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Message from 15.08.2009 - 14:56:15
Nickname: El grande Sensei
Favourite Prey: Croc
Favourite Artist: ATB
Species: Croc
hmmmm gar nich mal so gut...

Message from 23.08.2008 - 02:02:14
Nickname: Krizzle
eMail: onilevel1@yahoo.com

Hello Mr. Eisfuchs,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kizzle, DJ of an upcoming
streamline music radio program called Zoofonics. I'm speaking on behalf of
Occoris, the found and owner of Zoofonics, to express our interest in your

Zoofonics is, as stated, an upcoming streamline radio program. We at
Zoofonics are planning on making a radio program not just run and hosted by furries, but also a radio program where all the music is BY furries. We will
be broadcasting all original music made by furries (No parodies, remixes, or
covers.). Because we have taken an interest in your music, we would like to
have your music played on Zoofonics (If you're interested.)

Zoonfonics is a non profit organization. We do not make any money from this whatsoever, meaning that there is no need to worry about pirating music or downloading. We will only be streaming it, not making it avaliable for
download or otherwise. The entire point of Zoofonics is to expand furry
music as a whole and expose those talented artists to the community, because you guys work hard and you all deserve it.

Currently we are also applying for ASCAP and BMI licensing, but
unfortunently we are not there just yet. (We are applying for it though!)

If you're interested, please contact me back as soon as possible. We will be
notifying all of our clients when Zoofonics gets up and running at full speed. We'll also be contacting everyone about first song picks (Up to three
at max for most, but we'll gradually extend that as we grow.).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can contact me via messenger at either yahoo (onilevel1@yahoo.com) or MSN (inuyasha_03@msn.com). Thank you for your time.
-Zachary Lobertini

Message from 25.05.2008 - 05:28:16
Nickname: Katya Winterfrost
Homepage: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/katyakitten/
Country: Sweden
Species: Tiger/wolf

I just wanted to say that I /loved/ the "Just good friends" stories. It's such a lovely portrait of a beautiful relationship!


Eisfuchs says:
Thank you very much! I am glad you liked them.

Message from 23.12.2007 - 01:01:09
Nickname: Crash
eMail: wuelfken@hotmail.com
Age: 20
Homepage: http://www.ger-metzler.de
Hometown: Buchholz/Nordheide
Country: Germany
Real Name: Tim
mahlzeit eisfuchs!

erstmal möchte ich sagen, dass die homepage sehr gut gelungen ist. es ist zwar ein bisschen viel text, aber man kommt trotzdem gut durch.

Viel Spaß weiterhin

Gruß Tim

Message from 19.10.2007 - 13:50:01
Nickname: Mr. Pleasant
eMail: webmaster@varietykills.com
Age: 29
Homepage: http://www.varietykills.com
Hometown: No
Favourite Prey: Furries
Species: Wtf kind of question is that?
Dear Furries, Furry supporters, and anti-Furries. I welcome you to www.varietykills.com, a sort of a satire site resplendent with the mocking of freaks, weirdos, and nutjobs....... like, well, Furries! I'll expect this message to be deleted, but the sting never forgotten. *SLAP* Join my site and either defend yourselves or join in the barbecue. We're having fox.
Eisfuchs says:
Doesn't look like a very successful site. But good luck to you.

Message from 19.10.2007 - 13:51:53
Nickname: Jon
eMail: warcrafter@gawab.com
Homepage: - no adult sites please - (invalid Link)
hi there, a interesting site with a lot of great stuff on. I love the fursuits very much. great work!!!

Nice greetz and good luck,

Message from 06.09.2007 - 09:10:39
Nickname: Anepu Schwarzwolf
eMail: graf.michael1@gmx.li
Age: 18
Hometown: Triesenberg
Country: Liechtenstein
Favourite Artist: Nduli
Real Name: Michael
Species: Tauren
Per Zufall auf deine Seite gekommen und muss sagen sie gefällt mir :)

Message from 20.07.2007 - 18:14:56
Nickname: Pan Hesekiel Shiroi
Country: Germany
Species: Engel
hallo eis!
*hugs* ich dachte, ich schreib dir auch mal in dein gästebuch.
also.... es ist sehr schade, daß du nicht noch mehr fotos von deinem suit reingestellt hast und daß du nicht mehr wirklich viel an der homepage machst.
aber ansonsten hübsch gestaltet.
liebe grüße!

Message from 16.07.2007 - 17:07:08
Nickname: Alexiel
eMail: the_last_unicorn@o2.pl
Age: 17
Country: Germany
Species: Forgotten Seraph
The site is really great i must say... Sorry for speaking English, but my German is really,really bad... Hmm.... Any furries close to Sinsheim in Bad Würtemberg? If yes, please, write me a message ^^

Message from 16.05.2007 - 20:02:24
Nickname: Eisfuchs
Age: 34
Homepage: http://eisfuchs.info/eisfuchs/
Country: Germany
Favourite Prey: My Lioness
Species: Arctic Fox
Hi there! I hope this Guestbook can now start to
resume normal operation!

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