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The guestbooks are now in read only mode. There are much better ways to leave feedback and stay in contact nowadays, so I decided to take the old guestbook offline to stop regular spamming and reduce administrative overhead. I hope you understand! - Eisfuchs


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Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: The Vault
eMail: serenevirago@geocities.com
Homepage: http://members.tripod.com/~darkestate/indexvault.htm
Favourite Prey: That certain one I want who is so willing.
I found my way here via another guestbook in which you've signed. So, I thought to have a looksee here and sign your guestbook as well. Wonderful tailoring on the suit and great idea with the sunglasses as eyes. It added a gentleness and realism. Keep it up!

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Rac Cooney
eMail: rac_cooney@yahoo.com
Age: 37
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/ma/raccooney
Hometown: Beverly,MA,
Country: USA
Favourite Prey: Beer
Real Name: Bob Nelson
Hi--checked out your page (quickly,but I'll be back) after you left an entry on my Furry Messageboard! I like your drawings and will check out the rest of your site. My alter ego is a raccoon named Rac Cooney (I spoke about raccoons at last year's Albany Anthrocon in New York). In addition, I am into Giant and Tiny People/Animals, and I have a site at www.angelfire.com/ma/shrinking that deals with that. Folks like Joe Ekaitis, Rogue, and Temdant are also into Giant and Tiny Furries.
Will link your page to mine!

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Icewolf
eMail: icewolf@biosys.net
Age: 21
Hometown: Kolbermoor
Country: Germany
Favourite Prey: anything except hymans :]
just one word: i love your page!
.oO(more than one word, but this had to be said) :)

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Aragon Tigerseye
eMail: AragonTigerseye@gmx.net
Age: 18
Homepage: http://www.tigress.com/tigerseye
Hometown: Aachen
Country: Germany
Favourite Prey: Rabits, other rodents (none that I know personally) and (sometimes) bigmouthed big blue foxes
Hi Eis
Cool page!
::waits for new chapters of the story of Redfur::
Well... keep up the good work!
Caio *hugs* and see you in #pantherchat

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Bad Bunnny
eMail: badbunnny@bigfoot.com
Homepage: http://members.tripod.com/~mrxtc/index.html
Hometown: CA
Just surfing and came accross your page Thanks

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Po Shan Cheah
eMail: morton@homes.yerf.com
Age: 25
Homepage: http://homes.yerf.com/morton
Hometown: Montvale NJ
Country: USA
Favourite Prey: BK Whoppers :)
Hiya. Thanks for signing my guestbook. I like your art and the animation too.

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Bianca
eMail: Write14@aol.com
Age: 14
Homepage: http://members.aol.com/
Hometown: Kissimmee, Florida
Country: USA
Favourite Prey: anything and everything
You have a relly cool page. I like it, it's not often that you find a page all about furries. Keep up the good work

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Psycoyote
eMail: psycoyote@gmx.net
Age: 19
Hometown: Munich
Country: Germany (Bavaria ;))
Favourite Prey: non-furries ;)
Hellooo Eisfuchs =)
Cute page. Perhaps you could add some Roleplaying stuff, too ^__^
CU in #pantherchat *hug*

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Redlouts
Age: 20
Hometown: Bayreuth
Country: Germany or Candira on Furry Prime
Favourite Prey: Everything that's not fiting my visions
Hi Eis, <hug>
surprise, surprise!
Nice page. I see you're taking the paws of Eric Schwartz as an Animator.
I'm waiting for more scribbled stuff. It's great.
Keep the Blues, Furball. And stay furry. <big hug>


Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Amoose
eMail: amoose@gmx.de
Age: 18
Homepage: http://null8-15.de
Hometown: Hannover
Favourite Prey: Moose, Wolfes, Bunnies
Hi Eisfuchs,
Nice little site you have, the animation is cool :)
*furry greetings*

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