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Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Arag Silverfur
eMail: arag_silverfur@hotmail.com
Homepage: http://www.onward.to/stormy
Hometown: Netheravon Wilts
Country: UK
Great page enjoyed the artwork. Unfortunatly my German isnt good enough to understand all of the stories but liked what I could make out.Best wishes, Arag

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: drysurfer
eMail: drysurfer@gmx.de
Age: 26
Homepage: http://www.fh-karlsruhe.de/~kama0018/welcome.html
Hometown: Karlsruhe
Country: Germany
Favourite Prey: Sylvester,Kangaroos and Deers
Hi Eisfuchs

You may know skunki , ok well in know him because first from the net, then from a meeting and know allright what i done before all that i worked as a mascot in australia.

And he was via net the next to contact these group of you i know producing costumes my first object you can see in the net sylvester the cat, allright it's not the furry things of you but it's a goodie, and further i do that stuff here in germany now as business.

Ok im just starting with that but i got positve response from the local shops. have a look at my web site

The drysurfer
next project harry deer
ask skunk he know

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Eisfuchs
eMail: eisfuch@wupperonline.de
Age: 27
Homepage: http://tigress.com/eisfuchs/
Hometown: Solingen
Country: GERMANY
Favourite Prey: Vixens :)
Favourite Artist: Eric W. Schwartz
Real Name: Dario Abatianni
Species: Arctic Fox
Hey all! Thanx for signing my guest book and apologies for being lazy so long. I will update my page soon. Thanx for all your praises and warm words!

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Regenfell
eMail: Joerg.F.@gmx.de
Age: 16
Homepage: http://www.lionking.org/~kubo/fanart/taroon/
Hometown: Kalübbe
Country: Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
Favourite Prey: deers
Hi furs!
I'm not really a newbee, but it taked a long time till found out, that furs exist. As long as I can remenber, the animal was in me, and now I find out, that I'm not alone. So if you would send me some mails, that would be neat. I'm also looking for other furs of my age. If you like, we can get contact. Okay, that's it
the wolf is waiting

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Fally Markus
eMail: fally@teleweb.at
Age: 25
Hometown: Wien (Vienna)
Country: Österreich (Austria)
Favourite Prey: Kitties&Wolf's&Foxies&Skunks........
Now I am a big furry fan.
You have a very good page the best one.
Sabrina is my favorite comic-furry :-).

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Timberwolf
eMail: Timberwlfy@aol.com
Age: 27
Hometown: Pensacola
Country: USA
Favourite Prey: Whatever I can catch
Nice site. Keep up the great work! ,,,^..^,,,

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: BloodWolf
Age: 23
Homepage: http://if I EVER get around to it (and that may be never), itll (invalid Link)
Hometown: Demateria
Country: The Abyss
Favourite Prey: Humans, as they deserve it
As a furr who is quickly running out of furry things to find on the internet, I may have indeed found paridise in this spot...
I think this is one of the best of the available sites relating to furry and the like, and I congratulate you on such a well done job.
For any with access to Blizzard's Battle.Net (tm), I, and the rest of my pack use this as a FurryMuck, so if you want to look for me, I'll show up as: BloodWolf
Look for me and my pack in the channel: Town Square

And a last note of wisdom from the BloodWolf,

Knowledge is power,
Power corrupts,
Corruption first corrupts the mind,
The mind corrupts the soul,
A corrupt soul is no more,
And THAT is the greatest price of all,
So, too, is the price of knowledge...

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Jörch
eMail: Com.Cookie@gmx.de
Age: 18
Hometown: Bokeloh
Country: Germany
Favourite Prey: dinosaurs
Hello to all furry fans out there

May the raccoons lie forever...

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Malachite Mckee
eMail: malachitem@lycosmail.com
Age: 27
Hometown: Spokane
Country: USA
Favourite Prey: vegetables (I don't mean idiots!)
Greetings fox! Neat-o site, cute animations, and nice to see another fur who remembers the "Raccoons" cartoon. Take care, stay furry! ^..^

Message from 01.11.2001 - 19:42:37
Nickname: Murphy
eMail: bernhard@yamato.cedntral.de
Age: 27
Homepage: http://tigress.com/murphy
Hometown: Kassel
Country: Hesse, Germany
Favourite Prey: ./.
Hi Eisfuchs,
I'm testing you homepage your homepage with LYNX/Linux, and it's visible (your page)

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