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Author's note:

This is the third installment of the series about Rey and Donya, two girls who knew each other for a long time and found out about their mutual interest. All parts of the series are written in a way that they can be read without having read their prequels, but I recommend to read them in their chronological order, as of now:

01. Random
02. Toys
03. Captivity

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Part I: More than meets the Eye

Rey woke with a start, hearing a noise she could not identify right away. It took her a few seconds to realize that it was the sound of her alarm clock, insisting that it was time to get up. The vixen groaned and hit the snooze button, only to be woken up again a few minutes later. She did this about two or three times, until she finally switched off the alarm and sat up in her bed. The light of the morning sun was partially blocked by the tightly drawn curtains but the room was lit well enough to make her blink. She rubbed her eyes and tried to clear her mind from the veil of fog that the sleep had draped over her.

Waking more and more she gazed around in the room, trying to get a grip on reality again. There were still quite a few toys lying around on her bed and the floor next to it. The leather cuffs, some lengths of chains, several keys and locks, and even one of the magnetic types that could only be opened with their specific counterparts. Rey smiled and picked up one of the gadgets before her. It was her random vibrator, a successor of her first prototype that had started it all. This one did no longer need an external control source, but the programming was essentially the same, except for the release mechanism that of course had been removed.

Sighing deeply she got on her knees and started to crawl around on the bed, picking up the toys as she went. Finally there was nothing more to collect, so she left her bed and put everything back into the nightstand; she would clean them all when she came back from work this evening.

Stretching and yawning she made her way to the bathroom, still a bit clumsy with sleep. She didn't bother to get dressed too early. In fact she felt like she was trying to delay it as long as possible. In the last days she had become comfortable with being nude, and in a way it made her feel more confident than ever before.

Looking into the mirror the first thing she saw was the silver colored ring, dangling from her right ear. Her birthday had really been a day to remember. The second thing was that she was still wearing the collar Donya had given to her. Rey's left paw traced slowly along the smooth, black leather, fiddling with the ring in front for some time, tugging playfully. "Toy," she whispered to herself, still a bit puzzled about the way things had developed since her raccoon friend had put this trinket on her. But for now the games were over, and Rey decided to take the collar off. She could imagine the questions of her colleagues when she kept wearing it in the office.

Keeping one hand at the collar she turned around to go back to the bedroom, to ... Rey hesitated, standing on the sill to the room where Donya had left her yesterday afternoon. She couldn't remember where her friend had put the key for the lock on her neck. Thinking back she realized that she never had actually seen it at all. Slowly she took a few steps to the bed, fumbling with the ring and the brass plate in front of the collar. Just like before she could feel the small hole for the key, but there was no way she could open it without destroying either the leather band or the clasp. Rey felt her blood rushing through her body. What was she going to do now? The people in the office would never understand. She would feel so humiliated. Maybe I should call in sick and phone Donya tonight, she thought. I could never-

The sound of the telephone made her jump and gasp for air. She needed three more ringings before she had calmed down enough to be able to answer it. Rey went into the hall and picked up the receiver. "Hello?" she asked in the most innocent sounding voice she could manage. Even though nobody could see her, she felt like everybody must know that she was stuck in a kinky looking collar, telling the world what her deepest desires were.

"Good morning my dear," the voice on the phone said.

"Donya!" Rey exclaimed. "You can't imagine how glad I am to hear you!"

Donya chuckled. "Oh yes, I can," she replied. "I guess you found out by now that you can't take off your collar, didn't you?"

"Yeah. I was afraid I'd have to go to work with it. So where did you put the key?"

"It's here. I took it with me."

Rey paled under her fur as the words sunk in. "What?" she whispered.

"The key to the lock that opens the collar is in my paw at this very moment." Donya took her time to emphasize every single word, so they would have the biggest impact possible.

"But, you can't leave me like this! What would my colleagues say? You can't do this to me!"

Donya laughed. "Aww, poor Rey! Don't be so afraid! Do you really think I'd do something that could get you into serious trouble?"

Rey remembered herself walking through the staircase in the dark, naked, gagged and led by a chain leash, paws cuffed on her back and her random vibe strapped fast in her vagina. But still she had enjoyed the night, and nothing really bad had happened to her. "I'm not quite sure," she answered, her voluptuous tail flicking uneasily from side to side.

"When you asked me yesterday to leave the collar where it was I had an idea to make this a little more interesting for both of us. Fortunately I did a little thinking in advance before I had this present made for you. Now go and look into your wardrobe. You'll find a key hanging down from the inside of the door."

Rey took the phone with her and hurried back into the bedroom, where she opened the door to find the small silver colored object dangling from a delicate chain. She switched on the hands-free set of the phone and put it next to her on the bed. Soon she was fiddling around with it in the lock, but it obviously didn't fit.

"You'll not be able take off the collar," Donya continued, much to Rey's dismay, "yet I'm not leaving you to become the laughing stock of your company, of course."

"Please, Donya-"

"Shh ... Listen, toy! Your collar is more than meets the eye. You know that there's a lock on the underside of the clasp. But there's also one on the upper side! Try it and you'll see."

Rey quickly found the second key hole, hidden nicely in the folds of metal. She tilted back her head and managed to stick the key into the small gap. Cautiously she turned it until she heard a soft click, and the ring fell from the brass plate into her paw. Slowly she marveled at the object in her paw, picked up the phone again and went back into the bathroom to look at her collar.

"You see," Donya continued, while Rey was walking, "I wouldn't leave you in a hopeless situation, at least none I couldn't take advantage of personally. And now I gotta run, I'm already late for work!"

"Donya! You can't-"

"Have a nice day, honey! I'll call you tonight!"

The phone died and Rey sighed deeply while she hurried to the mirror. The collar still looked a bit out of the ordinary, but without the ring it appeared more like a daring piece of fashion than a restraining device. It even had a small green gem sitting in the middle of the plate. Rey's heart was still beating like a hammer, but slowly she came to the conclusion that she didn't have to die here and now anymore. After washing herself and trying to get back to her morning routine she went to the wardrobe again and put the key and ring back on the hook. One last time her paw traced over the leather that was irrevocably encircling her slender neck. She knew that she was going to wear this collar for a very long time.


Mike was still not fully awake when he entered his office and let himself slump into the chair. With a flick of his paw he switched on the flat screen and started to sort through the papers that were covering the desk before the keyboard. New specifications for the interface he was working on, ads and some invoices. He sighed and stacked them next to the screen. This could wait until he had had his first cup of coffee.

The cat rose and went into the kitchen. He filled his mug with the steaming hot, black liquid and walked back through the hall to his room. Passing the door to the stairs he heard someone enter behind him. He looked over his shoulder and stopped when he saw, who it was. "Good morning, Rey!" he greeted and turned towards her, a bright smile on his face.

"Oh, hi Mike," the vixen answered. "Coffee already? That's a great idea!"

"Yeah. You know that I'm only half a feline before my first sip."

"I can relate," she said with a smile. "I think I need a cup, too."

Mike chuckled. "It seems that all techies thrive on caffeine." Then he noticed the change of the vixen's appearance. "By the way, that's a nice collar you have there. Is it new?" For a brief moment he had the notion that there was panic in the vixen's eyes, but this disappeared as quickly as it had come. Damn, I need more coffee, I'm already seeing things, he thought.

"Oh, you noticed?" she asked and touched the trinket fugaciously. "A friend gave it to me. I think it's a bit extravagant, but-"

"No, I think it fits you nicely," he said quickly, hoping that she did not sense his nervousness. He wondered, who this friend might be. Nobody knew very much about Rey's private life, and he didn't even know if she had a boyfriend or not. But he didn't dare to ask.

"Mike? Are you okay?"

The feline blinked, recognizing that he was staring at her, and looked away quickly to take a sip from his mug. "Sure! I'm fine," he said when he had swallowed. "Well, I've got to go, the interface still needs fixing. Have a nice day then!"

"Have fun!" she said with a smile and left him, walking down the hall to her own office. The silver colored ring on her ear reflected the light of the fluorescent tubes at the ceiling as she went.

Mike hurried down the hall into his room and leaned heavily against the wall, trying to get his head clear. Gee, Mike! Calm down! She's still Rey, no matter what she looks like now. She has a pretty tail and ass, yeah, but you knew that since the day she came here, didn't you? Strangely he started feeling something for her, even though he suspected that she was already spoken for. She surely had changed in the last couple of weeks. The shy, almost timid programmer with the brilliant brains had turned into a self-confident woman. What else could be responsible for such a change in personality than a boyfriend? And the collar she wore now only emphasized the changes.

It took some time until he finally could think rationally again. He returned to his desk and set down the mug. His decision was set to find out what was behind all this, but there were more important things to do now. Sighing deeply he grabbed the mouse and started to get to work again.

During the next days Mike kept as close to Rey as he thought he could be without harassing her. She kept wearing her new collar and the earring, so they weren't just mere pieces of garment. The rest of her outfit changed every day, but those two pieces always stayed. And every new day he found himself getting more and more attracted to her.


"Finally!" Rey exclaimed and slapped her paws together. She stared at the screen and read the numbers that her algorithm had spat out. Everything was just as she had expected. "You dumb piece of electronic junk! I beat you!" With a triumphant move she pushed the exit button and tagged the files as "release candidates". With a smile she looked at the clock. Right on time! she thought. She left the machine running, switched off the screen and cleaned up her desk for the week-end. She was just about to stand up and leave the office, when someone entered the room.

"Hi Rey! You're leaving?" Mike stood in the door, smiling at her.

"Yeah. I just finished the algorithm for the GPS system," she said. "How's your project coming?"

"Oh, I'm doing fine. It's still a long way to go, but I'm making good progress." He hesitated a moment, before he spoke again. "Rey?"


"A couple of friends of mine and me are going to the movies tonight. I was wondering if you - you know - if you'd like to join us. It's going to be a very funny flick, and afterwards we could go for some burgers or something."

The vixen smiled and stood up, walking to the door. "That sounds really good, Mike, but I already have an appointment tonight. My sports partner's coming over for a match, she wants to get a revanche for last time." She walked past him into the hall and turned around to look at him. "But it's nice of you to ask."

Mike's ears lay flat, but he smiled. "Oh, I see. Well, another time then."

"Sure. See you on Monday!" Rey turned around with a flick of her tail and headed off to the staircase. Poor Mike, she thought. He's such a sweet guy, but not really my type. I hope he didn't expect too much. With a sigh she opened the door and left.

Part II: Toys are meant for playing

Rey steered her small Subaru off the parking lot and threaded into the evening traffic of the city. But instead of driving home directly she skirted around the border of the district, aimlessly taking turns and driving down alleys she never had been to until now. Heavy raindrops started to fall onto her windshield, and she turned the wipers on. She was deep in the suburbs of the city when she finally pulled over and stopped the car to try to get her bearings - physically as well as mentally.

Quietly she sat there, listening to the rain falling on the roof of her car and thinking about where to go next. Only now she realized what she had been doing: trying to find the mansion, where Donya had led her the other night. This place still was working its magic on her, and she was longing for to find it again. Maybe she would meet the otter there again ... But what if it was only a place to rent for whoever needed a nice location for a meeting? And without any clue she would never find it on her own.

Sighing deeply she started the engine again and turned around. The clock told her that there was no more than half an hour before Donya would come to visit, so she didn't waste any more time to get home.

The first thing she did when she closed the door behind her was getting rid of her clothes. It was like a ritual, as if the mundane problems and sorrows were sticking to them, and she could just toss them away for the time being. She went into the bathroom and took a shower, the hot, clean water washing away the last remains of the working day. After shower she toweled down and brushed her voluptuous tail, checked her appearance in the mirror and smiled, when she saw the sparkling trinket in her right ear.

In a much higher mood now she ambled into the bedroom, took the cuffs from the nightstand and attached one of them to each limb, locking them with the small brass padlocks she admired so much. The ring for her collar was next. She opened the wardrobe, took it from the hook where Donya had left the key for her and snapped it into the clasp of the collar. Now she was ready for the evening.

Since she had discovered the fun of being a toy she had started to fall into this role even when she was alone. The cuffs and the collar were the only thing she wore, and sometimes she even locked herself up in front of the television, just to feel the exquisite helplessness she was longing for. Giggling to herself she matted down some errant strands of fur that stood upright while drying and went into the kitchen to prepare some small snacks for tonight.

Having all set up she sat down at the living room window and looked out to the street. The rain had turned into a pour, and the vixen watched the heavy drops spatter on the pavement underneath the street lights. Rey impatiently glanced at the clock on the wall and back to the street again. Just at this moment a car came around the corner, stopping before her house. Her heart made a short leap of joy when she saw her friend stepping out onto the street, ducking before the rain and walking quickly out of sight.

Rey was already standing at the entrance when the door bell rang, pushing the buzzer to let her friend in. She opened the door just a bit to see her climbing up the stairs and retreated a step when the raccoon entered her flat. "Hi Donya!" she greeted her cheerfully.

"Hey honey!" her friend said, putting down the bag that she had used to protect her head from the weather. "I hope you didn't wait too long."

"Oh yes, I did!" Rey replied and eagerly embraced her friend. The smell of rain mingled with the scent of her freshly cleaned fur. Her cuffs jingled a bit when she broke the hug and stood back. "I was so lonely without you!"

"Poor toy," Donya said and smiled. She extended a hand to Rey's face and stroked her cheek for a moment, while she admired the naked form of her friend. "I'll always come back to you, you know that. But before we'll do anything tonight, I need a towel. My headfur's a mess!"

Donya and Rey were finally settling in the living room and started talking about things that had happened over the days. Donya's company was moving, and she had spent the whole day packing stuff into boxes and collecting stationaries and other loose stuff lying around. It would be a week or more before she could get back to her accountings again. "The only good thing about this is that you get to see a lot of nice ass of the moving company's workers," she smirked and made a gesture with her paws that was meant to resemble the shape of the butt.

"That reminds me of Mike," Rey said with a smile. "He's one of the programmers that work on the other side of the hall. I already told you about him, didn't I?"

"Yes. He's a feline if I'm not mistaken."

Rey nodded. "Well, he tried to hit on me today. He wanted to take me out to the movies tonight."

Donya smiled. "Is that so? And why didn't you go?"

The vixen looked at her friend in mock anger. "You know exactly why," she said. "After all we had a date!"

"Of course, hon! I'm just teasing you. So tell me, is he cute? What does he look like? Do you like him? Does he have a nice butt?"

"Yes, he has," Rey giggled. "And he's cute - in a way. But not my speed. I don't think he'd care for me the same way you do. He's just too shy for that."

"Look who's talking," Donya replied and ruffled Rey's headfur, ignoring the protests of her toy. "So there's no reason for me to fear that he's going to take you away from me?"

Rey grinned mischievously. "That depends on how strong my bonds to you are," she said in a soft voice.

Donya's ears perked up and she turned her head to face her friend. Slowly she stood up and pushed Rey back into the cushions of the couch. "As strong as I'll have to make them, my sweet toy!" Moving swiftly she wrestled Rey around so that she was sprawled on the couch and pinned her paws down next to her head. Fortunately there were already some padlocks lying on the table, so the raccoon didn't waste any time and locked the paws of her friend over her head. Rey squealed in delight and tried to get away in a mock fight, but in a matter of minutes she was chained helplessly by her arms and legs, panting heavily and anticipating the treatment she was going to receive.

Donya finally sat down, straddling Rey's thighs and rested her paws on the vixen's belly, toying with the rich white fur. The helpless girl murred and moaned in delight while the raccoon let her paws wander over her chest and breasts, kneading the soft mounds firmly every now and then. "You know, my toy," Donya started, while she was teasing her friend with just a hint of her claws, "when we started playing I was not sure what to make out of this, and I still don't know why this is so much fun. But I really like it when you're all tied up or chained just like now. In moments like this it feels just like you belonged to me, as if I found you on the market and brought you home for my collection." Donya smiled. "I hope this doesn't sound too arrogant."

"Not at all," Rey replied cheerfully. "Don't be scared about what you're feeling. This is just what I'm longing for, being owned by someone I trust and care for. Tie me up, chain me to the bed, muzzle me, blindfold me when ever you want to ... I'll love it! There's nothing I want more than surrender myself to you! You're my owner, I'm your toy! That's just the way it is."

"Thanks for the comfort, hon. I guess I know that it's alright. However, I was a bit nervous when I took you to the party that night and traded you to the otter for that skunk. That was a bit risky I guess."

Rey giggled and writhed a little in her cuffs. "I remember that I was nearly breaking down with tears when I saw you walking away with her, but somehow it was exciting, too. And the otter guy was very nice. I wish I knew who they were."

"I can't tell you," Donya said firmly and tapped her index finger on Rey's nose. "Maybe we can arrange something in the future, but their identities must remain secret."

"I know, I know," the vixen replied. "I'm just curious."

Donya rose and got off the couch, leaving Rey helplessly bound where she was. "Curiosity not only kills the cat," she remarked when she left the room for the kitchen. Only a few moments later she came back and placed a sturdy kitchen chair in the middle of the room. "I think it's time to get your brains to think about something else than the mansion." She left the room again, this time to go into Rey's bedroom and rummage through the collection of toys in her nightstand. Rey craned her neck to watch the door until Donya came back, the strap-on dildo and a big bottle of lubricant in her paws. "I always wondered why you bought this one," the raccoon mused while she climbed back to Rey onto the couch. "Was there another female before me?"

The vixen giggled and lifted her rump as good as she could while Donya started to fiddle around with the buckles and straps. "Actually, I don't really know why I got it in the first place. It was the first time I was in a sex shop and it kinda excited me. I always wondered how it would feel to have a cock, so I-" she stopped and started to moan when her friend began to slide the well-lubricated inside shaft into her. Panting heavily she waited until the first rush subsided and went on. "But I never actually played with it, until you came along to use it on me." Rey writhed a bit in pleasure while Donya secured the strap-on with the final tug on the leather belt. "Mmmh, and I can't say that I regret you breaking my privacy that night."

"Yeah, that time curiosity was nearly killing me." Donya grabbed the shiny black outer dildo and gave it a few experimental strokes. Her friend started to moan and closed her eyes for a moment, so the raccoon took this as a sign to move on with the game. She unlocked Rey's hind paws and did the same with the other pair. "Follow me, my toy."

Rey slowly sat up, groaning at the pressure in her abdomen, grabbing her friend's outstretched arm for support. Her legs were a bit weak, but she finally stood and was led to the chair in the middle of the room to sit down on it, the strap-on obscenely sticking out from her body like a fully erect male penis. She shifted around a bit on the seat to find a comfortable position for her butt and tail, knowing that she would be forced to stay here for longer.

The raccoon didn't waste any time and started to tie the vixen to the chair. Using a good measure of strong white rope she attached her friend's legs to those of the chair, looping numerous times around the limbs and tying it off underneath the seat. Another length of rope went around Rey's waist, securing her upper body and tail to the back of the chair, restricting her movement to the point of near immobility. When her legs and body were firmly rooted to the spot her paws were next in line. Donya locked them together on the back of the chair and attached a short chain to them that was fastened to the chair's underside.

Rey was in heaven. Having Donya working on her, she basked in the feeling of slowly getting more and more helpless by the minute. First her legs were tied down, then her body and tail. And now she was losing the last bit of freedom when her front paws were locked securely behind her back, trapping her effectively to the chair. No amount of struggling or pulling would get her out of this now. Feeling the hopelessness of the situation made her moan and writhe in her bonds, and every tug on them only heightened her arousal.

Donya stood back for a moment, admiring her work. Rey was completely at her mercy now and she was going to exploit that to its fullest extent. She took her time to shed her clothes while watching the vixen writhe and fight against the ropes, unable to escape their tight grip. Slowly she approached her bound friend again and sat down on her lap, facing her and threading her legs through the rear bars of the chair. The dildo was poking at her belly and she stroked it a few times, eliciting excited yips from her friend. Her other paw was caressing the vixen's headfur and she bent over to lick Rey's lips. A few moments later they were kissing with lust, tongues dancing and twirling about each other. Donya's paws were now roaming freely over the exposed fur of her friend, kneading her breasts and tugging teasingly at the ropes. Her own arousal built quickly until she could not wait any longer. Without breaking the kiss she lifted her rump and moved it along the tip of the strap-on, letting it slide down her belly and invade her private regions. Slowly she guided her abdomen forward, enjoying the deep moans of her helpless friend due to the movement, until she finally felt the head touch her womanhood.

Rey gasped for air when she felt the plug in her vagina shift and vibrate in a most pleasurable way. Donya was positioning herself over the outer shaft and started to apply pressure. The raccoon's left paw was spreading her lower lips to make it easier for the head to penetrate her, while the other paw was stroking Rey's face and headfur. The pressure rose a bit more and the vixen let out a loud moan when she felt the strap-on slide forward just a bit, entering the moist tunnel between the legs of her friend and captor. Donya was moaning, too, slowly impaling herself on the long black rod. When it had gone about an inch or two the raccoon's other paw returned to the chair. Now she was supporting herself with both arms to keep her balance while she slowly began rocking herself up and down, driving the dildo deeper with every thrust of her pelvis. Rey felt the alternating movements in her own vagina as well and let out excited yips and moans. Her eyes were shut tightly and she writhed and fought in her bonds, taking in the futility of her exertions. Again she was reminded of the night in her bed, when Donya had taken advantage of her self-imposed bondage, but this time it was not her who was on the loose end of the prick. The stimulation was not as intense as it had been back then, but it was wonderful, anyway.

Donya rode her friend a bit faster, now that the whole shaft was sliding in and out of her, glistening and slick with her own love juices. She was not holding back any longer, picking up speed every minute. The loud moans of the vixen she was riding heightened her emotions even more. She knew that her friend was helplessly stuck below her, doomed to receive the treatment she had planned for her, and she also knew that she was enjoying this immensely, just like herself. Pushing all thoughts away she concentrated on the carnal lust that was now rushing through her, mercilessly pounding the shaft up and down inside of her, driving herself towards the hill of pleasure.

Rey's mind was clouded with lust, filled with the screams and moans of her friend, mingling with her own yips of frustrated exertion. She fought, she tugged fiercely at her bonds, trying to rip them apart, to channel the sexual energy that was being pumped into her by the raccoon and break the ropes with it. But the ties held her fast; she was helplessly trapped, forced to endure the powerful strokes that the inside shaft was making due to Donya's wild ride. Rey bit her lips and groaned when she finally felt her friend climax on top of her, felt the warm fluids of her orgasm trickle down the strap-on and soak her own fur. The raccoon ground her hips onto the shaft a last time before she collapsed on top of her, panting hard and tightly embracing her upper body. Rey moaned and panted in frustration while she felt the heat of her friend slowly subsiding. Her own arousal was still on fire, her needs unfulfilled. And something inside of her told her, that Donya was perfectly aware of this.

She was right, of course. Donya kept sitting in her lap for some time, still impaled on the artificial phallus that was strapped tightly around the vixen's waist. Rey was panting along with her friend, still trying to get her share of the ride, but her bonds made it impossible for her to move around and stimulate herself. So she just moaned and wheezed while the raccoon recovered from her climax.

When Donya finally straightened her upper body again, Rey groaned softly. The shaft moved slightly and sent most welcome feelings into her groin. But the pleasure didn't last long. The raccoon slowly lifted her rump again, causing Rey to strain against her entrapment once more, and finally let the shaft slide out of her completely. The black material was glistening wet and sparkled in the light. "Donya, please," Rey moaned. "Don't leave me like this!"

Donya giggled softly while she extricated herself from the chair. Her legs were a bit wobbly from the exertion so she used the chair's back for support. "Of course not, my toy," she said with a mischievous grin around her muzzle. "I'll find some more things to do with you."

Rey's ears lay flat on her skull when she contemplated what her friend had said. It definitely didn't mean that she would grant her release very soon. "You're a bitch," the vixen spat out.

"And you like it!" Donya replied with a broad smile.

Rey couldn't argue. She was right.

"And now, stand up, my little toy," the raccoon announced. She started to untie her friend and helped her out of her seat when she was done. Rey groaned deeply and tried to grind her hips against the strap-on, but Donya would not have this. She quickly led her friend to the couch and told her to lie down. She lifted her front paws over her head again and locked them to the chain that was still fastened there. Then she did the same with her legs, leaving her friend sprawled out and still burning hot. Donya left her for a minute to go to the bathroom. When she came back she sat next to her friend and gave her a deep kiss, stroking and ruffling the thick white fur on her chest. After their lips had parted again, she took her time to clean up the mess she had left in Rey's lap with a warm, wet sponge, paying extra attention to the black shaft that was still protruding from her groin. Rey writhed and moaned under the treatment, and Donya took this as a reason to continue her stroking and wiping, but never strong enough to give the vixen release.

Rey felt the sponge damping and cleaning her fur, and the shaft was stirring inside of her, keeping her aroused. After Donya was done, she picked up the muzzle harness she had brought back and fastened it around Rey's head, effectively silencing her. Rey tried to fight it, but without her paws and still horny like hell she was in no condition to resist her friend's deliberate actions. Helplessly she felt her muzzle being strapped shut tightly by the harness. When Donya was satisfied with her work she leaned back on the couch and switched on the TV, zapping through the channels. All the time she kept on stroking the black shaft with slow motions, making the vixen shudder and groan, straining in her bonds. With newfound energy Rey shook her head violently, trying to dislocate the harness, but she knew this device too well already. It would never come off unless Donya decided otherwise. Her fight slowly subsided when she gave in to the sweet torture her friend was giving her with the strap-on, fully aware that she wasn't going to climax in the near future.

Finally Donya found a channel that was airing some music show. She put down the remote and let go of Rey's shaft, much to the vixen's dismay. She ruffled the fur on her friend's head and started to remove the straps around her lower body. Rey's eyes got wide when she felt the inner shaft slowly slide out of her, the vacant space in her groin suddenly feeling so unfamiliar. The raccoon put the toy aside and took another one from the table. Rey inhaled deeply when she felt her random vibe being pushed into her instead, slowly entering her vaginal orifice until it was fully inside. Donya secured the toy with Rey's crotch straps and switched it to its lowest setting. Then she stood up, kissed her helpless vixen friend briefly on the nose and said, "I'm going to take a shower. You just have fun while I'm away!" With a cute flick of her bushy tail she turned around and walked out of sight. And not even Rey's muffled screams of frustration and need made her come back.

Rey tried to listen to the soft sounds from the bathroom, but the situation made it impossible for her to concentrate on anything but her bondage. Every time the vibrator decided to stimulate her, she tugged fiercely at the manacles holding both her front and hind paws securely trapped to the couch. And every time the vibe fell silent again she sank back with a huff of desperation, trying to get as much as possible from the sensations she was forced to endure. And yet it was not enough to get her release. It just teased her, building the heat inside her up to a certain level and letting her down again. But as frustrating as it was, Rey was enjoying it immensely. She longed for the final peak to send her over the edge, but at the same time she wanted the torture to last an eternity.

Donya turned off the shower and got out of the tub, rubbing down her fur to dry it at least a little and taking her time brushing through it. Every now and then she heard muffled yelps and soft whimpering from the living room, signs of her friend having a good time. But she was going to make sure that this time would not end too soon. Ever since Rey had spoken about the mansion again she had been thinking about a little surprise for her toy, something that would really drive her crazy tonight. She smiled. Of course, she would have to ask him if he was going to help her, but she had a feeling that he would. When she was done with her fur she stepped out into the hall and picked up the phone.

Another wave of pleasure rushed through her body when the vibrator came to life again. Rey struggled again, felt the cuffs and chains holding her in her trap, the muzzle that was silencing her. With all her strength she fought and tugged, but she was bound inescapably to the couch. With her eyes tightly shut she tried to intensify the feelings that fueled her arousal, tried to wriggle and fight as much as she could, before the stimulation would cease again. And much too soon it did. A high pitched whimper came from her strapped muzzle when she sank back into the cushions. She was panting heavily from the exertion now, inhaling deeply through her nose while she tried to regain her strength for the next wave.

She nearly jumped with surprise when she suddenly felt a soft slap on her butt. During her struggles she had been rolling all over and was now lying on her belly, exposing her rear end and tail to her friend. Donya had come back to her, and obviously she was enjoying the sight before her. The vixen looked up at Donya and tried to turn around again, but the raccoon held her back. "No, honey! I think I want to enjoy the view a bit longer." With soft but steady motions she fondled Rey's cheeks and tail base, kneading and massaging her friend in a most pleasurable way, and giving them the occasional soft slap. Rey groaned a bit at the treatment but she could do nothing to stop it. She felt how the movement of Donya's paws triggered her sexual fires again, rubbing and kneading just the right way to make the vibrator in her slide around this way and that.

Donya kept her toy captive for several more hours, removing the muzzle harness every now and then only to let her friend cool down a bit and have a sip of water or juice. But she didn't release her or let her arousal subside completely. She frequently pushed her up to sexual frenzy again, only to let her recover once more. Then she would start all over, teasing the vixen until she could not take anymore.

Some time after eight o'clock Rey collapsed and nearly passed out, drifting into a dream like state on the brink of unconsciousness. She desperately tried to stay awake, tried to get her release before the sleep came, but eventually she lost the fight, giving in to the pulling fingers of exhaustion. Darkness finally claimed her.

Part III: Remote Control

Sleep kept her in it's grasp, holding her in an unbreakable embrace with unseen bonds. More than once she felt like she was waking up but every time she sank back into the dark and cozy silence. She dreamed of Donya, her friend, dreamed of being shifted and rolled around, the voice of the raccoon whispering indistinguishable words and phrases. It was fading again soon, leaving her once more in the emptiness of sleep.

Finally Rey woke with a start. She quickly sat up and looked around for some moments until her mind cleared enough for her to realize, that she was still in her living room. Rubbing her eyes and yawning widely she took stock of her current situation. Her muzzle was free, she was not chained down anymore, yet her paws were locked to her collar. The cuffs on her legs were locked together but she could move them around freely. Some fragments of her dream must have been true then. Donya had unlocked her from the couch and retied her paws so that she could sit up. But where was the raccoon?

Thinking about the past few hours made her aware of her arousal again and she felt the heat starting to rise once more. Shifting around a bit she felt that the straps and vibe were gone, too. For one this was a good thing, but she still wasn't able to help her arousal along, with her paws locked to her collar. She gave them an experimental tug to feel her trapped state a bit more, when suddenly the phone rang.

Rey looked around for her friend, but she was still nowhere in sight. "Donya?" she called. "Are you there?" Still nothing but the phone. Rey turned to the table and saw the phone lying there, next to the keys for her manacles. Surprised she waited a few seconds before she bent over and picked up the phone. It was a little difficult to handle with her paws cuffed to her neck, but she finally managed to answer. "Hello?"

"Hi honey!" Donya's voice answered. "Did you sleep well?"

Rey frowned. "Yeah ... I was a bit ... exhausted. Where are you?"

"Not far away, my dear, don't worry. I thought you might want to try something different tonight."

"I wonder when we're going to do something perfectly normal," Rey replied.

"Oh, that would be boring, don't you think?"

"Probably, yes."

Donya giggled. "I suppose you're still wearing your cuffs, right?"


"Good girl. Unlock them, but keep the cuffs on your wrists and ankles."

Rey tried to pick up the keys from the table while still holding the phone. "Um ... that's not easy ... give me a few seconds." The vixen twisted her paws around a bit and fiddled with the keys until one of the locks snapped open with a metallic click. "Okay, got it." She unlocked the cuffs on her hind paws, too and put the locks and keys back onto the table. "Now what?"

"Put on the muzzle harness and lock it. Leave the keys on the table."

Rey hesitated. "You know that I can't talk to you anymore, once I did this?"

"Yes, I know. But as long as I can hear you going M-hm or something, that'd be enough."

"If you say so ... I really hope that you know what I'm doing."

Donya laughed. "Yeah, I do, my toy. So put the harness on and strap it tight."

"Of course." Rey smiled and put down the phone for the moment. Then she took the gag from the table and began to strap it around her muzzle and head, making sure that she could not open her mouth the slightest bit anymore. She locked the buckles with the small brass padlocks and put the keys next to the others. Then she picked up the phone again and said, "M-hm."

"Ah, sounds good," Donya giggled. "Now go to the bedroom and open the window. I want to see you standing there."

So she really must be somewhere near, Rey thought and walked to the window. She was a bit nervous about who might see her gagged like this, but then she realized that it was already quite dark outside. She turned the lever and pulled the window open. She drew back the curtains and stood in full view.

"There she is," Donya said. "Oh, and what a nice view you are."

Rey could feel herself blush a little under her fur and she moaned softly in her gag.

"Okay. Now lie down on your bed, put the phone next to you and turn on the speaker."

"M-hm," Rey replied and left the window to climb onto her bed. She sat in the middle of the mattress, pushed the hands free button on the phone and put it down. Then she waited for Donya's next commands.

"Sounds good," the raccoon said. "Now, take the magnetic locks from the bedside table and chain yourself down, spread eagled."

Rey giggled and wanted to ask her friend, when she had planned all this, but the muzzle harness prevented this. So she just chuckled and crawled over to the nightstand to pick up the four locks that were lined up there. Placing the phone next to the place where her head would soon be she set to work.

Each of the four bedposts already had a short length of chain fastened to them, so Rey took a good measuring and hooked the locks into the appropriate links and the D-rings of her ankle cuffs. Then she laid back to see if her limbs would be spread comfortably and nodded to herself. She sat up again and bent over to click the locks shut. As always this sent a little spark through her mind, especially when she knew that she didn't have the key with her and was unable to open the locks herself again. Her heart picked up speed a little, reminding her of her still unsatisfied state, and she let herself fall backwards with a grunt.

"Are you done yet?" Donya asked and Rey answered with a negating mumble. The vixen worked a little faster now, for one because she didn't want to make her friend wait too long, and secondly because she was afraid that she could not stand it any longer and would start to masturbate in a few moments if she didn't tie herself up very quickly. She shuffled around a bit to slide upwards, pulling herself along with her arms on the bars on the headboard, until her legs were pulled taut. She hooked the locks into her wrist cuffs and spread her arms until they reached the chains on either side of the bed. With a little struggling and some quite warped movements she managed it to catch the links of the chains into the shackles of the locks in the most spread out position and then worked on closing them. It took her a few minutes but her experience showed. In less than five minutes she had made herself completely helpless, chained spread eagled onto her own bed with no means of escaping on her own. Trapped. "Mm-hm."

"So you're through? Very nice." Donya chuckled. "I can imagine how you must be feeling right now. You've been stimulated all evening, tied down, used to my very own gratification, chained and tormented to exhaustion. Then asked to give up your freedom to me, on your free will, now again trapped at my command."

Donya's voice didn't fail to create the desired effect. Rey began to realize her helplessness more intensely now, the locks at her ankle and wrist cuffs seemed to hold her even tighter. She tried to shift around a little, but she had done a good job. There was no more slack than an inch or two in total, and her only free limb, her tail, was of little or no use to her now. She moaned and panted a bit while she tried to escape from the trap, knowing that she would never make it.

"Enjoying yourself already my toy?" Donya cooed. "Your chains are tight enough? Feeling helpless? Longing to be tied down for hours yet wanting release right now? What a pretty sight you must be to see. I'd really like to play with you now, rub my paws over your breasts or place my muzzle down between your legs and lick you until you scream. I guess that's what you'd want me to do, right, hon?"

Rey grunted and swore in her gag. Of course she was right. And visualizing all the sweet tortures she could put her in if she had been there with her now was cruel. The vixen still struggled against her bonds, feeling the frustration of her arousal mixed with the inability to cease the fire she was fueling with her actions. Still she couldn't stop teasing herself, it was a vicious circle, and she was too weak to break it.

"Yeah ... I can hear you begging for release. Struggle all you can, my toy! Enjoy yourself as long as it lasts."

Suddenly something thumped outside her window and Rey froze. Scratching noises and something that sounded like footclaws scraping over stone followed a moment later. Rey tried to call out, but only a whimper came out behind her gag. She tried again, with the same result. Doubling her efforts she started struggling again; in vain.

"Rey, I think there's someone on your balcony. I don't know if-"

Then there was silence. The voice on the phone was dead and a few moments later the monotonous toot of the dead phone line was taking over, until the phone switched itself off. Rey stared at the open window with her ears flat to her skull, whimpering softly while she tried to stay calm. Her tail twitched nervously between her legs as if it had a life of it's own.

A shadow appeared in the window; a lithe figure climbing swiftly onto the window sill and crouching there for a moment. The shape indicated a muscular yet slim body, about one or two paw spans larger than herself. The scent that was blown in reminded Rey of something, but she could not put her paw on it in her frightened state. The only thing she seemed to remember now was the first night with Donya, when her friend had found her in a very similar situation and had used it for her own benefit.

The shadow finally climbed into the room and Rey tried to scream, resulting in a high-pitched whimper that came out of her nose. The stranger seemed to react to her panic and quickly took a few steps towards her, as if he wanted to make sure, she would not startle anyone in the neighborhood. But then, as if on purpose, the stranger moved just a little to one side, and the dim light was reflecting on the facial fur just so that she could make out the features - the features of an otter male.

Rey stopped screaming and stared at the otter in disbelief. Now she knew why the scent had been so familiar. But what was he doing here? Was this again one of Donya's little secrets? Rey panted heavily and slowly started to recover from the shock. It was only now that she realized, that her arms and legs were still at full tension against her bonds. She told herself to relax before the muscles would become cramped.

The otter had not moved. She didn't know what to do, even though she wasn't really able to do very much at the moment. The vixen tried to get her breathing under control and stared at the shadow in front of her bed. It must have been an eternity since he had come here, and still he didn't move at all. Finally the tension was too much for her and she whimpered softly, tugging against her chains in a vain attempt to escape this eerie scene.

Another eternity later, the otter finally shifted and approached her. Rey gasped at this sudden change and tried to stay calm. The last thing she wanted now was to scare him away with a panicked reaction. She forced herself to lie still and breathe slowly, but she could not stop herself from whimpering every now and then. But despite the strange circumstances she could feel the arousal rising inside of her again. She was helplessly chained spread-eagled to her bed, shut up with the most perfect gag anyone could come up with for a fox's muzzle and completely at the mercy of the otter, who was slowly coming nearer, taking in the sight before him. Only her tail provided some weak protection, and she couldn't help but covering her private parts by curling it up. She knew she couldn't stop him if he decided to touch her there, but giving up was not an option, not even now.

The otter was now next to her bed, still silently looking at her trapped body, as if he still wanted to decide what to do with her. After some more minutes he lifted his paw and unrolled a long, thin object, that was jingling a bit in the silence of the room. Rey shivered slightly and swallowed hard. He climbed onto the bed and kneeled between her spread legs before he bent over her and reached out a paw for her collar. His claw hooked into the ring and tugged at it, until Rey had to lift her head in order to follow the force he was applying. The otter moved the long object to her collar and Rey could hear something click in place. So it was a leash of some sorts. The vixen swallowed and then exhaled in relief. Could've been worse, she thought.

He let go of her collar and Rey laid back her head again. The otter let the leash fall onto her chest, and she squealed a bit when the cold material touched her fur. But he still kept the other end of the leash in one paw. Meanwhile his other paw traced the straps of her muzzle. His face was so close to her that she could see the dim sparkling in his eyes. His features were proud yet soft, his muzzle only a few inches away from her trapped snout. He let his paw glide over the leather bindings that gagged her, moved it up to her forehead and then playing a little with the earring she was still wearing. His paw came back a moment later and caressed her cheeks before he sat back on his knees again, tugging a little on the leash.

Rey started to feel comfortable again. His presence was not in the least bit frightening, even though he was in control now. He had an air of self-confidence that in a way seemed to rub off on her. She was not the poor little toy anymore but a proud plaything of his, bound at his command and loving every second of it. The otter started to caress her legs, licking and kissing the fur on her shins and knees, working his way slowly up to her thighs. His paws stroked her softly, sometimes massaging here and there a bit stronger. His tongue crept higher, soon lapping sensuously at the junction of her legs, but keeping away from the place she was covering with her tail, where she was burning with desire to be finally touched.

But the otter spared her - no - tormented her with his soft and agile paws roaming everywhere over her lower body, but not quite where she wished for them to be. His claws pricked the sensitive skin under her fur and she squealed again with delight and frustration, while he kept on teasing her, moving his body tantalizingly slow along her outstretched figure, soon caressing and exploring her tummy and sides.

Rey moaned freely now, feeling the touch of the otter's paws and tongue all over her without any means of preventing it. Again and again she strained against her bonds to break out of the trap she had locked herself into. But she didn't intend to escape anymore, she wanted to be free to throw her arms around him, caress him, feel his fur under her paws. But she was bound to enjoy what ever he wanted to give her, and what ever he decided not to give, too. She squirmed under his investigating paws, felt his touch at her breasts and his tongue softly licking over the pink nubs hidden under the rich pelt that grew on the soft mounds. Arching her back she tried to push her chest closer to his muzzle but he kept his distance, licking and nipping playfully at her, making her moan and gasp every time he sucked on them in earnest. But just as quickly he let go of her again and teased her anew.

The otter was now hovering over her, his body just barely touching her fur. His right paw tugged at the leash again and pulled her head up from the sheets until she was forced to look into his face, his head only a mere inch away from hers. He closed his eyes and let his muzzle touch hers for a moment, his tongue moving over her closed lips. Rey closed her eyes and whimpered with this touch. She desperately wanted to kiss him now, but her muzzle wouldn't open the slightest bit. She panted heavily through her nose, once more trying to rip the shackles from the chains that held her immobile on her bed, her tail lashing around like a ferocious snake. The mixture of pleasure and frustration drove her mad, and she struggled wildly until he pulled the leash taut again, reminding her of who and where she was.

Rey sagged back in the sheets when he finally let go of the leash again. He was distinctly different than he had been the first time they had met. He had been much more cautious, more gentle than he was now. The night at the mansion had been a sweet adventure with a stranger, this time it was more like getting back on an old acquaintance. The night she had been traded to him she had been uncertain of what was going to happen with her. She was even fearing that he would use his power over her to take more than she was ready to give. But he never crossed the line. He had used his experienced paws, just like he did now, stroking and caressing her all over, making her squirm and howl in delight and frustration.

But he had never penetrated her. All the time she had been wearing the random vibe, and even though he could have asked Donya to take it off, he did not. That night, Rey was glad for this. This time there was nothing to protect her from any assault he might have in store for her, but he still limited his attentions to her fur, her breasts and sometimes her muzzle. This night she wouldn't mind if he just took her, having his way with her without limitations. She wanted to feel him inside of her above anything else, but still he did nothing like that. Rey whined and moaned under his experienced movements, trying to plead with her eyes and body, coaxing him into finally stop teasing her and just taking her for his own gratification.

The otter still did nothing to haste his explorations. Her vigorous struggles made him come down on her like a wild beast, pushing her back into the sheets, his teeth at her throat above her collar, until the vixen was lying quietly again, panting hard and looking deeply into his eyes. Suddenly something changed in the way he looked at her and his paw grabbed her chin. He pulled at the leash and turned her head until they were face-to-face, watching her closely. Rey whimpered and pleaded, no longer trying to play around or hide her needs. He growled deeply in his throat, something he had never done before, and the vixen shivered a bit under the dark, staring eyes.

Then the moment was gone. He let go of her head and started to move back down again, teasing her breasts on his way, licking the fur on her tummy and pushing his nose through the fur on her pubic mound, only an inch away from her burning flesh. She felt the cold touch so close to her fire and gasped, trying to keep her body from twitching too much. She tried to lift her head to see, what he was doing, but it was too dark to see much anyway, so she just sagged back again and concentrated on the sensations he was creating.

Suddenly something touched her clitoris, squeezing and rubbing very softly. The pleasure was so intense that she made the leather cuffs creak while she tried to escape. Howling with lust she writhed under him, while he pushed her more and more towards the summit. And when she finally climaxed she arched her back as much as she could, feeling the delightful contractions that had been put off for much too long. Screaming through her gag she was swept away on a wave of powerful emotions, leaving her panting and gasping for air, her body still twitching uncontrollably, making the locks and chains jingle loudly. Her head rolled from side to side when the sensation slowly subsided and left her floating on a big fluffy cloud of pleasure.

Time was indifferent for her, so she didn't know how long she was out when she finally came back to her senses. Struggling a little she checked her bonds and found herself still locked in the same position as before. The otter was still with her, now gently stroking her belly and caressing her breasts again. Rey had a feeling that this wasn't all he had planned for tonight. The vixen felt her own heat subsiding a little, but it did not vanish completely due to her still restrained state. Every little move she made resulted in a soft jingling of the chains that held her spread out on the bed, reminding her of the trap she was still caught in. His paws were constantly roaming about her body, never leaving her alone in the dark. Sometimes he would tickle or prick her skin slightly with his claws, making her twitch and shudder with renewed anticipation. And as her heat was slowly rising again she pushed her own restraints more and more aside, attempting to show him that she was ready for anything he would want to do. Her tail curled and stretched, no longer hiding her privates she was trying to protect before.

The otter growled softly but she thought she could make out a smile creasing his muzzle. She moaned at him, trying to scream Why don't you just take what's lying before you?, but the gag did a perfect job to keep her from articulating more than unintelligible mews and mumblings. He still did not show any sign if he understood her pleas or not, and that was driving her mad. She started again to struggle, very less powerful than before due to her previous orgasm but her eyes still sparkled with lust. She wanted to rip the cuffs apart, grab the man before her and force him to take her, to make the fire in her stop burning.

She was so entranced in her fight that at first she didn't notice the soft touch at her nether lips. But then the sensation was becoming stronger as something warm and hard started to push into her, slowly parting her flesh to advance further with every beat of her heart. She stopped her struggles, inhaled deeply through her nose and whimpered, as she finally realized, what was happening. His member was pushing forward in a steady motion, her love tunnel still well lubricated. Rey panted in ragged puffs, taking in the sensation of their long overdue unification.

The vixen was howling with lust again when he started to rock against her with gentle movements. Her hips were quickly catching up with his rhythm and she tried to move against him as good as her bonds allowed her. All thoughts of restraint and shyness were pushed away by his presence, and she let her body go and take what it needed. Growling and panting loudly she pulled at the chains, emphasizing the sensations that she was experiencing. At the same time the otter started to pump quicker, picking up pace while pushing harder into her. Very soon they were just a writhing bundle of sex hungry bodies, trying to push each other to the limit, not caring about anything else around them. Rey closed her eyes and let her emotions take control of her. The otter's member still impaling her again and again, each strong thrust pushing her a little farther on the way to extasy.

Howling loudly despite her gag, Rey came hard. Her vision blurred and she saw sparks and stars before her eyes, while she felt the contractions ravaging through her body. The otter pushed inside her once or twice again and then he also moaned loudly when he found release. His hot semen filled her and mixed with her own juices, while both soared on the pinnacle of their desire. He collapsed on top of her, resting his head next to her and panting hard. Rey was moaning and desperately sucking air through her nose, and before long she felt herself slip into a deep slumber of sheer exhaustion.

Part IV: The Lion's Den

Silence was around her when she opened her eyes again. She still felt a little numb and dizzy from sleep and waited for her mind to clear a bit more. Slowly she turned her head around and took stock of her situation. Her limbs were still spread out on the bed, the cuffs holding her bound as tightly as before. She tried to call for Donya or the otter, but her muzzle was still shut tightly by the gag. She was starting to wonder, if she would ever be free again, when her eyes fell on the padlock at her right wrist.

At first it was just a slight feeling that something had changed. Concentrating herself she quickly saw that the magnetic lock had been replaced with a four digit combination dial. So there was actually a plan behind all this. She strained her paw a little and found, that she could turn the dials with great effort, but she could not read the numbers properly. And without the correct combination she would probably ruin her sinews before achieving anything else.

She sighed and sagged back on the bed, with nothing to do but lie there, inescapably bound and gagged in her own bed. Every now and then she drifted off into a light slumber that was filled with strange visions, making her startle and tug at her bonds when she woke again. One time she even imagined Donya and the mysterious otter standing at her bed, looking down at her while softly talking to themselves.

The morning light finally came and colored her bedroom in faint orange and red. Rey opened her eyes again and looked at the combination lock. There was something else she had not seen until now and she squinted a bit to find out, what it was. There was a small sticker on the lock with writing on it, and by straining here arm and neck she could finally come close enough to read it. "2753" stood on the white paper, and to Rey it was the most beautiful sequence of digits she had ever seen. Sighing with relief she let her body relax again and enjoyed her predicament for a little while longer, before she started to fiddle around with the dials on the lock. She only hoped that this wasn't a trick to fool her again.

The lock snapped open when the last dial fell into place. Rey cheered inside and began to move her arm around a bit, trying to get it back to its normal mobility. She closed her eyes and ground her teeth a little while the blood rushed through her arm again. The sensation eventually subsided and the vixen looked around for a clue what she could do next. There was a magnetic key lying where her right paw had been, and she picked it up like a treasure hunter would hold the most precious gem he had ever found, and she marveled at it for some time, before she remembered what she wanted to do. Rolling to her side a bit she reached for the lock on her left arm and slid the key over the lock a few times until it opened with a soft click. Again, the vixen let her limb recover from the long fixation and rubbed her sore muscles when she could move it properly again.

Rey sat up slowly, waiting for the dizziness in her head to subside, and continued to free herself from the bonds that had been holding her for so long. It almost seemed like a farewell from a good friend when she eventually removed the last lock from her cuffs. For some time she merely sat on the bed, hugging her knees to her chest and just letting the night pass through her mind over and over again, recreating the tension of uncertainty that had been inside her for the last hours. But finally she decided to get up and start the day, not least because her bladder was aching for relief and felt like it would burst any minute. So she went into the bathroom first, groaning with each step because of her sore muscles, and tended to the most urgent matters before anything else.

Five minutes later she was staggering into the kitchen in search for some coffee. Quickly she put together the necessary ingredients and switched on the coffee maker, when she saw something lying on the kitchen table. She picked up the note and read the lines. It was an address, and Rey knew exactly where it would lead to. Her stomach churned a little when she let herself fall down in one of the chairs and started thinking. Would it really be a good idea to go there? Her paw traveled up to her muzzle where the harness was still locked in place. Only now she realized that she actually felt comfortable with the gag on that she had never thought about removing it at all.

She was curious about what she would find, when she actually would go there, but on the other paw, she was dead tired from the exertions and lack of real sleep last night. Fetching her coffee she pondered for a while, fiddling around with the locks of her gag until her mouth was free again. She stifled a scream when she tried to open her mouth a bit, the muscles protesting from being held in one position for so long. She worked her jaws slowly and cautiously until she could at least take a sip from her mug again. She never heard about someone with a sore jaw before, but she was sure she would have that before noon.

Folding and unfolding the note in her paws Rey still mulled over the thought of driving there. But when she had finished her coffee her decision was set. "Just do it, girl," she said to herself. "Ow!" she exclaimed only one second later and put a paw around her muzzle, when her sore muscles protested intensely. "This is going to be interesting," she muttered cautiously and stood up. She put her mug into the sink and left for the bedroom.

Her mind raced and went through lots of different possibilities while she sat on the bed and unlocked her cuffs, collecting them in a neat pile next to her. She undid the ring from her collar, weighed it in her hand for a moment and put it together with the key into the small bag she was planning to take with her. Her mood was rising every minute and she was actually humming to herself, while she took a quick but thorough shower and afterwards selected her attire to get dressed. Her initial nervousness had turned into anticipation; curiosity had always been her big weak spot. Finally she was done with her preparations, so she took her bag, grabbed the car keys on her way out and was gone without a further thought - partly to keep herself from chickening out at the very last moment. The door slam behind her marked her departure like the fall of the curtain in a theater.

As it turned out, the address wasn't really that far away. A quick glance on the city map showed her which way to go. The vixen had always suspected that Donya had been fooling her about the way to the location when she took her there the other day, and now she had the proof for it. Rey started the engine of her car and was on the road in no time. The radio played some generic pop music and Rey hummed along with the songs while she followed the streets to her destination.

The small car pulled into a long, well kept driveway of some expensive looking premises. To either side of the narrow road were tall walls of green hedge shielding the interiors from curious eyes. The smells and sounds she found were starting to become familiar and the memory of her first visit to this place came back at higher paces now. She drove on slowly, until she found a parking lot and pulled in. She shut of the engine and took her stuff with her, when she left the car.

Before her was the entrance to the large white mansion she had been thinking of so many times in the last days. She only knew it from the inside of the property but she knew that she was at the right place. Her heart started to beat stronger, her stomach growling again, while she slowly approached the large, wooden door on shaking legs. There was no name plate at the door, only a big brass bell button set into a richly ornamented silver disc. For a long moment she stood there before the door, her right ear twitching a little, sending sparks of sunlight reflecting from the earring over the white walls of the house. She was breathing deeply now, trying to regain the confidence she had been building up until now, before her paw finally moved to push the button. Somewhere deep inside of the mansion, the door bell announced that she had finally returned.

To be continued ...