purse on the way out. "You're just jealous. That's why you're torturing me!"

"Yes, I am," Donya replied, descending the stairs in an awfully cheerful way.

Rey staggered behind her, still fighting to keep her composure, while the plug inside of her sent most distracting spikes of pleasure through her body. "One day I'll get you for this!"

"I'm looking forward to it."

They went on threatening and teasing each other while getting into Donya's car and driving through the streets of the city. Fortunately, the diner was not more than a ten minute drive from Rey's flat, and Donya accidently forgot about one or two speed limits to get them there even faster. In the end they arrived only one or two minutes late, and Rey breathed a sigh of relief when she finally could stand up again.

By now the vixen had become used to the vibrator, as long as it kept quiet. Still, it was a bit uncomfortable and didn't allow her to make quick steps or more extreme movements. So she tried to keep herself calm and steady, concentrating on the date instead of the sexual excitement that was looming inside of her. To make matters worse, Donya parked the car a little way down the street. Gritting her teeth Rey left her friend behind and went back a few hundred feet to reach the Diner. To her relief the sidewalk was nearly deserted, and the few people who went past her didn't seem to notice, that she was walking particularly slowly and with well placed paces. Her bare paws helped to cushion the fall of her steps though, one of the little things that helped her through the situation. However, she couldn't help herself getting more and more aroused while she walked, and she had to stop every now and then to keep herself from panting. When she finally reached the entrance of the restaurant she breathed a sigh of relief. Quickly she checked on her reflection in the window, took a deep breath and entered the room.

Donya giggled softly to herself while she watched her friend walking down the street. She had to admit that Rey was doing a good job, if you didn't know what was going on you wouldn't have noticed anything out of the ordinary. Slowly she followed the vixen, who was just taking a break next to the glass door of the restaurant. When Rey finally walked inside, the raccoon took her time, idling in front of some of the display windows before she eventually followed her vixen friend into the building. All the time her paw was playing around with the remote control in her pocket, stroking and rubbing the controls without actually using them. The time for her part of the show had not come yet. Silently she picked a spot at the other end of the room and sat down, a big smile on her muzzle.

The ginger striped cat put down the menu and glanced at the clock. It was just past seven, and he was getting more nervous by the minute. It would have been easier for him to pick her up at her place, but as things were now he was stuck here, bound to wait for her to arrive. He only hoped she wouldn't be late, or he was going to be nothing more than a puddle of feline goo quivering on the chair. He picked up his soda and took a sip, when he saw her coming in. Her sight took his breath away, and he had to concentrate hard on swallowing the liquid in his mouth, so he would not choke on it. She looked around and spotted him, turned slowly and approached his table. He forced himself to smile and stood up to offer her a chair. Everything seemed to stop around him, as if she was moving in slow motion. The collar and earring had become a part of her by now, but the rest of her appearance was quite different, even compared to the night when they had been at the Riverside District cafe. She wore only a simple, blue blouse and a jeans skirt. She didn't even wear shoes, only a slim, golden anklet sparkled in the dim light of the diner. He couldn't really say what it was, but she seemed different. Half an eternity later he found the heart to speak. "Hi Rey! I was hoping you could make it on time."

"Yes, me too. I'm sorry for the confusion."

"Oh, it's okay. Sometimes things just happen." He pulled out the chair for her and offered her a seat. "You can tell me about it, if you like."

Rey slowly sat down, wincing a little when she shifted her position, and put down her purse. When she saw his concerned face she smiled uneasily.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"Yes, don't worry. I'm just suffering from the workout I had yesterday at the gym." She picked up the menu and started studying the contents.

"Ah, I see. I should start working out myself sometime. All this sitting in front of a computer screen does me no good." He cradled his belly in his paws to show what he meant. "What sports do you play?"

"I love squash," Rey said, "although I like to play badminton or go jogging in the forest. It depends on my mood actually and on the fact if there's someone else available to play with."

"Badminton sounds nice," Mike said. "I guess this wouldn't be too exhausting for the start."

The vixen chuckled. "Depends on how you play it. Good badminton players are very fast, and a good game is just as challenging as a one hundred meters dash."

"Really? I never considered badminton to be high performance sports."

The waiter came to the table and they ordered their dishes. Rey ordered a sandwich and coffee while Mike settled for two donuts and another soda.

"I can see why you're concerned about your weight," Rey said with a chuckle.

Mike grinned contritely. "I always was a sweet tooth. I just can't help it. If you want to bribe me into anything, just give me sweets."

"I'll remember," the vixen said. "Although I don't-" Rey stopped and stifled a moan when suddenly the vibrator in her started buzzing, fortunately very gently. She closed her eyes for a moment and tried to ignore the pleasure coming from her groin to concentrate on the conversation. "Although I don't think this'll be happening in the near future."

Mike regarded her with an inquiring look, but he didn't want to pester her with too many questions. She seemed a bit uneasy tonight, and he sincerely hoped it was not because of him. He was glad they got a decent talk running, though, so he tried to get back on the topic again. "But yes, you're right. I shouldn't complain about my weight while stuffing myself with sugar and fat. Maybe I can take on a different diet as well as starting to move my body a little."

Rey leaned back when the waiter brought their food. "You know, it's not that important what you eat. As long as you don't freeze in your seat you should be fine. You may want to start off with simple things, though. Practice gymnastics while watching a movie or the news, go for a walk to the grocery store instead of driving and so on. It's all small things, but they make a big difference in the long run."

Donya enjoyed her own meal while watching the other two persons chatting. Every now and then she varied the intensity of Rey's vibrator, chuckling at her reactions. She acquit herself well, only having to pick up a sentence again two or three times. But the raccoon could tell that her friend was starting to get very nervous, as if she was anticipating the next stimulation while she was trying to keep up the conversation. Amazingly she didn't try to cut short her date, in order to get out of this awkward situation as soon as possible. Either she really cared for Mike and wanted to get to know him better, or she was trying to show her - or maybe herself - that she could make it. Whatever reason she had to go through with this, Donya was not the one to complain. She flicked a switch on the remote again and grinned devilishly when she saw Rey jump up from her chair.

"What is it? Is everything alright?" Mike looked at the vixen in surprise and rose slowly.

Rey was panting hard, the last burst of vibrations nearly brought her to a most unwelcome climax. Her thoughts started to race and she grabbed her left arm, squeezing painfully tight to subdue the pleasure coming from her groin. "I think something stung me," she said, slowly recovering from the intense sensations. "I'll be right back." As quickly as she could without stirring herself up again, she left the table for the restrooms, sending an angry glance over to the table where Donya was sitting.

Mike looked after her and tried to make head or tail of the situation. He could see that something was going on, but he couldn't tell what exactly. And as long as Rey didn't decide to clue him in he was trying to get along with it. With a sigh he sat down again and looked at his half-eaten donut. He picked it up and took a huge bite from the sweet pastry. 'What the hell ... I can always start working out tomorrow.'

Rey stood in front of the big mirror and splashed her face with cold water from the faucet. Her breathing was labored, and her head was spinning. Only a few moments later Donya entered the restroom and stepped up behind her. The vixen spun around and glared at her friend. "How could you do this?" she scolded. "I nearly ... wet myself out there! And now I made a complete fool of myself! How-"

Donya wrapped her arms around the vixen and hugged her. "Hush, my toy! You're doing great! And I apologize for that last push. I guess I hit you a little too hard there. Can you forgive me?"

Rey sobbed softly, slowly regaining her composure. "I guess I can ... But please, don't do this again, okay? I don't want to upset him or spill something or ... you know what. Okay?"

"Okay. No more spikes, only soft teasing."

The vixen stepped back a pace and looked away. "I'd prefer you to stop altogether, but I don't think I'll be that lucky."

Donya frowned. "You know that you can stop this anytime you want. Tell me that I must leave, and I will."

Rey looked weakly at her friend. Her ears were folded back against her skull, and her eyes were pleading. "Just don't hit me too hard anymore." With this she turned around and left the restroom, straightening her body on her way out.

The raccoon kept standing where she was for another minute, thoughtfully weighing the remote control in her paw. The words of her toy had been clear, and she was not intending to ignore them. She had been reprimanded heavily, but on the other paw it felt good to know that her friend was not just accepting everything but standing up against her if she overstepped the bounds. Smiling broadly she took a quick glance into the mirror, rearranged her headfur a bit and left the room, curious about what had been going on in the meantime.

As the evening went on, Rey and Mike were going through different topics, sports, politics, problems and gossip about the company. The vixen seemed to relax during the date, and Mike felt much more comfortable around her, the longer the conversation went on. They laughed quite a bit and generally had a good time. Donya kept on teasing her friend every now and then, but she tried not to disturb her too much, only keeping her in a mild state of arousal, so she would not be distracted from her date more than necessary. The raccoon felt herself getting aroused by the situation, and she felt with her friend, because both of them were sexually worked up by now, and neither of them was able to satisfy their needs just yet. Donya finished her burger and enjoyed the hot coffee before her, watching her friend and Mike having a good time.

"Thank you for your invitation," Rey said when they had risen from the table. "It was a wonderful evening."

"My pleasure," the cat replied, a broad smile on his muzzle. "Can I drive you home?"

"I appreciate the offer, but a friend of mine is going to pick me up."

Mike nodded. "Okay. We'll see each other on Monday, then."

The vixen nodded and waved a paw. "Take care!"

"See you!" He waved back and watched her leaving to the exit. With a sigh he let his paw drop. Regret about the evening coming to an end fought with joy about the time he had been allowed to spend with her. He wanted to call her back and even made a step forward, but then he stopped again, not daring to go through with this. The vixen stepped outside, turning right and disappeared down the street. His ears lay flat against his skull and he cursed himself for being such a coward. "Ah, fuck!" he exclaimed and started running after her. He nearly knocked over a raccoon female and gave her a quick "Sorry!" before he went on, catching up with the vixen on the sidewalk. "Rey! Wait!"

She stopped and turned around with a smile. "Mike! What is it?"

He slowed down and stopped five or six feet before her. "I just ... Well, you know, I ... Man, I'm such an idiot." The cat turned away halfway, clenching his paws.


"Rey, I ... I just wanted to tell you that .. I really like you. I only hope, that this doesn't make you mad or something." He was trembling inside, now that it was out.

"No, I'm not mad. Why should I be? I like you, too."

The cat smiled. "Thank you for not laughing at me ... I guess I should be going now. Sleep well." He waved again and quickly turned around to head back to the diner. In his hurry to follow her he had forgotten to pay his bill, and he didn't want to be asked uncomfortable questions.

"Don't worry. She thinks, you're cute."

Mike startled and turned around, but the raccoon was already past him, walking down the sidewalk with broad swishes of her tail. It took him a moment to decide what to do, but then he ran back to the diner. The warm glow in his stomach made him feel better, though. If this other woman was right, and not just a passer-by who wanted to cheer him up, there was still hope for him. He entered the room just at the moment when the waiter was picking up the dishes. Quickly he took out his money bag and prepared a big tip.

Part III: Crossing Borders

Rey sat down on the passenger's seat and winced softly, before she closed the door and fastened her seat belt. With a deep sigh she let herself fall back against the seat and closed her eyes. For one she was glad that this was over, but at the same time she could have enjoyed the conversation a bit more. Her arousal didn't help her with that, though, so she had slowly brought the date to an end. She looked over to Donya who was fiddling with the ignition key. "You are so dead!"

"Oh, really?" the raccoon said, while she started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot. "Last time I checked, you've been the one with the vibrator stuck inside of her."

"Yeah, as if it had been my idea."

"You didn't stop me."

"I know. And I hate myself for this." Rey pouted.

Donya smiled. "Honestly, are you all right?"

The vixen didn't answer but merely growled at her.

"Sounds good to me," the raccoon replied. "Say, what do you think about us driving to the mansion? I mean, you must be horny beyond belief, and I could use a little distraction myself, too. We shouldn't waste this."

Rey groaned. She couldn't stand it when her friend started to talk dirty. "Do we really have to?" Another quick glance at her friend confirmed this. "Okay, we have to. Why am I not surprised?"

"Don't try to make me believe you're not yearning for some fun right now."

"How could I not ... You've been teasing me all evening."

Donya chuckled. "That's my toy. So what do you want to do? I've been very bad tonight, so I want to make amends. You get to choose."

"You're too kind," Rey replied sarcastically. "But ... to be honest, your game really got me excited. I think, the only appropriate way to deal with this would be putting me up on the X rack and use me, quick and hard."

The raccoon laughed. "Quick and hard! This can be done, my toy! But to make sure that you're going to get your share, I should let you have a little fun in beforehand." She reached into her pocket and switched the vibrator on and set it to two-third rotating power. Her face showed a big grin when her friend started to moan and writhe on the passenger's seat, finally not being forced to hide the arousal she felt anymore. They would be at the mansion in five minutes, enough time for her friend to build up a lot of energy. "And if the rack is in use, we might use Keno's bed with the retracting chains instead."

"Aah ... I liked that one very much, too ... ooh ..." Rey moaned. "But this time it wouldn't be fair. All this ... uh ... waiting would make me ... ooh ... go crazy."

"One more reason to choose it," Donya said and laughed. "But as I said, it's not my choice tonight."

She kept her toy occupied for the duration of the ride, allowing her to rest only when she pulled into the driveway to find a parking space. She helped her getting out of the car and felt the heat the vixen was radiating. Together they entered the mansion, being led in by one of the servants of the house. Keno and his slave were busy with some paperwork so Donya decided to just go and play by themselves. She led her friend into the dressing room, helped her getting out of her clothes and directed her on, through the big playroom. The vibrator was still humming in Rey's love tunnel, constantly sending sparks of pleasure through the vixen's body. It didn't take them long to reach the rack, and to Rey's relief it was unused.

Both of them didn't intend to waste any time. Rey climbed up the small bases at the foot of the rack and placed her feet on the slanted platforms, while Donya started to pick up the straps and locks she would need to secure her toy. When the raccoon came back to the rack, Rey was already leaning back against it, her limbs spread out over the wooden frame.

"Please, Donya! Strap me in - tightly!" Her breathing came fast, and her eyes showed clearly the high state of arousal she was in.

The raccoon moved quickly, wrapping the attached leather cuffs around the vixen's wrists and locking them, so Rey wouldn't be able to remove them herself. The trapped woman moaned and writhed in her bonds, anticipating the sensation of being completely helpless and at the mercy of her friend. Donya knelt down and secured the vixen's ankles in a similar way, but she didn't bother to put locks on the buckles, since Rey wouldn't be able to reach them anyway. Another broad strap went around the vixen's waist, pulling her body tightly against the rack. Finally the raccoon fastened another four straps around Rey's limbs, securing her knees and elbows to the wooden beams. Not more than two minutes had passed, and now Rey didn't have any slack to speak of in any of her limbs. Panting and moaning she fought against the cuffs and straps, trying to break free of the trap she was bound into. The vibrator wasn't keeping silent either, plucking at her insides and making her buck her hips constantly.

Donya enjoyed the sight before her for a second. Her paws stroked the fur of her friend's belly and breasts, gently squeezing the soft mounds and twisting the now very prominent nipples. The vixen moaned loudly, finally feeling the touches she had been aching for all evening. Donya teased her some more and then left her alone for a while, fetching something from the closet nearby. "Did you know my dear, that Keno took one of your designs and improved it?" She went back to the rack and held up a collection of straps and rubber sheets. A strange construction looking like a tube was attached to it. "Now be a good toy and let me put this on you." The raccoon's paws looped the straps around Rey's head and muzzle, giving her friend no time to react or even try to resist. The rubber sheets enveloped the snout and covered the sides of her muzzle completely. Three straps encircled the black shiny material and held the trapped woman's mouth tightly shut. The tube in the front, whose purpose was not yet clear, was locked over her nose and muzzle-tip. A thin cable ran from the tube along the muzzle and disappeared to her back, out of her line of sight.

The vixen panted and moaned in her gag, still trying to escape from the cuffs and straps that held her bound tightly to the rack. For a moment she lost herself in her struggles, exquisitely mixed with the sensations the unshirkable vibrator sent through her body. Her friend used her claws now to comb through her fur, softly touching and pricking the skin underneath. And with a jerk she jabbed her fingers into her sides, making her squeal and cringe, more in surprise than with real torture. When she screamed she felt her breathing suddenly becoming restricted, and she could exhale only very slowly. Another try confirmed her suspicion. The strange thing on her muzzle-tip was making sure, that she could suck in and breathe out as much air as she wanted, but it was volume controlled. Loud moans or screams would tighten the outlet, effectively keeping her from crying out too loud or even calling for help. So she was stuck on the rack, tugging and cursing at her bonds, but never getting even close to free one of her limbs. The additional straps around her elbows and knees made movement even harder and increased her impression of utter helplessness. She was sure that, even if her cuffs had not been locked, there was no way for her to get out of them without Donya's help. Panting heavily she writhed in her bindings, bringing herself to a new level of arousal.

The raccoon let go of her friend and unlocked her crotch straps. With no further ado she allowed the vibrator to slip out of Rey's vagina, only stopping on the last quarter of an inch to tease her friend a bit before letting it slide out completely. Rey started to scream, but the gag tightened again and left her voiceless until she had recovered a bit and calmed down. Donya held her paw against the burning hot sex of her toy, rubbing and stroking her wet lips to make her squirm and fight in ecstasy. Leaning over to the small shelf she picked up a black strap-on dildo. She used Rey's natural wetness to lube up the short inner shaft, before she put it on, letting the plug enter her own tunnel. She moaned softly with anticipation and looked up at the trapped vixen, who was intently watching her, obviously yearning to be filled down there again.

"Quick and hard, my toy? I guess I can live with that." Donya stroked the outer shaft of the strap on to make the plug inside of her vibrate in a most pleasurable way. She took a step up to the base of the rack, stood on the pedestal set between the two legs and grabbed the wrist cuffs tightly. Her face was only a fraction of an inch away from Rey's, their eyes locking into each others' stare. The vixen whimpered and closed her eyes, when she felt the tip of the strap-on touch her nether lips. Slowly Donya started pushing forward, slipping the rigid staff along the soft flesh of the vixen's sex until she felt it gently dipping into her body. Rey threw back her head and let out a quickly muffled squeal while her friend pushed the thick rod deeper and deeper. The vixen struggled with all her might, trying to get away from the phallus spreading her vagina wide and starting to slide in and out, making her moan and fight in pleasure. Donya held on to the cuffs and let herself fall onto her friend's hot body, rubbing against her, pushing her even more into the rack. Her hips were now pounding in a steady rhythm, driving the dildo deep into the vixen's tunnel with each thrust. The inner shaft made her let out short yips and drove her into a frenzy. All the teasing and watching, while her friend had been forced to endure the remote controlled vibrations now discharged in an outburst of sexual energy. The room was filled with her ragged cries and the low moans of her toy.

Rey's mind was spinning, while she was taken with a force she had never yet experienced. Her muscles fought against the cuffs and straps that were holding her body in the trap, never moving more than an inch. Helplessness washed over her, and her moans became deeper and more throaty. The vixen kept struggling and fighting, feeling her body become nothing more than a toy to give sexual gratification to her friend. Panting hard she felt her own arousal rising quickly, tears were squeezing through her tightly shut eyelids, staining the red fur of her cheeks with dark spots. Quivering violently she finally came, bucking her hips as much as she could and screaming into her gag, being forced to inhale deeply to keep the thing from squeezing shut again and again. She felt the paws of her friend gripping the cuffs even tighter and her body shudder on top of her, when she let out a shivering, low-pitched moan. Rey collapsed in her bonds, letting herself go limp completely, supported by the ties that kept her securely trapped on the X rack. With deep gasps she sucked in the air to cool herself a bit, while she rode on the waves of the powerful climax she had just experienced. It was only then that she felt her paws tingle, as if an army of little needles were pricking her skin. She shifted uncomfortably in her bonds to find a position where her circulation would kick in again, but she was bound too tightly to move around that much. She tugged at the straps of her legs and waist to get her friend's attention.

The raccoon moaned softly, looking up into the vixen's eyes, still dazed from her love making. "Yes, my toy?" She opened the straps of the muzzle harness and removed it, so the vixen could speak.

Rey breathed a couple of times before she actually spoke. "Donya, can you please unlock my paws? I'm beginning to lose feeling in them, there must be something stopping the circulation in my arms."

"Of course, honey. Give me a minute." Donya was shaking her head to clear the cobwebs and slowly pulled out of Rey's vagina.

The vixen shuddered while the shaft retracted and let out a long whimper when it slipped out completely. She watched her friend stagger backwards on wobbly legs and supporting herself with the shelf. "Donya, please hurry ... I feel dizzy." Something was happening to her, she could hear her heart beating in her ears and the world went out of focus. She heard herself screaming for help, and then she started to fall. Panic welled up in her and she tried to scream again, but a moment later she felt the strong arms of her friend hugging her tightly. She was put down on the floor, lying on her back, while her legs were lifted up a bit. The giddiness subsided as quickly as it had come, and Rey started to calm down again. "What the ... hell ..." she stammered weakly, exhausted from her previous fight against the bonds. Her paws were feeling better though, still tingling a little when she touched them but definitely recovering.

"You circulation collapsed," Donya explained. "I'm afraid the night was a little hard on you."

"No, it was something else," a dark voice said, and the two girls looked up to see Keno approaching them, his face showing concern. "Are you all right? One of the other guests heard your cries and alarmed me."

Rey nodded. "I'm getting better. What do you mean, it was something else?"

The otter knelt down at her side and took one of her paws into his, feeling the temperature and checking on her strength. "You've been strapped into the rack, your legs were immobile, and your body was standing nearly upright. This is a stress test for your constitution. And only very few people can have their arms raised up in the air for an extended period of time, without suffering from numbness in their paws. You see, your circulation depends on movement. If you're forced to stand up for a long time, not able to move a muscle, your blood pressure will drop eventually, causing you to feel dizzy and maybe even nauseatic."

"Jeez, I should've known that," Donya said, feeling guilty for Rey's mishap. "I'm so sorry, my toy! I hope you're feeling better soon."

"I already do," the vixen replied. "My muscles are a bit limp, but I guess that's because of my struggling."

Donya bent down to hug her friend, and Rey answered the hug cautiously, to prevent her arms from cramping.

Keno smiled when he was sure that no harm had been done. "You should take this as a lesson in bondage safety. There are quite a few things to consider when playing with restraints, even more when you're using gags or even trying breath-control. Watching your toy is vital, you can never leave her alone when she's tied up. You must always make sure that the blood can flow freely through all parts of her body. This is especially important when playing with collars." He pointed to the X rack. "If you're planning on spending more time on the rack you can tilt it over by unlocking the mechanism in the middle of the bars. When you're lying on your back you can be tied up for quite a long time, without having to worry about your circulation."

Rey nodded. "I guess I'll file this episode under experience and try to avoid this in the future." She turned her head to look into the eyes of her friend, who was still holding her. "And don't feel bad about what happened. We both should've known what was going to happen. But thanks to your quick reaction everything went fine in the end."

"I know, but I'm still kinda shocked."

Keno put his arms around the vixen and lifted her up from the ground. "I think, you need a nice hot shower to get your blood flowing properly again." Without a further word he picked her legs up, too and cradled her in his arms while heading for the showers.

Donya laughed when he heard the protesting screams of her toy and stood up herself. "Hey! Wait up! I'm coming with you!" When she had regained her balance she staggered forward to keep up with the otter, her legs still a bit shaky from the previous exertions.


"I'm really glad that you're driving us home," Donya said, winking at Rey and lifting her glass. "Your company really knows what's good." She took another sip from her champagne and turned around to look at the other guests.

Rey smiled. "I don't really mind. Staying sober on a party sometimes has it's advantages, too." The vixen poured herself a glass of soda before she joined her friend on the other side of the table. Usually she hated company parties or recreational trips, but this time they allowed their employees to bring along their partner, spouse or a good friend. Donya had been all for it, and so they had gone there together. It was an interesting sight for the vixen, because her friend usually went for casual clothes. Tonight, however, she was wearing a black dress, plated here and there with small silver applications. A dark blouse and low shoes completed her outfit. "So what do you think?"

"It's great! There are a lot of people here, the food is excellent, and you know that I really dig champagne."

"Yes, I know ... But please don't try to set a new record tonight, okay?"

Donya giggled. "When did I ever do anything embarrassing because of alcohol?"

"Do you want a complete list or will the last ten entries be enough?"

The raccoon laughed and lifted her glass to her. "On a nice and successful evening."

The two girls ambled through the lines of tables and chairs of the restaurant, greeting people here an there and stopping every now and then to have a chat. All in all the party was going on great, the people were in a good mood and the restaurant staff was quick to satisfy all culinary needs. They had appetizers of any sort, and Rey tried one of each kind. She came to the conclusion that the real expensive stuff, like caviar or salmon, were not her taste. She settled for cheese and cold cuts, both spicy and mild.

"Oh, hi Rey! Good to see you here!" Mike waved at her and made his way through the crowd to meet her. "I was hoping you'd show up."

"Hey Mike! How're you doing tonight?"

"Quite fine, actually," he said with a grin. "You look beautiful."

Unconsciously Rey smoothed out the fabric of her dark blue dress. "Thanks. I had some advice from my friend here." She pointed at the raccoon at her side. "Donya, meet Mike."

"Hi!" her friend said, and her face was beaming in a bright smile, as if she was looking at something really precious and expensive.

"Pleased to meet-" Mike started, but when he looked at the woman in front of her, he hesitated. He had a feeling, that he had met her before somewhere. Something in her voice and appearance brought back the memory of an empty sidewalk outside a diner.

"So you're the one she's been going out with," Donya started, ignoring his confusion. "You must've made a hell of an impression on her. She just wouldn't stop talking about you."

"Donya, please!" Rey protested, hitting her friend with the elbow. "Don't start to tell stories again."

"But it's true!" the raccoon insisted. "And I better leave you two alone now, I don't want to stand in the way." Donya giggled and slipped past Rey and Mike, giving them a brush with her voluptuous tail. Mike looked after her, even more confused than before, and Rey buried her head in her paw, groaning softly to herself.

"So ..." Mike started again. "She seems to be ... a nice person." He glanced over to the raccoon who was watching them from a distance and winking at him.

"Yes, and she loves to make me look like a fool in public."

Mike smirked. "Maybe it's a bit of comfort for you when I say that I don't think you're looking foolish at all."

"It is, thank you." Rey flicked her right ear, making the ring sparkle in the dim light.

"I think I got acquainted with her before. She's the one taking the calls for you when you're not there, right?"

"Sometimes she does, when she's at my place, yes. I hope she didn't scare you too much."

"It was a bit ... strange and confusing at times, but I can live with that." He smiled and took a sip from his mug. "Rey? There's something I'd like to ask you, and I hope it's not too personal. I don't want you to think that I'm indiscrete or something."

"No, it's okay, just ask. I can always refuse to answer, right?"

"Right ... So ... When I saw you entering the office the other day, I noticed your collar the first time, you remember?"

Rey nodded, her blood began to rush up into her ears and she folded them aside sightly.

"I never saw you wearing a necklace or something before. That's why I've been a bit surprised. I was wondering if you were - engaged or something."

Rey smiled. Now she understood where this was going. "No, actually I'm living alone at the moment. Why?"

Mike was jumping up and down inside his mind but he tried not to show his excitement. "I was just curious. It's a feline thing. And, frankly, you don't tell us very much about yourself, so I wasn't sure what to think of it."

"Yes, that's probably my biggest problem," Rey answered with a sigh. "There's not much I consider important enough to talk about."

"So I think I was lucky that I could get to know you a little better when we've been at the cafe," he said, hiding his chuckles by sipping on his drink.

The evening went on like it had started. Rey and Mike kept chatting for a while before he excused himself to meet some other people. Donya had politely kept her distance and was now tasting her way through the different types of sparkling wine. When she was through she found herself standing next to the ginger-striped feline. Innocently sipping at her drink she shuffled a little closer until her whiskers touched the fur of his neck. With a swish of her tail she turned around and let it slide alongside his leg, as if by accident. Mike turned around to see what was going on, and Donya just walked away, giving him a glance over her shoulder.

Rey wished she could just melt into the ground. This was so embarrassing. Her best friend got herself drunk and started to hit on her date. Sighing deeply the vixen went over to her, trying to prevent her from doing any more damage.


"You know what, you're a spoilsport!" Donya scowled, flopping lazily on the passenger's seat of Rey's car. "He's a cutie, and you're just jealous that we get along well together."

"Yeah right. I could practically see the love for you in his eyes." The vixen moved the car swiftly through the silent streets of the city. All she wanted now was go home and lie down in her bed, burying herself under as many sheets as possible. "And would you please fasten your seat belt already? I don't want to be asked uncomfortable questions in the middle of the night."

"Baah, sheep!" Donya teased, but she obeyed. "I still don't know why we had to go. It's been a great party with great people. And the wine was mar-vel-lous!"

"I can see that," the vixen said, rolling her eyes. This was definitely the disadvantage of staying sober on a party. Especially if your friend's name was Donya. "You've been a real jerk tonight, and you know that. Why can't you just leave me and my friends alone? I thought I was going to die in there when you started teasing Mike."

"Aww, come on! He needs to loosen up a little, just like you did some time ago. I'm just helping him a little along the way."

"I'd appreciate you just leaving him alone, okay? He's got nothing to do with you, and I don't want him to think of my best friend as of an alcoholic."

Donya sighed. "Well, shoot. I didn't know it was so important to you. Okay, I apologize for my behavior tonight, and I promise I'll never come near your little pretty-kitty again. Is that a deal?"


They reached Rey's flat without any further conversation and went inside silently. Donya staggered up the stairs, leaning heavily against the handrail and pulling herself forward slowly. The vixen followed, not without a satisfied grin on her face. As far as she could see, Donya was in for a hell of a hangover the next morning. She would be at her side, with aspirin and water, and lots and lots of lectures on how to prevent this from happening.

The door fell shut behind them, and finally Rey allowed herself to relax. Her friend didn't seem to care much, she just went on walking, heading right for the bedroom. The vixen shook her head and hung up her keys to the hook at the wall, stepped out of her shoes and went to the bathroom. She disrobed and threw the clothes into the laundry basket. They were smelling of cigarette smoke and fat, and she bet her fur wasn't doing better. Longingly she looked at the bathtub, but she was too tired to start a complete cleaning run right now, so she comforted herself with the thought of a nice and hot shower in the morning.

On her way out of the bathroom she picked up the cuffs and the collar ring she had left there last night. With practiced movements she snapped the ring to the clasp in front of the slim black band on her neck. A short tug confirmed that it was securely in place. The cuffs were quickly attached to her wrists and ankles, strapped snugly around her limbs. By now she felt like they had become a part of herself, or at least of her inner desires. The dull pressure coming from the leather restraints reminded her of her place, and even though they didn't keep her aroused all the time she was enjoying the feeling they brought to her mind. With a last quick glance into the mirror she left the bathroom to join her friend in the sheets.

Donya's clothes lay scattered across the room, carelessly dropped to the floor and hanging over the bed's frame. She was mumbling unintelligible things to herself and shuffled to the side when the vixen let herself fall onto the mattress. Rey yawned and stretched, making her claws clatter against the steel bars of the frame. "Good night, Donya," she said softly.

The raccoon merely growled, rolling herself over to tap her index finger on Rey's nose. "Just one more thing," she said, surprisingly clear. With a groan she edged herself forward and grabbed her friend's wrist cuffs. The vixen was caught completely by surprise, when she heard the familiar jingle of a short chain locking in place. Her paws were now securely attached to one of the bars of the bed. "Now sleep tight my toy."

"Donya, what ... I thought we agreed on not to play when we had too much alcohol!"

"That's why we're not going to play, we're going to sleep," the raccoon said, scooting back to her friend's side. She rested her head against Rey's soft breasts and sighed. "Good night, hon."

Rey giggled and made herself comfortable as good as possible. This was a strange turn of events but she wasn't going to complain. The warm body of her friend made her feel good and by now she was used to be chained up for the night. Sighing contentedly she closed her eyes, and sleep took her over in no time.

The light of the next morning gently woke her. She opened her eyes for a moment, but went to sleep again only a minute later. She was dozing on and off for the next hour or so, until she finally was waking up completely. Donya didn't seem to have moved an inch, she was still lying next to her, one paw resting on her belly and her muzzle buried in her white chest fur. Rey shifted a bit to stretch her tired sinews, playfully pulling at her tied up paws. With a jerk one of her cuffs ripped free from the chain, making the links rattle loudly against the bars. In bewilderment Rey looked at her now free paws and wondered what had happened. She investigated a little further and saw the lock dangling on the chain's end. It was open.

Rey chuckled. Donya must've been really drunk last night to make a mistake like this. The vixen idly played around a bit with the steel links and enjoyed the soft jingling sounds. She was just about to put the chain away when an idea hit her. Without hesitation she started to undo her wrist cuffs, her heart beating heavily with anticipation. She was excited like a child doing something forbidden when she carefully slipped the cuffs around Donya's wrists. Her friend didn't even stir, so the vixen became a little bolder. Quickly she strapped the restraints in place and threaded the chain through the D rings. Slowly she started to pull at it and watched the paws of the raccoon slide along the bed until they were stretched out straight. She looped the links around one of the bars and snapped the lock shut. Giggling like a school girl she turned around to fetch another couple of bulky looking padlocks with small antennas from her bedside table and secured the buckles of the cuffs, so Donya wouldn't be able to open them by herself. Still chuckling she snuggled up against her friend again, gently stroking the fur of her face and neck. "Wake up sleepyhead, it's already noon!"

Donya stirred, moaning softly while she tried to open her eyes. "Mmh ... Bright light ... hurts ..." she mumbled, rolling around a bit to hide her face in Rey's chestfur. "Let me sleep."

Rey gently combed her friend's headfur. "But you can't spend the whole day sleeping!"

"My head hurts. I can't even move my paws properly. Go away."

"Come on, wake up. I'll get you something to make your head better, okay?" The vixen laughed and hugged her friend, rubbing her breasts against Donya's muzzle.

"Mmmhh ... I'm already starting to feel ... Hey!" With a start the raccoon opened her eyes and tried to sit up, being held back by the cuffs and chains on her paws. "What's going on here?"

"You're tied up," Rey stated flatly. "You forgot to shut the lock last night, so I was able to escape. And now you're my prisoner."

Donya groaned. "Oh, please, Rey! What's that supposed to be? Come on, open the cuffs."

"But I like you this way, especially when you're having a bad fur day." She ruffled her friend's black headfur and laughed when she started to protest and pull uselessly at her restraints. "You're just too cute this way."

"What's up with you? When did you come up with this idea?"

"I thought it would be nice to ... swap places. Until now I was always the one submitting to you and your devious ideas. And don't get me wrong, I still love it. But I want to know how it feels to be the one on the other side, possessing the power, being responsible. I can imagine how you feel, but I want to feel it myself, too, and be it only once."

"Swap places, huh?" Donya said, working her paws inside of the leather restraints. She couldn't deny that it felt strangely exciting. "And how long are you going to keep me captive?"

"Let's say, you're going to be my prisoner for one day, and I'll forget about your last episode."

Donya growled. "I already apologized."

"Yes, and I accepted it. But you still deserve to be punished."

"Wow, that's a nice speech for a toy." Donya sighed and gave in. "Okay, I'll go with it. One day, no more."

"That's all I'm asking for."

"Oh woe is me!" Donya wailed, hiding her face between her upper arms.

"Oh, come on, don't spoil this for me, okay?" Rey giggled and started to playfully tickle her friend's sides.

"Ah! No! Stop!" Donya cried out. "Please, stop! My head is exploding!"

Rey let go of her and sat back. "Aspirin?"

"Make that two."

"I'll be right back." The vixen left the room to fetch the medicine from the small closet in the bathroom. When she came back, she offered her friend one of the tablets, and the raccoon submissively licked it from her paw. Carefully she gave her water to help her swallowing it and held up the second pill.

"I'll take the second one later, thanks," Donya said. "I want this one start taking effect first."

"Okay." Rey put the glass away and sprawled alongside her friend. "You know, you shouldn't have drunk so much. Or at least have a glass of water or two between liquors. This can save you a lot of pain in the morning."

"Yeah, I know, I know. But have you ever tried to think rationally when your brain is stuffed with plush wool?"

"I never had that much alcohol yet, so I can't tell." The vixen let her paws slide over her friend's rich chestfur, idly playing with the soft strands and gently squeezing her breasts every now and then. "I really hope you get better soon, or otherwise this'll be a very boring day."

"No, I guess I'll recover. It's strange, but in a way this really feels nice. I don't know if I actually come to like it, but it's an interesting experience."

"I can make it even more interesting," Rey offered. "I have studied a lot, you know."

"Yeah, if not you, who else?"

Rey giggled. "It feels good to have your paws restrained, so you can't fight anymore, but to experience what it means to be completely helpless, there's a lot more to be done." She sat up and bent over to remove her ankle cuffs. Crawling forward she straddled Donya's legs, giving her friend a nice view of her happily wagging tail and rump, while she strapped the leather restraints around Donya's ankles. "You see, having your limbs tied down might be one of the aspects of bondage, but the really interesting thing is, that you can't prevent your partner from accessing each and every part of your body at their will." While she was talking she dug around in her toy bag, producing a length of white rope. She spread the raccoon's legs apart, threaded the rope through the D rings and attached the cuffs at the opposite end of the bed, pulling nearly all slack out of the bonds. A quickly tied square knot held it in place.

Donya squirmed and murred happily, somehow the whole thing excited her more than she had thought possible. She realized, though, that she actually wasn't enjoying the captivity itself but rather the thought of someone doing it to her. The exchange of power was there again, and even from the receiving side it felt very intense.

"Now you're quite obviously under my control," Rey continued the lecture and crawled back to her friend's side. "But still, you're only physically restrained. To make you feel how helpless you really are, you'd need someone to show you what they can do to you. For example," Rey traced her paw over her friend's leg, sliding upwards and gently slipping under the thin fabric of her panties. "I can take whatever I want from you, and there's nothing you could do to stop me ..." She kept on moving her paw forward and started to rub her friend's soft pubic fur. "Nothing but calling for help. But that would be a very foolish Idea, being helplessly bound before me, wouldn't it?"

Donya nodded and trembled a bit in her bonds. She was glad that Rey didn't go as far as trying to put the gag on her. The restraints were one thing, but she would never accept to let herself be silenced. "I think I understand your point."

"Oh, and another thing." Rey retracted her paw and let it slide up through her belly and chestfur, starting to play with the soft cushions and tease her erect nipples. "Not only can I take what I want, I can also give what I want, whenever I want and as much as I want. When I decide that it's enough, you can do nothing to make me carry on." She sat back and put her paws to both sides of the raccoon's body.

Donya was breathing heavily. The gentle caress on her breasts didn't fail to make her moan with pleasure, and when Rey stopped she longed for more. She opened her eyes and looked into the face of her friend, looming over her like a predator. Suddenly, the whole situation turned around and she was starting to feel uneasy. "Rey ... please ... Untie me."

"Is there something wrong?" The vixen's voice showed concern.

"No, it's not that. I enjoyed the game as far as it went, but I feel that this is as much as I can take. While I know that I can trust you, there's always a nagging voice in my head that cries, 'Danger! Danger!'"

"Aww ... that's a pity. You look wonderful, all tied up and such." The vixen gave her friend a soft kiss on the nose and turned around, starting to work on her friend's ankle cuffs. When she was done, she put the toys back to the closet and lay down again.

"Um ... Rey?"


"What about ... the rest?" She jingled with her chained paws, to emphasize her words.

"Yeah, what about them?"

"I asked you to untie me, remember?"

Rey nodded. "Of course I do. But we agreed that you're to be my prisoner for the day. And I'm not the person who breaks an agreement."

Donya growled at her friend. "You scoundrel! Untie me, or you'll regret this for the rest of your life!" The raccoon started to pull and fight against the unyielding cuffs that held her paws securely trapped. Her legs started to thrash around uselessly.

Rey laughed and jumped out of her bed. "I'm not going to set you free as long as you're mad like this," she teased. "I'll come back in ten minutes, so you calm down a little in the meantime." With a playful swish of her tail she left the room, glancing back over her shoulder before disappearing out of sight.

"You ... you ... bitch! Come back! Do you hear me? Let me go, or I'll have your intestines for breakfast and toothpicks made from your bones!"

Rey laughed and retreated into the living room. She knew she was in big trouble now, but she also knew that her punishment was going to be most rewarding for both of them. She listened to the curses and swears of her friend, enough to make a sailor blush. With trembling paws the vixen picked up a small box from the living room table, bearing the sign of a padlock and stylized radio waves. Her stomach started to turn when she carefully brushed over the button set into the black plastic case. The word "Unlock" printed on it seemed to her, as if it was the code word to open the doors that held the hounds of hell. She took another deep breath and pushed the button. A soft jingle of chains reached her from the bedroom.

Then she started to run.

To be continued ...